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Pet Insurance for German Shepherds

German Shepherds are generally healthy, but like all breeds, are prone to certain conditions and diseases.

Common problems for German Shepherds include: hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, bloat, degenerative myelopathy (a neurological disease of the spinal cord that usually results in paralysis.)

Recent Reviews of pet insurance from German Shepherd owners:

Awful - do not use Petplan Spencer Mabley, 2/13/2018

PetPlan are not the company they claim to be. My dog was diagnosed with a skin allergy in September 2018 and requires monthly medication. Petplan then refuse to pay placing an exclusion on the policy as she had a scratched nose in November 2015 which was a single visit to the vet to make sure it was ok and no further treatment was needed. Even my vet got involved and supported me but Petplan refuse to budge. Petplan will use any excuse to avoid paying but are happy to take your premium. I referred the matter to the financial ombudsman who are powerless to assist as insurers can randomly throw exclusions around at will.

Company: Petplan   Breed: German Shepherd
1st Class Janet Smith - Zeus, 2/6/2018

Great insurance to have - it takes the worry and time out of sorting claim forms out - The vets being able to submit claims is great and hassle free! Zeus is all better and hopefully we wont have a visit to the vets too soon !

Company: Vetsure   Breed: German Shepherd
Emergency Vet Claim James B, 1/30/2018

Out of hours claim for a sunday afternoon. German Shepherd had multiple cuts and a torn corner of the eye. A few areas needed stitching. Submitted the claim on the friday via email with scanned copies of itemised bill from vet and all insurance forms completed and stamped by vet. Treatment amounted to £630.00. Tesco paid out on the friday the following week, no issues or challenges. Only negative was we didnt receive a text or email to confirm receipt or progress of the claim.

Company: Tesco   Breed: German Shepherd
Never insure with them Adam savage, 1/19/2018

Do not use them. Been insured for 8 years never made a claim. Until now and they are not paying out. They haven’t even spoke to the vet dealing with dog. The company is a joke!!!!!!

Company: Animal Friends   Breed: German Shepherd
Avoid!! Michelle whiting, 1/11/2018

After using E&L for all my pets over the years having no problems this time having claimed I am shocked at the outcome to the claim, my gsd got a virus and was in the vets for 3 days on a drip and having tests and the vets have put down on the claim form gastroenteritis. E&L have after 7 months decided yes they will pay out but they sent me a letter saying that because of this after 365 days my gsd whole digestive system will no longer be covered,I did ring them up to ask why this was as in my opinion this was unfair decision considering it was just gastro and what if later on in his years something god forbid bad was to happen or he swallowed something not saying he would but you never no, he would not be covered and if I don't have the money to pay for it what is to happen he dies, the answer I was given was YES sorry. I could not believe what I was hearing so asked when does my policy end luckily it's in 3 months so told them to cancel it after then.

Company: E & L   Breed: German Shepherd
One dog two kittens June T., 12/29/2017

I had to make an emergency claim back in July 2016 for my 9 year old German Shepherd Lucy (Pyometra) who eventually made a full recovery the claim was dealt with very quickly and to my surprise no big hike in her insurance premium, all in all I have now insured my two kittens with LTC and my monthly payments come to £56 92 for all three which I am very happy with.

Company: Lifetime Pet Cover   Breed: German Shepherd
On going issues with claim Stuart, 12/22/2017

On going issues with my claim - my initial follow up enquiries with them do not fill me with confidence that Petplan is reputable nor operates with integrity. I will ensure multiple reviews are appended to provide a true reflection of how this company operates ......

Company: Petplan   Breed: German Shepherd
Awful corresponders Stokes, 11/24/2017

Petplan lie about everything

Company: Petplan   Breed: German Shepherd
New Customer Martin, 11/24/2017

Only went with as cheaper than my renewal for same cover, not had to communicate so cannot comment on customer service. (hope I don't have to call in all honesty)

Company: Lifetime Pet Cover   Breed: German Shepherd
New policy holder TM, 11/10/2017

When Woody, our rescue German Shepherd become ours a dog insurance was needed. As past dog owner, I wanted to change our insurance company for a smaller entity. Lifetime Pet Cover exceeded my expectations. Hopefully, Woody will have a long and healthy life and Lifetime will live up to its promises.

