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Bunch of Jokers! - John Lewis
Katherine williams, 8 December 2016

I have 3 dogs insured with John Lewis. I put a small claim in for 500 and heard nothing back for weeks, not even an email confirming they had received my claim. I rang weeks later and was told it was in progress. Weeks later again I rang and told the same thing...weeks later again and am told I would be contacted back this morning....guess what...noone rang! Still nothing from them. I will be cancelling and insuring my 4 dogs with someone else!

Vet Recommended - Vetsure
Wilf, 8 December 2016

My vet recommended Vetsure after our existing insurer had increased our payments significantly. I rang and everything was explained clearly and at a huge saving on our previous policy. Although our dog wont be now covered on an existing condition we decided with the savings we were making it was worth taking this route. Communication has been very good with follow up e mails.

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Bunch of crooks - Animal Friends
Ryan lobb, 6 December 2016

Been with this bunch of crooks for 2 years since coco was a puppy, 2 months ago she had a seizure so took her to an out of hours vets who said she may have PDE (coco is a pug) and needed an MRI scan, as they didn't have one near here we had to go to Bristol for it, the cost so far is 2700 something I can ill afford, anyway we contacted Animal friends and they said that it shouldn't be a problem, so all was well in my eyes until I rang them weeks later only to be told that because she was taken to the vets months ago to see if one day we could breed her once so she could experience motherhood they are refusing to pay out because in their words " upon review of cocos clinical history it is clear that coco is used for breeding, we shall not pay out where your pet has been used for or in connection with a trade or profession, where your pet has bred for monetary gain or reward. She hasn't been bred and never will be now and this has nothing to do with the sudden illness she has, a letter has been sent and now just waiting for a response, this company is just a heartless money grabbing bunch of ******* and need to be brought to justice anyway possible.

New Customer to Lifetime Pet Cover - Lifetime Pet Cover
Martin Bennett, 6 December 2016

As a new customer to 'Lifetime Pet Cover', I found the online process easy and the levels of cover provided to be the best I've come across. I did the usual comparison website stuff and found the same usual suspects charging ridiculous premiums, for considerably less cover. What a delight to find a company that actually considers the health of animals, the affordability of it's Policies, and the generous levels of Cover. I hope that this is the start of a long association with 'Lifetime Pet Cover', and that should I ever need to make a claim, it's as pleasant and stress free, as the Policy application process.

Never had any trouble - Direct Line
Thayter, 3 December 2016

I'm surprised by the number of negative reviews as I started using them to insure my dogs 13 yrs ago and have never had any problems. I have made claims ranging from 200 to 3500 and not once did I have reason to complain. I was once underpaid but I rang up customer service, they were very helpful and went thruough the insurance claim and turned out the vet had missed out a previous visit/ treatment but this was soon rectified. However when my renewal came through this year there was a massive hike in price that had never happened before, i expect a yearly increase but it has to be reasonable.

Beware of policy price hike - Tesco
Gary Thomson, 3 December 2016

I insured my dog with Tesco from when he was a puppy, by the time he was 6 we had a few claims and he needed shampoo from vet every 2 months the premium went from Ł235 pe year to Ł795 per year .At which point I was forced to cancel

Kathie, 25 November 2016

If I could give no star rating I would!! Absolutely disgusted - 😡My cocker spaniel had a particularly nasty ear infection recently so I decided to claim only to have the claim declined as they considered it a pre existing condition because he's had ear infections in the past, this particular infection was diagnosed in September this year so how is that a pre existing condition? Yes he's had ear infections in the past but been treated and recovered ....... AVOID AVOID AVOID NO I WONT BE RENEWING MY POLICY!!!!!

Great Older Dog Insurance - Lifetime Pet Cover
Jean Rose, 25 November 2016

Just taken out a policy that has saved me about Ł120 for the year. Very pleasant staff. would recomend

No Hard Selling - Vetsure
TEDDY, 24 November 2016

I opened up the insurance after my cat Teddy had a minor issue with his mouth I went to the vet and as I was new to the area was unsure of who to go with. They gave me all the info and I called them after I left. The lady I spoke to was amazing and friendly and quoted us within our budget. We got all the confirmation sent by email. We have not had to make a claim yet but with the customer focus I cant see it being very lengthy. I would recommend this company and even if you dont take out insurance that day they will always help you out.

DON''T USE - John Lewis
Jtrix53, 20 November 2016

When these charlatans doubled my premium, I promised I would write as many NEGATIVE REVIEWS as I could. I never break a promise - even if they do. I Had three pets insured with John Lewis. They have just DOUBLED my premium. Yes, ok, I've claimed but isn't that what insurance is for? I really would prefer my poor doggie not to have several ongoing health problems that could, and probably will, shorten her life. How is it fair and legal? How does JLP get away with it? This was my second year with them. They doubled the premium for the dogs and cat after the first year. I should have left them then but now I'm stuck with them for one pet because of ongoing conditions. At least it's not too late to switch my other two and I have. The house insurance (also with JL) is going too. They can take a hike, since they love hiking prices so much. Btw, Agria is my new company. They claim they don't increase prices each year and just put them up if insurance taxes go up. We shall see! The claims process is SO SLOW! I WAITED FOUR MONTHS for one claim to be processed. Four months! Who do they think they are? They say they take 15 days. What a joke they are. The only thing I will say is the people who work for them are very polite when they are dismissing your fury at the price rises.

Very Easy To Buy Online - Lifetime Pet Cover
Philip Cox, 18 November 2016

Following lots of online research and quotations, we opted to go with Lifetime Pet Cover insurance for our recently aquired rescue cat. The online form filling was very easy and the cost realistic. Hope if required the claim service is as good.

Avoid at all cost and it will cost!! - ASDA
parke, 17 November 2016

Paid for the Superior cover for my little dog, he needed a small simple op. phoned and checked to be told you are superior cover so there will be no problems turns out this is WRONG! Op Ł400, Asda pet insurance pay Ł170 the rest is not covered, so add the Ł230 in addition to what we pay for our annual premium and we are very out of pocket. Do not use this company put your premium in the pets bed as this is our first claim and our dog is 6 years old we would be quids in!!


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