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VetsMediCover pet insurance

240b Lichfield Road
Four Oaks
Sutton Coldfield
West Midlands
B74 2UD

phone: 0121 308 8685

Pet insurance company offering four levels of cover up to 10,000 per annum: silver, gold, platinum and diamond.

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Reviews of VetsMediCover pet insurance

1/5   Price increased of 16%   5 September 2018

Reviewed By: Steve, Recommend:

Just received my renewal which is over 16% higher than last year. Granted there was a 10% discount upon taking out the policy but was told the other 6% was "just want the insurer has requested". When questioned was told this also took into account the Insurance Tax increase, which was actually June 2017 so has no basis on this policy as it was taken out after that date, and was only 2.4% anyway. Will never use again.

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5/5   Helpful   4 September 2018

Reviewed By: Sarah Marks, Recommend:

I filled the form in on line but phoned them twice. I found them to be very helpful both times and was very pleased with the service I received.

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1/5   TERRIBLE SERVICE   24 July 2018

Reviewed By: Nathan, Recommend:

Our dog went in for an intestinal blockage, which they refused to cover. We had to pay 4000 for our dog who was just over 1 who finally died, and the company paid out 800 yet still want us to pay the rest of our late dogs policy... If you have lost your car you are entitled to cancel your insurance why not with pets? CHECK YOUR POLICIES BEFORE TAKING THEM AS I HAVE FOUND A LOT OF COMPANIES ARE DOING THIS, They do not mention about death but state that cancelling for whatever reason will result in paying the remainder of the policy. This company have done very little for my situation and the claims made took an excessive amount of time going back and forth from my vets, The veterinary practice that we attend agreed that there was far more paper work than necessary. We will be cancelling other pet insurance with you at the end of the year and will not recommend this company to anyone.

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5/5   Fast, efficient, friendly and helpful   6 June 2018

Reviewed By: Mrs McDonald, Recommend:

Their website was very user friendly and the staff were extremely helpful in confirming what option we should select for our breed of dog. Very fast, efficient and friendly.

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5/5   There when I needed   5 June 2018

Reviewed By: Margaret, Recommend:

Unfortunately my pet has died but your service was excellent while I needed you, thanks

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5/5   Very helpful   30 October 2017

Reviewed By: HB, Recommend:

I have been a customer for 8 years and am very happy with the service and am delighted that vetsmedicover are now introducing a helpline. We have a young dog and 2 cats and it is good to know that we can call on this if we are ever unsure if anything. I also found the tips for bonfire night helpful, although we are too late now to gradually introduce the firework noises.

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5/5   Very Impressed   3 October 2017

Reviewed By: Cynthia, Recommend:

I have been very impressed with the speed that our claim has been handled and the regular emails received to keep me informed of proceedings. I found VetsMedicover on line and have already recommended them to a friend.

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1/5   You are not insured for bilateral conditions!   29 September 2017

Reviewed By: Laura Hayward, Recommend:

I was unaware of the bilateral condition clause, and called to ask if my dog was covered for a cruciate ligament in his right leg(he had his left cruciate operated on 3 years ago) not at anytime did they mention he wasn't covered because of the bilateral clause they just said he was covered up to 10,000 so I went ahead and had the tplo operation on his leg, they have refused payment and will not reconsider, so please beware of bilateral conditions as you are only really insuring half you pet!

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 Dear Laura, This review I have just found this review. Very sorry to hear this and we are looking in to it for you. Talk to you soon, Team VMC

comment by: Francesca Oddie, 3 October 2017
5/5   Good   25 August 2017

Reviewed By: Anon, Recommend:

Very good communication.

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5/5   Excellent!!   25 August 2017

Reviewed By: Pat, Recommend:

Able to work out a cover for our rescue dog which is very reasonable. Excellent . Helpful agents. Would recommend and use again should the need arise.

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5/5   Superb Service   10 August 2017

Reviewed By: Hayley Blackwell, Recommend:

Good evening I have actually been meaning to email for a while and when I received your feedback email I thought I should respond. It is too easy to just raise complaints and negative feedback and not take the time to say thank you for superb service. I have had my cat insured with you for 7 years now and have received excellent service throughout that time. I have thankfully only had to claim for one illness and the payment was sent to the vets directly with no issues whatsoever. I have been so pleased with the service that when we got a new puppy this year I came straight to vets Medicover for her insurance as I knew she would be covered to the same high standard . I have called the customer service number several times and the calls are always answered promptly and the staff very helpful. I think it is fantastic that you can just email someone and they reply straight back within a few hours. Kind regards Hayley

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1/5   Won't insure 10 year old healthy dogs   17 July 2017

Reviewed By: beverley, Recommend:

This company WON'T insure one of my dogs, a very fit 10yr old lurcher. Therefore won't EVER be using this company. DISGUSTED. If I could give zero stars, I would.

