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Tesco pet insurance

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Tesco is a leader in low premium insurance policies. Offers Premier cover, Extra Cover, Standard cover or Accident and Injury cover.

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Reviews of Tesco pet insurance

1/5   I will not be renewing my cover next year.   30 November 2018

Reviewed By: Ian Harris, Recommend:

We were referred by our vet to Bristol vet school for investigations into a suspected mass in German shepherds chest. Paid £1900 for examinations and tests only to be told by Tesco insurance that this was an ongoing problem. After 5 months of wrangling, numerous e mails to them from our local vet and those in Bristol, we were initially told that our claim had been refused. Eventually, after going the through their complaints department and threatening to go to the insurance ombudsman, we received £570 after deducting £120 excess. Although this still leaves us massively out of pocket, it seemed too be accept this or get nothing. Not an easy company to deal with and quite dismissive of any facts submitted to them. I will not be renewing my cover next year.

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1/5   Utter Ripoff   26 November 2018

Reviewed By: Steve Martin, Recommend:

I thought I'd join the growing list of complaints against Tesco...I've been with Tesco for over ten years thinking it was a good policy...4 years ago I added another adult cat and the premiums rose £49 each month in total....recently I decided to shop around and got a similar policy for both cats for £12 I could have gone on holiday with Tesco's premium or bought another car, I cancelled Tesco's policy and now they want an extra £ utter utter ripoff

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1/5   1/5 Outrageous premium hike by 53% to £1000 pa   23 November 2018

Reviewed By: J656, Recommend:

Insurance held for 3 years each year it has doubled, its now unaffordable. 3 claims over 3 years all for tests (no treatment). Tesco couldn't care less, unhelpful, offer no solutions.

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1/5   do not use this company   20 November 2018

Reviewed By: Renee, Recommend:

I would have given them 'zero' if that was a rating option. Utterly rubbish at understanding, never mind providing, basic customer service. I submitted a claim in August 2018. After many weeks of unneccesary delays and no apologies and mistakes on their side I submitted a complaint early November. The claim was finally paid out in November and Peter Cross, team leader, contacted me to offer me £50 compensation for the poor service received. I was told that the money will be in my account by the 12th November. It is now the 20th November and I'm still waiting on the compensation. I have tried to contact Mr Cross twice for an update but my messages are being ignored. So not only will they drag their feet to deal with your complaint but they will also not honour their own compensation offer. Do I need to say that I will be cancelling my policy and never be a Tesco customer again....

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5/5   Great   29 October 2018

Reviewed By: Geordie, Recommend:

Brilliant had a £300 vet bill received by Tesco pet insurance on the Friday claim paid out on the Sunday really can't complain.

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5/5   very happy   28 October 2018

Reviewed By: Mick, Recommend:

Put a claim in via our vet and was paid out minus the excess with in 10 days. No fuss just good service.

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1/5   50% increase   26 October 2018

Reviewed By: Raydee, Recommend:

Been with tesco pet insurance for 2 years, just received the quote for this year which had increased by 50% (£120.00 increase). Rang the company only to be told it did seem a lot, offered to take off £4.00 a month, but offered no explanation as to why such a large increase, offered no alternative cheaper insurance. I have had no claims in my time with tesco, I looked around found a much cheaper company and cancelled tesco insurance.

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1/5   Totally untrustworthy as an insurance company   20 October 2018

Reviewed By: W. Green, Recommend:

Put in an honest-to-God claim for my injured dog. The claim was confirmed as genuine by my vet. Tesco's claimed it was an ongoing injury confirmed by their own in-house vet. I contacted them to point out that it was not an ongoing injury but was disbelieved. My vet then wrote direct to Tesco Insurance confirming that the injury was NOT AN ONGOING INJURY. Tesco's refused to reconsider. The bill was not enormous (£340) but having been called a liar and then having my vet's assurance discounted I no longer trust them as pet insurers. I've cancelled my poicy and would strogly advise anyone to avoid them

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1/5   premium increase   16 October 2018

Reviewed By: m richardson, Recommend:

i have a bull mastiff which was recently diagnosed with epilepsy, tescos insurance said the would pay for the medication as it was covered by the insurance which we payed £668 for, i was shocked when i recieved my renew quote which because of the medication has now gone up to £1330.10 per year, thats disgusting .

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1/5   Daylight robbery   16 October 2018

Reviewed By: Lauren Batchelor , Recommend:

Chose Tesco bank to insure my dog as the have a good reputation. However after making a claim for an operation that cost £897 they only paid out £570. Admittedly £120 of that was excess which is fine but the deducted another £200 because the surgery my puppy was referred to was not on their preferred surgeries list. How can they justify £200!!! For that. They do not make it clear when taking out the policy that this is something they do. Absolutely disgusting and unfair. I would not take another policy out with them.

