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PetPlan pet insurance

Great West House (GW2)
Great West Road

phone: 0845 077 1934

Largest and oldest pet insurer in the UK. Offers several levels of pet cover.

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Reviews of PetPlan pet insurance

1/5   Poor service and terrible company   18 February 2018

Reviewed By: Elaine lynch, Recommend:

Absolutely shocking rip off company who I would never recommend or use ever again, makes there own rules as they go and always think of an excuse not to pay you, petplan you are a disgusting company I'm gonna make sure everyone knows .

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1/5   Awful - do not use Petplan   13 February 2018

Reviewed By: Spencer Mabley, Recommend:

PetPlan are not the company they claim to be. My dog was diagnosed with a skin allergy in September 2018 and requires monthly medication. Petplan then refuse to pay placing an exclusion on the policy as she had a scratched nose in November 2015 which was a single visit to the vet to make sure it was ok and no further treatment was needed. Even my vet got involved and supported me but Petplan refuse to budge. Petplan will use any excuse to avoid paying but are happy to take your premium. I referred the matter to the financial ombudsman who are powerless to assist as insurers can randomly throw exclusions around at will.

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2/5   Would Not Recommend Them   13 February 2018

Reviewed By: Mrs L Jones, Recommend:

Be careful - the older your pet gets the more you have to pay. Our cat was 20 years old and only, thankfully, had to use them once and because of his age we had to pay 50% of the cost. If you miss a payment they don't find out why you get a letter basically saying if you don't pay by .....your policy will be cancelled. There could be a genuine problem why this payment was missed, pet passed away, problems with the bank etc. They lack people skills. At the end of the day all they are interested in is money.

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1/5   do not touch   7 February 2018

Reviewed By: em, Recommend:

dog had a cruciate ligament injury in her knee, had a massive operation, petplan refused to pay saying it was to do with her hip arthiritis she already had, even with constant letters from the vet saying different. do not touch them

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1/5   DON   3 February 2018

Reviewed By: Chris Manterfield , Recommend:

Exclusions placed on policy 5 months after policy start date, just so they didn't have to pay claim.

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5/5   1st Class   14 January 2018

Reviewed By: Julie Reay, Recommend:

Took out a policy in Sept 2016 for our new puppy. Unfortunately 2 months later we discovered she had a liver shunt. Fortunately for us is was repairable and with a successful operation she could live a normal life. She had many tests and a very expensive operation at a specialist veterinary hospital. PetPlan paid out Ł6000 without any fuss, directly to the vets. I was dreading my renewal premium but was pleasantly surprised to find out my premium had gone up by less than Ł4 per month.

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1/5   Glad I checked reviews before jumping in!   5 January 2018

Reviewed By: Mrs Lowe, Recommend:

Having been conned by several Insurance Companies in the past, I now carefully choose by reading the reviews first. I can honestly say that after reading the reviews on here of this company (which is highly promoted by Vet's and the Kennel Club) I am beginning to wonder why these complaints have not been investigated by the Trading Standards people or even the Fraud Bureau! It is nothing but exploitation of the vulnerable, who care for their animals and see them as an extended family member. This company should be sued and closed down for this. And I for one will definitely NOT be wasting my money with them.

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 We were also recommended by our vet's. When we tried to explain that we knew we'd taken out a particular policy they said they'd "changed the website" and refused to discuss. We are hugely out of pocket and very upset. Changing to

comment by: Kathryn , 11 February 2018
2/5   Excess   29 December 2017

Reviewed By: KAREN, Recommend:

My pet insurance excess goes up 10 every year with petplan, seriously thinking of going elsewhere.

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1/5   On going issues with claim   22 December 2017

Reviewed By: Stuart, Recommend:

On going issues with my claim - my initial follow up enquiries with them do not fill me with confidence that Petplan is reputable nor operates with integrity. I will ensure multiple reviews are appended to provide a true reflection of how this company operates ......

