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Pet Insurance for West Highland Terriers
Unfortunately, Westies are at risk for several serious genetic diseases.

Health problems for Westies include: Craniomandibular Osteopathy (abnormal growth of the jaw), Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease (leg bone problems), Pulmonary Fibrosis (lung scarring), liver defects, hernia and Addison's Disease.

Recent Reviews of pet insurance from West Highland Terrier owners:

Don't bother with this company JAN, 6/4/2018

Appalling, so many clauses, they will do all they absolutely can not to pay out, do not waste your money here, you'd be better off doing research elsewhere or putting money aside each month.

Company: Animal Friends   Breed: West Highland Terrier
Threatening letters Alan Smith, 5/30/2018

I had dog insurance with more than for over 11 years. Premiums went up year on year despite not making a claim. This year up 25%. Total rip off and unjustifiable and clearly don't want older dogs. Despite paying my premiums up to date and cancelling my policy I am receiving threatening letters for money which I just do not owe. Appalling company. My advice is steer well clear....

Company: MORE TH>N   Breed: West Highland Terrier
New policy Ian, 4/26/2018

Having found Lifetime after searching for a new quote for my 11 year old West Highland Terrier I was delighted with the levels of cover and of course, lifetime too. In comparison to my previous insurer's renewal quote this was a simple decision for me to take to transfer to Lifetime. I even rang for a quick check to ensure I had read and understood everything correctly and all was good.

Company: Lifetime Pet Cover   Breed: West Highland Terrier
Can highly recommend Melody Hirst, 4/7/2018

Best insurance company ever! Very slick! No qibble!i have been with them for 3 years now and will continue to do so! Very happy 😊

Company: Vetsure   Breed: West Highland Terrier
Terrible useless admin Robert Cattaway, 2/22/2018

I don't think they are deliberate thieves but their archaic payment system must net them thousands of pounds, there is no reference on any claim so you can not up with what is owed.

Company: Petplan   Breed: West Highland Terrier
Useless George, 1/30/2018

Never use this company , my dog had a broken tooth two years ago and they paid out a claim, recently she has had another dental issue tooth broken and loose . Apparently we are no longer covered for dental work as we already had some done. Bizzarely because itís a yearly policy we are not covered However had it been a lifetime policy we would have been ?? DO NOT ENTERTAIN THIS COMPANY

Company: Sainsburys   Breed: West Highland Terrier
Good value for money. Caroline graefe, 1/25/2018

Pleased with insurance.

Company: Lifetime Pet Cover   Breed: West Highland Terrier
Absolute Con Merchants John, 1/25/2018

Just the same as most of the other reviews, with no claims made, price went up considerably each renewal, then made a claim for £135 and the next years premium went up by £420, a 58% increase!!! Don't bother... just put some money away each month in a savings account!

Company: Argos   Breed: West Highland Terrier
Hassle free Alfie, 1/16/2018

Claim handled efficiently and we were kept updated. Payment was made direct to vets so made the whole process easier.

Company: Vetsure   Breed: West Highland Terrier
New Customer looking for fair price insurance Paula Bain, 1/4/2018

I received my renewal from previous insurers and was shocked by the amount, I called them to ask if it was a typing error! Was told age (8 years), moved home and their underwriters had increased were the reasons it almost doubled. Found Lifetime Pet Cover on line, easy to understand and a good price for cover received. Hopefully wont have to make a claim, not made one for the at least 6 years.

Company: Lifetime Pet Cover   Breed: West Highland Terrier
Just started The Westie Mum, 12/8/2017

Having had awful service from my previous pet insurer, I searched for one who would take on old dogs! Mine is 12 and there was no problem what so ever to get him insured here. I like the way I could clearly see, on the website, what choices there were. It's costing me about £1.50 per month more than my previous company and the proof in the pudding so to speak, will be if I have to make a claim - I hope I don't have to of course but so far so good, I'm pleased.

Company: Lifetime Pet Cover   Breed: West Highland Terrier
Daylight robbery Tim, 10/20/2017

Just had our renewal quote, for our 12 year old dog. (He,s been insured since 2005).Yes we've made claims over the years, I thought that's what insurance was for,so, shocked to find its going to be £121.91 per MONTH, plus 85% excess,minimum £80!! Don't let your pet get Old!! Going to put the money in a jar. They've had too much of our money.

Company: helpucover   Breed: West Highland Terrier
What a rip off Jackie, 9/15/2017

Do not use they refuse to pay me a claim , trying to say it was due to pre existing conditions it was a new claim for a new condition.they have also put the prices up so high so now I have cancelled and gone with someone else.

Company: Sainsburys   Breed: West Highland Terrier
Pet iNSURANCE Ann, 4/11/2017

Think very carefully before taking a policy out with Sainsburys pet insurance they sorted it out in the end and gave me £50.00 compensation because of the way I had been treated but it was a very unpleasant experience

Company: Sainsburys   Breed: West Highland Terrier
A joke Chris mcdonald, 3/23/2017

Always read small print, make sure you declare every problem you have ever had with your pet and had them to the vet for as animal freinds will use the little of excuses not to pay .

Company: Animal Friends   Breed: West Highland Terrier
abysmal m chappell, 2/9/2017

I was unlucky enough to be bitten 13 o nths ago by a dog insured with this company. am still suffering from the effects of the hospital ad mittances, infection and related problems. They refuse to answer letters from my solicitor. It may be a cheap company with regards to prem iums but its whole demeanour and operatiin is cheap. Farbetter to go to a more reputable company and pay a little more. Maybe before getting near any pet you should enquire who its insurers are?? Time for intervention by the Ombudsman. Meantime, my advice is AVOID like the plague!!!

