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PetPlan pet insurance

Great West House (GW2)
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Largest and oldest pet insurer in the UK. Offers several levels of pet cover for dogs, cats, horses and rabbits.

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Reviews of PetPlan pet insurance

1/5   Awful service thoroughly   20 September 2018

Reviewed By: Javid, Recommend:

Never join PetPlan all they want are your monthly payments. They will go out of their way to mis-sell you insurance only later to find out they will always reject your claims. This company is run by children and I will not recommended you go and join avoid at all costs. This company is not worth the hassle DO NOT JOIN

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1/5   Appalling worthless cover   14 September 2018

Reviewed By: Tilly, Recommend:

Having paid £42 per month for the past year for a puppy now 15 months old I am told the policy excludes all gastro-intestinal disorders so I'm unable to claim for a Pancreatitis diagnosis - I wasn't even informed- what a waste of money - would have been better saved - which is what I will do in the future. Likely to review all my Allianz insurance!

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1/5   LONG TERM TERRIBLE   23 August 2018

Reviewed By: Sam, Recommend:

I have been a customer for over 13 years and have discovered after discussing a recent claim that despite paying £100 per month and having an excess amount of £145, I now have to pay 20% of the overall vet bill aswell!! Was told it is because my dog is old, which I understand is the reason for my month payments increasing and my excess but to add a further penalty payment as 'he's old' (there words not mine) is unfair. So basically am getting TWO charges for my dog living a long life. How it works out: £100 p/m insurance charge £145 excess £65 Blood test £203.80 20% of vets estimate. = £513.80 (vets bill is £1010 so paying nearly half!) Would work out more in my favour if i cancelled my policy and just banked the £100 into a savers account.

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1/5   Do not insure with petplan   18 August 2018

Reviewed By: Anne morrison, Recommend:

Have been paying petplan insurance for our West highland terrier for 11 years without making a claim. I pay £39 per month for cat and dog. Dog developed a skin condition about a year ago , after several visits to the vet decided it time to claim on petplan. Over £200 pounds spent. Petplan say we can not claim anything as this has been going on for over a year. I just want to know why I have payed several thousand pounds to petplan and they refuse to help. Not a penny towards what we have paid to the vet. Take my advice do not use this company and wast your money.

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1/5   Look elswhere Petplan is a ripoff   18 July 2018

Reviewed By: Trevor Wildman, Recommend:

For 13 years I had my little bitch insured with this lot called petplan and can say its a rip off. The fees increased every year whether a claim was made or not but in my case during my little girls younger life very few claims were made but at the age of 11 she developed diabetes and the claims were pretty regular but with every claim the surcharge was ridiculously high and when I questioned them they said its because the dog was older and to me surely the monies I paid in when she was young should have compensated for her old age but it did not, I questioned them and she she had cover for life why is it so expensive and all they sad was because of the age so I cancelled insurance because I felt for years I had paid monies to insure her I was not getting a return for it. My little westie passed away last week at a ripe old age of 14 1/2 years old and I looked after her without the help of these ripoff merchants who questioned every claim and made you pay a premium for treatment so my advice stay away from Petplan

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5/5   Operation for elbow dysphasia   10 July 2018

Reviewed By: Linda Klonowski , Recommend:

Our GSD was diagnosed with elbow dysphasia.Petplan paid the referral vet directly following his arthrotomy operation as well as stem cell removal from his bone marrow.This was followed by stem cell injection into his elbow Everything was paid within 2 weeks directly to the vet Cannot fault Petplan It isn’t cheap but you do get what you pay for

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1/5   Avoid, avoid, avoid!!   31 May 2018

Reviewed By: Ryan, Recommend:

I feel absolutely scammed by this firm, after spending two weeks chasing them up I anticipated the way this claim would go when reading reviews, I then eventually got an unhelpful text (the first contact in the whole process) stating your claim is being prosessed, checked online it had been rejected, stating that there was an pre existing condition, there wasn’t, which they wouldn’t of paid regardless, so pretty pointless all round for insurers. Clearly exploiting customers for money based on reviews here and do not have animal welfare at heart, awful compared to Tesco, John Lewis who provide a proper service. If your pet has had a pre existing condition as simple as vomiting I was told they would not pay so pretty much everything.

