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Tesco pet insurance

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phone: 0845 300 2200

Tesco is a leader in low premium insurance policies.

Currently offering a £30 Tesco gift card to new customers buying the Standard or Extra policies.

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Reviews of Tesco pet insurance

5/5   Very pain free claim   5 December 2017

Reviewed By: Nina B, Recommend:

Weíve had our dog fudge covered with Tesco for about three years and have found them to be excellent, we have actually needed to make a couple of quite big claims and have found them excellent to deal with. The people Iíve Spoken to on the phone have been very sympathetic about our dogs injury, the claim form was easy to fill in and the payout was quick. We were stressed about the dog needing an operation and Tesco didnít add to that! We will stick with them, they have really done well by us.

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3/5   Not claimed but policy price increased by 50%   17 November 2017

Reviewed By: Ash, Recommend: Y

I have not made a claim with Tesco but after one year where costs were £21 they have now gone up to £31. This is my only issue in that nothing has changed with my dog and we have not claimed so such a big price hike seems above the 12% I have seen is what fees increase by. It seems somewhat unfair. I used them because they provided a decent service for my mum but the vets did have an issue claiming money back from them. Most recently that vet practice wouldn't provide treatment unless another well known insurer as the provider.

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2/5   STAY AWAY FROM TESCO PET INSURANCE !!!!   30 October 2017

Reviewed By: Mrs Jones, Recommend:

Our pet insurance has continued to increase year after year starting at £13, currently paying £48 per month, received renewal today, going up to £87 per month. Absolutely disgusting - been a loyal customer but now they know we can not get any other cover because he is over 9 years old, they have nothing to lose.

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2/5   Renewal hike   23 October 2017

Reviewed By: Julie, Recommend:

Been with Tesco for 5 years and every year my policy has increase. Recieved renewal this week gone from 40 to 91 pounds within 12 months because i put in one claim. After speaking to them as a loyal customer so i though they could only still reduce to 75. Now cancelled with them.

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1/5   Rip Off Pet Insurance - DO NOT USE   17 October 2017

Reviewed By: Mark Henderson, Recommend:

I have just received a renewal policy quote for my Labrador (George). The premium has gone up in the last 2 years from £24 to £36 and now £54.76. He has been diagnosed with epilepsy and as a result requires to take Epiphen daily at a monthly cost of £36, George is covered up to £4000 worth of costs which are paid in areas, we can only continue to claim providing we are still paying the insurance. The increases have now meant the insurance claims are practically useless as we are now paying £30 more since his diagnosis. I've ran him through and Tesco are quoting £23.99 for exactly the same cover. Clearly we are being penalised for claiming and the majority of Georges medication costs are being added back to my insurance cover. I've contact Tesco's only to be told that, the increases are due to Georges increasing age (7) and vet charges increasing. If this is the case why can I still get the insurance online for the same original price prior to his condition? This is nothing shocking of appalling treatment, they've taken my money for 7 years under false pretenses. They pay out then take the money back through increased premiums. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Mark

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5/5   5/5 fantastic service   12 October 2017

Reviewed By: Elaine Wardlaw, Recommend:

Our Ollie swallowed a couple of stones, one managed to come up naturally but one was caught in his gut and was close to his pancreas so when we got him to the vet he said he was a lucky boy any later could've been fatal. I hadn't long switched to Tesco insurance so wasn't sure how it would turn out and have never had to claim on any other insurances regards my pets. They were fantastic couldn't have been more efficient form keeping us updated to the settlement was al done within 3 weeks. I will be sticking with Tesco and would highly recommend.

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1/5   Renewal prices awful   4 October 2017

Reviewed By: Julie Wren, Recommend:

Have been with tesco since our dog was a puppy, have never claimed and our monthly payment has gone from £30 to £45 a month because he is 5 years old. Tried to cancel and had to pay extra because apparently they take the payments a month in arrears. So much for lifetime cover this was the most expensive policy against ALL other quotes we recieved prior to cancelling.

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1/5   Don't use Tesco for pets insurance - Charlatans   11 September 2017

Reviewed By: I, Recommend:

Took out a whole of life policy with Tesco on our pet labrador retriever from being a puppy. She is now 11. We have never claimed. The premium has just been increased by over £50 a month to £1780. I'm gobsmacked. I've bee a loyal tesco's customer across a number of products but am questioning why. Really disappointed with them.

