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Sainsburys pet insurance

33 Holborn

phone: 0800 434 6359

Offers 3 levels of cover: Standard, Premier and Premier Plus.

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Reviews of Sainsburys pet insurance

1/5   dreadfull   14 June 2017

Reviewed By: 1, Recommend:

I have had to fight for every penny of a claim for my German Shepherd, I have been lied to and given incorrect advise. They first turned a claim down because my dog had not been ill before?I fought that one tooth and nail and they backed down, i phoned the help line for advise regarding complimentary therepy and was told i could proceed. After my dog had a course of treatment they wrote to me rejecting the claim. I now have a £500 bill. DO NOT USE Sainsburys pet insurence or quite frankly any sainsbury insurence product.

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4/5   No problem with claiming but high premiums   12 June 2017

Reviewed By: Julie W, Recommend:

I have a 12 year old bitch Labrador. I have had her since age 3 and always been with Sainsburys. I have been so lucky with her absolutely nothing wrong until the arthritis really got bad last year, and she has been on medication since. I have gradually seen my premiums go up even without any claims, but now the payments are £84 per month Although I do get it back in the cost of the medication. It feels a massive hike in price for just for one year of increased ill health for my dog. I am stuck now as no one else will insure her. But on the other hand they are prompt paying and without fuss. I give a four overall rating because of the customer care, and take off one as the price for that is a lot.

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1/5   Trapped with no way out   25 May 2017

Reviewed By: Stewart @oxon , Recommend:

My cocker spaniel has cushings disease at 13 years its a rest of life condition..the tablets are 110 per month. They've just put the premiums up to 82 per month and deduct now 20% from the 110.. leaving about £6 per month.. given I have paid in for all those early years with no claims where's the fairness? Pet plan in future!! A watchdog should get hold of this lot...

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1/5   Avoid - Go to great lengths not to pay claims   19 May 2017

Reviewed By: Kevin, Recommend:

I took a policy out for our Labrador in January 2017. At the time I disclosed that in December 2015 he had swallowed a collar while with his litter and needed treatment to pass-it, no exclusions were placed on policy. In February I made a claim after he'd had gastro-enteritis. The claim was rejected on grounds that this was pre-existing condition dating to the December 2015. Our vet contacted insurer to confirm these were two unrelated events but this was ignored - the insurer is clearly better qualified... Spent weeks going through a complaints process, but at each point the "evidence" used to diagnose the pre-existing condition has changed. Apparently, I was also expected to disclose that he'd had several loose faeces at the time we changed from puppy to adult food. This was included on vet's notes as he'd been in for boosters and a health-check soon after and we mentioned this to them. If being a normal dog is treated as a pre-existing condition they will always have grounds to reject claims. Please beware. Looking at other reviews I see this is standard practice to "create" pre-existing conditions from normal events and reject claims.

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 I think that not disclosing information to any insurer home motor or pet would be grounds to reject :/

comment by: Robert., 7 June 2017
1/5   DO NOT USE THIS AWFUL COMPANY!!!!   10 May 2017

Reviewed By: Jo Whiting, Recommend:

My six year old Pug/Cavalier had to have an x-ray on her leg costing £745.00 + other vet bills which came to £1000 + Sainsburys Pet insurance said because my dog was severely overweight(she is just 12kg) they were excluding any conditions such as: hip,leg,heart,eye,hormone,shoulder,carpus & arthritis problems. I did ask what am I paying you £25 per month for? They also said they would amend the breed on the policy to read Pugalier, I had put her down as a crossbreed, as you would not see a pug/cavalier at Crufts but they said this would cost a further £60 per year, and my claim had been rejected! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY THEY ARE AWFUL! You have been WARNED.