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 Dear Beverley, So sorry to hear this! Please do contact the team on and we will get back to you. All the very best, Francesca

comment by: Francesca Oddie, 10 August 2017
5/5   Excellent Customer Service   10 July 2017

Reviewed By: Patricia, Recommend:

The customer service when I had to contact the company was excellent.The insurance was easy to buy online and very competitively priced. I will use this company in the future.

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5/5   Excellent cover   30 June 2017

Reviewed By: Esther, Recommend:

I had only had the cover for a month or so when my siamese kitten developed a cough. This required multiple investigations and referral to a specialist centre. The cost of this has all been covered without argument by vetsmedicover. This has made a stressful period a little less so. I have used a number of insurance companies over the years for pet insurance and it is only when you get to claim that they are put to the test. I will be using vetsmedicover for my other pets in the future. Thanks.

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5/5   Great service and would highly recommend to all   16 May 2017

Reviewed By: Andrea Snadden , Recommend:

Our dog has cancer and she is having chemo, the customer service team were fantastic as I phoned many times checking that we still had enough funds. They were always polite and understanding. We have had no problems what so ever and payments have always been made without a fuss. I would recommend them to anyone and would certainly use them in the future with any other pet.

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5/5   Reputable Insurer with helpful staff   25 April 2017

Reviewed By: Karen Wilkinson, Recommend:

Unfortunately I had to make a claim as my dog developed osteoarthritis at less than 3 years of age. The policy documents are clearly worded.The claim was dealt with fairly and the company paid the vets directly. The staff that I dealt with on the telephone were pleasant, explained what I needed to know and what to do.

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5/5   Worth it.   15 March 2017

Reviewed By: Charlotte Hill, Recommend:

I have had VetsMediCover for my 2 cats for some years now and choose to have a high level of cover. Although many would consider this expensive I believe it is worth it as you never know what is round the corner. The premiums are quite competitive and with pet insurance never go for the cheapest, it will open a whole world of disappointment. As a retired vet nurse I know only too well how much treatment can cost whether it's an emergency or a chronic disease. I have only had to claim once when one of my cats had to have extractions and treatment due to an underlying dental condition. It was easy to sort out with VetsMediCover and renewing my policy every year is very easy.

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5/5   Impressive   10 March 2017

Reviewed By: Jonathan Burton, Recommend:

I have been very impressed with VetsMedicover. My dog has a chronic condition (Addison's disease) that has meant both emergency hospitalisation twice this year plus expensive medication for life. They have paid promptly and without disputing it. When there has been some areas not covered it has been reasoable and in line with the policy. Their claims processing is also prompt and helpful

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1/5   Beware! Lifetime cover...until it's not   8 January 2017

Reviewed By: Sarah Gibson , Recommend:

Used this company for my 2 dogs lifetime cover from 2011-2015, at which point l was told my spaniels now long term arthritis issue & meds would only be covered up to a total of 2,000 as a gesture of 'goodwill' and not at all after that as their underwriter had changed they didnt cover animals. If l hasnt been imminently due a baby l would have followed up with the ombudsman but frankly had bigger issues at that point. Now my dogs were all >8yrs old and the spaniels meds would not be covered by other companies anyway. The broker l used for my insurance said many others had been burned by them and the ombudsman would be very busy so l figured they would feel the wrath anyway. Shame as up to that point they had been good but dumping customers allegedly on lifetime cover is despicable, charlatans!

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 Thanks for this, this is exactly what Im hearing happens with most companies and Im looking for the one that doesnt and honors the policy in to old age. I very nearly went with them

comment by: Looking, 9 November 2017
5/5   recommeded!   10 October 2016

Reviewed By: J Vazquez, Recommend:

My dog was insured always with this company and I had no complaints at all, only that it started quite reasonably priced and got a bit expensive, but they giuve a wonderful customer service and they pay quickly

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5/5   Helpful and Covered the claim in reasonable time.   26 September 2016

Reviewed By: Karen W., Recommend: Y

Tommy was diagnosed with osteoarthritis, after X-rays and samples of blood and cartilage were taken, a few months after I took out pet insurance with Vets Medi Cover. They have kept me informed by email and agreed to pay the full claim. In addition they told me to contact them if he needed any further treatment. I found them helpful and professional and would recommend them.

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5/5   Pleased we took Cover   3 September 2016

Reviewed By: B Reynolds, Recommend:

Our rottweiler was hitting the older dog mark and it was difficult trying to get an insurance that we thought would be good value and give good cover. Read the reviews on vetsmedi and insured with them. Then we had bad luck with our otherwise very healthy dog, as he went and did his cruciate ligament in after only a few months cover with vetsmedi. Need not have worried as from beginning to end of our claim and our dogs operation it went very smoothly and no stress. Pleased and will reinsure with them again.

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5/5   Thank you   1 September 2016

Reviewed By: Daisy, Recommend:

Thank you so much for the brilliant service you were more than sympathetic and Sarah was genuine, kind and supportive. It's great to know there is such good service at the end of the phone call. We have been recommending you to all of our friends!

