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1/10 Dreadful service, am going to look elsewhere

When I got my kitten, she came with 4 weeks free insurance with Petplan. Within days, I had to take to the vets as she had bloody diarrhoea but was well otherwise. I was told it was probably due to trauma of leaving her mother & being in a new environment & this was quite a common thing. It cleared up with treatment but came back again 2 weeks later. I called PetPlan to see if she was covered as more investigations were needed and it was time to renew the policy. On 3 different occasions they said she was covered so I took out the renewal and she had her tests done. Then I tried to claim on the insurance! 2 months and many calls & emails, later they are still refusing to pay out. They keep asking for her vet history before I got her. They have had that, a copy of my contract from the breeder to say she had been seen by the vet and had all her vaccinations etc and now they say they need a certificate of health! She never had one of these & when I looked up to see what this is, it's for travel purposes! I have no intention of travelling abroad with her & as I don't live in the USA, I won't be needing one to travel inter state! PetPlan are just happy to take premiums but not happy to pay out for claims. They don't call back when they say they will & all in all, it's a dreadful insurance company. I refuse to sit back & let them win so will continue to fight them but I will also stop paying them & go elsewhere. I'll also be warning as many people as I can about insuring with this company.

  D Smith, 20 September 2016

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    Petplan keep asking for medical history for my cat, which my vet has sent twice and Ive sent twice, but 2 months later still refusing to pay me over 700 for my claim. Not replying to any of my emails and fail to phone me back when promised. Terrible service!!

comment by: D James, 30 February 2017
    Exactly the same is happening with my claim for my puppy. I am still trying to get my claim made in ealy November settled. Dreadful service, with every excuse under the sun being given to avoid payment. I have never been so disgusted with a pet insurance company in 50 years of having a dog.

comment by: Carol, 30 December 2016
    I totally agree with you they used to be an excellent company but this is no longer the case. I am several friends have had problems with them this year, I am still am! I embarrassed that I recommend fed them to friends.. As well as being difficult about paying out the exclusions they put on in renewal this year were unbelievable. They will never have another penny of my money

comment by: yvette wheeler, 30 October 2016
    Hi I have recently signed up to petplan for my dog maya! I was just wondering if anybody could tell me if she is covered for all her injections? Thanks.

comment by: Rebekah, 30 September 2016

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