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Sainsburys pet insurance

33 Holborn

phone: 0800 434 6359

Offers various levels of cover for dogs and cats supplied by Allianz, with optional extras to cover travel, quarantine and emergency repatriation.

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Reviews of Sainsburys pet insurance

1/5   Appaling   26 October 2018

Reviewed By: Jane , Recommend:

I cancelled my policy before comnencement date due to their inability to apply any logic ir common sense as we have rehomed a cat from a well known charity. Our 9 month old cat had stress tummy when he first arrived at their centre, this resolved quickly and he was fully checked fit by the charity vet before he left their care. With no reoccurence! Despite saying, and proving that he is fit & well by sending vets notes, they wanted to exclude all fastro conditions for 3 months which I understood as part of their risk assesment - however they insisted we pay for a vet check/ letter & records to be sent after 3 months as evidence . Given the cost this would incur and it would negate any saving! I cancelled , however trying to cancel is made difficult incredibly time consuming and despite my clear reasoning they repeatedly emailed before finallly confirming policy cancelled - please note all was within a few days of setting it up- they do not seem tp recognise 14 day cooling off period

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1/5   Dissapointed with bad reciews   15 October 2018

Reviewed By: mary lee, Recommend:

I was, up until this minute, going to take out insurance on my 2 British Short hair cats, both of whom are very healthy and aged 4 and 6 respectively. NOT NOW. The contents of very many reviews are above average and have frightened me away from Sainsbury's. I have pet insurance currently, which I've had throughout my cats' lives and was thinking of changing companies. Thank you to those honest reviewers for steering me away from this company....a great relief.

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1/5   Terrible   12 October 2018

Reviewed By: Patricia Allen, Recommend:

dot take out Sainsbury's insurance it's terrible, I won't give them any score. please, please don't give them your money, because they don't care about your pet or you. I hope they post this because they haven't posted my other's.

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1/5   Stay away from Sainsbury’s pet insurance   11 October 2018

Reviewed By: Patricia Brown, Recommend:

I feel like posting a review every day to stop people taking out this worthless insurance . Put your money in your own bank, I don’t know how they get away with ripping people off . They don’t care about your pet or you.

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 3 comments for the same Patricia?! Please do not spam this review site with multiple reviews.

comment by: Roy Chow, 18 October 2018
1/5   Don’t do it   10 October 2018

Reviewed By: David brown , Recommend:

Please don’t take out SAiNSBURYS INSURANCE they don’t look after Your beloveds pet or you .just take your money and run.

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1/5   Terrible pet insurance   10 October 2018

Reviewed By: Patricia Allen, Recommend:

Terrible pet insurance. Sainsbury’s Would only pay £40 of a £750 claim found every excuse to get out of paying. My advice would be to put the money in the bank not Sainsbury’s bank. Pet insurance is the biggest rip-off going,especially Sainsbury’s.

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1/5   And there’s me thinking they seemed ok!   3 October 2018

Reviewed By: Julia, Recommend:

Can’t believe all your comments. I was just about to sign up......but not anymore. What an awful company, taking advantage of responsible pet owners in their (and their pets) time of need. Disgusting.

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2/5   Outrageous increases   24 September 2018

Reviewed By: Lynn, Recommend:

This pet insurance is good until you make a claim or your dog gets older. Because I made a claim two years ago my insurance went up £400 and because my dog was 9. Last year the death benefit was removed. This year no claim has been made but my insurance has gone up £700. I am discussed and it is now cancelled. Wouldn’t advice anyone to take this out.

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1/5   Charged 2yrs Excess for claim going over renewal!   12 September 2018

Reviewed By: Sam, Recommend:

Be aware! We claimed for our dogs Mast Cell Tumour. The claim started 2 days before our insurance renewal date and continued in to the next insurance year. We were charged for 2 years excess, for the same claim! Car/House insurance wouldn't get away with it!

