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Left feeling ignored and unimportant. Stay clear! - Healthy Pets Insurance
Martha, 19 October 2016

Was with company for 3 years. Was fine up until renewal after moving address. Turns out what they have on their "system" about my account seems to be very different to what I see. There were apparently letters sent to me informing me of price changes after moving, which I never received nor did my price change (stayed constant for 2+ years, despite them saying there had been changes in price...) When my renewal came up the price, without explanation, was significantly higher, the letter I received back from my complaint was almost painful. There was no attempt at rapport, no attempt to ease my worries, just simply "yep, that's your point of view, here's ours, cheers, we've cancelled your account". Did nothing to attempt to keep me with their policy, even the CEO's response was lacking any sort of empathy. No compensation offered, bare explanations, left you feeling there's no point even trying to talk to this company. To make matters worse, after them cancelling my service ( I said I would cancel if not resolved, so instead of attempting to help me, they cancelled my account...) they continued charging me for one of my policies. It's taking me along time to get the refund, but during the email conversations, I was emailed ANOTHER CUSTOMERS claim information and email chains - this gave me the other customers Name, email address, policy information - I will never use this company again and will advise others against it. Rubbish customer service, unreliable communication, Data Protection breaches by sending me another customers information. A company with no heart or care for customers is not a company I want to do business with.

The Friendly Pet Insurer - Vetsure
Kitty & Meagles’, 18 October 2016

Stumbled on Vetsure, after renewal premiums went sky high our 2 Maine Coons. Reviews were good, so filled in forms for price online and was happy with price and level of cover. Payment did not work, so rang Vetsure and operator was able to pull up details and process payment.

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Read the small print absolute crooks - Animal Friends
Sean Mursell , 18 October 2016

Paid insurance for 3 years without a claim, then my dog developed a kidney infection and a £312 very bill. They secluded different treatments for varying reasons and paid £50. They are absolutely disgraceful, and I couldn't find a vet within 100 miles that would accept direct payment from them for treatment. Cancelled and much better off. After several complaints they refused to review again and were surprised I cancelled. There is absolutely no peace of mind with animal friends, you may as well burn your money

Good monthly payments for Giant Breeds - Lifetime Pet Cover
Elaine Jones, 18 October 2016

Having just had our St.Bernard puppy arrive we were looking for a lifetime cover policy, and Lifetime Pet Cover came in at a reasonable monthly payment, considering certain companies wanted between £100 and up to £126 month for £10,000 worth of cover! As you never know how good an insurance policy is until you need to claim on it(hopefully never!) gave it 4 rating as have not had to claim yet, and hopefully never having to.

Exceptional Service - Petplan
Stan , 17 October 2016

Petplan paid my vet direct when my puppy had an accident requiring xrays antibiotics and several overnight stays a matter of a day or so after taking out my policy. I appreciate not everyone has had the same experience but I cant help thinking that many are as a result of people who took out insufficient insurance, had breaks in insurance or expect to pay very little for insurance that can end up paying out a lot on your behalf because most people don't realise ho vet bills can be surprisingly high to the layperson. With the restrictions on pre existing conditions and limits on payouts for cheaper policies, I would now encourage anyone to get the very best cover they can afford as early in their dogs life as they can and chose the right insurer. Saving £100-200 a year by buying a cheaper policy is not such a good deal if it leaves you worrying about paying for some of the more expensive conditions / injury's your pet can get. Petplan seem to have a good reputation for not bumping up premiums as a matter of course and that's important too if you are potentially sticking with an insurer to get better benefits when it comes to avoiding exclusions for pre existing conditions etc.

Rip off on renewel - MORE TH>N
Barry, 17 October 2016

Have had good service but how renewals have been a con Insured as a pup £340 pound on line .First renewel £609 latest renewel has now gone up to £725. I checked on line £436 Can't understand why the difference so I. Phoned more than to ask why just got a load of waffle .you are held to ransom because any claimed you have made and I Made one for a anal gland problem at £470) it will be classed as pre existing and won't be covered. If you change your provider .k

Avoid, Avoid, Avoid - Animal Friends
D. bowry, 11 October 2016

Our dog unfortunately got hold of some ibuprofen, and being a lab, didn't take him long to eat what was left in the pack (circa 10 pills), which are highly toxic to dogs. After receiving emergency care, Animal Friends used a previous and unrelated common stomach issue (Diarrhoea) as reason not to settle our claim. My favourite line from their letter: "I understand that you may consider an exclusion of the entire Digestive System to be inappropriate in view of Rocky’s treatment. I feel it is pertinent for me to explain that although the decision process for applying exclusions does take into account medical factors, we adhere to specific criteria when applying exclusions which has been derived from legitimate commercial decisions that are focused on the mitigation of financial risk". "As such the medical factors concerned may not always be the sole factor in these decisions". Meaning if your claim posses financial risk on Animal Friends, they feel entitled not to pay or settle.

recommeded! - Vets Medi Cover
J Vazquez, 10 October 2016

My dog was insured always with this company and I had no complaints at all, only that it started quite reasonably priced and got a bit expensive, but they giuve a wonderful customer service and they pay quickly

Pet claim - E & L
POPSY, 9 October 2016

My dog had an operation on 21st July and after nearly 3 months the claim of £324.64 has still not been settled. The initial response was that they were looking into previous claims. Note I have had 1 approved claim which was over 6 years ago. Then they said the claim had been approved and was awaiting signature of approval. Then they said that there had been a large amount of claims and i was on the list awaiting signing off, when that would be they could not say.

Good insurer, expensive renewals - Argos
Ms P., 9 October 2016

My dog and cat have been insured with Argos for years, they've always been brilliant at paying out quickly when I have needed them, and their vetphone service is great. I've recently had to cancel though because the premiums on my renewal are no longer affordable. While I understand that I have claimed twice over the years, neither claim was particularly expensive or long-term. Neither animal is particularly old for their breeds either. Great for new customers and when making a claim, but not brilliant price-wise when you've been insured for a while.

Rip Off Lifetime Policy - ASDA
Jill Holland, 8 October 2016

Having looked for new insurance last year I found Asda as a competitive policy, read it through and took it out, Made one claim in February for pancreatitis (stomach complaint) policy has just come for renewal and its over double. I called to ask why it had gone from £16.50 per month to £33.50 per month to be told that my dogs category was now classed as a higher risk. What they mean is now i'm tied in and cant go anywhere else in case he gets another stomach complaint (becomes a known condition, which wont be covered by another insurer) they can charge me what the hell they like. I've got another dog with the co-op and although he's now diabetic and will be poorly forever they only increased my policy by 8% this year. Well done Co-Op you are brilliant. Asda you are criminals and everybody should know it.

Good value ,good cover - Lifetime Pet Cover
R Bassett-Smith, 8 October 2016

We were recommended Lifetime cover by the rescue center we got our dog from(South East Dog Rescue) we did our research and decided on lifetime Pet Cover. Easy to set up and reasonable price .Time now will tell if they can maintain this standard .


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