Company: E & L   Breed: West Highland Terrier
Made great savings Martin Burns, 2/8/2017

Was with Sainsbury pet insurance for 10yrs, premiums was getting ridiculous. Never once claimed and was recieving less insurance, So now with lifetime pet cover , very happy with the cost of my dogs policy, just hope they appreciate my custom.

Company: Lifetime Pet Cover   Breed: West Highland Terrier
Direct line pet insurance Sue Atkinson, 1/16/2017

I'm with DL and can honestly say have had no problem with them paying out direct to my vet. Only problem is the premium shoots up every time you use them. I'm in the process of looking elsewhere as this year it has gone to £72 pm.

Company: Direct Line   Breed: West Highland Terrier
Ripped off Marilee Picot, 1/12/2017

My 10 yr old westie had nasty ear infection for first time it was treated in 4 visits to the vet and cleared up.claim was £358. I have just received payment less two lots of excess because animal friends have split the claim, less 35% because my dog is over 8 and charged £6.60 for postage and packing ? For what i have no idea ! After 3 years of paying in i have received £70 ! And they have excluded any treatment to her ears again. She has always been a fit and healthy dog but is ageing and no doubt will need vet treatment in the future but is that not why we pay for pet insurance and what Animal Friends advertise that they are there for to give you peace of mind ! I am going away in 4 weeks and now worried about leaving my dog in case she became ill. I do not have peace of mind that she is covered. Will need to find better cover but with a 10 yr old dog that may be difficult, any suggestions of better insurance companies ?

Company: Animal Friends   Breed: West Highland Terrier
unreasonable increase Alex, 1/5/2017

50% increase year on year, no claim, 5 yo westie. Next, thanks.

Company: John Lewis   Breed: West Highland Terrier
New Customer to Lifetime Pet Cover Martin Bennett, 12/6/2016

As a new customer to 'Lifetime Pet Cover', I found the online process easy and the levels of cover provided to be the best I've come across. I did the usual comparison website stuff and found the same usual suspects charging ridiculous premiums, for considerably less cover. What a delight to find a company that actually considers the health of animals, the affordability of it's Policies, and the generous levels of Cover. I hope that this is the start of a long association with 'Lifetime Pet Cover', and that should I ever need to make a claim, it's as pleasant and stress free, as the Policy application process.

Company: Lifetime Pet Cover   Breed: West Highland Terrier
Beware of policy price hike Gary Thomson, 12/3/2016

I insured my dog with Tesco from when he was a puppy, by the time he was 6 we had a few claims and he needed shampoo from vet every 2 months the premium went from Ł235 pe year to Ł795 per year .At which point I was forced to cancel

Company: Tesco   Breed: West Highland Terrier
Pet insurance Deanna Davison, 10/5/2016

We had insurance on our westie who had a lot of skin problems,eventually we had to have him put to sleep,Tesco were brilliant with paying out, and very sympathetic when he died.We had no problems with claims and are going to insure our new puppy with them.

Company: Tesco   Breed: West Highland Terrier
Terrible - avoid like the plague! Sarah Gray, 8/30/2016

This company is awful. In all the years we have been with them we have only recently put in two claims, neither of which it seems they will honour. The liver mediation my dog needs to be well has been recently deemed by Tesco's as a supplement, not prescription despite being prescribed by the vet, and so they won't pay. It now also looks as though they won't pay for his abscess operation as he happened to have some dental work completed at the same time as the vet noticed he needed this doing too, once he was already under a general anaesthetic. Had I subjected my dog to two separate operations they would pay for the first. We are still awaiting the outcome of this but it doesn't sound likely. I am incredibly upset with this company - do not use them!!!! they are expensive and you get nothing back.

Company: Tesco   Breed: West Highland Terrier
Wouldnt touch Annette Jones , 7/7/2016

Was with LV fir two years never claimed off them in that time...took my dog to the vets with a infected paw.... Vet gave us anti b and pain relief... Took her back to the vets 7 days later saw a different person there he said she had an allergy... I looked at her paw few days later saw a splinter in it....took her back to vets and said not an allergy she has something in her foot....they took her out the back but denied this and said still an allergy....put a claim into LV they sent email saying they would pay us out in next 5 days...then git an email saying ignore that email they weren't paying the claim as she had had an allergy in her ear in 2014 so they couldn't pay out for same thing....we never claimed for it and she never had an allergy problem since ... Tried to say to LV that we've been paying out 15.00 monthly and never claimed anything and how could they say they were paying us our claim then withdraw it.... Stopped using LV straight away what's the point if paying insurance if we can't claim on it for the very first time....very annoyed and would not recommend them to anyone

Company: LV   Breed: West Highland Terrier
Horrific J Cockroft, 4/20/2016

We have a lifetime policy for our Westie, who was diagnosed with Westie Lung Disease last year. Not only do they deduct 20% off every claim - each month for tablets etc, but they also charge me £170.00 annually due to this diagnosis!. What is the point of having a lifetime policy when you are penalised for having a lifetime illness. They are shocking!. I have been waiting since the 3rd March for a payment and I'm still waiting on the 20th April Stay Away from these, they are daylight robbery

Company: E & L   Breed: West Highland Terrier


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