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Pets at Home pet insurance

Epsom Ave
Stanley Green

phone: 0800 011 1837

Offering Petplan insurance policies.

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Reviews of Pets at Home pet insurance

1/5   Very disappointed   6 March 2018

Reviewed By: Christine, Recommend:

Jack had a cruciate ligament operation last year his policy said 4,000 per condition per year . The surgeon who did the operation said he may or may not need another operation on the other leg later on in his life . I asked him how would this effect a later insurance claim if he did need an opperation as it did not mention this in my policy and he told me it would be a seperate condition. The surgery is owned by pets at home so I felt confident in his advice. Just over one year later Jack became lame on the other leg. Took him to Vets for Pets another company owned by Pets at home. They told me he needed sugery They never mentioned insurance cover or cost as they knew he was insured from the first operation I was still under the impression that he was covered so I happily went ahead with the surgery only to find out after he had had the operation that as he had already had cruciate ligament on his right leg the other leg was not covered . They sent me a revised policy telling this information after Jack had had the surgery. I have just cancelled the policy and have told my family to do the same that is four policies cancelled. I would like transparency in my policy and everyone singing from the same hymn sheet very disappointed

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1/5   Avoid at all costs!   1 December 2017

Reviewed By: Kevin , Recommend:

Had insurance for my Yorkshire terrier since he was a pup. Unfortunately I had to have him put down just before he turned 6 as he was diagnosed with k9 dementia. Put a claim in for the cost of pet and euthanasia costs and never heard anything. Chased them up and was told I would receive a call in two days. Two weeks later and still nothing. Phoned them again today to be told that I cannot claim as it's classed as aggressive behaviour and that's not covered in the policy. Just yet another company who's happy to take your money and when you try to claim back a small amount of money they use a get out clause in the policy. A complete waste of money, time and effort. I'm glad my other pets are now with a much better company now and not with these .

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1/5   Wont pay first claim   12 July 2016

Reviewed By: Suzy, Recommend: N

Had my dogs injection Feb 2014, health check all ok. Had him since 2010 with no issues. Took insurance with Pets at Home Jan 2014 and no issues until June 2015 when my dog couldn't get out of the car. Assumed he had pulled a muscle in his leg. No limping or yelping. Took him to Pets at Home vets who diagnosed Hip Dysplasia. Still not paid the vet 13 months later. Refused to pay suggesting that he didn't have his injection 2013 (as we seem to have missed it) and he therefore has medical history missing. Wont accept his medical history of 2014 gave him a clean bill of health. Still taking my money for premium cover. Every claim from now on will result in the same issue - missing injection, missing history, non payment.

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1/5   Apalling Service   14 September 2015

Reviewed By: Kevin McDonald, Recommend:

My poor dog has been ill in recent months, firstly with a digital cyst, than the removal of a non cancerous lump and then pancreatitis. Pets at Home Insurance wriggled out of paying every on one technicalties linked to pre-exisiting conditions They are out and out rogues who I am about to report to the Ombudsman. Their customer service is shocking. Waiting on hold for 40 minutes is fairly standard and the staff appear to be unqualified and fairly useless only providing generic information. You can never get through to an assessor or manager.

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 I too have had a great deal of trouble with Pets at Home .In two years I have made three claims on my two rabbits.on each claim my vet has not only sent the original claim form but has also had to fax seven times,as pets at home claim not to have not received any prior claim .This results in delaying any payment .On this last occasion my vet put on the form Rabbit Pets at Home contacted us saying the policy did not match the insured as she is a Dutch Lop .which Pets at Home charge a higher… (read more)

comment by: B.Midmer .. KENT, 12 November 2015
5/5   peace of mind   22 January 2015

Reviewed By: francis, Recommend: Y

We have had our cats insured with them for years. Friendly customer service and no problem handling claims. The vet bills came to over 1200 last year and it would have been unable to pay without this cover.

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