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5/5   Faultles, good value & sympathetic comprehensive c   14 August 2018

Reviewed By: Alastair Stuart , Recommend:

I have found Sainsbury's pet insurance reliable, honest, good value and truly sympathetic to our pet's needs. I cannot fault them on professionalism or fair charging. If I did not have this cover, my best friend would be chasing rabbits in the sky now. Thank you so much.

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1/5   Do not use Sainsbury pet insurance   14 August 2018

Reviewed By: Frank, Recommend:

They do t pay out been with them. 7 years and they delayed payment and then point blank refused to pay

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1/5   My dogs ACL   14 August 2018

Reviewed By: Andy, Recommend:

A bit of advise to anyone out there never use sainsbury’s pet insurance that do not pay out even with confirmation from a vet that it’s my dog first condition (ACL) please retweet so people are aware

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1/5   They don't pay out   14 August 2018

Reviewed By: Andy, Recommend:

Please please please do not use this company thy do not pay out. I even had the vet send an email to them saying this is his first injury to his back leg (ACL) and they still did not pay out. I've now sent an email to the CEO to see what happens just awful.

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1/5   Don’t buy Sainsburys pet insurance   23 June 2018

Reviewed By: Sparks, Recommend:

Warning! DO NOT TAKE OUT SAINSBURYS PET INSURANCE. Sainsbury like to sell but not pay out. Sales process asks - has your dog been to the vet for other than checkup and has your pet been unwell. I answered and moved to them in good faith. I wish I hadn’t. Our dog had been a well dog (now 7). The only thing we noticed when a pup he had a one testicle. We discussed it with the vet who said it may not have another, or it may be retained, we may consider castration. He only went to the vet for checkups apart from one small bout of kennel cough. 2nd April he started lying down a fair bit. I took him to the vet who suggested he may have a swollen blander. After scans we discovered a growth. He was rushed in, had successful surgery to remove a retained testicle. All tests clear of any cancerous cells or spread of cancer. £6000. We made a claim that week. (They pay claims in 8 days) Heard nothing. After weeks of chasing and complaining they have decided to reject the claim because he had a preexisting condition. His history was clear to them when we took out the policy in good faith. Sadly, we moved to them the year before for cheaper prices! They are, however sending me £50 to cover their bad service and all the time it has taken to provide me with an answer. I have now read all the reviews online and completely agree, they will do anything not to pay! He also had a small bump on his tail, aspirated and clear when he was two, now gone, he’s now not covered for anything! I am taking this to the ombudsmen, but please think twice before taking out a policy with them, even if 2 months are free!

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1/5   Robbery   21 June 2018

Reviewed By: Billie, Recommend:

Dont use this company as you will regret it. Absolute robbery, will do anything not to pay a claim. Customer service is non existent,penalise you all the time,it's just pay pay pay! You pay the vet you pay ridiculous premiums and they will do anything to get out of paying out. Avoid at all costs please!

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1/5   Do not touch Sainsburys Pet Insurance   18 June 2018

