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Charlie - Vetsure
Charlie, 26 April 2017

“Dear Vetsure Team, I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone at Vetsure for facilitating our recent claim. As Charlie is a rescue dog, I thought it would be prudent to take out a good policy in case of the unforeseen happening. I’m glad I did. He has recently been through some difficult treatment for a degenerative eye condition which was very uncomfortable for him and extremely worrying for me. Vetsure dealt with my vets and the eye specialist efficiently and promptly, removing additional worry from me. Charlie has the all clear for now and fingers crossed there’s a long gap before the next degenerative step occurs. Thank you Vetsure, I’m so glad I chose you as my pet insurers.” – Charlie’s Mum

price jump - John Lewis
E.B.H, 24 April 2017

insuring my labrador retriever at three years of age for lifetime insurance gave a very comparable quote of £29 per month. The renewal, a year later, jumped to £48 per month, even though I had never made a claim. Needless to say, I chose to no loonger use John Lewis Pet Insurance.

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Excellent company - MORE TH>N
Mrs Lee , 22 April 2017

I have had my Lhasa apso very ill since 2nd Feb he is know on the mend and my vets submitted Thier bill to More Than and it was paid without any dispute .. I've had no worries . More than have been excellent and i would highly recommend them ..

Do not choose this company! - Petpals Direct
Georgia Roberts , 20 April 2017

Honestly nothing but trouble with the company, so very upset! My parents are the ones who pay out for the insurance but I am writing on behalf of them too who are also distraught. We had a bullmastiff which apparently is hard to get pet insurance with this breed because apparently they are known as aggressive dogs. Couldn't disagree more I had her since the start of secondary and she was the softest dog ever, everyone that knew her loved her a lot and sadly we had to get her put down due to cancer. Our form says we can claim back on this. We don't have a lot on money as it is so I used my student loan to help with the costs so my parents weren't out of pocket for the month. Due to the form saying we can claim the money back for cancer my parents said they can pay be back once it had all been processed. The form also said we can claim a bit back for euthanasia, however just got the form back today and they are saying we can not claim for anything, I think we have ended up spending £400 - £500, this is a lot for us to just fork out that's half my dads wages for the month, luckily I could help them out and am not desperate for the money back. Before this Roxy also got pyometra which we was told you could also claim for, if I remember this cost £1000-£2000 in total for all the care, injections and the operation, that is a lot of money that again we had to fork out. They said that we couldn't claim as we didn't get her spade, but what if we wanted to breed her? Not that we was planning too. Also now we are still having to pay monthly installments to pay back for that operation. I advise all you pet owners that love your pet to spend a little more a month and get with a better pet insurance. Wouldn't recommend this company to my worst enemy!

Yearly Policy increases! - Tesco
Mary Dempsey, 18 April 2017

I cannot comment on Tesco claims service because my dog is in good health. What I would like to do is pass on a comment on is the annual increase in charges. My dog is 10 years old and fortunately in good health. I have been with Tesco Premier package for the last 9 years. Last year I had to cancel and renew my policy to get the same price for considerable less than the renewable quote. This year my policy increase was just over 41%. Unbelievable, I Have made no claims. Upon my telephone call I was offered a 5% reduction on the renewable quote. Whilst I except some sort of increase I feel that 41% was very unreasonable. In order to reduce the amount I had to considerable increase my access. Shame on Tesco for treating loyal customers with unreasonable increases.

Very pleased!! - John Lewis
Sally, 8 April 2017

Cat insurance on kitten 3 years ago. She ingested something.£1000 bill over 2 bank holiday weekends. Vet took John Lewis insurance direct and refused the lady in front of me with Sainsbury's. She had yo cough up £600 for her dog. I awaited the massive increase but it never came. Yes they increased it from £7 odd to £9. Now 3 years in abc they want £12. We,l they have lad out twice £1000 on one occasion and £300 on another no problems. So what can I say. I am really happy with it. Sally

gone up 50% - helpucover
Lisa Murray, 6 April 2017

I have my Dog insured, renewal comes up and it's gone up 50%, I rang and said look I can get better quotes that this, and they said to leave then as they won't budge on the quote. Lovely! Although we did make a claim, just 2 months before the renewal was up, my vets said it shouldn't have effected it by that much though and so soon. that renewal was already in the post on the way to us before we had put the claim in anyway. Although I am not happy with the renewal, they did pay out for the claim

New customer - Lifetime Pet Cover
Elizabeth Cameron, 3 April 2017

I have only just taken out this policy (for both my dogs) but so far am very happy with the cover offered, the ease of navigating the website, and communication from customer services. I also like the fact that there is no upper age limit for animals who are starting a new policy. This was an important factor for me as my older dog has just had her 8th birthday. I obviously can't comment on the actual claims process - hoping I won't need to make a claim for a long time!

Slow Claim Payment -
JS , 9 March 2017

I would urge anyone considering taking out a policy not to bother. My dog had an operation two months ago and we are still waiting for a payment. READ the policy- the premium may seem competitive but we have to pay £150 excess and 20% of the claim. The company are always pleasant when you ring up to chase but they can never give you an answer as to when you will receive the money, it's always just being passed to someone else. I am furious that having had my dog for ten years and never having made an insurance claim that I am having to experience this poor level of service.

Bad - helpucover
Olla, 6 March 2017

They have just canceled my policy after I claimed £300 due to more than 5 exclusions, My dog is healthy but has broken her leg. Now according to them, she has kidney problems, diabetes, urinal problems, has damaged someone else property and is dangerous. I am not taking the letter to my solicitor, it is ridiculous.

A great pet insurance company - Lifetime Pet Cover
Pamela Jones, 5 March 2017

I transferred insurance for my dog to LVC after the renewal quote from my previous insurer came through at an astronomical increase following a cruciate repair claim in the policy year. I have been extremely impressed with LVC and the level of cover, they will even reinstate cover for an excluded condition if there has been no re-occurrence in 2 years which I think is great. My dog was diagnosed with Caudal Cervical Spondymyelopathy in August last year and we now have an on-going condition that we are claiming for. LVC have been very quick to settle all my claims (paid to 3 different veterinary practices) and my premium for this year hadn't increased dramatically at policy renewal. A refreshing pet insurance company to deal with.

Bad treatment of long standing customer - Tesco
Lizzie, 4 March 2017

Received my annual renewal. My insurance premium has gone from 78 to 173 in last two years. I have been with Tesco pet insurance for 15 years and am dismayed by my treatment. I have spoken to them twice about what they can do to help me which is very little. They offered to double my excess to reduce my monthly premium and then offered me a discount of £11 which is laughable! I haven't made any claims since a claim for £180 in 2015. They would rather lose me as a customer than assist me. I now have to shop around and given my 2 dogs are 9 that is not easy. Tesco fell me I have 2 designer dogs. They are cavalier spaniels so I don't think so! No more designer than a Labrador !


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