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Three cover options each for dogs and cats: Lifetime Cover with 2 limit options, Condition Care covering each condition up to a set limit of cover, and Time Care offering 2 levels of cover for 12 months.
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1/5   11 year policy but wont pay for cruciate ligament   14 September 2018

Reviewed By: Julie Price, Recommend: N

My dog had an accident which resulted in a Cruciate ligament tear, Dog Plus policy held for nearly 11 years. As it was an accident that caused the injury then they should pay the full amount but will only pay £750.00

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1/5   Shocking Caps on Cruciate Ligament Issues   2 July 2018

Reviewed By: Grant, Recommend: N

I'm so wishing I'd paid the extra and gone with another insurance company. My dog has recently undergone cruciate ligament surgery on both her back legs, leaving me with a bill of over £6000. I was aware that my 'lifetime plus' insurance policy would cover me for £6000 so I wasn't too upset paying the vet and handing over my claim form fully expecting to receive my money back from the insurance company. I was then shocked and appalled when the insurance company only agreed to pay out £750 in total stating that there was a CAP in place on 'ANY' cruciate ligament issues. I'd love to know where I can go to get 2 cruciate ligament operations for my dog for £750! The insurers response to me when I complained was that as it was a common claim they had imposed the CAP to lessen the amounts of pay outs and that I might need the remaining balance of my £6000 yearly coverage amount for something else that might happen to my dog......probably wouldn't pay out on that anyway!! In my opinion the CAP placed on the policy is far too low and I will be making a formal complaint to the financial ombudsman in an effort to force this company either to remove the CAP all together or at the very least raise it to a more realistic amount. In the meantime please do not use this insurance company and ensure that you discuss all CAPS on any policies you may or may not take out.

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1/5   Disgusting   26 February 2018

Reviewed By: Amanda, Recommend: N

This company is outrageous, heartless and just out to rip people off even when they are grieving. Had my beloved dog insured with them for her entire life of fourteen years. We were blessed and never had to claim until she passed away last Friday. Called to explain that she had died and that the vet was filling in claim form. Wasn’t claiming for much. Total cost would be a maximum of £200. Excess was £150 and got told that if I put the claim in and I would be finishing mid term I would have the remaining 6 months deducted from the claim and would have to pay any outstanding. Remember I was only stopping mid term as my family dog had died. My grief has been shattered by anger. Would rate them a massive zero. They are a disgusting company and I will not hesitate to to let other loving pet owners know. I will be spreading the word.

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1/5   Absolutely Appauling Company   14 February 2018

Reviewed By: Neil Bailey , Recommend: N

Absolutely outrageous company. Had lifelong pet insurance for £6000 cover. Dispite this, this company has changed its policy so it only pays out upto £750 for a cruciate ligament injury that could cost you £4000+ Also only pay out £750 on MRI scans and Xrays which again could cost thousands. Now for the best bit.... My dog passed away while I pay monthly, leaving a vets bill. I WAS TOLD BECAUSE I PAY MONTHLY AND WAS ONLY TWO MONTHS INTO THE POLICY YEAR I WOULD HAVE TO KEEP PAYING FOR A FURTHER TEN MONTHS FOR MY DEAD PET TO CLAIM! OVERWISE I WOULD OWE THEM MONEY! LEGALISED THEFT AT ITS FINEST. NEVER BEEN SO DISGUSTED.

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1/5   shocked and appauled   2 November 2017

Reviewed By: Mr Angry, Recommend:

My dog just tore his cruciate ligament, something the vets tell me is incredibly common. I've been paying for their top tier cover (upt to £6K in vet fees) for years and this would have been the first big claim - only to find they have a sneaky clause which caps the payout at £750. My current bill is north of £3.5K and I now have to stump up the difference. They're preying on general public with technical clauses such as these. How is joe public supposed to know of these commonplace injuries which have such outlandish exclusions?

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2/5   unsympathetic call handlers   25 September 2017

Reviewed By: Anon, Recommend: N

I have insurance for my dog who is now 3years old recent unexplained limp. 1st call handler just wanted to spout about how much they pay for Crucial ligament injury. I only rang to ask for a continuation form for my vet, was told don't do that! rang again to ask another simple question and again was told don't do that. they then rang and spoke to my husband and demanded my work telephone number to speak to me, unfortunately I cannot speak on the phone at work. they refused to speak to him under data protection so his reply was sorry cannot give you that number ("under data protection) did eventually speak to a human being who was able to help. However am stuck with them as the dog will not be covered with this problem by anyone else!