Reviewed By: Laura Cannon, Recommend: N

I have been paying pet insurance for my Mini Dachshund for 5 years with Sainsburys and I consider myself a very responsible pet owner. As this breed is prone to back issues she has ramps everywhere, is trained to stop and wait to be picked up on steps and stairs out and about. She had a mammary lump removed, which we had to wait for due to her season. This meant by the time of the op she had a few removed. All great she recovered quick and I was surprised the bill was only £850.00. Sainsburys requested more information, I supplied them with a 2 page document listing her previous vets (also gave this information on the claim form,) and ailments which have been trivia, sting, blister, nothing really. (My Vet retired),I have used 3 different vets in finding my new vet. Sainsbury's text me to call them. I did, the girl on the phone said it is my responsibility to get my pets history from the vets not Sainsburys. I questioned this as I did not think this was correct and she said "If I want to get paid faster I need to get the history sorted." I consider this as seriously unhelpful. So I responded with...don't worry I will wait, Sainsburys should pursue getting the history. I heard nothing, for a month. Another text, please call Sainsburys. I rang, this time happily I got a lovely girl, I told her the saga with the previous team member, she said she would ring around and request the history, i gave her all the names, numbers and surgery details. (She did this and was very pleasant.) However the next day the case was closed, email came through on a Saturday night at 5.30pm so I could not respond until Monday. I replied to the email closing my claim, (this holds all the information, dog, breed, my name, policy number etc... and was asked for all my personal information before they could speak to me. You can't write this honestly. Next I emailed the team leader to ask is it my responsibility to get the pet history and a team leader called Tahera said yes....."if you have a look on our claim forms we have completion guide which advises that you need to provide us with the pets full clinical history even if the pet has been referred to any different. When we have any missing history or information then we will directly contact your vets or yourself to get this information." So I shlep to all 3 vets and ask for the print outs. All vets, including Pets at Home said this is odd that a customer has to request this information, it is normally done direct from the insurer. I used to love Sainsburys as a brand, thought it stood for quality, which is why I chose them. Absolute rubbish. I have asked sainsburys are they reopening the case now they have the information sent to them. I have not heard back yet. I wouldn't touch them with an extra long barge pole, please do not waste your money. The girl at the vets said pet plan settles more than the others.

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1/5   Avoid at all cost   7 June 2018

Reviewed By: Pauline Holder, Recommend:

Rubbish, rubbish once your pet has been ill forget it they will never pay again I thought insurance was exactly that!!!!! Take weeks to pay out then have the cheek to send a cheque worst ever insurance sort yourselves out Sainsburys we all love our pets and want the best.

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1/5   BEWARE And AVOID or pay dearly   15 April 2018

Reviewed By: Benji, Recommend:

Unfortunately my poor chap developed a skin condition after paying Sainsbury’s for 7 years with no claim. Tabs are £40 a month so £480 a year Policy has gone up from £150 to £500 Excess of £75 of one off payment at beginning of illness to £125 every year plus 20% Excess has gone then from nothing a year then to £221 every year New Policy is £95 but beware that’s every year even for same condition Excess from Tesco £60 one off at beginning pet plan similar Sainsbury’s will increase your excess and change your policy by default IF YOU CARE FOR YOUR PET DO NOT GO WITH SAINSBURYS I am cancelling all my Sainsbury’s insurance and will not shop there anymore they are unethical

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1/5   sainsburys pet insurance   9 April 2018

Reviewed By: gary, Recommend:

avoid at all costs ive been chasing a claim for 3 months for it to be rejected twice even after a letter from my vet.con artists doubled my premium to £100 per month now cancelled

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1/5   Great until you need them   20 February 2018

Reviewed By: Milo, Recommend:

Left me with a huge bill because of small print that I should have read through. The final straw ‘oh no we don’t cover cremation costs after the age of 9 because that’s when they are most likely to die’. Well, surprise, that’s what we pay insurance for.

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1/5   Dreadful   19 February 2018

Reviewed By: Fred, Recommend:

Insured for one year, no direct debits taken, no contact until time to renew for a further year, now nice big bill to pay in one hit, absolutely rubbish service. Policy cancelled.

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1/5   Eye's opened   6 February 2018

Reviewed By: James Walker, Recommend:

After reading these reviews I shall not be using Sainsbury pet insurance. Thought they would be better than this

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1/5   Useless   30 January 2018

Reviewed By: George, Recommend:

Never use this company , my dog had a broken tooth two years ago and they paid out a claim, recently she has had another dental issue tooth broken and loose . Apparently we are no longer covered for dental work as we already had some done. Bizzarely because it’s a yearly policy we are not covered However had it been a lifetime policy we would have been ?? DO NOT ENTERTAIN THIS COMPANY

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1/5   Sainsburys rip off   22 January 2018

Reviewed By: Paul, Recommend:

Don't use this company, this year our premium went up over 40% and when we had vet fees quite unexpectedly we can't get the cheque for part payment from Sainsburys. Call themselves a bank and they can't transfer the money to me! Yes, you've got it, The cheque's in the post, yeah yeah.