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 Thank you, your comments are so helpful and so true. I'm having an extremely difficult time with a legitimate claim My only hope is my Vet will help resolve it. My elderly spaniel was diagnosed with vestibular syndrome in May this year Petplan insists he had in 2013 no way the dog has never had a claim and never vestibular until now

comment by: Norma Fitzpatrick, 27 June 2018
1/5   Such a con!!   25 May 2018

Reviewed By: Rosie , Recommend:

Been with pet plan for 2 years and dreadful! Quick enough to take your money but painfully slow to pay out, then don't even pay out the correct amount! Claimed for £400 for a tooth extraction and they paid £212. They said the excess is £75 and then they take 10% of your claim!!! Steer clear!!!

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1/5   DO NOT EVER GO WITH THEM!   4 May 2018

Reviewed By: you know it, Recommend:

DO NOT EVER GO WITH THEM! The worst experience ever! I picked them because people were saying good things about them but I found out that was not the case at all! I decided to pay 3 times more than what i was paying before hoping they were really that great and i could actually rely on them when I need it but it turned out that i have been wasting my money! My dog was diagnosed with retained testicle a day before his booked castration. As soon as i found out i was going to be charged £344 instead of £110 i contacted Petplan hoping they were going to cover the cost (or at least big part of it) since he had a clinical condition. I spoke to representative from Petplan and she told me to send my claim form but she never mentioned that my dog shouldn't be older than 12 weeks in order for them to pay for the operation. So of course my claim was rejected! I end up paying the whole amount of £344 plus more than year and a half of monthly payments of £23! I logged in a complain and at the end they offered me £50 compensation because i was misled by their employee. I am taking this further and most likely will be contacting a lawyer because they caused me 2 serious nervous breakdowns and i had to go see my doctor. DO NOT EVER GO WITH THEM!

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1/5   money grabbers   16 April 2018

Reviewed By: Laura Webb, Recommend:

They are sold as the best company for pet insurance, but there customer service is abhorrent and useless. Refused to give me a refund, will never use them again.

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3/5   Avoid   10 April 2018

Reviewed By: valeska, Recommend:

I've been with petplan for two years and when my dog had to do a surgery the money took to long to get into my account, even the vets were complaining about the application they were requesting. Also very expensive.

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1/5   Petplan - AVOID AT ALL COSTS   22 March 2018

Reviewed By: David Standring, Recommend:

Awful company who will stop at nothing to NOT pay a claim. I simply made a Direct Debit bank account change and they used this as an excuse not to pay my claim as they said it was seen as a new policy! They then went on to exclude absolutely everything from the policy for 24 months which has been reported by the vet so they held no liability. They are quite simply Thieves....not insurers

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1/5   Unbelievable prices   20 March 2018

Reviewed By: Conned Pet Owner, Recommend:

I have a 3 month old Rottweiler puppy who weighs 15kg. Pet plan are charging me £143 a month for him. that's nearly £2000 a year. They also informed me that they do not pay out for death by illness after the pet is 5 years old. This is a very young age to stop covering illness, which most things come under other than a car hitting them or a horrific accident. That's incredible given that I'm paying more for my insurance this year than my dog cost in the first place. My last Rottweiler only cost me around £1000 of vet fees in her entire life and had I insured her with petplan, it would have cost me £20,000-£40,000+ depending on how much their yearly increases and age increases were, and judging on the comments on here, the initial price will undoubtedly double or triple over a pets life as they age. We've had quotes from other companies for MORE monetary cover in a vet claim for £50-£70 per month. Why do petplan think they can charge this much? We trusted the vet and stuck with our 4 weeks free insurance that the gave us but now we will be cancelling and moving elsewhere. Even the Kennel Club insurance is less than half the price. If I put all of that into a pot, I'd have enough to pay for almost every eventuality myself within a few years, and puppies are very cheap to treat due to their small size. Think very carefully before you go with these con artists... I'm cancelling within my 14 day cooling off period and getting a refund. What a joke.

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1/5   Terrible useless admin   22 February 2018

Reviewed By: Robert Cattaway, Recommend:

I don't think they are deliberate thieves but their archaic payment system must net them thousands of pounds, there is no reference on any claim so you can not up with what is owed.

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1/5   Poor service and terrible company   18 February 2018

Reviewed By: Elaine lynch, Recommend:

Absolutely shocking rip off company who I would never recommend or use ever again, makes there own rules as they go and always think of an excuse not to pay you, petplan you are a disgusting company I'm gonna make sure everyone knows .