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5/5   Fab service   5 May 2017

Reviewed By: Kay Jackson, Recommend:

Just want to say that Sainsbury is the best pet insurer I have ever had. Very quick, fair and thorough. Piece of mind

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2/5   Pet iNSURANCE   11 April 2017

Reviewed By: Ann, Recommend:

Think very carefully before taking a policy out with Sainsburys pet insurance they sorted it out in the end and gave me £50.00 compensation because of the way I had been treated but it was a very unpleasant experience

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1/5   AVOID   8 March 2017

Reviewed By: Laura Graham, Recommend:

I made a claim for my 4 month old puppy un December and im still waiting to hear anything! Every time i call im told my claim is being assessed by another department so they cant give me an update, i cant speak to a manager and i cant soeak to anyone in that department!! 4 months its been going on and still i dont have my money back. Utterley useless.

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1/5   WILL NEVER USE AGAIN!!!!   27 February 2017

Reviewed By: Sarra Legg-Galvin, Recommend:

My dog was insured with them for many years and we finally had to claim for diabetes and pancreatitis. These claims went through with no problem. However when my dog was 10 the insurance more or less tripled. Sadly my dog was then put down and the policy cancelled with a refund of a months insurance refunded straight away. My dog was put down on the 14th November 2016 and I am still waiting for my claims (vets as well) to be settled!! Every time I contact them I get a different person with a different reason for the delay. Even registered a complaint with the Complaints department and 2 weeks later still waiting to hear from them!!! A diabolical way to treat people who have lost their family pet!!!.

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5/5   Positive experience !   23 February 2017

Reviewed By: Lennard Du Toit, Recommend:

My 8 year old dog (boxer X American bulldog) had 2 surgeries in 1 week. One was to remove a mast cell tumor and the other one was to remove periodontal disease. The total bill was £1,900 and I was really stressing about not getting the money from sainsbury's pet insurance as I was reading all these bad reviews online. I mailed them the claim and literally within 5 days I had a cheque through the mailbox for £1,575. The rest was obviously excess etc. I would say that if you know your insurance is 100% up to date, especially if you had insurance since the dog was a puppy, then you would be fine. Do not fall for all these negative reviews ! PS. Obviously your monthly payments will go up as the dog gets older, so dont freak out about this when it actually happens.

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2/5   Do not recommend   11 February 2017

Reviewed By: L. Butler, Recommend:

My insurance premium has just risen by 54% and the percentage I pay is now 20% on a dog that is not even 10 years old (goodness knows what it will be when she hits 10!) How can they justify this? They can't - that is the answer. My dog has a chronic medical condition, so I've now got to consider continuing to pay these extortionate charges or paying the cost myself. Very worrying. Go with Pet Plan: reputable insurers. My friend pays the same as I do, for a 14 year old dog, of the same age, also with a chronic medical condition. I wish I'd done this in the first place. Don't be lured into accepting lower premiums when the dog is young; in the long term this does not pay as I have found out for myself.

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1/5   Do not insure your pet with this company!!   14 December 2016

Reviewed By: Nikki , Recommend:

Do not get insurance with sainsburys. I got extra cover for my cat for death. It states it will pay you what you paid for the cat. I paid a lot of money as he was from abroad. My cat sadly died and when I put the claim in they said this is not covered as its for travel and expenses and vaccinations.Well that is what I had to pay to get my cat. If I didn't I couldn't have had him! And it doesn't say that it's not covered in the booklet. They offered me 25 quid. 25 quid! Iv never been so insulted in my life! And they will not help me any further. They will worm there way out of not paying you what your entitled to. I will not be getting any more insurance from sainsburys they have lost my custom. Il give my money to another company that are not liers. Bye bye!