Company: Lifetime Pet Cover   Breed: German Shepherd
M&S Dog cover An Owner, 10/12/2017

i took out M&S premier cover on our rescue dog, she was 4 yr old then. The first year's the cover was £26.50 p/m. which seemed fine. However it turns out that our dog has allergies so needed to be tested and have a monthly injection ever since. Our premiums are set to go up to £176.32 per month from Dec. I have done a bit of analysis and the avg percentage increase year on year is 38%. M&S now seem to want us to pay almost 7 times our starting premium.So that's from £318 in the first year to £2115.29 in the 5th year - that's quite an increase. I'll be looking elsewhere. Otherwise if my dog lives to 12yrs and there's a 38% increase between now and then...... i'll be looking at over £7,000 in premiums and approx £600 a month.What other insurance costs so much or goes up so much?

Company: Marks & Spencer   Breed: German Shepherd

They trick people into going with them by using lots of different names and you only find out its E and L when you get the policy. I avoid them like the plague but unfortunately my dog is insured with them. my claim has been ongoing for at least a month. when I phoned up they are short of staff. Get some more then E and L. still waiting. Doesn't surprise me as they did it with an equine policy. DON'T USE THIS COMPANY.

Company: E & L   Breed: German Shepherd
MAY AS WELL WEAR BALACLAVAS charlotte, 9/8/2017

To cut a long story short we went on holiday left our dog with a friend he got poorly he took him to his local vets as he lives 30 mins away from us.. he had numerous tests biopsy spend around £650 on bills to find out he was riddled with leukaemia. We had him put down at our local vets as he was so poorly and stressed asked sainsburys how do we claim as its 2 diff vets said oh that's fine put in 2 forms so they took the £100 excess from the £101 it cost to be put to sleep and now want a further £100 excess for the other bills from other vets so ive basically rang up to pay them £100 for no reason so in hindsight its cost me £200 to have my beloved dog put down because of these rats! absolutely fumin!!

Company: Sainsburys   Breed: German Shepherd
Very helpful and competitive price Emma, 8/17/2017

I have just moved to this company as our previous insurers increased our premium by over £250 to just shy of £1,800 per year. Our dogs are only four and five and so I'll let you do the maths as to what the premiums might have been when they reached nine and ten! As we had been with our previous insurers since they were puppies it came as a shock when trying to find alternative cover that so many insurers would not provide a five year and two month old dog with a decent lifetime policy, even though he is very healthy and always has been. Having looked at the reviews for various companies I was very worried as the reviews weren't great. Then I came across Lifetime Pet Cover on this site and found they would insure both our dogs on lifetime policies at £10,000 each per annum. A lot of companies were only offering £2-4,000 per annum due to our eldest being over five. Not ideal for a large German Shepherd. The quote was very competitive and the chap I spoke to very helpful. I cannot comment on the claims process but so far I have found their service very good.

Company: Lifetime Pet Cover   Breed: German Shepherd
pet insurance price hike & poor claims Aug 2017 Deborah Blyth, 8/12/2017

We have insured our German Shepherd from when she was a puppy with Tesco. the price increased to an extortionate £632.92 as she is now 11. We made a claim for a lump which had been noted by the vet, however did not require treatment at the time. the lump subsequently required treatment and Tesco refused to pay stating that it was a pre existing condition. whilst I accept that, when the condition was noted no treatment was required therefore what they are implying is that we should have undertaken unnecessary treatment on an 11 year old dog to have a valid claim.

Company: Tesco   Breed: German Shepherd
Very Reliable Dexter, 8/1/2017

Easily & quickly sorted out the claim I sent in, no problems at all.

