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1/10 Mind boggling extortionate

Like a lot of people here I insured my dog with M&S 10 years ago believing they were a reputable company. Admittedly I've made some claims as my dog has got older,some of them hefty, but I don't feel this warrants the 140 a month they're now asking for. Friends and fellow dog owners, many with old dogs, are aghast when I tell them. The annual renewal doesn't just go up a few pounds, it leaps up by 40 a time. It's disgraceful. I rang them and they told me it's because I've made claims. Is that legal? I'm going to investigate. Be warned, do NOT get caught up in M&S pet insurance, no matter how much you like their food!

  Jackie, 3 March 2016

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    yes I have also just yesterday received my renewal premium which has gone up 100 since last year.....but is it not the case that M & S are only agents for Royal & Sun Insurance who are the insurance company and says so at the bottom of their letter...but R & S Insurance are used for most i.e. Asda, Argos Tesco etc etc....these supermarkets will be getting a percentage of all sales achieved don't you think?

comment by: betsey smith, 30 July 2017
    I have passed this info on to some of the pet owners on this site.....if your pet is having certain gut issues or skin issues...please check out a book I picked up (well 2) after hearing author on radio, and also read a review about her. Books I have given to friend this week, and simply can't remember authors name, but "Dog Diet" and "Itchy Dog" is name of the books, and they are brilliant...she advocates a raw food diet....but don't be alarmed as I bought mine after reading book, in "Pets at Home" it is in bags and frozen...the assistant was delighted to tell me all about this food and the benefits she tells you you can make it yourself, but it needs to have supplements and vitamins added to benefit the dog, I have just fed my Westie with chicken, brown rice, and as many vegs mixed through, she loves it all, and it looks good and doesn't smell, in fact I could eat it myself!!!!

comment by: betsey smith.., 30 July 2017
    Can I recommend a brilliant book called Dog Diet, and also authors other book "Itchy Dog" the recommendations and suggestions of certain supplements is simply brilliant, as she maintains we should try the "raw food" diet she put her very poorly rescue dog on and brought him back to perfect health....she really is brilliant, but sadly at this moment her name I can't remember and the books are doing their round with some friends....but you will be able to check them out on Amazon I am sure.....I have just started my Westie on this diet...and food you buy online or Pets at Home comes in frozen bags (the assistant I spoke with couldn't praise this diet enough) and while I was there a man was loading his trolley up with huge amount of bags to put in his freezer, and he said it cured his dog who had really bad gastric maybe you can think about it after you check out the books....

comment by: betsey Smith, 30 July 2017
    I contacted Watchdog about Marks and Spencers pet Insurance last year but heard nothing back. Maybe if more people contact them they would look into this robbery that is going on. Marks and Spencers certainly does not mean qualty.

comment by: Heidi, 30 November 2016
    I've just been on to their Customer Servive team, as I have the same issues. My little dog will be 9 next month and he has had a few health problems over the years, but we haven't put any claim in for about 18 months. We have been to the vet throughout this time but didn't bother going through the insurance as we would of had to pay the first 75 pound and we knew this would reflect on our insurance payments on renewal. However, the renewal has come in and it's jumped up yet again another 30 a month, taking the payments up to 140 a month. Every year I phone up to complain as we cannot believe how they can put it up every year by about 30/40 a month. It's crazy money, especially as when we first took out the policy, they were one of the best pet insurance deals around. They know we can't go with anyone else as my dog has a couple of pre-existing conditions, so basically they've got us over a barrel! Please, please avoid M &S Pet Insurance.

comment by: Julie, 30 October 2016
    I too have had this experience with a Pet Insurance from 'Protect Your Bubble' which gave me a discount because I had other policies with them. This year they have ramped my premium to 150 per month. The problem is that Insurance premiums are not actually paying for pet medical expenses. Whilst like any insurance policy, individual risks are evaluated in terms of their risk otential, our premiums are spent on the Stock Market where any profits are used to payout on claims. So, until only very recently, there were very poor dividends on the global markets and hence our premiums had to go up to ensure that Investors got their profits. Vets and Animal pharmaceutical companies rely on customers wanting the best for their pets and some charge for the privilege of simply breathing in the waiting room (seriously, not a real charge but you get my drift).

comment by: Andy, 30 July 2016

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