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2/5   Premium shot up and does not discount   21 December 2017

Reviewed By: Gus, Recommend:

First year premium shot up from 66 to 203 for a young cat. Their response was that the premium has been calculated based on the 'risk in the area'. They boast they are so big that they are unable to offer any discount to the renewal. Looking for another company to insure my cat

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1/5   Constantly raises premiums with no claims   4 December 2017

Reviewed By: Jodie, Recommend:

I have had PetPlan insurance for my almost 9 year old Shiba Inu since 2009 - premium history is: 12/1/2010 300.34 12/1/2011 345.74 12/1/2013 432.18 12/1/2014 513.21 12/1/2015 641.51 12/1/2016 776.25 12/1/2017 985.23 So up almost 320% in 8 years with NO claims! It's crazy....I did call about it a few years ago and they said as the pet ages it goes up.....well they should factor that in on the front end and build into premiums rather than increase every year. At this point my dog is nearly 9 and the chances are greater that he will need I don't want to cancel. But I'm almost 4,000 in so could have just saved that on my own and paid for anything that might potentially happen. Hoping I never need it but now afraid to cancel in case I do. I don't think I'll ever buy pet insurance again.

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 I also feel my vet's should not promote PetPlan because I trust my vet to look after my dog's welfare and I trusted their judgement on insurance! Are they rewarded for this I wonder? It certainly needs investigating.

comment by: Kathryn , 11 February 2018
 I completely agree with everything Jodie said. I took out 'life' cover because I was misled into believing the premium doesn't go up. However, it goes up every year and I am now paying 30 pm for a very healthy 6 year old cross breed. I am not sure whether it was the staff at the vets (are they on commission?) or Petplan who misled me, but I was definitely told it wouldn't go up with this cover. I have never made a claim either and feel exactly the same, that you would be better off paying into… (read more)

comment by: Beth, 6 February 2018
2/5   Is there a more cost effective pet insurer?   27 November 2017

Reviewed By: S A Rymer, Recommend:

I am absolutley astonished that my premium over 4 years has gone up from 50.00 a month to now 73.55. I noted in the paperwork they have included and charge of 89.33 for Insurance Premium Tax and 4.00 donation. My yearly cost is 837.72 which when it comes to pets are worth every penny, but if it keeps going on like this I won't be able to afford it. Can anybody tell me of a good alternative insurer?

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1/5   Awful corresponders   24 November 2017

Reviewed By: Stokes, Recommend:

Petplan lie about everything

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1/5   Criminal!!!   22 November 2017

Reviewed By: Angry, Recommend:

Avoid at all costs. As soon as my Jack Russell developed a little arthritis they did there best to get rid of her policy even though I've never claimed for her at all. Record ALL, I mean ALL your contacts with them or they will get you for anything!!!!! 😈

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1/5   Massive increase   15 November 2017

Reviewed By: Paul THOMAS, Recommend:

I have been with Petplan for 4 years and each year the premium has risen on average by 100. This year after no claims in the 4yrs it went up by 128. New Premium 797!!!! Really I have a healthy 4 year old Boxer which having phoned Petplan, they claim is high risk. Bye Bye Petplan Comparative cover elsewhere 342.00

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1/5   Pet Plan Policy   11 November 2017

Reviewed By: Nina, Recommend:

I have had my beloved pet and his insurance, since he was six weeks old and he was 15 and passed away this week. In his lifetime I have only claimed twice for low cost vet treatment, Petplan continuously put his premium up, the policy started at £20 and ended at £95.02, after writing complaints and being told they believe it to be acceptable to raise yearly premium over £10 for one year due to vet inflation and the age of the dog. Nothing changed, I called to advise them of my pets passing and they cancelled the policy without so much as a sorry for your loss. My advice to all us to not take out their policy and put money away instead.

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1/5   pet plan   4 November 2017

Reviewed By: Doug, Recommend:

Petplan had bill at vets for 178.00 for dental treatment as dog in pain they refused to pay out said cannot claim as had work previously and it's not within the year 12 months period.

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1/5   Appalling, greedy, deceitful company   1 November 2017

Reviewed By: Paolo, Recommend:

Only giving a rating of '1' as a minus score is not available. This is a truly disgusting company that is only interested in your money. Highest premiums, highest excess, ratchet up premiums despite no claims. They go out of their way to avoid settling claims. Absolutely awful customer service. Cancelled my pets insurance for no reason. Habitual liars. Probably their biggest lie is that nine out of ten vets recommend PetPlan. I doubt that very much. Look online at these vets who "recommend" Pet Plan. The wording on their websites is exactly the same every time! i.e. written by PetPlan marketing department. DO NOT INSURE WITH PET PLAN. You will regret it - particularly if your pet is unfortunate to develop a condition and you are locked into them for life. AVOID.