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1/5   Terrible insurance providers   26 September 2016

Reviewed By: Piggle, Recommend:

Do not use Sainsburys pet insurance. I have spent thousands of pounds over the past 10 years or so and never claimed anything. However, since my dog has turned 10 they have in increased the premium by over 30% for the last two years to the point that I can no longer afford it. I did request a claims form this year to see if I could claim anything back, but, despite multiple contacts / requests I never recieved my claims form. I feel completely let down by this product which now places the continued well being of my little dog in jepody. These policies may look good on paper - but they don't care about your animal and they really don't want older animals on their books. I

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 I have just had my renewal they are just rip off merchants mine as gone up 30%+ the same almost £100 a month they no they have you trapped as you can not move with older dog's it is not only the price that as gone up but the excesses up £50 also you have to also pay 20% of each clam now not 10% just a rip off

comment by: john lloyd, 2 November 2016
 Just got the renewal for my KC Spaniel aged 6 years. It's now nearly £500/pa with £125 xs on life-time cover!I've had 2 minor claims in 6 years. Phoned them to ask if it'd be cheaper on the standard policy and was told No, because the standard policy is covered by a different underwriter. Needless to say I won't be renewing. 5 years ago it was £100/pa with £75 xs.

comment by: lms, 11 October 2016
1/5   Sainsbury Pet Insurance. What a rip off.......   2 August 2016

Reviewed By: k lambert, Recommend:

Do not use this company for Pet \Insurance .Absolute Nightmare, I had a problem with my dog going Lame overnight,i had to have a couple of vet visits and X-ray and various other procedures to find out what was the problem and drugs to treat too.all in all i paid the vets fees my self and they agreed to send off the claim form for me ,which they did,I heard nothing at all from sainsburys for three months until a letter arrived saying the claim was cancelled as they didn't have the history info from the vets.I had not contact at all with them in this time and the letter stated i had not provided them with the info they required .i had no idea this was needed or who was supposed to deliver it to them for assessment of the claim. Extremly bad after 3 months they decided to cancel my claim .End of....upon contacting them by phone the same excuses were re iterated to me ,how can i have provided them with the info if they didn't ask me for it ,( i ask myself). this is a genuine claim or was and for a genuine illness that i had paid every month expecting to be covered and secure if any thing was to go wrong and needed to be relied on. I have cancelled the policy the direct debits and told them what i thought of their aberrant service or lack of service . PLEASE BE WARNED this is not the first time this has happened looking at the reviews here .definatley not worth spending money with them for a very poor service....Be Warned....

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2/5   25% increase for 5 year old lab   18 July 2016

Reviewed By: Steve Reynold, Recommend:

25% increase this year to £43 for 5 year old lab. Only one previous claim for approx £300 when she was 2 years. At this rate goodness knows how much it will be as she gets older. Have decided to cancel and put the monthly amount aside.

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 I have a lab 12 just gone up to all most £100 a month also excess up £50 and you now have to pay 20% to cost not 10&

comment by: john lloyd , 2 November 2016
1/5   Daylight robbery - Sainsburys   17 June 2016

Reviewed By: Rob Newman, Recommend:

Just want to share this with anyone thinking about taking out a pet policy with Sainsburys. I was looking for pet insurance for my dog. He had previously eaten a sock and had to be operated on. I specifically called Sainsburys to discuss this prior to taking out their insurance. I was told on the phone that there would be an exception policy. I argued that I would agree if it was restricted to just socks, as what's the point in getting insurance if the pet isn't insured for anything it may ingest? Sure enough the little rascal ate part of a towel and I called Sainsburys at the time to make them aware. They then said that this would be an issue due to an exception on the policy. I made clear to them the above. They then said they had no record of my call and to cut a long story short, rejected my claim. Company morals are minimal, the guy on the end of the phone had the compassion of a postage stamp. If you do take insurance with them get everything in writing and don't trust them as far as you can throw them. Due to my experience many friends of mine and family members will not be renewing with Sainsburys. I strongly urge you to do the same.

