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I have read the reviews on this page and unfortunately I have to agree with all the comments, we started using a company call Greenbee six years ago and they were absolutely brilliant and they would have been 5/5. A year or 2 after they were taken over by John Lewis and at around about the same our Springer Spaniel was diagnosed with Meningitis, this was after numerous tests & scans by a referral practice and again Greenbee/John Lewis were marvellous the claim was handled with care and quickly. When the time for the renewal came we were expecting a hefty increase, which never appeared, there was an increase but not as big as we were expecting. About 2 years ago everything seemed to change at JL, they tried to implement the standard massive increase all pet insurance company's do when dogs reach the age of 9, even though he had only just turned 8, I did what most of us do and went through the comparison site and to my surprise the best quote was John Lewis! So I phoned up to see if they would honour their online offer only to be told that renewals were non-negotiable and if I wanted the online offer I would have to cancel my renewal and take out a new policy which would mean any pre-existing conditions would not be covered, which I excepted. Roll on to May last year our dog started to develop severe problems with his back right leg yet again we were referred and it was found that he had a growth on his lower spine which was effecting his central nervous system and he was put on to a course of treatment, one of the drugs was an anti-inflammatory which was also used when he had meningitis and guess what, when we put in a claim it was rejected because the claim handler though that the name of the drug was what he had been diagnosed with, needless to say I complained and my complaint was up held. I have again just received the renewal and it is a 100% increase from last year. John Lewis were good a few years ago but something or someone within that organisation has ruined a company that used to genuinely care about their clients and their owners.

  Chris, 11 March 2017

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    Agree with the comment about somebody within JL Pet Insurance ruining the set up. My problem is with a change to how they deal with ongoing meds claims. Up to now they have been paying for one of my dogs on basis of invoices submitted as appropriate. Now they want claim forms and detailed invoices. Not doing much for customer service, especially wher long standing policyholders are concerned. Whoever is responsible for the decision needs to consider what they have done.

comment by: Keith, 30 July 2017
    My insurance premium has gone up nearly 100% from 311 to 604..yes I did make a claim but it was only for 160! when I rang I also got the same old banter ...Age (my dog is 6) Vet fees gone up (my vets fees haven't gone up that much!)and the old chestnut premium tax. I have asked for a breakdown of the 100% increase.

comment by: jen, 30 June 2017

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