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Petwise pet insurance

Capita Group
The Connect Centre
Kingston Crescent

phone: 0800 032 2297

Cat and dog insurance. Underwritten by Zenith Insurance plc.
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Reviews of Petwise pet insurance

1/5   all about money and NOT pet   28 September 2018

Reviewed By: unhappy customer, Recommend: Y

my insurance company changed to petwise i had to go with them because my bog was older than 8 years he now has a heart prob and is now on medication i have to phone 3+ times to chase up claim and my vet has to keep sending dogs medical history 3 or 4 times each claim and how i have to pay the exess a second time because my insurance has continued into a new year but it is not a new claim and it does not reset claim amount and also my payments have doubled

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5/5   Very Happy Customer   17 September 2018

Reviewed By: Dorothy Morris, Recommend: Y

I don't understand the bad reviews that I have seen for this company. I have had to make two claims on my pet insurance recently and both claims have been dealt with promptly and efficiently, the first within 10 days and the second within 5 days. What more can you ask!!

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1/5   Frustrated   13 July 2018

Reviewed By: Frustrated, Recommend: N

My opinion is that this company does not want to pay for claims. I've made 2 claims in recent years - the first they dragged out for months before paying up. The second upon on the death of my pet - it takes them 6 weeks to even start assessing the claim. Constantly ringing and chasing them is not what you need when you've lost your best buddy. Their service is anything but quick, easy and discreet. Instead you have to keep contacting them and going through it all and their customer service person reads off of a script about how sorry they are that you've lost your pet. .....

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1/5   Priced out of market   11 June 2018

Reviewed By: Mr p webster, Recommend: N

Just had renewal through and the cost went up by another 20 pounds making 84 pounds a month. My ongoing claim decision has been delayed for another week with the same excuses given. When I complained about this I received another email informing me that the policy had increased to 154.41 pounds a month as my dog is 50 kilos in weight even though she is a great Dane cross and ten and half years old. I have only made 3 claims on this policy in 10 years. I have now cancelled this and will save the money to pay vet bills. I would never recommend this company!

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2/5   Too expensive as your dog gets older   28 March 2018

Reviewed By: Kevin, Recommend: N

My policy was passed to Petwise a few years ago by my previous insurers, I had no choice. Initially the cost was in my opinion competitive, but over the last few years the cost has increased beyond belief. Admittedly my dog is getting older, now 10 years old, but a circa 50% increase for the third year running forced me to cancel the policy. When challenged I was told it was the underwriters and nothing they could do, also the fact that we had claimed last year. For the years I didnít claim they still increased the policy, so they are in a win/win situation. Personally I would never consider this company for pet insurance again. There are plenty of better companies out there to choose from.

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1/5   Claims   20 March 2018

Reviewed By: Peter smith, Recommend: N

My dogs have continues ailments. One has cushing and the other has diabetes. We had the peace of mind with the pet insurance untill today. Each year the policy cost have gone up and I have never complained. I was always led to believe that when you start a new policy date then your claims starts again. I've just made my first claim and the new policy date started sept 2017 to be told that I have reach my claim limit and no payment for one dog and a part payment for the other. Yet they still want me to pay £225 per month and I cannot claim on the ailment that they are being treated for and to top it all have to pay £30 to cancel the policy. Not the way I was expected to be treated as I was passed to petwise when my original insurers stop doing pet insurance. Would not recommend them to anyone.

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1/5   Very unhelpful company   5 August 2017

Reviewed By: P Sullivan , Recommend: N

Made our first claim in 10years! So difficult. We changed very 2 years ago, and after 5 weeks of having our claim form said they would not be processing the claim, as they hadn't had the records from the first vet They apparently phoned this vet 3 times and had no reply, and told us they were not responsible for chasing up the records. They hadn't told us there was a problem. So we will now chase up the records. But so unhelpful! We wait to see what happens next

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1/5   shambolic   30 March 2017

Reviewed By: Marcella Caselton, Recommend: N

A member of my family died and I tried to transfer the policy to my name. On the first call I was asked to produce the death certificate and that after that it was just straightforward transfer. Email sent and no answer back. I called again and I was basically giving the details to the person on the other line who did not seem to have a clue. Just before the first direct debit was due to come out I still had not received any confirmation or details of the policy and when rang yet again I was told they could not talk to me!! They wanted to talk to another member of the family. I was so stressed out with all this BEFORE having even paid them yet! Policy cancelled! Shambles! Avoid at all costs!

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1/5   Truly awful service   13 February 2017

Reviewed By: David stallion, Recommend: N

Takes months to process claims, always an excuse about being busy when you call, Use any excuse to avoid paying although eventually they usually do, all be in with lots of deductions Can not believe you can't find better pet insurer than petwise

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4/5   Deductions from claim are described well   31 March 2014

Reviewed By: Eric, Recommend: Y

The main weakness of this policy is the way the vendors expect to be paid for answering the phone (0844 number). Fortunately, you can get a claim form by emailing and the alternative phone number 0800 032 2297 works well without racking up big bills. My claim was paid very promptly, and though the deductions were more than I'd expected, each one was clearly described, and accorded exactly with the policy details. Even special diet was included for the first month of the claim period. I renewed the policy happily.

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1/5   No claims forms sent after two separate requests   25 March 2014

Reviewed By: Paul haynes, Recommend: N

Rubbish service and no obvious way of solving problem with only a machine to talk at

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