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5/5   Annoyed pet owner   30 October 2017

Reviewed By: George, Recommend:

It's about time vet's charges were put before some sort of parliamentary enquiry. Not all bad but an awful lot involving emotional blackmail and extortion.

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1/5   Really bad service & no communication   21 October 2017

Reviewed By: BAXTER, Recommend:

Really don't know where to start..I've been with petplan since 8 weeks old in 2013, with no problems at all I'm a 4 year old Shih tzu chipped neutered male dog no illness or accidents. My Premium just jumped up by 10.00 a month to 42.60!! For a shih tzu! are you mad? or just taking the mickey?! Thats 3x more than the house insurance,mobile phone & car tax all rolled into one..?! I was told to simply either pay it, or get lesser cover. This would be for the amount you were paying before or cancel the policy..!!! No email no snail mail, in fact no contact at all, just increase my premium by 14.5% without notice! just increase my direct debit without notice? don't think that's even allowed?! The arrogance of this company is just beyond belief. My advice would be to find a better policy at a lesser price with better customer care & perhaps some feelings wouldn't go amiss. My disabled owner looks at me as part of the family, Petplan is a money making company who unless you agree with everything they do & say, then leave. Three of my friends have now cancelled due to my treatment, perhaps you should consider leaving too? I feel mistreated & robbed of my previous premiums which they took quite happily just so long as there is no chance of a claim . poor show Petplan insurance.

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1/5   Absolutely revolting customer service.   22 September 2017

Reviewed By: Jay Raspin, Recommend:

Absolutely revolting customer service. My mother's cat had a health issue over several months with the vet trying out various treatments. When it came to the claim the vet was slow to respond and even failed to send information they promised they would. In response, the completely unhelpful PetPlan said the case had gone on too long and just closed it. Of course, the ultimate twist of the knife was an email to say the claim wasn't refused, it just took too long but they hope this hasn't spoilt my mother's view of PetPlan. These people are bonkers. Some companies exist to deliver a service and work to make money. Others exist purely to make money and do the least they can for the customer. This company is clearly the latter. Despite appeals from my mother they gave her the finger. Mistakes can be fogiven. Repeatly refusing to correct mistakes is unforgivable. But they don't care because they know my mother will struggle to move her ageing cats elsewhere.

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1/5   Absolutely useless customer service   22 September 2017

Reviewed By: Carole Marshall, Recommend:

After waiting 10 weeks and me constantly phoning them ,they have refused my claim ,but didn't tell me ,operator said they had forgotten to send me a letter ,I have now cancelled both my dogs insurance and the complaint is now with insurance ombudsman this was my first claim ,ABSOLUTELY USELESS,would never recommend

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1/5   Stay away from Pet Plan   19 September 2017

Reviewed By: Charmine, Recommend:

Do not buy Pet Plan Policy - Ready to take your money. Poor Service and any reason to put an exclusion on a pets health. Just like others - it's only today I have received a policy document after buying the policy in January 2017. 9 months later!! I have had so many issues with Pet Plan I don't know where to start. It's been totally awful. It was advertised at the vet as being all singing and dancing - wish I had never changed from my previous pet insurance company. Like others my pets have exclusions for example because she vomited once - that now means that she has an exclusion of gastro-intestinal digestive system disorder. She's also down as being a scavenger for which Pet Plan are asking to see a report from an approved behavioural therapist. :-( OMG - my poor cat could not be further from a scavenger. Don't waste your money on high monthly premiums and high excess with Pet Plan - all you will get is very poor service and exclusions on your animals policy. I would give the rating of zero if there was an option.

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1/5   Terrible communication and liars!   18 September 2017

Reviewed By: Liz, Recommend:

I took out a policy based on an agreement that certain exclusions would not be in place, when paperwork came through (which I had to chase 3 times for) it had included exclusions. Liased with vet and Petplan to agree that again exclusions should not have been place on my policy and yet again paperwork was sent through with them on. Felt like I was chasing them up just to go round in circles! I decided to cancel policy and even that wasn't done correctly and I'm still waiting a refund of my first payment as was cancelled in in stated time. Poor poor service!