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1/5   Poor Charlie had 5k spine surgery   2 September 2017

Reviewed By: Boba fet, Recommend:

Refused to pay out. Why oh why did we insure with TESCO? Should have gone to John Lewis.

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 Poor you..but don't go to John Lewis as I am looking to leave as renewal has gone up 50% and I have not claimed my dog is 5 .. I can't risk staying with them if it goes up 50% a year. Will be paying £500 a month when he's 10 ......

comment by: Ginny harland, 26 November 2017
2/5   Not a happy bunny   17 August 2017

Reviewed By: Kate Ramsden, Recommend:

My two dogs are insured with Tesco , I wish I could change, but I cant . The reason is because my six year old Labrador has cancer , so no one else would accept him . When I claimed for his surgery last year , it took an age for the claim form to be sent to me , I had to ring a couple of times , this had been my only claim in many years or paying out . I recently rehomed a little Chihuahua X , and added her to my Labrador policy . She had to have Xrays , which we paid for and then I rang Tesco for a claim form , nine days later I am still waiting . I have rung again , we are elderly people , so paying up front is hard, but we do it because we love our dogs . I would not recommend Tesco and would not use them again .

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1/5   Poor Contact   15 August 2017

Reviewed By: Charlotte, Recommend:

I have tried to get in touch repeatedly about my insurance which should have started today for my 2 kittens. I was sent an email a few days before asking me to clarify my address details. I did this, and received a form advising this had been sorted and I would be insured. I then received the same email again advising they need my details to be clarified. I replied 3 times to advise this has been done and to check if I am now insured for my 2 cats. Still no reply. So far, not the best experience after what I assume is 1 day with Tesco Pet Insurance.

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1/5   Should Be Ashamed   12 August 2017

Reviewed By: CJ, Recommend:

My dog was insured with Tesco for nine years without a claim being made. He became ill and needed various tests including CT and ultrasound scans and a referral to a specialist vet. What i did not realise is that Tesco have only a limited preferred list of referral vets you can use. They therefore did not pay for large sums of my dog's treatment. I lost my dog & still had to spend weeks wrangling with them to try to recover part of my claim. They did not return phone calls as promised and I was asked each time i spoke to them if I had used the Vetphone service before contacting me own vet for treatment. I feel so strongly about Tesco's poor service now that i no longer shop in their food store (they have lost £100 per week) and no longer have a Tesco credit card & have cashed in my TescoBank Isa.

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1/5   pet insurance price hike & poor claims Aug 2017   12 August 2017

Reviewed By: Deborah Blyth, Recommend:

We have insured our German Shepherd from when she was a puppy with Tesco. the price increased to an extortionate £632.92 as she is now 11. We made a claim for a lump which had been noted by the vet, however did not require treatment at the time. the lump subsequently required treatment and Tesco refused to pay stating that it was a pre existing condition. whilst I accept that, when the condition was noted no treatment was required therefore what they are implying is that we should have undertaken unnecessary treatment on an 11 year old dog to have a valid claim.

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1/5   Absolutel rip offfor existing customers   6 August 2017

Reviewed By: Sarah , Recommend:

I am appalled with Tesco and their lack of customer service for existing customers I have 2 dogs and 2 cats all insured with them I have enquired regarding multi pet discount which they don't do and have seen increases each year which are now beyond ridiculous My latest this week is an almost double increase on my 6 year old Yorkie poo We have made one claim for an x ray as she was limping All fine and she is recovered and in good health I have rung them twice this week and queried this increase to £55 a month to which I have been met with ' beyond our control ' etc and the ludicrous advice that I can cancel have the 14 days uninsured ' cooling off ' period and take a new policy exactly the same but coming in at £29 !!! This is beyond ridiculous and I will now be looking elsewhere and would warn others to be very wary of these annual increases and lack of care for customer loyalty etc.

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1/5   renewal   23 July 2017

Reviewed By: Garry, Recommend:

My dog is 3.5 years old, in good health, he has regular check ups at the vets. Tesco has just sent me my new annual premium and it's doubled! How the hell can they justify that, scandalous, just like all types of insurance, they take us all for mugs and they act on the verge of being criminals.

