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Excellent cover for a fab price - Vetsure
Wendy Taylor, 10 September 2018

Really pleased with the level of cover for my dogs compared to other companies, great choice of monthly premiums. Friendly, professional staff who really know the policy, matched my needs and explained everything in detail.

Wonderful advice - Vetsure
Clive, 5 September 2018

We did our homework before we brought our dog in to our lives and the advice we were given was to opt for a lifetime policy. Within six months our fur boy had gone on to develop a sub-luxating hip and has since developed hypothyroidism requiring frequent blood tests and a daily intake of tablets all covered by his insurers. I take my claim form with me when I visit the vets and I'm always kept informed as to the progress of the claim.

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Really pleased! - Vetsure
Anca Balan, 4 September 2018

Vetsure was brilliant. Took the policy out only for 10 days when my giant schnauzer decided to run around like a lunatic and she literally impaled herself in a stick. Vetsure never argued and paid a considerable amount straight to my vet. I paid only 69 pounds from my pocket. Really pleased!

Quick service gratefully received - Vetsure
Simone, 3 September 2018

After our cat, Poppy, got repeated bouts of cystitis due to stress after the big summer storm, the vet bills started mounting up. Having researched numerous pet insurance companies when Poppy first came to us, I settled on VetSure as the reviews from other pet owners were very good. Thereís definitely cheaper insurance out there, but reviews of other companies were sketchy at best, so I was happy to pay a little more for the peace of mind. Being that you never really know just how good an insurance company is until you have to use it, I was still a bit sceptical, but was pleasantly surprised when Poppyís vet bills were settled by VetSure very quickly and with minimal amount of paperwork. The whole process was dealt with swiftly & without quibble, which left me feeling very happy with the service received. Whilst there may be cheaper insurance elsewhere, when things go wrong with our furry family members, we donít need the extra stress of dealing with reluctant insurance companies. So, on that note, I highly recommend VetSure for their quick service and the easy process of claiming. Hereís hoping Iíll never have to claim again, but if I do, I have peace of mind in knowing Iíve chosen a good insurer.

Excellent service - Vetsure
Phil Walker, 1 August 2018

Excellent interface with Veterinary practice ensured no quibble settlement of claim. My male lurcher entangled in barbed wire required delicate stitching to ears. Thank you Vetsure for your rapid attention to my claim.

Cynical at best. - Tesco
Bernadette, 16 July 2018

Received the renewal for my seven year old Westie. Premium had risen from £450 to £809, we had had the temerity to make a claim in the past year. As she was now over seven I was told premiums do rise, I understand that, but double? No TESCO, that is cruel and seeing a chance to rip off people you think have no choice! Well my choice is to open my own 'dog bank account' and save the money in there! Shame on you, greedy company.I might just be doing my grocery shopping with the competition as well from now on.

Claim paid - Lifetime Pet Cover
Tracey, 16 July 2018

I recently submitted a claim. Once they were in receipt of all required documentation it was settled quickly in full. I have read previous bad reviews about but I think some of these are where policyholders do not read the exemptions which apply before taking out policies and then are unhappy when a claim is not settled. Lifetime petcover met my expectations.

Good until you claim - Tesco
Jenny moss, 14 July 2018

Costs paid timely but insurance doubled twice in the 2years I had it going from £15 up to £60 a month! When asking about it they said it was the time of the policy I claimed so near the end of the year.... Apologies Tesco if I could have timed my dogs illness I would have!? Beware

insurarance for dog - Lifetime Pet Cover
Gill, 13 July 2018

Excellent value for money and easy to set up

Just Taken out a Policy - Lifetime Pet Cover
Alan Sandham, 12 July 2018

Recommended to me by a friend. The policy seems very good and a reasonable price. Hopefully I will not need to claim but hopeful of a good outcome if I do.

Impressed so far - Lifetime Pet Cover
Nic, 12 July 2018

I haven't needed to claim off this cover but so far I'm impressed - easy to set up, excellent customer service and a great price too

Recommend, easy to arrange and good price. - Lifetime Pet Cover
Flossie, 11 July 2018

My owners had a very good experience when arranging insurance online for me, and they said the price was very good. Thanks to my lovely owners, I am looked after extremely well, having plenty of exercise and great food; and oh yes treats and toys aplenty. As I have not been ill, my owners have not as yet had to make a claim, but I do know that they are very confident that Lifetime will honour a valid claim. Grrrrr ...... bark, bark ...... lick, lick, lick.


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