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I have never had trouble getting them on the phone -
L Williams, 17 January 2018

My Cat Penny who was 15 was insured with Pet Insurance and when she sadly got cancer, our vets removed a tumor and treated her.The Vets claimed directly from pet insurance and pet insurance have paid them without issue. Pet insurance quickly cancelled my policy when Penny passed away and I have never had trouble getting them on the phone. I am very confused by other reviews but i would recommend them based on my experience.

Hassle free - Vetsure
Alfie, 16 January 2018

Claim handled efficiently and we were kept updated. Payment was made direct to vets so made the whole process easier.

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No nonsense set up - Lifetime Pet Cover
Justin , 16 January 2018

Quick and easy to set up and great prices too. Better cover for my old girl with her arthritis for 200 pound less than my renewal

Quick & east to renew by phone. - Lifetime Pet Cover
David Gane, 15 January 2018

Just renewed my pet insurance for my two Cocker Spaniels with Lifetime Pet Cover & this proved to be a quick & easy transaction. Very helpful lady on phone. Luckily I have not had to claim yet as my dog's are fit & well so can't comment on how efficient they would be in a claim situation.

Very quick and efficient - Lifetime Pet Cover
Celia , 15 January 2018

New policy for me but all went very smoothly and emails received within minutes.

1st Class - Petplan
Julie Reay, 14 January 2018

Took out a policy in Sept 2016 for our new puppy. Unfortunately 2 months later we discovered she had a liver shunt. Fortunately for us is was repairable and with a successful operation she could live a normal life. She had many tests and a very expensive operation at a specialist veterinary hospital. PetPlan paid out Ł6000 without any fuss, directly to the vets. I was dreading my renewal premium but was pleasantly surprised to find out my premium had gone up by less than Ł4 per month.

Wish I had found this company years ago - Lifetime Pet Cover
Tom Preddy, 13 January 2018

Excellent service and the cost was not prohibitive for a 12 year old pooch, compared with other insurers which quite honestly were daylight robbery. We had to make one claim in the first year, this was handled professionally and payment was prompt with no argument. The renewal cost went up £50 but I can live with that knowing that he is well protected. Would recommend this company without hesitation.

Reviews of Lifetime Pet Cover - Lifetime Pet Cover
Debra Harker, 12 January 2018

I now have 3 dogs insured through you but have had to use the telephone each time as cannot get the drop down of breeds to work for me on the website. Not sure if it is my system or the website. However when I have called the service has been fantastic really friendly and efficient.

User Friendly website - Lifetime Pet Cover
Mark, 12 January 2018

Checked out customer reviews first and was pleased. Website was easy to navigate. Competitively priced. Havent had a claim and hopefully won't need to so cannot comment.

Great service and price - Lifetime Pet Cover
Paul Dean, 12 January 2018

When my renewal came through from Agria for my 11 year old Lagotto the price had gone up some 22%, I rang them to haggle, it took them 25 mins to answer my call and they would not budge on price. On searching the internet I discovered Lifetime and gave them a ring. My call was answered very quickly by a helpful, knowledgeable gentleman who clearly understood customer service. I signed up straight away for better cover than I was getting with Agria at a price lower than last year's premium. Thank you.

Seems straightforward! - Lifetime Pet Cover
Helen Vessey, 12 January 2018

Good website, nice customer service on the telephone. Good prices. Yet to claim so can't comment on that, and sadly no reviews mention claiming either, so fingers crossed that will be easy if we have to claim. Discount for multiple pets would be nice.

Best insurance Iíve ever used - Vetsure
Jazz, 11 January 2018

My pet was unexpectedly diagnosed with heart failure at the age of 4 and referred as an emergency to a specialist unit. I rang Vetsure and found them caring and very understanding of my situation whilst remaining professional. They have proved amazing during this awful experience and kept in contact regularly. They could not have been more helpful and the fact that they have settled the vets bills directly has been wonderful during this very upsetting time. I have already recommended them to three people and will happily continue to do so. My dog will need medication for whatever time he has left and it has been a comfort to know that unlike some insurers he will continue to be covered for this distressing illness. My vet recommended Vetsure after a bad experience with our previous company who more than trebled our premiums after claiming a relatively small amount. I am so grateful that they did .


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