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1/5   Awful - do not use Petplan   13 February 2018

Reviewed By: Spencer Mabley, Recommend:

PetPlan are not the company they claim to be. My dog was diagnosed with a skin allergy in September 2018 and requires monthly medication. Petplan then refuse to pay placing an exclusion on the policy as she had a scratched nose in November 2015 which was a single visit to the vet to make sure it was ok and no further treatment was needed. Even my vet got involved and supported me but Petplan refuse to budge. Petplan will use any excuse to avoid paying but are happy to take your premium. I referred the matter to the financial ombudsman who are powerless to assist as insurers can randomly throw exclusions around at will.

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2/5   Would Not Recommend Them   13 February 2018

Reviewed By: Mrs L Jones, Recommend:

Be careful - the older your pet gets the more you have to pay. Our cat was 20 years old and only, thankfully, had to use them once and because of his age we had to pay 50% of the cost. If you miss a payment they don't find out why you get a letter basically saying if you don't pay by .....your policy will be cancelled. There could be a genuine problem why this payment was missed, pet passed away, problems with the bank etc. They lack people skills. At the end of the day all they are interested in is money.

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1/5   do not touch   7 February 2018

Reviewed By: em, Recommend:

dog had a cruciate ligament injury in her knee, had a massive operation, petplan refused to pay saying it was to do with her hip arthiritis she already had, even with constant letters from the vet saying different. do not touch them

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1/5   DON   3 February 2018

Reviewed By: Chris Manterfield , Recommend:

Exclusions placed on policy 5 months after policy start date, just so they didn't have to pay claim.

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5/5   1st Class   14 January 2018

Reviewed By: Julie Reay, Recommend:

Took out a policy in Sept 2016 for our new puppy. Unfortunately 2 months later we discovered she had a liver shunt. Fortunately for us is was repairable and with a successful operation she could live a normal life. She had many tests and a very expensive operation at a specialist veterinary hospital. PetPlan paid out Ł6000 without any fuss, directly to the vets. I was dreading my renewal premium but was pleasantly surprised to find out my premium had gone up by less than Ł4 per month.

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1/5   Glad I checked reviews before jumping in!   5 January 2018

Reviewed By: Mrs Lowe, Recommend:

Having been conned by several Insurance Companies in the past, I now carefully choose by reading the reviews first. I can honestly say that after reading the reviews on here of this company (which is highly promoted by Vet's and the Kennel Club) I am beginning to wonder why these complaints have not been investigated by the Trading Standards people or even the Fraud Bureau! It is nothing but exploitation of the vulnerable, who care for their animals and see them as an extended family member. This company should be sued and closed down for this. And I for one will definitely NOT be wasting my money with them.

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 Mrs Lowe ,thank you for your review. I am in complete agreement with you. I'm having a difficult time with a claim but I will see it through hopefully with the help from my vet. Customer service team appear to block conversation, and go round in circles. I have now registered a formal complaint.

comment by: Norma Fitzpatrick, 27 June 2018
 We were also recommended by our vet's. When we tried to explain that we knew we'd taken out a particular policy they said they'd "changed the website" and refused to discuss. We are hugely out of pocket and very upset. Changing to

comment by: Kathryn , 11 February 2018
2/5   Excess   29 December 2017

Reviewed By: KAREN, Recommend:

My pet insurance excess goes up £10 every year with petplan, seriously thinking of going elsewhere.

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1/5   On going issues with claim   22 December 2017

Reviewed By: Stuart, Recommend:

On going issues with my claim - my initial follow up enquiries with them do not fill me with confidence that Petplan is reputable nor operates with integrity. I will ensure multiple reviews are appended to provide a true reflection of how this company operates ......

