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Pet Insurance for Staffordshire Bull Terriers
The Stafford is a pretty healthy breed, but it can be prone to a few genetic problems.

Hip and elbow dysplasia may occur in the breed, along with cataracts, skin allergies and cruciate ligament injuries.

Recent Reviews of pet insurance from Staffordshire Bull Terrier owners:

5 stars! Molly, 12/7/2018

I Insured my 3.5 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier with John Lewis when a puppy. in her first year she started with allergic skin disease. We have monthly visits to the vets. Molly has regular expensive medications. We have paid out thousands. When I submit a form they always pay back the amount within a week. Also the staff are very helpful and easy to talk to. Very happy I went with John Lewis.

Company: John Lewis   Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier

I have been a customer for over 13 years and have discovered after discussing a recent claim that despite paying £100 per month and having an excess amount of £145, I now have to pay 20% of the overall vet bill aswell!! Was told it is because my dog is old, which I understand is the reason for my month payments increasing and my excess but to add a further penalty payment as 'he's old' (there words not mine) is unfair. So basically am getting TWO charges for my dog living a long life. How it works out: £100 p/m insurance charge £145 excess £65 Blood test £203.80 20% of vets estimate. = £513.80 (vets bill is £1010 so paying nearly half!) Would work out more in my favour if i cancelled my policy and just banked the £100 into a savers account.

Company: Petplan   Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Awful insurance company 1, 8/10/2018

What an awful company got in touch with them as we put a claim in for our dog they said they hadnít received it we checked with the vets and they said the forms were completed and sent the lady on the phone then told me it would be pointless in claiming as with the excess and also the /20% deduction for her age of 10 years something we did not know it would be pointless I have now also sent 2 emails as to which they guarantee to get back to you in 2 days and never have all I would say to people is check your policy thoroughly when renewing as they put added clauses in and donít make you aware of changes

Company: Animal Friends   Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Expensive, shop around Nickslucky, 4/17/2018

Had Churchill for 13 years. One claim last year. Insurance premium on renewal increased by 30% from £34/month to £44. Spoke to a really lazy salesman who wasn't interested in looking at cheaper options, just spouted off a list of factors that accounted for the increase so I shopped around and found a better policy with more cover and only £25/month.

Company: Churchill   Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Complete scam of a company K, 3/30/2018

Was told my dog would be covered for his operation so went ahead. Then they decided he's not and make out they didn't say that and suprise suprise nothing on account to support that because the advisor knew he was wrong so didn't note it and no call recording! £1600 later, thanks Tesco! Then then send me a renewal quote over double then the last year with no claims made! Complete scam!

Company: Tesco   Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Waste of money Tracey, 3/21/2018

On January 22nd 2018 my dog sadly passed away. Paying £21.00 month to this company E&L I thought after having test for my dog and to fing out how I'll she was the vet had given me no option to have my dog put to sleep I was so devastated. Straight away my vets asked are you insured as I was told £160 to be paid then when it came to say my good by to my dog I was hit with the bill of £600. I never new I had to fourfit the bill first.... On the 2nd March was told that they will pay £303 as my dog was over 6 years old she was 12..i was told payment is awaiting process but due to there back log wasn't sure when I receive my payment. It's now 21st March 2018 and received an email telling me that payment it waiting to be processed now 22nd March till waiting for payment... This company are quick enough to take money but be prepared to wait a long time to receive any payment owing to the customer. Legal advice it should only take 20 days to receive monies as the dogs passing was straight forward. Pet insurance is not worth the paper it's written on my advice open a separate account with your bank for your animal paying monthly....Avoid like the plauge...

Company: E & L   Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
not very impressed david, 3/12/2018

my dog had swollen ear took him to vets they said he needed to have an op had this done £570 he is fine now paid bill and put in claim to marks spencers pet insurance 16th February 2018 I have been with them for a few years, only made one other small claim .it is now March 12th phoned up to see how much longer before they would pay me only to be told that i was not recognised on their system yet I have a standing order with them which goes out on 1st of month every month .After many more calls i was told they would have to pass it on to higher person in complaints department but this could take yet another 3 days before she could get back to me. so basically they are taking money out of my account for a policy which they do not recognise which in anybody's eyes is fraud, i do hope they resolve this matter very quickly before we go down the legal road to resolve this. I took out M & S pet insurance because i thought that least they are a good company I do not want to be proved wrong so I hope they resolve it fast

Company: Marks & Spencer   Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Easy-peasy kerry stone, 2/8/2018

Setting up our policy for our new puppy was extremely easy and it was clear what was included in each level of cover and the optional extras enabled us to tailor make our cover to suit our needs.