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1/5   Penalised for loyalty   15 August 2017

Reviewed By: Jackie McKenna, Recommend: N

Upon receiving my seven year old labrador's renewal documents today and noting the £720 cost with £100 excess and 20% vet fees contribution, I decided to shop around (something I wish I'd done years ago.). I actually found the same policy with Pet Protect online for nearly £500 less! Given we have only made one claim for conjunctivitis in five years I was really shocked which turned to anger when I rang to question this and was told that I should take out the policy online. This is the fourth dog I have insured with this company over a period of about 17 years but clearly loyalty means nothing. I have now found a better policy for a fraction of the cost.

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1/5   AVOID !!!!   21 July 2017

Reviewed By: Jason, Recommend: N

First year seems a good price. Then year on year the price increase at a ridiculous rate. They claim that it is due to dogs age etc, but a new customer quote for the same animal is 40% cheaper. They know that once you are a customer if you leave then any "pre-existing" conditions are not covered (even if no claim is made). Excess and vets fee contributions increase at a similar rate. AVOID AT ALL COSTS

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2/5   Huge Price Hikes Each Year   14 July 2017

Reviewed By: L Roscoe, Recommend: N

We took out insurance in 2014 for our new pup - at that time it was £18 per month. It has subsequently gone up to £25 in 2015, £35 in 2016 and now £45 per month! In addition, the excess fee has increased from £50 to £95. He has no existing conditions, and we have only ever made one claim which was £300 in the first year due to him eating something he shouldn't, so there is no reason that the premiums should increase so much. To be fair they paid out without a problem when we claimed, but I expect that was to encourage us to stay so they could fleece us later! I feel very lucky that he hasn't developed any conditions so we are still free to shop around.

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5/5   Good price and cover   3 July 2017

Reviewed By: Elize, Recommend: Y

I've only just taken pet insurance out for my dog but after a lot of researching this by far was best price and cover.

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Reviewed By: Laura dudbridge, Recommend: N

I thought I had good insurance, with my dog being covered for up to £6k a year. Did not realise that cruciate ligament injuries (very very common in labradors/springers and other breeds) are only covered up to £750. Not much good when the operation costs £3500!!! Wish I had read more carefully as now in substantial financial difficulty

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1/5   They do not pay on claims   17 May 2017

Reviewed By: Joanna paulin, Recommend: N

Every excuse used not to pay now with ombudsman eantedDNA TESS came up with three excuses not to pay and rejected claim won't refund rest of premium as say made claim errr no they didn't accept our claim , please don't use them

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1/5   crucial ligement surgery   28 March 2017

Reviewed By: jan stevenson, Recommend: N

they refuse to pay out for crucial ligament surgery on my newfoundland, leaving me with a bill for 3800.00, I have had his lifetime policy with them since 2013

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1/5   Customer service   17 March 2017

Reviewed By: S. Hurst, Recommend:

I took out a policy for my cat a month ago, however to this date I am still waiting to be sent any documentation, be it by email or by post. Nine days ago, I phoned the company and queried the fact I hadn't yet received any policy documents; I was told there had been an error in my email address and that was the reason. I did point out at the time that they had my correct address so it could have been done by post or they could have phoned me, especially as they didn't have any problem taking the first month instalment by direct debit. As I am still waiting for the policy documentation, I phoned again today and they gave me the same exact reason as last time: "your email address was incorrect". I am extremely disappointed and annoyed with this company and I am now wondering how they will be dealing with a claim if I ever have to claim any money from them!!!!!!!!!!!

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1/5   avoid this company   31 January 2017

Reviewed By: MATTHEW GARTSIDE, Recommend: N

the website is basically useless and crashes - so you are unsure if you have insurance you believ you are doing a direct debit payment rather than a point of sale payment and they store your card detials for future use! they dont inform you of any issues and jsut cancel the policy POOR ON ALL ACCOUNTS - LUCKILY DIDNT HAVE TO CLAIM

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1/5   DO NOT USE - capping regular,expensive operations   16 January 2017

Reviewed By: Ben J, Recommend: N

First time dog owner and having a large breed, insurance has always been essential. I’m not in the pet care industry and didn’t understand that cruciate injuries are a regular occurance. Having completed the operation, to receive notification that a £2400 injury was has been capped at £750, less the excess, less the 15% deduction means just over £400 paid out. This has really nullified the point of having insurance at all This approach is disgusting. It would be the same as car insurers saying “we will insure you as long as your crash doesn’t happen in wet or snowy conditions”

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5/5   Very happy with service   14 July 2016