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2/5   Premium shot up and does not discount   21 December 2017

Reviewed By: Gus, Recommend:

First year premium shot up from £66 to £203 for a young cat. Their response was that the premium has been calculated based on the 'risk in the area'. They boast they are so big that they are unable to offer any discount to the renewal. Looking for another company to insure my cat

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1/5   Constantly raises premiums with no claims   4 December 2017

Reviewed By: Jodie, Recommend:

I have had PetPlan insurance for my almost 9 year old Shiba Inu since 2009 - premium history is: 12/1/2010 £300.34 12/1/2011 £345.74 12/1/2013 £432.18 12/1/2014 £513.21 12/1/2015 £641.51 12/1/2016 £776.25 12/1/2017 £985.23 So up almost 320% in 8 years with NO claims! It's crazy....I did call about it a few years ago and they said as the pet ages it goes up.....well they should factor that in on the front end and build into premiums rather than increase every year. At this point my dog is nearly 9 and the chances are greater that he will need I don't want to cancel. But I'm almost £4,000 in so could have just saved that on my own and paid for anything that might potentially happen. Hoping I never need it but now afraid to cancel in case I do. I don't think I'll ever buy pet insurance again.

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 My quote for a 3 month old Rottweiler puppy who weights 15kg is £143.62 PER MONTH This is insane, but I'm stuck with them as he was diagnosed with a grade 1 heart murmur in his 4 weeks free cover provided by the vets. That's about £2000 a year before any yearly inflation or age related rises are taken into consideration. Once he has been cleared of his growth related heart murmur (they usually go away with age) I will be moving. I've been quoted by several other companies for £50-80 a… (read more)

comment by: Irritated Pet Owner, 20 March 2018
 I also feel my vet's should not promote PetPlan because I trust my vet to look after my dog's welfare and I trusted their judgement on insurance! Are they rewarded for this I wonder? It certainly needs investigating.

comment by: Kathryn , 11 February 2018
 I completely agree with everything Jodie said. I took out 'life' cover because I was misled into believing the premium doesn't go up. However, it goes up every year and I am now paying £30 pm for a very healthy 6 year old cross breed. I am not sure whether it was the staff at the vets (are they on commission?) or Petplan who misled me, but I was definitely told it wouldn't go up with this cover. I have never made a claim either and feel exactly the same, that you would be better off paying into… (read more)

comment by: Beth, 6 February 2018
2/5   Is there a more cost effective pet insurer?   27 November 2017

Reviewed By: S A Rymer, Recommend:

I am absolutley astonished that my premium over 4 years has gone up from £50.00 a month to now £73.55. I noted in the paperwork they have included and charge of £89.33 for Insurance Premium Tax and £4.00 donation. My yearly cost is £837.72 which when it comes to pets are worth every penny, but if it keeps going on like this I won't be able to afford it. Can anybody tell me of a good alternative insurer?

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 Bought by many! They're brill they cover my boxer on a yearly basis for 15k vets bills £39 a month but petplan wanted £129 per month how can they justify this!!!! Shame petplan have gone done hill rapidly over the past 2 years.

comment by: Rachel, 4 July 2018
1/5   Awful corresponders   24 November 2017

Reviewed By: Stokes, Recommend:

Petplan lie about everything

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1/5   Criminal!!!   22 November 2017

Reviewed By: Angry, Recommend:

Avoid at all costs. As soon as my Jack Russell developed a little arthritis they did there best to get rid of her policy even though I've never claimed for her at all. Record ALL, I mean ALL your contacts with them or they will get you for anything!!!!! 😈

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1/5   Massive increase   15 November 2017

Reviewed By: Paul THOMAS, Recommend:

I have been with Petplan for 4 years and each year the premium has risen on average by £100. This year after no claims in the 4yrs it went up by £128. New Premium £797!!!! Really I have a healthy 4 year old Boxer which having phoned Petplan, they claim is high risk. Bye Bye Petplan Comparative cover elsewhere £342.00

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1/5   Pet Plan Policy   11 November 2017

Reviewed By: Nina, Recommend:

I have had my beloved pet and his insurance, since he was six weeks old and he was 15 and passed away this week. In his lifetime I have only claimed twice for low cost vet treatment, Petplan continuously put his premium up, the policy started at £20 and ended at £95.02, after writing complaints and being told they believe it to be acceptable to raise yearly premium over £10 for one year due to vet inflation and the age of the dog. Nothing changed, I called to advise them of my pets passing and they cancelled the policy without so much as a sorry for your loss. My advice to all us to not take out their policy and put money away instead.

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1/5   pet plan   4 November 2017

Reviewed By: Doug, Recommend:

Petplan had bill at vets for £178.00 for dental treatment as dog in pain they refused to pay out said cannot claim as had work previously and it's not within the year 12 months period.

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