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5/5   Excellent Customer Service   15 August 2016

Reviewed By: Lola, Recommend:

Just wanted to say that I notice from my bank statements that the claims for Lola have now been paid. Also, I wanted to thank you for the way you dealt with the slight hiccup with the claims which spanned the change of your underwriters, the way you dealt with it was friendly and really excellent customer service. Thank you

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5/5   Good Experience   29 June 2016

Reviewed By: Claudia , Recommend:

My experience with this pet insurance has been excellent, from customer care to claims handling. I would definitely recommend it to friends and family. They contribute towards dental treatment, which is inevitable at some time in our pet's life, they also help with existing conditions if not treated over the last 2 years, which is also something most insurances don't cover. I would always recommend to choose a lifetime cover for your own peaces of mind.

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2/5   Staggering and indefensible price increase   27 June 2016

Reviewed By: Jon, Recommend:

My experience at the beginning was good, and at the end of the first year the premium went up c. 4.5% which seemed fair. However then I started to regret signing up with them, the premium increased by nearly 22% for a lesser level of cover (so like-for-like it would have been significantly more than this); and I have now just had the renewal premium through and the increase on last year is 30%!! This gives an increase over just three years of over 65%, and for a lesser policy than the original...scandalous. And before anyone asks we have made no claims.

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5/5   Woof! Thank you   10 June 2016

Reviewed By: Camilla Jackson, Recommend:

Thanks very much for your help, great service throughout. Would defiantly recommend VetsMedi Cover. Thanks again... woof

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5/5   Lovely!   3 March 2016

Reviewed By: Erica Marsh, Recommend:

Lovely people, thanks so much for your help! It's amazing when things work as they should. Thank you.

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1/5   AVOID these people.   26 February 2016

Reviewed By: Carol, Recommend:

I have had my dog insured with VetsMediCover since 2012, and have made NO claims at all. Last year they wanted to double the premium and I reluctantly reduced the cover to compensate. Today I have received an email upping this year's premium from 31.20 to 104.77! This is disgraceful and I feel these people are real con merchants, no doubt due to the frequent change in underwriters.

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5/5   Thank you   25 February 2016

Reviewed By: Mrs Reynolds, Recommend:

Very happy with the service I have received from Sterling Pet Solutions.

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1/5   Service good priced our of using them   1 February 2016

Reviewed By: Smoyes, Recommend:

I went with this company due to the reviews, but that was 3 years ago and since then they have put the price up every year, and not by a small amount, it started as about 25 but it is now 97 this year, and on top of that, I have to pay 20% for her condition which was diagnosed after I took out their insurance as well as them putting a ceiling of 3000 in total for the rest of her life for that condition and this is despite her only being 4, and they had the audacity to make it sound like they were doing me a big favour by doing all this, based on all of this there is no reason for me to stay with them, as it would be more affordable if I put the money away, although what I intend to do is find an alternative insurance that will cover her for everything except her existing condition. Please be warned I am not the only person they have done this to, they do this to all their customers

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 Oh dear, I thought this company was the one that I was looking for. It seems all pet insurance is a nightmare to get.

comment by: James, 6 February 2018
 Completely agree with you, they have gradually increased my dogs insurance over the past few years, its increased from around 25.00 to 56.00 and I have only claimed once in the past 2 years and like you had to pay 20% of the cost....daylight robbery!!

comment by: Joanna Gordon, 30 March 2017
 I went with this company 4 years ago after being impressed by their reviews. However, I have also had the experience of them putting up prices by a considerable amount each year in spite of the fact that I have made no claims. In light of this I have decided to search for an alternative policy which will be more affordable.

comment by: Susan, 29 June 2016
 Lifetime cover isn't quite that. Everytime they change underwriters, which has been about 4 times in the last 5 years they recharge you an excess fee for continuing cover, I have paid 3 excess fees on the same condition - plus the premiums just shoot up. Mine went up 300% in 2 years despite claiming less than I had payed in premiums. Wish I could move. will never use them for my other pets.

comment by: Graeme, 10 June 2016
 I agree with this review and how can Vets Medicover blame the previous underwiters. the new underwriters are just as bad. My dogs insurance is now 139 for a 5 year old dog and she no longer has lifetime cover. a ceiling of 3000 for each condition we have claimed for is now on this policy. I also rang Vets Medicover today who were most unhelpful and unsympathetic.

comment by: Carole, 21 March 2016
 I have just had exactly the same experience as you. I am extremely disappointed and will not be staying with Vets MediCove after this treatment.

comment by: Lily, 11 March 2016
 So sorry you have been caught up in the mess that our previous underwriter caused. We have managed to obtain cover for the policies that they refused to cover. In two years if the pre-existing condition has healed, you will be back on the higher level of cover. Please if this does happen, come back to us. Price increases are never desirable but this is to be expected with all pet insurers in the event of claims. However, we sometimes also reduce our prices when the problem settles down. We… (read more)

comment by: Francesca , 2 March 2016
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