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1/5   Sainsburys pet insurance by Allianz   10 June 2016

Reviewed By: Adrian from Newbury, Recommend:

I had a premium cover paying over £40 month for 2 years. I made my first claim and it was refused. My dog is ten and what was not clear on the application form is that they expect a full medical 10 year history and expect you to do there work for them and have the knowledge of a vet. On my application form I put the major conditions I could remember. Otherwise at the point of the claim they will add 10 years worth of exclusions on the policy as they did with me, not at the point of the contract as you might expect. They only contact your vet for your pets history on application of a claim not at the time of the contract. I am not a vet and most conditions with my dog I would not recall or even understand. Only a vet can give such a detailed history. This insurance cover is not worth the paper it is written on and dull's Sainsbury's reputation with me. I cancelled my policy immediately.

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1/5   Dont be fooled by low initial cost!   3 June 2016

Reviewed By: mAGGIE BARRINGTON, Recommend:

My 11 year old retrievers renewal has just arrived - £1500 a year - like others here I cannot get other insurance as she has pre existing conditions that they wouldnt cover - so from next week she will not be insured. I just cannot afford it - if she needs surgery for anything? I have been with sainsburies for 10 years and when they dont want you anymore they just raise it to such a level. it is criminal DONT USE!!!!

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5/5   Fantastic   25 May 2016

Reviewed By: Vivien, Recommend:

This is my second claim with Sainsbury's pet insurance, they have already given me £3500 in one year. I am a terrible customer for them lol. Two claims, one £3000 and another one £500 and all went ok. I am surprised. Thanks a lot!

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 Edit: They have now given me a grand total of £5650 Thanks!

comment by: Vivien Someya, 31 May 2017
 I am pleased to read yours as the first good one, as I was thinking of changing from Petplan as Banjo cat had a bout of diarrhea which went on rather longer than hoped when I first rescued him from abandonment That's quite normal for that to happen in change of environment and food. but Petplan excluded digestive disorders from his policy as he had it before I took it out. They said if you can prove he has had no diarrhea for whole year on normal food then we will reinstate it. As it… (read more)

comment by: Annette, 24 August 2016
1/5   Insurance cost   21 May 2016

Reviewed By: Margaret, Recommend:

We have two dogs a whippet and a little mix breed ,we are pensioners and our pets are our life ,we took out pet insurance with sainsburys 3years ago ,stating at £14 pounds each we had our renewel this May it is now just under£22 a month each dog ,we are finding it hard on a pension to pay this ,I think it is disgusting they can put it up this much ,no wonder people abandon their pets

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1/5   Avoid- premiums rocket on older pets.   7 May 2016

Reviewed By: D Lyons., Recommend:

Do not get sucked in by initial low policy costs. I do unfortunately have 3 pets still insured with Sainsburys, all having pre-existing conditions so I cannot afford to switch insurers and have pre-existing conditions excluded. My almost 14yr old Greyhound's renewal has just arrived (it is his premium increases that are my issues with Sainsburys) and it has increased from £220 to £300 a month - YES a month - not a year!! Originally his premiums started at £16 a month when I got him in 2005. Sainsbury's have paid out on most claims without too much hassle although a couple of times they have tried to say that it was part of the same condition and so they had already paid the max £7,500 out. Once specialists are involved it doesn't take long to reach bills that run into thousands. In December we had a cat cost almost £4,000 in specialist and normal vets bills (the first ever claim for her) they did payout without any issues, her renewal is due in July - it will be interesting to see what that will be. Although all the cat's premiums have doubled since I first insured them in 2006. My 4 other animals are insured with PetPlan whom I haven't had much experience of claims or the subsequent premium increases, but I have friends who have and they say their premiums have never increased as dramatically as mine have with Sainsburys. I like to insure my animals to have peace of mind but it doesn't help when insurance companies take the pi$$ and increase the premiums to ridiculous amounts but until you make a few claims you never actually know how good insurance companies are and by then its too late if you've chosen a cr@p one!