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5/5   Very good quick payout   11 October 2018

Reviewed By: Ellie, Recommend:

Claimed on insurance and was paid out within 10 days with no hassle. Very satisfied crusty 👍

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1/5   Dissapointed   13 September 2018

Reviewed By: J whitlock, Recommend:

Took out the insurance over the phone they informed me cover was £3,000 each condition but didnít tell me cover only lasted 12 months now it has run out and there is still over £1,000 cover left but they wonít let me use it Iím now going to have to pay for my cats operation next week , they tell me that information was in the small print when they sent out the policy I have been insuring three pets with them Iím now looking to renew with someone else I would not recommend Tesco insurance to anyone

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1/5   Disappointing experience   13 September 2018

Reviewed By: Patricia Hunter, Recommend:

Refused my claim as I was on a 12 month policy...didn't know that so shocked. Nowhere on my renewal does it state what is/isn't included. They referred me to the policy booklet sent when I first took out the policy but that was many, many years ago and not realistic to expect me to remember everything contained in it. Why don't they send full details of the policy on renewal?? I have paid them thousands of pounds over the years and only ever had one claim. Policy now cancelled and the money I save will pay for my cats treatment in less than a year.

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2/5   Whatís going on!!   8 September 2018

Reviewed By: J Gill, Recommend:

I got my ins renewal for one of my dogs, a 4 year old terrier x and it had gone up by almost 75% ! I thought they must have made a mistake so rang them up to say this. The advisor agreed it did seem a very big increase but offered no explanation other than the usual, claims (none in the last 3 yrs) vet prices in the area. Area we live (same address) The breed. Claims on dogs the same breed in the area (what??) etc. she said said ĎYes thatís fine I can cancel that for youí .... Yes! I did want to cancel.. too right I did! But I also wanted a satisfactory explanation for the MASIVE increase, but got none! Hugely disappointed with Tesco Inc. because I have been with them for years!! (I also have two older pets ins with them) I have made a couple of claims in the past and have to say they were excellent! But this yearís price rise is absolutely scandalous!!

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1/5   Worst insurance ever   7 September 2018

Reviewed By: Elaine gregory, Recommend:

Appalling service. My claim was forgotten for 3 months, then by the time thy looked into my claim they couldnít contact the breeder because of a phone number change in that period. They also passed me onto a fraud investigation and used to hang up on me ďaccidentallyĒ when I pushed for answers(I have always only ever been polite). Cancelled policy after refusing to help at all!!

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1/5   Outrageous   3 September 2018

Reviewed By: Norbert, Recommend:

Trying to claim my dog's vet bill. They've passed it over to external company to interrogate. Feels like I was a criminal!! Cancelling policy!

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1/5   Donít pay on you Credit Card and await payment !   1 September 2018

Reviewed By: Steve Tunney, Recommend:

Extremely slow to pay and passed chasing a previous Vet with a previous owner for information back to me. They are useless on the phone and showed no sympathy even though the dog which had treatment is my mother in laws who passed away. If the payment is not resolved shortly I will be in contact with the Ombudsman. The service is a disgrace and I will be stopping all current and future business with Tesco.

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1/5   Tesco pet insurance renewal   1 September 2018

Reviewed By: JP, Recommend:

I have received my pet insurance renewal today with a 50% increase, nothing have change from our side accept the dog age. WHAT a bad customer practice, mean i have to move my insurance to another company.

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5/5   Very happy with service received   31 August 2018

Reviewed By: Jackie F, Recommend:

My Whippet had a benign lump removed from the top of her head. Tesco paid the £454 bill within 8 days of receiving the claim form direct to my vet so I only had to pay the excess. Unfortunately, the day her stitches were removed I had to take her back to the vets out-of-hours as the whole wound suddenly opened up and had to be restitched. Again, Tesco settled the bill which was £426, within 8 days of receiving my claim. I cannot fault the service I received and would not hesitate to recommend them. Obviously at the present time I do not know how by much my premium will increase next year as a result but I realise that premiums will always go up by a certain amount every year as do the charges made by vets.

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1/5   Terrible!   23 August 2018

Reviewed By: Law, Recommend:

Had 2 cats insured for about 30 a month, went up and up every year until it reached £90. One of the cats died and they dropped it down to £52 (not even half the half the hair for one cat). The next month I get my annual renewal and it's £87 because the one remaining cat reached 11 years old. My premium went from 700 to 1100 a year! I told them I've never made a claim for the remaining cat, they told me I was wrong and that I'd claimed for a road traffic accident - I'm pretty sure I'd know if my cat got hit by a cat and I'd made a claim. I cancelled the policy and will save the money myself each month. They should be reported to the financial ombudsman.

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1/5   They will do everything to donít pay you claim   22 August 2018

Reviewed By: Mike, Recommend:

One of the top company that lie to customer and canít defend themselves. I claimed pet insurance and spoke with 3 different agents about this same claim and got 3 differ t answers every time. At the end they cancelled my policy and refunded my premium policy from 1 st day. Shocking customer service, manager canít explained why and how they lie to me each time. In total I was waiting over 8 weeks for my claim and waste over 5 hours over phone.

