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1/10 Awful Awful, Price Hikes Disgraceful, AVOID!!

We have been with John Lewis for a good few years, the price started off fine at the beginning, we have a rescue collie who came to us from Ireland and we have no history, in the last few years our boy has been diagnosed with Arthritis in his leg although he has not needed any major treatment or surgery for this I self medicate with glucosamine and have some pain relief if and when I think he needs it, we have NEVER claimed for major surgery for this problem, he has had 2 bouts of tummy problems in years which was claimed for (no more than a human would) and yet year on year the price has gone up by around 80% for lifetime cover, also there is a MAJOR issue which I have tried to discuss with J L our dog is a rescue collie and came with no papers to say he is a pedigree, he is a collie there is no doubt, but when I queried the hike in premium they said we said he is a pedigree at the beginning of cover, that is neither here or there now, as I am bored of trying to get over my point that we can't prove either way and nor can our vet conform genetic parentage as he is a rescue but we are are paying massively because he was put in as a pedigree, when I questioned this they gave me the number for the Ombudsman so I can speak to them, they just DON'T care. They paid up no problems but DISGUSTING price hikes!! You may find the previous boring but just to give you an idea our premium for 2017 annually was 1,610 this year it is 2,683 you work that one out, eye watering stuff eh considering we haven't claimed for major surgery etc etc, and the sales team are cold and horrible don't even think about trying to get your premium reduced, I will never step foot in J L again.

  Sals, 2 March 2018

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