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 Avoid. Similar experiences. Not interested in good customer service. Rude renewal operators. 30% increase. Not impressed Sainsburys

comment by: Claire Eccles, 6 October 2016
 Had to make a claim for luxating patella which they still to pay out on but did but then slapped 2 exclusions on i had informed at time of taking policy i paid to have my dog teeth scale clean he had wobbly tooth vet removed so they now put exclusions for all oral mouth treatment for 2 year. ridiculous. If my dog develops mouth cancer sustains a head trauma etc they will not cover treatment for mouth all because i am a responsible owner maintaining good oral hygiene in my dog. The same dog… (read more)

comment by: Karen, 29 July 2016
 I contacted Sainsburys regarding my extortionate renewal increase - their extremely unhelpful response was to say premiums increase for a variety of reasons , but I could always downgrade my policy if I wanted to a 12 month policy- which obviously after 12 months, you no longer have pet insurance. SO UNHELPFUL - you eventually force your customers into the reluctant choice of no longer having insurance, because premiums are no longer affordable. I shall be making a formal complaint regarding… (read more)

comment by: D Lyons., 30 May 2016
5/5   Claim   5 May 2016

Reviewed By: Mrs E newey, Recommend:

I just wanted to say that sainsbury pet insurance are fantastic. Paid out within 3 weeks for our dogs very expensive operation. You made the whole experience less stressful and paid the vet directly. I cannot speak highly enough of your company and the way you handled out claim

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 It will be interesting to see how your premiums increase because of your claim. Maybe once you have received your renewal notice you can post a review update.

comment by: D Lyons., 30 May 2016
5/5   Excellent Service   28 April 2016

Reviewed By: J Tuer, Recommend:

I would like to say that I have had my 12 year old Labrador insured with sainsburys since he was 2 months old, and can say that I have never had any problems with any claims. He was diagnosed with a ruptured cruciate ligament at 4 years of age and underwent major surgery costing £3k+ and has had multiple ongoing issues since, not once have sainsburys ever hesitated in paying out fully and quickly. I would definitely recommend them.

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1/5   Shocking Customer Service avoid   5 April 2016

Reviewed By: C Mayes, Recommend:

Furthermore to my husbands detailed explanation regarding the deplorable Sainsburys pre-existing conditions policy I would like to share my experience of their customer service we have experienced thus far. They claim in their T&C's that they aim to settle all claims within 5 working days a claim we submitted in September 2015 has only just been refused (5 months later). We have spent hours on the telephone, never received letters they claimed to sent, they twice claimed not to have received information sent, then apologised on both occasions admitting they had received them. There has been a catalogue of errors throughout, they are apparently sending a cheque by way of an apology.....avoid this company or you will regret it.

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1/5   Disgraceful Company....Avoid at all costs.   5 April 2016

Reviewed By: A. Mayes , Recommend:

This companies interpretation of pre-existing conditions render any policy you take with out with them not worth the paper it's written on. Last year our Springer had to have an X-Ray to diagnose a stubborn lameness that he has now fully recovered from, total cost of investigation £800 this was diagnosed as hip dysplacia they refused our claim siting an injury on opposite leg 7 years ago was clinical signs of hip dysplacia so therefore a pre-existing condition. We successfully claimed for a low grade benign spindle tumour removed from his left hind. They have now placed an exclusion for all tumours, cysts, warts, lipomas and cancer. The full lists of exclusions from their technical underwriting team now renders my dog uninsurable yet his a healthy dog. I am now taking my case to the FSA. If you love your pet and want to insure their health avoid Sainsburys at all costs.

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1/5   Absolutely Awful.   23 March 2016

Reviewed By: Brian Holness, Recommend:

Have diabetic dog on continuation claim. EVERY year for three years now they 'haven't received the claim' even though posted to correct address. Completely hopeless and uncaring. Other two dogs with other insurers (no problems) and this one would join them if he wasn't on a continuation claim with this bunch of hucksters.