Company: Vetsure   Breed: German Shepherd
Appalling. Careless. Casual. No communication Trevor Arnold, 7/30/2017

They just tried to get me to renew my insurance. The form had a previous animal name, not the correct one, d.o.b 1/1/0001, value £0, etc, etc. You would expect a horrified response and some reaction. Actual reaction - nil. No answer to any email, no response to phone. Avoid at all costs. [from responses below it looks like that's the response to claims, too. Ghastly]

Company: E & L   Breed: German Shepherd
Worst insurance company ever dealt with. Simon parr, 7/19/2017

My 12 year old German shepherd fell ill on 1st may 2017. She passed away 8 hours later. I was insured with this company for about 9years. She died of gastric dialation ( turned stomach) which they said was not life threatening and then tried to blame the vet saying they said it was none threatening. Any excuse not to pay out.furthermore they took a further 2 payments off me. They are by far the worst insurance company I have ever had the misfortune of paying into. Must be on very good bonuses.Just glad none of my other pets are insured with them. Avoid at all costs. May sound good until it's time to pay out. Overall rating 0 out of 5.

Company:   Breed: German Shepherd
Poor customer service P E Whelan, 5/28/2017

Did not renew my policy when it expired & cancelled my direct debit. I did not expect nor did I receive a new policy but months later have received a demand for £130 for missed payments & if I dont pay before 07/06/2017 this summer.gos upto £390. Most company's send reminders or direct debit instructions these did nothing for months and then send a DEMAND FOR PAYMENT, absolutley disgusted and recommend anyone thinking of taking a poliscy with these stay well away.

Company: Argos   Breed: German Shepherd
Dog insurance Jan, 5/26/2017

Very competitive for dog insurance - very happy- helpful staff

Company: Lifetime Pet Cover   Breed: German Shepherd
Dreadful insensitivity Jax, 4/14/2017

My dog died recently. And I have had two calls from animal friends asking why we cancelled direct debit. Both times they then said. Oh I see from the notes your dog died this call is in error! How hard would it be to read notes before they called. This has made worse the fact they paid out virtually none of our bills by citing small print restrictions we were unaware of. AVOID THIS COMPANY

Company: Animal Friends   Breed: German Shepherd
Good reviews and competitive rates. Kerry Tarrant, 4/6/2017

I took out a pet insurance with another company 2 weeks ago and have subsequently cancelled that to go with LPC. The reviews for LPC and the rates were so much better than AF insurance. Applying for the insurance was straightforward and all the documents were sent through very quickly.

Company: Lifetime Pet Cover   Breed: German Shepherd
Good policy for a reasonable price Peter Boud, 1/30/2017

Having looked through your policy, it compares favourably with others on the market, but at a much more reasonable price. The only disappointment is that you do not provide any death cover, which I would be happy to pay a little extra for

Company: Lifetime Pet Cover   Breed: German Shepherd
Scam Peter Brown, 1/26/2017

I took out animal insurance with this company 8 years ago because they advertised "we are a non profit making company and ALL of our profits go to animal charities" About 4 years ago, I noticed that they had changed their policies to "SOME of our profits go to animal charities" When I contacted them to ask exactly how much profits go to charites, they would not answer me. This was an absolute scam just to get people to sign up because they thought they were supporting charities. My policy (no claims) has now gone up from £32 to £63 in December 2016, now one month later it has gone up again to £69. I have now read all of my policy documents (I encourage anybody else to also do this!)and realised how many exclsions they put in place. Absolute cowboys - avoid. If I could give this review a minus number,I would. Cancelling as quick as I can!

Company: Animal Friends   Breed: German Shepherd
rip off stephen sansum, 1/21/2017

i won't be renewing with this rip off company, my premium renewal has shot up by over £150 last year it was just under £200, this year it has jumped up to over £350 pound, can get insurance elsewhere much cheaper than what this crooks are now wanting, not only this they have changed the policy also,takes them months to pay out also, what a joke

Company: Marks & Spencer   Breed: German Shepherd
First Class Team JJohnson, 6/22/2016

When Bear hurt her leg within a month of taking out a policy we didn’t think she’d be covered that soon. The team soon put my mind at rest and the claim form was in with my lovely vet. The team were helpful and reassuring at a time when my emotions were very high. They were thoughtful and caring asking how Bear is and asking if I needed help with anything else. You never really think that a 3 month old puppy could break anything but wet paws on a tiled floor a bit of speed (playing with the cat) and a dog gate are dangerous. Needless to say the gate is gone! I would recommend Vetsure to all my friends who are animal parents. Well done team Vetsure.

Company: Vetsure   Breed: German Shepherd


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