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5/5   Excellent - quick payout!   18 July 2017

Reviewed By: Alex Lacey, Recommend:

My dog required an operation to remove a sock and child's t-shirt that he had swallowed (labradors eat anything!) Before collecting him from the vets, I printed the Tesco claim form and took this with me. The receptionist took the form but said it could take the vets 3 weeks to complete it! Anyway around 10 days after the procedure, I received a text from Tesco to say they were processing my claim. This evening I found the full amount (minus the excess of course) deposited in my bank account. No quibble/stress.

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Reviewed By: Diana Wright, Recommend:

I joined Tesco Pet Insurance last year with a premium of £446.56 per year, I had one claim and this July my premium was increased to £786.55 an increase of 76%. I phoned up to ask why and was basically told " that's what we deem a normal increase". I had moved house so told the assistant the new address which is 1.1 mile down the road with the same pre fix postcode, guess what my premium increased by a further £246.71 per year making a total of £1033.26 an overall increase of 132%. I complained and was given the usual corporate blurb. Strangely I did a pretend quote online with Tesco with the two postcodes and there was only £55.44 difference but no difference whatsoever with two other large providers!! Do not use Tesco they rob you blind especially if you move house!!!

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1/5   Price Hike!   7 July 2017

Reviewed By: Simaljon, Recommend:

Like a few others on here, my premiums have almost doubled in less than two years for my dog a cocker spaniel (who had one claim for poisoning). Both of my cats however, are insured with someone else and despite them having more claims the premiums have only got up slightly. That does not make sense. I understand that Tesco is underwritten by Royal Sun Alliance (as is MoreThan) who recently advised me of a preferred vet scheme to help me save money on my bills. If that's the case why are they taking more in premiums? Oh hang on ...coz they can take more in and pay less out!

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1/5   Stay clear!!   17 June 2017

Reviewed By: John , Recommend:

Been paying £55 a month for insurance for 11 years, won't pay out coz dog has been ill for a year.. furious! Stay clear!!!!

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 Just discovered today the same problem , will only pay for one year of treatment , complete waste of paying insurance for 11years , now when needed will not pay out for medication and blood tests .... very angry and upset

comment by: Sharon, 27 June 2017
1/5   Disgusting   15 June 2017

Reviewed By: LDM, Recommend:

After my poor dog was hit by a car and sadly passed away, I called to cancel my Tesco pet insurance, And the very joly man said 'There you go, Anything else I can help you wiyh today?"!!!!. Sobbing after the call, My friend who had been reading the paperwork hilst K had been on thephone to them Said, Are they sending out the claim form or is it just done automatically, I obviously had a confused face as she said, "He was covered for his death", After calming myself down (Again), I checked the policy myself and saw that she was indeed correct and I was a little annoyed that the 'Is there anything else that I can help you with today', Hadn't even mentioned that my boy was covered. I called back and was told that I was covered, And I received an appology for the earlier response and my claim was done. Buyer BEWARE when you purchase through a comparrison site which does not ask all of the questions needed then you will NOT receive a penny!. An absolute dreadful, Angry, Upsetting and Tearfull experience dealing with the 'Actual Insurance Company' RSA- yep thats Right, So the 3rd party that you've at this point got too & I have to say i'm absolutley Disgusted that a company such as Royal Sun Allowance, Will keep asking question after question and let's not forget you also need to keep the receipt to proove how much you paid all those years ago!! .. Still Not a No, But my Friends & Family have all chipped in and helped me get a little stone of rememberence and have all been disgusted in that this insurance policy litterally was a total waste of money. I've told them to stop bothering me and upsetting me each time they do, And have said I want to hear no more from them. But I am bloody FURIOUS that a pet insurance poicy and Tesco along with Royal Sun Allowance can keep the upset f loosing my boy going on & on & on, Yes I still have a cry, Sometimes a smile, And I miss him soooo very very much.. But to keep the upset continuing for over 6 months. The onlyreview i can give is - DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY, Get a decent insurance in which you are 100% sure of what you have covered with your loved ones :-)

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 Thank you for your post. I read your sad story just before i was about to buy pet insurance for my dog, with Tesco. I will steer clear, for sure! What a dredful experience for you.

comment by: Almost bought insurance from Tesco, 22 June 2017
1/5   TRULY APPALLING   14 June 2017

Reviewed By: kim blake , Recommend:

After 7 years without a claim I decided to shop around as my cat's insurance had gone up to over £500 per annum. I managed to get a good deal on line and called to cancel. I was then told that I could not overlap the policies by a day (I did not want my cat to be uninsured) and that IF I cancelled my cat would have to be uninsured for 14 days due to the 'cooling off' period. I am going to investigate this further. Really unhelpful and condescending staff. Dreadful.