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1/5   Rip Off, Waste of Money. Con Artists   10 September 2017

Reviewed By: Annie, Recommend:

Petplan are scam artists. They don't want to pay up when your pet is ill. All they want to do is make money out of us. The idiot customer service person I spoke to said that we can't pay all claims. The are gaslighting monsters who only care about taking your money and giving nothing in return. I do not trust this company. If your animal needs expensive treatment, you will be out of pocket as they will find a reason not to pay up. Vets are getting paid for pushing these money stealers on the public. I cancelled my policy with these fraudsters. Don't waste your money on them. Just put the money in a savings account. I do not like the way they support over vaccination. After they have stolen my money, I emailed them and they continually ignore your emails. They treat customers like dirt. Petplan just want to hold onto your money and pay staff to abuse the public. Everyone's non payment of claims money is being spent on paying staff who do not serve us. We are paying their rates, office rent, gas, electric. This is not good enough. They are a law unto themselves. Rules are made up to con us out of the money we should get. Petplan is not there for the benefit of animals.

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1/5   Awful   27 July 2017

Reviewed By: Louise Flower, Recommend:

Have a 10 year old poorly dog needing an MRI to diagnose a possible brain tumour. Petplan wont pay as he had an unrelated ear infection in 2008. Absolutely rubbish service, my vets are furious. No duty of care to a poorly animal. Don't buy this insurance the service is rubbish and my pet is suffering. We need to find out what's wrong with him before making a decision on whether to end his life and they really don't care. Absolutely disgusted

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1/5   Took my money!   19 May 2017

Reviewed By: Loz, Recommend:

Puppy came with a free month of Petplan policy. I started to look round for a policy and thought, oh well, the vet seems to advertise this company, I'll go with them. Did it all on line and they swiftly took the money from my bank account. That was over a month ago and after emailing them, phoning them I have not received a policy, apology or a phone call. I have now had to go through my bank to get my money back. If this is what their like at this stage heaven help if you need to make a claim!

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5/5   Finally a company that pays out   4 April 2017

Reviewed By: Harley, Recommend:

I had problems with previous petninsurance company and learnt my lesson. Price was low for a reason i didnt get a penny paid out. Having now claimed from Petplan i found them fast at paying put and my policy didnt go up because i claimed. Best out there

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1/5   Petplan insurance scam artist   23 March 2017

Reviewed By: Ben collins, Recommend:

Awful company would advise anyone never to ise them happy to take your money until they need to pay out dog in car crash refused to pay anything towards the costs tried to say because he had cancer before that was durle to the injurys in a car crash never heard so much bollox sent in endless letters from vets then waited 3 months didt even have decency to let us no they had refused until we contacted them avoid at all costs would never ever use these con artists again

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1/5   Save your money   23 March 2017

Reviewed By: Shane , Recommend:

There's only 1 bit of advice I can give.Save your money.Have paid 10 plus years of insurance with only emergency claims in the past .having had to have our animal put to sleep in tragic circumstances the insurance isn't worth the paper it's written on.never again,next time my money goes in a bank account!

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1/5   PetPlan Insurance   19 February 2017

Reviewed By: Saska, Recommend:

My oldest cat - 9 years old in May has been insured with PP since he re-homed him. Over close to 9 years,we've paid nearly 2500 in insurance. He recently had to have treatment for Systitis - Vet's bill = 199.24. We made a claim & received 68.19 = 34% of the cost. We know that since our cat is 7 years old now,there was an excess to pay,but we expected the fee minus the excess. If you look at the PP page regarding ''how PP premiums are calculated'',there's no full description at all of how it's calculated.

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 Shocked that anyone has to read the small print in order to discover how basic premiums are calculated. How many people can actually understand the gobbledegook small print and infinite exclusions anyway?

comment by: Murray, 14 September 2017
 You always should read the full terms and conditions when taking out a policy, this is normal for most if not all companys to add % at an older age when making a claim it can also be in your interests as well as the older our pets get the more issues are likely and by paying % each time it preserves some of the premium for a later date or ongoing condition

comment by: Marilyn, 13 April 2017
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