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1/5   Sainsburys pet insurance   26 November 2017

Reviewed By: kate Wharton, Recommend:

terrible pet insurer - avoid at all costs! Have paid thousands to them and when asked to pay out £200 they slapped all exclusions on from 8 years previously for conditions my vet said was ridiculous. Cannot stess enough to avoid this insurer.

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1/5   Sainsbury's pet insurance- AVOID AT ALL COSTS   22 November 2017

Reviewed By: Lee, Recommend:

£2,500 I payed upfront as this insurance company were messing around and my dog was in pain. Now they have found any excuse not to pay. They have been through my dogs history and found any minor ailment, this has then been manipulated to avoid coughing up! I would never ever recommend to use this company. WHAT A JOKE!

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1/5   I wil NEVER recommend this company   17 November 2017

Reviewed By: Jane Lack, Recommend:

My beloved beautiful English Bulldog Pearl was put to sleep yesterday and today still in tears I am about to cancel the other three dog policies we have with this literal Rip Off company - as I put it to them on the phone.. the more you love your pet, look after them and get them to old age the more you penalise us. Each year her premium shot up and is (or was) £95 per month, AND I was told basically if I'd had her put to sleep at 8 then they would pay out for things, but as our beautiful girl managed a life of 10 years before our devastated family had to let her go we get ........ nothing! We are very lucky and can afford to do what we want to say goodbye to her, but people in a less fortunate position are left with this agonising situation AND no financial support. In short get rid of your dog when they are younger and we'll pay you. Love them and keep them for years ...... we aren't interested! PLEASE steer clear.

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1/5   Awful insurer - avoid   10 November 2017

Reviewed By: Alex Jackson, Recommend:

I made a very big mistake choosing Sainsbury's for pet insurance. Money grabbing, try not to pay out and the excess is so high that you would basically pay for most treatments yourself anyway. Avoid at all costs!!!

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2/5   Hugely Expensive   8 November 2017

Reviewed By: Paul, Recommend:

We have a 12 year old Airedale Terrier who has very recently been diagnosed as having, and I quote, 'mild' arthritis. The vet recommended metacam to manage pain by which she meant make movement freer for our dog, and nutraquin+ which is a joint supplement. We have had one claim in the past ( about 6 years ago) for a minor dental / oral issue but other than that nothing. As the most recent issue will be an ongoing treatment to end of life, I contacted Sainsburys to see how it will work out going forward. In short, they 'believe' that our dog 'should' be covered for ongoing treatment. Our excess is £125 and then 20% of all other costs. Our monthly premiums have recently risen to £135. We are now seriously considering scrapping all pet insurance (we have another dog also and our combined expenditure on the two is £200+ pcm) and simply putting money into a separate account to cover any vets bills that arise. Clearly this is a risky strategy given how expensive vets bills can be, and the age of our oldest dog (and the clumsiness of the younger one lol) so we are still considering our options. However, I do believe that Sainsburys are particularly expensive, and that pet owners may do better shopping around.

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2/5   NOT impressed!   2 October 2017

Reviewed By: F, Recommend:

My insurance has jumped right up! From just over £30 a month to just under £50! I just called and they said its because of her age and it will keep going up every year because of it!! She is 4! Never had any health issues etc either. What a joke!

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 you are lucky mine as gone up from $72 76 to £113.23 a month the first premium I had was £9.43 a month

comment by: john lloyd , 2 November 2017
1/5   The biggest con Insurance Company EVER   21 September 2017

Reviewed By: J Attwood, Recommend:

I am just dealing with Sainsbury's now. Absolute nightmare. Clearly they are trying to get out of paying. I intend to report Insurance ombudsman, and my MP. Sick of these companies taking money under false pretences. I would never recommend Sainsburys.

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