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Unsatisfactory outcome - Animal Friends
Ronnie, 17 January 2017

My 10 month old puppy recently became unwell and after seeking emergency treatment the vet felt that he has swallowed something. Not only did the insurance company refuse to pay out they have added a disclosure if my insurance stating that they will not accept any claims with regards his gigestive system. I have attempted to fight this case but keep being told that as he vomited (which he didn't) he was just limp and lifeless this could none an ongoing illness which again this was a one off accident !!! I have sent various emails and spoke to them but without my luck, this matter is very concerning as I have two puppies and Accidents are blind to happen but I won't be insured fir them . I would recommend that you do not insure your animals with this company as they are very good at making sure that they do not pay out and that any future illness or accident will not be covered as they will find a way of putting it under s very general heading which pretty much covers everything 😥

Feel Cheated - Premium doubled - John Lewis
Simon, 17 January 2017

Like most of you I did my research to get the best insurance cover for my 3yr old Cockapoo. Decided to go with John Lewis on the promise of 'lifetime cover'. Like you all this was a precaution, I never intended to claim. Unfortunately he was diagnosed with a 'luxating patella' this year. Whilst JL did pay for all the costs in full; they lost the claim 3 times before their agent found it and they settled. I have just received my renewal which they HAVE DOUBLED for next year if I want to keep the policy. I lodged a complaint about isn't this what insurance is for etc. its not a personal loan to pay back the vets fees. Nothing. No empathy. No offer to review. Buyer beware!!

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Direct line pet insurance - Direct Line
Sue Atkinson, 16 January 2017

I'm with DL and can honestly say have had no problem with them paying out direct to my vet. Only problem is the premium shoots up every time you use them. I'm in the process of looking elsewhere as this year it has gone to £72 pm.

DO NOT USE - capping regular,expensive operations - Petprotect
Ben J, 16 January 2017

First time dog owner and having a large breed, insurance has always been essential. I’m not in the pet care industry and didn’t understand that cruciate injuries are a regular occurance. Having completed the operation, to receive notification that a £2400 injury was has been capped at £750, less the excess, less the 15% deduction means just over £400 paid out. This has really nullified the point of having insurance at all This approach is disgusting. It would be the same as car insurers saying “we will insure you as long as your crash doesn’t happen in wet or snowy conditions”

Happy and easy to use - ASDA
Jane draper, 12 January 2017

My three year old dog cut her paw needed to be seen by out of hours vet with follow ups I contacted asda pet insurance for claim form emailed me forms next day forms completed by the vet. 24 hours later insurance company sent email to say payment would be paid in five days all done and sorted very happy with the quick response

Absolute joke insurance - John Lewis
R campbell , 11 January 2017

Absolute crap insurance,will look for and use anything they can find so they don't have to pay your claim. This company just wants to take your money,and not pay for anything. They do not have you or your pets welfare as their sole interest. Get insurance elsewhere.

Easy to join ad good price. - Lifetime Pet Cover
Vanessa Holman, 9 January 2017

Just joined with my first pet, seemed to simly & a good price. I called them and they answered all my questions with great customer services. Let's hope I never have to claim.

Kennel / minder fees not paid - MORE TH>N
George, 9 January 2017

total knee replacementr, 3 days in hospital, 6 weeks at home for rahb and guess what? zero from MoreThan. Classic policy requires min 4 dyas in hospital and does not pay for kennelling during rehab. Let them spend a month with a new knee trying to work round a 3 year old golden retriever male!! That's £105 per week. They may be cheap but they are limited.

Do your research - Purely Pets
M Rydell, 9 January 2017

I have never had any problems with purely pets or ultimate as a company. All these comments regarding excesses, co-payments of 15% and admin fees for cancellation are no different from ANY insurance company! Purely pets have all their charges and fees stated up front before the policy is bought and if you have a query they are very helpful on the telephone. I don't understand why people are shocked at having to pay the excess etc. - this is the case with all types of insurance.

Excellent - Purely Pets
Paul, 6 January 2017

Had my policy with this company for two years and cover is identical to a better known brand but half the price. My claim was dealt with efficiently and without any issues. I often shop around and would be hard pressed to find more competitive prices

Excellent Insurance Company - Agria
Eddie Grant, 6 January 2017

My dog was taken ill shortly before Christmas and unfortunately had to be put to sleep on 26 Dec 17. Having collected all the necessary documentation from the Vet i faxed this to Agria on 4 Jan 17. On 6 Jan 17 I received an e mail from Agria stating that the full amount (less deductions as per policy) would be paid into my account within 5 working days. No hassle, no questions etc and a note of condolence to round matters off. Phoned to confirm that the policy was cancelled and already done. The instalment in respect of the policy taken out today would be refunded. Can't get a better service that that

Kitten injury claim - Vetsure
Mindy, 4 January 2017

When we needed to claim for our one little kittens injury Vetsure were so clear and precise with instructions on how to go about it. What could have been a really stressful situation was made simple and straightforward. The claim was settled in exactly the time scale that was quoted. I would highly recommend Vetsure for their communication skills and care


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