Company: Vetsure   Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Friendly & efficient Roberta White, 1/19/2018

Found this insurer on line when looking around as our current one had just given us a renewal £190 nearer than previous years with no explanation. We tried other bigger companies, then saw this one & thought it a good idea to try a company that only deals in pet lifetime cover. I won't say it was vastly cheaper but we were impressed with the answers to all our questions, the representative was very pleasant & helpful. As the company only deals with pet insurance & stated that in the event of a claim, their payment turnaround was usually within a few days, we thought we couldn't lose so went ahead with the quote & within seconds received all our documents by email. Hopefully we will never have to put them to the test but feel confident that should we have to claim, it will be dealt with quickly & compassionately

Company: Lifetime Pet Cover   Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Excellent Company Keith M, 1/3/2018

Now have both dogs, 3 yr old and 10 yr old, insured with Lifetime. Have only made one claim to date, which was quick and easy to claim and payment was made within 1 week of claim approval. This is in total contrast to previous insurer who eventually paid claim after approx 6 months and repeated calls and emails. Wouldnít hesitate to recommend this company.

Company: Lifetime Pet Cover   Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
pet plan Doug, 11/4/2017

Petplan had bill at vets for £178.00 for dental treatment as dog in pain they refused to pay out said cannot claim as had work previously and it's not within the year 12 months period.

Company: Petplan   Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
The biggest con Insurance Company EVER J Attwood, 9/21/2017

I am just dealing with Sainsbury's now. Absolute nightmare. Clearly they are trying to get out of paying. I intend to report Insurance ombudsman, and my MP. Sick of these companies taking money under false pretences. I would never recommend Sainsburys.

Company: Sainsburys   Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Rip Off, Waste of Money. Con Artists Annie, 9/10/2017

Petplan are scam artists. They don't want to pay up when your pet is ill. All they want to do is make money out of us. The idiot customer service person I spoke to said that we can't pay all claims. The are gaslighting monsters who only care about taking your money and giving nothing in return. I do not trust this company. If your animal needs expensive treatment, you will be out of pocket as they will find a reason not to pay up. Vets are getting paid for pushing these money stealers on the public. I cancelled my policy with these fraudsters. Don't waste your money on them. Just put the money in a savings account. I do not like the way they support over vaccination. After they have stolen my money, I emailed them and they continually ignore your emails. They treat customers like dirt. Petplan just want to hold onto your money and pay staff to abuse the public. Everyone's non payment of claims money is being spent on paying staff who do not serve us. We are paying their rates, office rent, gas, electric. This is not good enough. They are a law unto themselves. Rules are made up to con us out of the money we should get. Petplan is not there for the benefit of animals.

Company: Petplan   Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Our experience of trusting Animal Friends with our Dogs insurance turned out to be an expensive lesson. We had paid them for several years, never making a claim until this year. Our dog started with a sore, discharging eye, so we took him to vets & was told it could be Conjunctivitis & was prescribed with some Drops & Tablets. The condition worsened so we went back & the Vet put some coloured dye in his eye & said it confirmed an Eye Ulcer, (more Tablets & drops). Still the condition worsened until he couldn't open his eye & was in alot of pain. We were told to take him in and he would be given general anaesthetic & his eye would have to be scraped to get rid of Ulcer then eye-lid stitched down until it recovers. This was done & he was given more medication. The bill came to over £600, so be sent in the claim. We were warned by Vets that they had had problems in the past when claiming! Weeks went by and after chasing them up, I was told they would not be paying out as our dogs records shows that 18 months earlier he had has a small Ulcer in the other eye & so this condition was not covered. The other ulcer was easy to clear up and the bill was less than the £70 excess we would have paid so we never claimed for it. We had no idea that this Ulcer in the other eye would be looked upon as a re-occuring condition. We feel it is just an excuse no to pay out. Please be careful when dealing with this Company. I WOULD DEFINATELY PUT THEM TO THE BOTTOM OF THE LIST.

Company: Animal Friends   Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Appalling and insensitive Frances Molloy, 7/26/2017

This is the worst insurer you could ever have. I lost my beautiful dog, Bess at the beginning of May. We are all still extremely traumatised by losing her. It is now the end of July and I still have payments outstanding. The customer service is appalling and to wait 3 months and still not have everything settled, for literally thousands of pounds of vet bills has significantly added to the trauma. I had her insured for 5 years with no claim with this company and it is shameless of them to allow a grieving owner to have to chase what is rightfully theirs. It's appalling. When you lose a pet you don't want to continually chase for money. It is painful enough. Avoid them at all costs. I intend to make a formal complaint when I have the strength to do it. There is absolutely no compassion in this organisation and you will have to fight to be paid. Go to anybody and it's worth paying more for a premium but avoid this company.

