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PDSA pet insurance

Whitechapel Way

phone: 0800 980 6000

Policies are administered by BDML Connect Ltd and underwritten by Zenith Insurance plc.

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Reviews of PDSA pet insurance

1/5   DON'T DO IT   8 January 2018

Reviewed By: k17chh, Recommend:

Been with PDSA from the beginning, had one claim in 7 years, the premium has gone up 245 over the last 2 years just got the renewal and guess what? Up 118 this year. Well sorry but not this time.

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1/5   Avoid - daylight robbery   14 May 2017

Reviewed By: Snuffles, Recommend:

Paid insurance for our cat since he was 6 months old. Never had to use it until he had to have a tooth out at nearly 14 years of age plus overnight stay, X-rays and bloods taken. His treatment is still ongoing. We have paid close to 800 so far only to find they don't even cover tooth extractions. There is so much small print that it's a wonder pets are covered for anything at all. We are cancelling ours in June. Spent thousands on insurance with no benefit whatsoever . Daylight robbery.

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1/5   they do anything not to pay out   20 April 2017

Reviewed By: iain, Recommend:

Despite the views of two vets these guys twist words to do everything possible not to pay out. I would definitely recommend people to shop around and try and avoid PDSA.

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1/5   PDSA - Won't Pay out   15 March 2017

Reviewed By: ALAN, Recommend:

PLEASE USE ANOTHER PET INSURANCE COMPANY - THESE ARE CROOKS Had to make a claim for my dog, sent the claim form and medical history, they said they never received it so had to get the vet to resend. 12 weeks later they said they were not going to pay anything due to the claim being made was due to an injury 2 weeks into taking out the policy, which is not true. Can't get to speak with anyone except in the claims dept, the vet who agrees with me.

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1/5   Don't Do it - Avoid   28 February 2017

Reviewed By: Kieron Belcher, Recommend:

My dog cut his paw which even after cleaning every day and keeping covered, it got infected and had to be cut, cleaned and stitched by our vet. I got a claim form as instructed, got the vet to fill in all the details and send a detailed cost breakdown to the PDSA insurance company. I have had to resend the form a number of times. I was then asked after 2 weeks to send a medical history for my dog and another detailed cost breakdown. Again I had to resend this a few times and had to complain until someone said they had received the details. 6 weeks later I'm still waiting to hear anything. A bloody shambles of an outfit this insurance company.

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1/5   avoid   15 February 2017

Reviewed By: anonymous, Recommend:

Absolutely appalling service. 3 months down the line vets have not been paid, I chased claim to discover that they now require previous history. Why was this not asked for 3 months ago??? I do not blame PDSA as they outsource the claims service but feel they need to find a better provider of this service.

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2/5   AVOID   2 February 2017

Reviewed By: 2, Recommend:

Recently made aware that the PDSA whom I have been with for 8 years. Now have a policy that will only pay certain amount for medicines prescribed by your vet. If they decide your vet is charging too much for treatment they WONT pay the bill. Other insurance companies do not do this. So if you only want to pay agreed excess AVOID this company

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3/5   Made up quotes   25 July 2016

Reviewed By: Eleanor Chmielewski, Recommend:

I decided to check out PDSA as the new insurer of my 7 cats. I requested quotes individually for each cat. 3 of my cats are the same age, breed, sex, infact the only difference in the details entered for the quote was the cat's names. I expected to get 3 identical quotes as they got 3 identical sets of info. What I got was 3 different quotes for the same insurance 1. 8.40 2. 15.19 3. 12.11 I am not sure how they come up with these but something is not right.

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1/5   Avoid!!!   29 September 2015

Reviewed By: Claire jones, Recommend:

Avoid the pdsa at all costs.. I've been with them for 3 years and have never needed to claim. My policy allows me to claim 3000 per injury limit so I wasn't concerned until my dog was diagnosed with hip dysplasia.. The vet bill for X-rays wasn't bad around 370.Then the problems started.. After receiving a call from my vet weeks later to say they hadn't been paid..The Pdsa said they couldn't pay as they didn't have all my dogs history even though they had my vet details!! I then was left to ring around and email the pdsa while waiting for an answer.. Weeks later they finally paid the 270 left owing my vet which then left just over 2700 for further treatment if needed on her hip. In the meantime my renewal has come and my insurance has doubled!!! Ok I said no problem it's better to pay nearly 300 a year insurance because she's still covered for her hips... I've now received a letter saying they are going to cancel my insurance because they can't find me on the electrol roll!!!!! I havnt moved, I vote, I pay council tax so why now after 3 years can't you find me???? If you cancel my policy my dog will no longer be covered and you win because you won't have to pay for any more treatment.... I'm shocked that an animal charity works like this..

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5/5   Easy process   17 October 2014

Reviewed By: JoJo1964, Recommend: Y

I was recommended this insurance by a friend and have been very happy with it. Customer service was very helpful and our claim was handled without fuss.

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