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IF I COULD CHOOSE ZERO STARS I WOULD I have today received another renewal letter. I have a healthy 4 year old dog whose only claim in four years has been for an ear infection which needed treatment under anaesthetic - not a huge cost and of course I paid an excess. I complained last year when my premium went up to 68 and was told my claim had affected it - now JOHN LEWIS have pushed it up again to 79.89 in an uneventful year. Its ridiculous - JOHN LEWIS want more to insure my dog than I pay Bupa to insure my kids - and there is no comparison as to the benefits of both policies. I am outraged yet again and feel they are just putting these rates up @18% for the sake of it - how on earth can you justify that hike? I'm cross because I have had to pay 68 all last year for continued cover even after I complained and I'm even more angry that they have rewarded me now with this ridiculous price hike. I thought John Lewis could be trusted - obviously as a long term insurer they cannot be trusted. JOHN LEWIS have made my insurance contract untenable. I want JOHN LEWIS to explain to me how they justify this on my policy when I could probably start a new one for half the price? I stayed with you on a promise that this would not happen every year if I made no claims. Because of this I have paid overpaid all last year in the belief that I could continue cover for the life of my pet. JOHN LEWIS advertise 'lifetime cover' but actually they push the prices up so much you have to stop before your pet becomes old. Its a rip off! I will not be renewing as I no longer have trust in JOHN LEWIS as insurers: If they were to carry on at this rate within two years JOHN LEWIS would be requesting 1500 a year to insure a crossbreed with no heath issues - goodness knows what JL ask for owners of pedigree dogs. FINALLY - WHY, I WONDER IS IT SO HARD TO ADD A REVIEW? AND WHY IS IT YOU ONLY PUT GOOD REVIEWS ON YOUR WEB SITE? APPARENTLY EVERYONE IS OVER THE MOON WITH YOUR SERVICE WHICH IS THE OPPOSITE TO ALL THE COMMENTS BELOW.


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    Mine was the same. They put up premiums by 70 a year for a 4 year old dog with no health problems and never claimed a penny I asked the girl on the phone why and this is her reply. " well it depends where you live and how many dogs in the area and of his breed. Also if there is an out of hours vets in the area and if you live near a main rd also how many people in the area have claimed. I told her we live in a tiny village of less than 30 houses 5 miles away from the nearest vets and it's all farm land round us with no main roads there are 3 other dogs in the village and none like Bertie a Lhasa Apso. She couldn't answer my questions at all and just said well if you had claimed it would have been more. Why are they not punishing the people who claim for the slightest thing and reward people who don't claim.

comment by: Yvonne, 30 July 2016
    I have had the exact same issue. Rip off merchants.

comment by: Dee, 30 May 2016

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