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3/5   Neutering Price Rise   8 June 2017

Reviewed By: D.Clayton, Recommend:

About to renew insurance so informed them that our dog had been neutered. Expected price to go down but they wanted to increase it. Seemingly a neutered dog is more prone to infection! I've never heard that before, all I've heard is the positives of having a dog neutered.

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1/5   Dont stay with Tescos   1 June 2017

Reviewed By: Trevor Mckinley, Recommend:

My dog has been insured with Tescos for 7 years never claimed ,recently he has developed allergys got a blood test and medication put in a claim and was refused.I should have went to a reputable company rather than Tescos.

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1/5   30% annual increase.   26 May 2017

Reviewed By: Neil, Recommend:

Last years premium £41 per month renewal cost £53. On line quote for same policy £31per month. Phoned to cancel, no reduction offered. Now waiting for refund of premium. The is much better cover available for a lower price, shop around.

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 I tell anyone not to use TESCO in anyway shape or form they don't deserve to be trading

comment by: Ben Gunn, 25 June 2017
2/5   40% price up for renewal! They are joke!   11 May 2017

Reviewed By: Frenkie, Recommend:

Very dissapointed with the renewal price. Had no claims and instead of having a discount I got 40% up for renewal. Canceled after phone call where they offered me little bit less to pay but still more than last year. Not impressed with customer service eather!

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1/5   Massive increase -yet again   9 May 2017

Reviewed By: Darcy, Recommend:

2nd year of massive increase from Tesco. 45% increase this year. Many others have been stung.

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2/5   Yearly Policy increases!   18 April 2017

Reviewed By: Mary Dempsey, Recommend:

I cannot comment on Tesco claims service because my dog is in good health. What I would like to do is pass on a comment on is the annual increase in charges. My dog is 10 years old and fortunately in good health. I have been with Tesco Premier package for the last 9 years. Last year I had to cancel and renew my policy to get the same price for considerable less than the renewable quote. This year my policy increase was just over 41%. Unbelievable, I Have made no claims. Upon my telephone call I was offered a 5% reduction on the renewable quote. Whilst I except some sort of increase I feel that 41% was very unreasonable. In order to reduce the amount I had to considerable increase my access. Shame on Tesco for treating loyal customers with unreasonable increases.

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 Same issue here. They are happy to sell you an umbrella when it's unlikely to rain but as soon as clouds appear make sure it's not affordable. Terrible!

comment by: Jon Whitehead, 11 May 2017
1/5   Steer clear of this insurance   5 April 2017

Reviewed By: Elsie, Recommend:

Excess applies to each condition the dog has, the condition is then only covered for 12 months and then never again. Lots of things not covered, ie having teeth extracted for gum disease. A complete and utter waste of money.

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4/5   excellent cover but expensive for older cats   5 April 2017

Reviewed By: JakeS, Recommend:

we claimed a few years ago and Tesco were very helpful and paid the vet in full less a small excess. They have an advice line which is great too. The downside is that for older cats the premium rises steeply (I know that statistically older cats are more likely to need the vets but it does go up a lot)to a point where we've decided to look elsewhere for cover. In summary great for younger cats, not for older ones

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1/5   DO NOT USE   1 April 2017

Reviewed By: Kate, Recommend:

Have a 12 year old lab had an x ray last Jan and nothing was detected put down to possible allergy no treatment . 1 year later he was unwell took him to vet and was referred for ct scan with possible tumour refusing to pay as said was related despite numerous calls from our vet saying it's not ...time is running out for my pet and I'm disgusted with the way we have been treated min being told they paying ...then call to say they not over the last 4 weeks even have e mail from them confirming paying then half hour later call to say they not ...I will be taking this complaint further but it's too late for my dog I am sooooooo not happy ...would expect better from a company like tesco. Avoid distress and go elsewhere !

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1/5   Poor cover poor service   29 March 2017

Reviewed By: Jean Roberts, Recommend:

My dog has been insured for 9 years, cost going up every year and never a claim. Now about to make a claim and they do everything possible not to payout. Don't take out a policy just save the money each month, you WILL be in pocket.

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