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1/5   Useless   11 August 2018

Reviewed By: John, Recommend:

Great until you want to claim, at which point you realise that you have wasted your money. You are better off saving the premium in a building society until you need it.

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 Absolutely agree, 100%. You've heard it all before. Not one f**k given when it comes to claiming, "cannot claim for a dog over the age of nine years" !!! Never saw that on the policy, did we ? Dog was fifteen. Been paying the best part of £700 for 6 years for nowt. Save your money by direct debit into an ISA. I'd have saved myself over £4000 !

comment by: Pip Bartlett, 15 August 2018
1/5   Rip off!!!!!   23 July 2018

Reviewed By: Withheld, Recommend:

Don't use Tesco pet insurance, they don't payout!!!! You take out the policy in good faith and when you they refuse, god forbidden you ask to speak to a supervisor it's a 3 day call back!!! They claim pre existing condition for arthritis he that he has only just been diagnosed for and had NEVER had it before. Save your money don't give it Tesco, according to the call center they are proud they refuse 90% of claims and use pre existing as an excuse. Well done for admitting that Gerry on the claims team. They didn't have take the time to let me know they had refused my claim, I found out 4 days after by finding a claim tracker on the website!!! Be warned people and Tesco I'm taking this to the ombasman!!!!

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1/5   Cynical at best.   16 July 2018

Reviewed By: Bernadette, Recommend:

Received the renewal for my seven year old Westie. Premium had risen from £450 to £809, we had had the temerity to make a claim in the past year. As she was now over seven I was told premiums do rise, I understand that, but double? No TESCO, that is cruel and seeing a chance to rip off people you think have no choice! Well my choice is to open my own 'dog bank account' and save the money in there! Shame on you, greedy company.I might just be doing my grocery shopping with the competition as well from now on.

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2/5   Good until you claim   14 July 2018

Reviewed By: Jenny moss, Recommend:

Costs paid timely but insurance doubled twice in the 2years I had it going from £15 up to £60 a month! When asking about it they said it was the time of the policy I claimed so near the end of the year.... Apologies Tesco if I could have timed my dogs illness I would have!? Beware

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1/5   RIP off Tesco Pet Insurance   26 June 2018

Reviewed By: Lily , Recommend:

We have a 2 year old beagle whom we insured with Tescoís Bank. We received this years renewal at nearly £900 which was an increase of 63% with no claims made during the policy year. I have spoke to customer services to query the increase on a variety of occasions, all advisors agree that the price does seem excessively high. I was advised that I didnít have to continue with the policy! I have explained that when you take a lifetime policy you hope to stay with that insurer for the Pets lifetime. Furthermore when I noticed that the policy showed that Lily hadnít been spayed I contacted them back to say that on the vets advice she was spayed at 6 months as it was explained to me that she was less likely to develop mammary cancer. Obviously this was funded by ourselves. I naively hoped this might be taken into account and reduce the premium. Sadly this is not the case I was told that the would have to increase the premium by a further £65 a year. The explanation I was given was that the reason this resulted in an increase was statistic showed that pet owners that have had there pets spayed were more likely to make a claim in the future - absolutely ridiculous! Needless to say we will be leaving Tescoís Pet Insurance asap.

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5/5   Absolutely recommend   18 June 2018

Reviewed By: B Stanley , Recommend:

Unfortunately I lost my cat last month. She was 11 and I had had insurance with Tesco during her last 4 years. Her varoise health problems over the past 2 years have cost Tesco a lot more than I have paid in. At no time did they query the bills and they were promptly paid - they even gave me a refund on this months subs because Sam died at the beginning of the month. I am really impressed and highly recommend them.

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 Such a suprise - I have found Tesco Pet Insurance awful to deal with - your premium doubles each year .... paying thousands each year - Awful Rip OFF - I wish i never started my insurance with them. Never again ...

comment by: NJC, 4 September 2018
5/5   Tesco dog insurance   14 June 2018

Reviewed By: Sylvia, Recommend:

Very good, brilliant and professional costumer service and very quick payments, highly recommended

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5/5   Claim settled no problem   2 June 2018

Reviewed By: James, Recommend:

Our Jack Russell was taken ill at the beginning of May and unfortunately had to be put to sleep 2 weeks later. Tesco insurance settled 4 vet bills with no quibble whatsoever at what has been a terrible time for us.Premium was half the price of a previous insurer.

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1/5   Tesco Rip Off Pet Insurance   2 June 2018

Reviewed By: Graham James, Recommend:

My dog developed diabetes and Tesco raised the premium to the same amount I was claiming for caninsulin also when she passed and I cancelled the insurance I have received a bill for £10 to cover the days of the month prior to cancellation . Legalised theft

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1/5   Over charge when you need them most   2 June 2018

Reviewed By: G reed, Recommend:

No claims. BUT Still they double the fee to £350 when my cat got to 9 yearso old. Wish I had put the cash into savings account instead

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