Company:   Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Sainsbury's pet insurance Rob, 7/8/2017

I am Seeing RED, I have just received my insurance quotation from Sainsbury's Insurance, I cannot believe it is £556.14 for a year????? WTF Now you may think that's not bad he drives a smart car, he has expensive things in his house if its house insurance. BUT NO it F****ing Dog insurance £556.14 for dog insurance for one year, I have to pay £99 per claim plus 20% of the cost of a claim also, not made a claim, not been to vet an increase of £136 from last year renewal. I have just rung Sainsbury's and asked them to justify the increase, "they don't have to" (??WTF??) "that's the renewal cost take it or leave it." Guess what I left it, I would rather put £50 a month in a dog account and pay my vet bill when I have to, if I had done this 3 years ago I would have £1200 in it by now. This is a complete rip off, Insurance for a pet should never cost more than Car, House, Life Insurance or a funeral plan per month. Please share this with anyone you know it cannot be allowed to continue, rip off Britain or what

Company: Sainsburys   Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
New Policy Missy, 6/8/2017

I`ve just insured my new rescue dog and found the process easy. Sensible small print and easy to understand exclusions, unlike my last pet insurance company who had so many hidden exclusions that I only received £140 out of the 450 claim for my old dog .

Company: Lifetime Pet Cover   Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
dreadful hike in premium Derek, 5/28/2017

our pet an 8 year old Staffy had a spinal clot which affected her hind legs. Vet hospital did scan cost £1200. thought would have to lose her but she made a full recovery.More Than paid out for this promptly. Renewal premium arrived and has gone up from £382 pa to £664pa, and we have been loyal to MoreThan for all these years.... disgraceful money grabbing

Company: MORE TH>N   Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
AVOID!!!!!!!!! Sam, 4/24/2017

Avoid this company!!!! They will not pay out for Claims. They really don't care about you or your animals. My poor boy has had a nail bed infection and because he had another problem a year ago with the same foot which I did not claim for they are telling me its the same problem and it's not. I will not be staying with them

Company: Animal Friends   Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Co operative payment Anonymous , 4/21/2017

Very disappointed that we have to pay extra. I feel the monthly insurance premium is already very high.

Company: Animal Friends   Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
No problems paying out claim Charlie's mum, 4/19/2017

No problems paying out claim Iíve been with Vetsure for two years and had to claim a couple of times, I can honestly say that I have been very pleased with the advice and prompt payment of our claims. Keeping up to date with the progress of our claims have been reassuring as well.

Company: Vetsure   Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
gone up 50% Lisa Murray, 4/6/2017

I have my Dog insured, renewal comes up and it's gone up 50%, I rang and said look I can get better quotes that this, and they said to leave then as they won't budge on the quote. Lovely! Although we did make a claim, just 2 months before the renewal was up, my vets said it shouldn't have effected it by that much though and so soon. that renewal was already in the post on the way to us before we had put the claim in anyway. Although I am not happy with the renewal, they did pay out for the claim

Company: helpucover   Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Disappointed with our latest claim CJ De Villiers, 3/1/2017


Company: Animal Friends   Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Very helpful staff, well explained policy Dotty, 2/17/2017

I took out this insurance after my last policy being voided by the company (animal friends) as they decided they did not want to insure my dog because she was an irish blue staffordshire bull terrier. I discovered lofetime pet cover using google and got a quote online which seemed very reasonable and the policy seemed very straight forward and easy to understand, unlike some pet insurance providers. I telephoned, was connected almost immediately and was given very good customer service and they confirmed that my dog would be covered by their insurance policy. I think the amount i pay monthly now is reasonable and the 20% of the final fee that i have to pay if a claim is made is understandable due to my dog being 7years of age so more prone to illnesses. Cannot rate in relation to processing of claims as have not had to claim (and hopefully wont have to.)

Company: Lifetime Pet Cover   Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
The Worst L Green, 2/7/2017

This company is the worst pet insurer and offers very little in financial recompense if your pet is ill. As soon as a condition comes to light, they rewrite the conditions to exclude that condition and your right to claim the following year (and with an old dog, it would be usual for the complaint to continue). What with the excesses and the small print in there ts and cs, don't expect to get much from this lot! the worst choice I have ever made!

Company: E & L   Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
OUTRAGEOUS Lisa , 1/25/2017

We have a Staffordshire Bull terrier who has been suffering for months with boils on both her front paws.We have been back to the vets and tried everything possible. The only option was to take her to a specialist for tests to get her quality of life back (she couldn't even walk). We have an Autistic son who's only friend is her and it's just broke his heart as she is in so much pain. With our vets backing we set off to see the specialist, thinking we were going to find a cause and with that a treatment... They have refused to even pay for the consultation !!! REASON.. DL vet says it's related to EAR infections that our vet has treated before.. this is appalling.. she is so loving but still in pain... houses / cars and belongins don't have feeling BUT animals and children do.. please look elsewhere if you don't want to put your beloved pets and children through this agony.

Company: Direct Line   Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier


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