Reviewed By: Ness , Recommend: Y

I had to make a claim within a month of taking out my policy so was very worried, especially after reading a few negative reviews. My dog was rushed into emergency surgery with a blockage in his throat, I paid for that upfront, but a couple of days later was used back in with complication and an infection. The bill for the second visit was a lot higher and I couldn't pay that upfront. i was worried this was going to complicate the claim, having to pay some to me, and some direct to the vet. I was also worries pet protect would treat it as 2 separate claims, thus taking 2 lots of excess. 5 weeks later, and they have refunded the moment owed to me for on the first vet visit, and paid the vets direct for the second. They treated it as one claim, minimising the amount i had to pay, and increasing the amount they had to pay, (not something a company would usually do!) No fuss, no need for phonecalls, just one claim form, and 5 weeks later a letter from pet protect saying all the money had been sorted, and they hope my dog has fully recovered. Obviously I expect my excess and monthly payments to increase when I renew next year, but so far I have been very impressed with pet protect.

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1/5   Absolutely disgusted   1 April 2016

Reviewed By: Harmonica Gillespie , Recommend: N

Our dog had a skin laceration in his throat and needed emergency surgery and an overnight hospital stay. The vet bill was £400 and we ensured the claim to pet protect was sent within 24 hours. The vets made sure all the paperwork was signed and done correctly. TWO MONTHS have now passed with multiple calls to the company - every time I ring I speak to someone else who says 'oh the payment is still pending... I will sent it over to be authorised immediately' (and so far it hasn't). They try and make out they have 'system errors' when in reality they don't care about your pet all they care about it making a shed load of profit. Disgusting. They are happy to take your money every month on time but when it comes to holding up their end of the bargain they fail in every respect. We have PAID for a service... It honestly feels like they expect us to pay them £11 a month for the sake of it as trying to get our claim processed is like trying to get blood out of a stone. AVOID AVOID AVOID.

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5/5   Very good   25 February 2016

Reviewed By: Eddie, Recommend: Y

I took out a policy with them and when my dog was unwell they paid the vet directly. When my dog unfortunately died, they were very sympathetic when I rang to tell them not to auto renew my policy

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1/5   DO NOT USE!!!   2 February 2016

Reviewed By: Sue Jarvis, Recommend: N

Unfortunately we had to make a claim in our second year we have just had our new policy through the payments have quadrupled the excess has been put up from £75 to £200 and the vet contribution fee from 15% to 30% DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!

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3/5   Beware of pet death policy cancellation clause   10 January 2016

Reviewed By: VJS, Recommend: Y

We have used this company for about 20 years for numerous cats. In November we lost our 8 year old cat to acute kidney failure. Imagine my shock & horror to receive the claim response saying I have to pay the outstanding 10 months insurance as on the death of my cat the policy is considered as being cancelled by me! I pay monthly & had never read the very small print explaining this. No compassion for pet owners to include this clause!

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1/5   Absolutely shocking.   2 December 2015

Reviewed By: Ben., Recommend: N

Same issue as Neil Vittles below. Excess increased after one year with no explanation or notification until after the policy was automatically renewed. The product was not as sold. Yearly increasing excess is quite a pertinent point to be disclosed during the sale of the policy. Operator did not explain this. The companies response was "We cannot explain the full extent of the policy over the phone..". Had I know this, I would have gone with another insurer. Further fees have also been introduced with no explanation. It seems that the sales policy is to be as economic with the full extent of the facts as possible at the point of sale, whilst the company stance is to the effect of "It is the customers responsibility to ask this..." Having made one claim for a period of treatment. This claim remained unactioned for over three months. The company responded with "It must have got lost in the system". This required 7 phone calls to the company on a a premium rate number. Messages remain unanswered. Generally a frustrating experience and a terrible service. My complaint is currently in the hands of the Financial Ombudsmen Service.

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1/5   Terrible Attitude   6 November 2015

Reviewed By: Jane , Recommend: N

Customer service absolutely disgusting. Lady had such a bad attitude and because she was so unhelpful, I asked how I would go about cancelling, she said she would do it over the phone. She wasn't bothered. I just needed to ask if I was covered for my lab if he needed xrays and I just couldn't get a straight answer. I shall be cancelling and making a complaint!

