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1/10 Avoid!!

Very disappointed with John Lewis, they have increased my pet insurance by a further 51% for this next year, how can they justify such a massive increase, in my renewal documentation they give all the usual excuses about an increase in the cost of Vet Fees but this is a total rip off. It was the worst mistake I ever made taking out John Lewis Pet Insurance, my previous dog who passed away at 13 was always insured with Petplan - she had joint issues, I always received excellent service from Petplan, their premiums increased each year which I expected due to the claims I made but the increases were acceptable and not extortionate like John Lewis are demanding. John Lewis trapped me by offering a cheap teaser rate for the first year which I stupidly fell for. I will never trust this company ever again.

  Ripley, 30 January 2017

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    This is exactly what happened to me. I got sucked in by the low quote and have now just got a quote for 987 for my 7 year old cocker spaniel for the next 12 months and goodness knows how much it will go up to for the year after that. Am currently trying to decide what is the best option for changing insurers.

comment by: Siam, 30 February 2017
    Totally agree with Riley - just had a renewal through and and cancelled as they put 50% increase on and we've had no claims on dog and she's still under 5! Total rip off merchants and withdrawing all custom from them. They tried the same with cat but allowed renegotiation in December 2016.... now apparently the computer says no. My advice to all is not to go with them to start with they're a false economy as after 1st year renewal is extortionate!!!

comment by: GUYP, 30 February 2017

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