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1/5   Beware of Sainsburys pet insurance   7 March 2016

Reviewed By: MIKEY, Recommend:

I cannot begin to let other people know how disappointed I am with Sainsbury's Pet Insurance because they just will not pay out for a very legitimate claim for our cat Mikey. It is such a common known thing by all professional Vets that domestic cats weight does fluctuate for all sorts of reasons, and we have had past occasions where we have taken our cat to our vets with weight loss, but they have never found that he was suffering from any kind of medical condition. But just after taking out Sainsburys pet insurance our cat Mikey did seem to have lost a little bit of weight, so we took him to our vets and to our surprise this time they said that he was showing signs of a liver problem, so they referred us to a specialists vets at Cambridge who had our cat for approx. 3 nights but found that what ever the problem was was not at all showing, so we paid the £1,400 plus bill, and guess what Sainsbury's pet insurance just will not pay out, because they say it was an existing condition, but our vets have confirmed that our cat has never been diagnosed with a condition relating to weight loss in the past. So I am now cancelled my insurance with Sainsbury's because I now feel that it would be far better that I put £50 per month into a separate savings account rather than wast my money by giving it to a so called pet insurance company who will not pay out on an honest legitimate claim. I put this question to one of Sainsbury's so called expert team, that if any of there family had been to there doctors with a weight loss problem a few times but there doctor had never found anything wrong with them and had not ever diagnosed them with a particular condition, but just said that all is OK would they put on a Holiday insurance form that they had been suffering from weight loss, and the guy said to me that he would not put that on the form because he had never been diagnosed with a particular illness which is exactly what I am saying but they just cannot and will not see it because they just do not want to part up with any money if they can help it. As I have found so far through my life, Insurance companies like to take your money but if they can find any way out of paying you they will. I am also sending my storey the the Financial Ombudsman service and have also told my story to BBC Watchdog and also the money saving expert.

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2/5   Slow   1 March 2016

Reviewed By: Deb, Recommend:

Sainsburys website claim that they aim to settle 90% of all claims within 7 days . It's never happened . They never even acknowledge an email and you can't speak to the person dealing with your claim because 'they don't speak to customers ' . Awful awful awful . We pay £600pa for our cocker and the last claim took 4 weeks plus by the time the cheque cleared it was nearly 6 weeks in total . I know other people who's insurers pay straight into their bank account

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 Im currently having this problem. I claimed almost 4 months ago! Every time i call im told its being handled by another department whome I cant speak to and that they are assessing it. I feel like theres no chance of this ever happening!

comment by: Laura Graham, 8 March 2017
2/5   Do you like to subsidise new policies?   29 January 2016

Reviewed By: Mike Price, Recommend:

Yet again, Sainsburys have increased our premium in the region of 20%, no reason given. So I called them and 'suggested' that they may wish to reconsider, that I have been with them for 5 years but their prices were getting ridiculous. They pointed out that they could improve the costs but only if I was a 'new customer', not existing. Oh fine, so you want me to subsidise people who have not been paying you for years like I have! Told them to get stuffed and went to another insurer, at less than half the cost. Ludicrous.

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1/5   Policy price increases   25 November 2015

Reviewed By: Helen Roy, Recommend:

Really unhappy, Sainsburys provided good cover for our labrador retriever for 3yrs. This year the policy has increased yet again!After discussing this with them they refuse to budge. We have made no claims apart from year 1 when she was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia. I can reduce to standard cover to 12 months which will cover her ongoing condition if needed ( she is very fit at the moment), but not the following year, not covered.This means I have 2 options, pay the increase price or go to another insurance provider but her ongoing condition will not be covered. Told them they have my back up against the wall with this policy, what to do!!!!

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5/5   Sainsbury paid in full   13 November 2015

Reviewed By: Tracy Roser , Recommend:

My Field Spaniel was referred to a specialist re spinal problem and had to have major surgery in October The cost was over £3000 and Sainsbury paid in full (minus excess) without any questions.

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