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1/5   Premium hiking insurance company, AVOID!!!   30 October 2015

Reviewed By: Russ, Recommend: N

We have a beautiful 1 year old black Labrador retriever. We purchased lifelong cover through Pet protect which cost approx £200 with a £50 vet excess, they offered average payouts, not as much as other BETTER insurance companies. Unfortunately he developed elbow dysplasia and required surgical intervention, we used the insurance to pay for his treatment as his X-rays, MRI and surgery came to approximately £4000 and we didn't have a spare £4000 under the mattress, plus is this not what people take insurance out for? We have just received our renewal notice the same cover will now cost us £650 with £200 excess and 20% vet fee contribution meaning if we needed to make a further claim of £4000 the total cost to us would be £1000 plus the renewal price. Insurance companies have a true monopoly when it comes to pet insurance as no other insurance company will cover your pets pre-existing condition so they know you have no choice but to stay with them.

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5/5   Always very satisfied with service   16 October 2015

Reviewed By: Tracey, Recommend: Y

Always helpful and polite. We insured 4 cats and each time no problem. Oldest cat dies recently and our settlement letter was very respectful and went beyond our expectations

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1/5   Pet Protect Extra   16 October 2015

Reviewed By: MIck, Recommend: N

DO NOT Touch these with a barge pole. Have added a £750 total payable for cruciate ligament damage this includes the x-rays, total waste of time I really should of looked into my remewal, they are playing god with peoples aniamals

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5/5   Brilliant and helpful for our mutt   15 October 2015

Reviewed By: Ellie, Recommend: Y

We bought a 7 month old crossbreed from Battersea and insured him with pet protect - lifetime extra cover. 7 months later we noticed our dog occasionally limping and some occasional stiffness in his back legs. Out vet had a look and diagnosed dislocating kneecaps but as our boy was so young the vet wanted to wait until he was older and for us to just monitor him. 3 months later he was often limping and he was in pain so we took him back to our vet and out boy was put on anti-inflammatories which helped and referred to a specialist. I notified pet protect and they sent out a couple of claims forms. He had his first patellar luxation operation done and the vet claimed direct from pet protect - the claim was approved and paid within one month. During the second operation we were advised that our boy also had a problem with his cruciate ligament and it turned into a much bigger operation than anticipated. Pet protect approved and paid this claim as well. They declined £103 on the second claim as that was over our £6k limit and we paid £50 excess. Pet protect have now changed their T&Cs to limit cruciate ligament surgery to £750 and for our renewal, our premium has gone up by just over 15% + our excess has increased to £75 and we will have to contribute 15% of the vets fees - which considering how much they have paid out this year we're not complaining. From our experience we'd recommend pet protect, they have been brilliant for us. But now that I know about cruciate ligament surgery and the cost of it I'm not sure if I would take out the initial policy if there had been a limit of £750 for cruciate ligament surgery. It would have cost £2,900 for just this surgery but we didn't know anything about cruciate ligaments and there wasn't the £750 limit and there was no indication that our mutt would ever have joint/ligament problems as he was a robust, healthy, bouncy 7 month old puppy when we took out the policy.

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4/5   satisfied customer   28 July 2015

Reviewed By: Deborah , Recommend: Y

I have had insurance with pet protect for many years yes there are cheaper companies but I have made many claims and have never had a problem, they will even pay direct to my vet if asked, I can only judge on my personal experience and I would definitely use this company in future.

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2/5   limit on certain conditions   21 July 2015

Reviewed By: M Wright, Recommend: N

I was horrified when I received my renewal letter that not only had the premium gone up substantially, despite my dog not having needed to claim last year or reaching significant age (only 5 years old), but that they have now introduced a restriction of £750 for cruciate ligament repairs and advanced imaging. My other dog has needed a £2000 cruciate repair in the past so I know this is a regular injury for larger dogs. I do not feel that this company offers a complete insurance cover or value for money

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1/5   Wouldn't pay anything   15 July 2015

Reviewed By: Lara Read , Recommend: N

Continued to take payments after pet had died Refused claim .... Wouldn't pay final vets bill for care a disposal of dead pet Wouldn't refund price paid because only had ordinal add and phone number and not an actual receipt

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1/5   Unethical company. Economical with the truth   15 June 2015

Reviewed By: J. Watts, Recommend: N

Insured my dog with this company online. Never received paper documents but thought that was normal as set up online. Went to claim and then discovered they had recorded dog's age as 4 months not 7 years and 4 months. They claimed I had input this through Go Compare and the business had come from them. Go Compare disputed this. I also heard their operative moaning about me and, after having informed me that they wee cancelling the policy over the date issue, I heard her saying she was going to record the reason for policy cancellation as cost of premiums. She thought she had my call on hold and didn't realise I could hear her. Unethical ccompany that is happy to take the money but then happy to lie and misrepresent to get out of paying the bill. Don't touch them with a barge pole. I'm going to the Ombudsman.

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