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Have an answer for everything - Animal Friends
Lorraine , 22 September 2016

Our dog who is almost 6 has epilepsy for the last year and having only take out prime cover...silly me...we can no longer claim for this condition....or it seems any other conditions he may get as recently he had a problem walking unable to get up and had to go in to our vet hospital..was told this was nothing to do with epilepsy by the vet but it seems after putting in a claim and because the clinical notes reflect that he is being given treated for epilepsy aso well as his back...they turned down our claim..saying the seizures have caused the back problem...what rubbish...also a heart complaint which we have never claimed for as we were unaware of, is no longer covered as from out renewal it will seem that regardless of what you claim they will always look at the clinical records as a whole and not separate conditions..pointless carrying on with them

No complaints : been a reasonable insurer - E & L
Rob Murdoch, 22 September 2016

E&L get some pretty poor reviews, but I've had my dog with them for 9 years and have been dealt with both reasonably and reasonably quickly when I've had to make a claim. It's irritating to have 'exclusions' slapped on after a claim, but that what happens in this business. I don't have experience of any other pet insurer, but I very much doubt that many others are much better and indeed some will be worse.

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claimed twice, price thendoubled now refuse to pay - LV
rusty, 21 September 2016

LV were ok. Then we claimed, then the premium went up, ok, then we had another claim, then the premium went very high, now we have had to claim again, not huge amounts, but now they refuse to pay due to certain conditions not being met. we love our animal, insurance has been something we responsibly take into account. That just ended, i will never insure an animal ever again, and i will not recommend LV.

Dreadful service, am going to look elsewhere - Petplan
D Smith, 20 September 2016

When I got my kitten, she came with 4 weeks free insurance with Petplan. Within days, I had to take to the vets as she had bloody diarrhoea but was well otherwise. I was told it was probably due to trauma of leaving her mother & being in a new environment & this was quite a common thing. It cleared up with treatment but came back again 2 weeks later. I called PetPlan to see if she was covered as more investigations were needed and it was time to renew the policy. On 3 different occasions they said she was covered so I took out the renewal and she had her tests done. Then I tried to claim on the insurance! 2 months and many calls & emails, later they are still refusing to pay out. They keep asking for her vet history before I got her. They have had that, a copy of my contract from the breeder to say she had been seen by the vet and had all her vaccinations etc and now they say they need a certificate of health! She never had one of these & when I looked up to see what this is, it's for travel purposes! I have no intention of travelling abroad with her & as I don't live in the USA, I won't be needing one to travel inter state! PetPlan are just happy to take premiums but not happy to pay out for claims. They don't call back when they say they will & all in all, it's a dreadful insurance company. I refuse to sit back & let them win so will continue to fight them but I will also stop paying them & go elsewhere. I'll also be warning as many people as I can about insuring with this company.

£30 admin fee if cancel/not renew!!! - Purely Pets
Amanda, 19 September 2016

Having been with this company for the past 7 years and never made a claim, what started out as a value for money policy has steadily increased year on year. Now our pet is 9yrs of age with all the exclusions attached to the policy have decided to go elsewhere.HOWEVER, an admin fee of £30 is levied when you initially take out the plan and is charged should you wish not to renew!!!

Direct line is a joke - Direct Line
Irene mason, 18 September 2016

I have the advanced policy for my lab x ,£21pm ,when we came back.of holiday the person wAtching Marley said he had a bad tooth! I was surprised that'd never noticed it ,but I took him to the vet ,she said she'd book him in to have surgery ,I got a phone call later on ,the day of his surgery from the vet ,telling me there was a lot going on in his mouth his teeth were abnormal she couldn't do what needed to be done ,she made a referral to dental vets 90 miles away so we took him he had 8 teeth extracted and one filled .I was told he a had an abscess too ,all in all he'd had a very sore mouth and never showed any sign of pain the bill was£1800 and direct line wouldn't pay out because he'd never had a dental check done in the last year ? My own vet done one in May of this year and said his teeth were fine ? The dental vet resubmitted the claim on our behalf along with the dental report ,we wait with bated breath ??????

Would not recommed - E & L
Jim Smithson, 16 September 2016

On initial policy enquiry, you are convinced they will be a good insurance company for your pet. They exclude symptoms when first diagnosed, if you have to be referred to a specialist for another consultation, the maximum they will pay is £90.00. When asked if authorisation could be obtained from them before any procedure is done, they said NO. Not until the claim form is received and the underwriters confirm. Be very careful before taking insurance with this Company, be sure to read ALL the policy document first. Would not recommend.

Bizarre waiting times - Purely Pets
Mr Ramm, 15 September 2016

Yes I've been waiting for a claim submitted in May and it's now mid-Sept! I get occasional emails saying they've had a high demand etc but it's ridiculous. If I hadnt been so busy at work I would be chasing it. That's not to say the won't pay (I claimed a few years ago and after a bit of a fight got a cheque in the post a week later). But I think my dog will be dead by the time they assess her claim. I don't know how things have gone so badly wrong there.

Refreshingly simple and affordable - Lifetime Pet Cover
Nick W, 14 September 2016

Each year I dread the pet insurance renewal letter. This year my provider increased the premium beyond an acceptable level and, although reduced 25%when I complained, out of principle I thought I would look elsewhere. What I loved best about this firm was the simple online process, without superfluous questions, and a very competitive price. Two separate policies rather than a multi pet policy which, whilst supposedly is cheaper, is in fact not. So far so good - I am impressed with Lifetime Pet Cover

Huge renewal premium - Tesco
Annamica, 14 September 2016

I have just received my renewal premium for 2 indoor cats of £1,237 per year!!. Yes 1 is 15 years old so clearly seen as a risk and the other cat is 8 years old. They are both indoor cats which puts them at less risk of a number of potential issues and tesco are aware of this as it is written in my policy document. I have been insured with tesco for approx 10 years and during that time I have had very few claims although in the last month (just prior to the renewal!) I have had to claim £400 of vets fees. I think this renewal premium is a completely unreasonable amount to expect any pet owner to pay and don't believe it is justified. You can insure a young driver in a powerful car for less than this!! I do have to say however they have never quibbled over paying out any claim.

Avoid at ALL costs - Debenhams
Natalie, 13 September 2016

Customer Service and communication is extremely poor. My premiums are up to date, I have paid out over £800 in vet fees, they have had my claim form 6 weeks and still no money. Poor excuse, after poor excuse, no resolution in sight. Going to involve the Financial Ombudsmen as enough is enough, quibbling over a discrepancy with the date of birth of a rescue dog, then wanting vet history from before we had him from his previous owner, anything to delay it. Happy to take the money though. Do not take this out.

A 170% increase in premium in ONE YEAR!!! - Marks & Spencer
W Gowlett, 7 September 2016

PLEASE steer well clear of M&S Insurance. It's an absolute rip-off. Like others, we chose M&S as considered it to a reputable and well-known company but how very wrong we have been proved. We have just received this year's renewal for our 8 year old cross breed dog. We took out M&S pet insurance in 2008 which cost £183.43. In subsequent years the premiums have risen steadily: £227.88, £275.88, £371.88, £413.76, £614.16, £767.64, £959.64 and NOW a 170% increase to £2,600.47!!! They are out and out crooks and M&S out to be ashamed.


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