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New Policy Holder - Lifetime Pet Cover
Sarah Fraser, 11 July 2017

Just got a new puppy. LPC website very easy to navigate, very competitive prices for lifetime, read the reviews and was impressed. Application process was easy and the email confirmation with policy documents came through straight away. Very impressed so far. Would recommend to friends and family.

Renewal - Lifetime Pet Cover
Gill, 11 July 2017

Hi, just had my renewal through and had to say how pleased I am, my dog had cruciate op, and it has only gone up £10 per month,my last Ins company raised my insurance by £40 per month after one claim, which wasn't even for an op !! so well done lifetime for not ripping us off like some other company's, I have nothing but good things to say about lifetime pet cover.

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Excellent Customer Service - Vets Medi Cover
Patricia, 10 July 2017

The customer service when I had to contact the company was excellent.The insurance was easy to buy online and very competitively priced. I will use this company in the future.

Disappointed - John Lewis
Dogowner, 15 June 2017

We have 2 dogs insured with John Lewis. I really believed this would be the best company to insure our dogs with due to the companiesí ethos. However, I was so wrong. Our youngest was diagnosed with epilepsy, who after a few years is now stable. And our oldest girl is generally well, just has some issues with her paws from time to time. Even though we had life time insurance on both dogs the cost of their insurance is now over double. We have just had a bill for Ł1198.00 per year and now waiting for the other bill to come through which was Ł1112.00 last year (for the older dog, who has been to the vets maybe 5 times in her life). Although John Lewis are very good at dealing with claims etc, the cost is outrageous. Think carefully before insuring your pets with this company. We are now unable to move to another insurer and our trapped.

No problem with claiming but high premiums - Sainsburys
Julie W, 12 June 2017

I have a 12 year old bitch Labrador. I have had her since age 3 and always been with Sainsburys. I have been so lucky with her absolutely nothing wrong until the arthritis really got bad last year, and she has been on medication since. I have gradually seen my premiums go up even without any claims, but now the payments are £84 per month Although I do get it back in the cost of the medication. It feels a massive hike in price for just for one year of increased ill health for my dog. I am stuck now as no one else will insure her. But on the other hand they are prompt paying and without fuss. I give a four overall rating because of the customer care, and take off one as the price for that is a lot.

disgusted! - Paws & Claws
D Penn, 12 June 2017

Just phoned to say that my pet would be rehomed at end of June due to going overseas and needed to cancel my policy. However as had a claim for £55.31 paid on 16/12/16 and so within this years policy will not be allowed to. Therefore they expect me to pay out 6 x £40 ie £240 before policy up. DISGUSTING!!!!!

New Customer - Lifetime Pet Cover
C Lawler, 9 June 2017

Just switched to LPC after having a bad experience with our past insurance for a cruciate ligament claim (it was all very unclear that anything associated with a cruciate ligament treatment was not covered for the full amount of our vet fees coverage). It looks like LPC is much more straight forward and the two people I have spoken to with questions were very friendly and helpful. Wish I had switched earlier.

Shocking profiteering: premium up by almost 4x - MORE TH>N
Mark, 2 June 2017

Our renewal for accident only cover is nearly 4x what it was last year. When I phoned MoreThan to ask why, I was put on hold because the representative could not understand it either. When she came back to me, I was glibly told me it was £96 because this is the price for next year (!). When I pointed out for a second time that the premium is nearly 4x last year's and we have made no claim, I was told that the prices are 'system driven'. I presume that is MoreThan-speak for 'computer says no'. MoreThan could also not match the £ 58 which I was quoted on comparethemarket this morning for the same policy with them. Worse still, the small print of the renewal says that cruciate ligament damage is no longer included. My labrador has just turned 7 and has no history of any medical problems, bar a cut paw pad sustained due to a broken bottle in the woods (three years ago). I stopped taking full insurance last year because the premiums had gone up to £800-1,000 despite no medical problems with the dog. I think this is a repulsive example of profiteering by an insurance company.

High Yearly Premium Increases - John Lewis
Tina T, 26 May 2017

I started John Lewis insurance for my dog when he was a puppy the premiums then were under £30 a month - unfortunately when he was young he had incomplete ossification of the humeral condyle/intracondylar fissure - my premiums kept increasing each year if I made a claim. This month I have had my renewal my premiums have increased from £80 a month to £140 a month - please be aware if that if you claim your premiums will increase dramatically to the point that in the future you may have a problem affording them and will be unable to change insurer if it is a pre-existing condition

Trapped with no way out - Sainsburys
Stewart @oxon , 25 May 2017

My cocker spaniel has cushings disease at 13 years its a rest of life condition..the tablets are 110 per month. They've just put the premiums up to 82 per month and deduct now 20% from the 110.. leaving about £6 per month.. given I have paid in for all those early years with no claims where's the fairness? Pet plan in future!! A watchdog should get hold of this lot...

Massive excess applied - MORE TH>N
James, 20 May 2017

Life time insurance, no missed payments. Sadly, my dog became ill with auto immune haemolytic anaemia and spent 2 weeks in hospital and eventually died. More Than then applied an excess of over £800 and refused to pay the cost of the dog, despite the fact that she was a young dog. The policy excess is set at £75. I'm extremely puzzled by the huge excess applied and More Than's refusal to pay the purchase cost. I will be taking this further.

Avoid - Go to great lengths not to pay claims - Sainsburys
Kevin, 19 May 2017

I took a policy out for our Labrador in January 2017. At the time I disclosed that in December 2015 he had swallowed a collar while with his litter and needed treatment to pass-it, no exclusions were placed on policy. In February I made a claim after he'd had gastro-enteritis. The claim was rejected on grounds that this was pre-existing condition dating to the December 2015. Our vet contacted insurer to confirm these were two unrelated events but this was ignored - the insurer is clearly better qualified... Spent weeks going through a complaints process, but at each point the "evidence" used to diagnose the pre-existing condition has changed. Apparently, I was also expected to disclose that he'd had several loose faeces at the time we changed from puppy to adult food. This was included on vet's notes as he'd been in for boosters and a health-check soon after and we mentioned this to them. If being a normal dog is treated as a pre-existing condition they will always have grounds to reject claims. Please beware. Looking at other reviews I see this is standard practice to "create" pre-existing conditions from normal events and reject claims.


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