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3/5   Renewal Joke after singing their praises!   9 November 2018

Reviewed By: Helen Brown, Recommend:

I have been with for the past few years the premiums have always been ok last year £8.27 for my moggie Panther who was born Jan 2016. Got my renewal today for £16.55 in increase of over 100% !! I have just called them to be told that it is because my cat is over 8 years old and that vet fees in my area Nottingham are higher than average?? Really? Pretty disgusted to say the least and bitterly disappointed as I thought these were brilliant paying out for Panthers illness a few years ago ! Well I would rather now deal and pay direct for his meds and take another insurance policy out for him to cover for any other emergencies than to feel violated paying such an increase!

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1/5   Over priced. Avoid avoid aviod   21 August 2018

Reviewed By: Sally, Recommend:

I have been with the company for 8years never made a claim until this year. Took for ever to pay out only after I complained was it paid. The when my renewal come in it had jumped up by 40%. Called to query they didnít care just agreed it had gone up a lot in the end I cancelled. They are the worst company I have ever had to deal with. Customer services is terrible. They need me in the office to give them all some customer services training .

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1/5   Poor customer service   30 July 2018

Reviewed By: Don , Recommend:

Worst ever insurance company I had my pet insured for 14 years with no claims until final year after paying £5000 plus premiums and every year an increase in premium even though you had not claimed, when you do claim you wait for ever then they deduct extra bits so you end up with next to nothing . They emailed me on the day my dog was put to sleep asking me to chase the vet for an explanation why my dog had wobbly legs . For gods sake the poor dog was dying !!!! Do not insure your beloved pet with this company !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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1/5   Extremely slow at paying out   16 July 2018

Reviewed By: Lorraine F., Recommend:

My claim took over 3 months to be paid. If I phoned all I was told was that claims were dealt with in date order. As subsequent claims were dealt with by my vet and he was kept waiting for over 3 months as well he has now said that I will have to pay upfront if any further treatment is required which will prove difficult when on a state pension and treatment costs are in the thousands. However due to my dogís age I now cannot change insurers.

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1/5   Keep far away from them, slow and fishy.   13 July 2018

Reviewed By: Arthur, Recommend:

I have two cats, both were insured with Insurance paid with direct debit. One of cats required veterinary attention. We made a claim for him. After a month they asked for additional documentation. We have send it. After another month they answered positively. Now, we are waiting over three months for refund. In the meantime they send us a renewal quote. For the cat we made a claim for the quote was bigger. We decided it is not suitable anymore to keep our cats insured there and we have cancelled both policies. They have confirmed cancellation by email. And right now I have found in my transactions' history an unagreed direct debit for amount which is neither the old rate, nor new rate. So, in summary, after 5 months since initial claim I've got no refund, policies has been cancelled and they are still taking money.

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1/5   Awful!   9 July 2018

Reviewed By: LK123, Recommend:

As the other reviews mention, they are exremely slow to pay out and respond to your emails. I subitted my claim almost 4 months ago, I was told payment would be made a month ago and still haven't received it. I was told it may be because of a problem with my bank and I should check with them, there was nothing wrong with my bank it's just their excuse to delay the payment. Funny that they still managed to take my payments each month though! When you email it takes about 1-2 weeks for a reply. They requested my pets medical records, my vet sent it to them then a month later after chasing they said they hadn't received it, my vet had sent it to them on the day it was requested, so I had to have it sent to me then forward to them. DO NOT USE THEM!! Awful customer service and from the time it takes to chase the payment it's probably not worth it in the end.

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2/5   Very very slow to pay out   18 June 2018

Reviewed By: Zoe Coombes, Recommend:

I found this company extremely slow to pay out, have to chase them constantly, you will always get the same excuse we have received a high volume of claims, on average my payout takes 3 to 4 months each time and thats with me chasing them, dont bother emailing them they never reply, they always say once you do complain they will fast track it but thats just rubbish, And what they tell you isnt what they write on your account so when you ring again you have to go though again Very painful They have always paid me but I normal do around 5-8 calls each claim I put in and as my pet has a continuous claim with them 3 to 4 months payout seems extremely long time when other insurance companies pay out in 10 working days Theres huge room for improvement

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1/5   Avoid as they wonít pay out   30 May 2018

Reviewed By: K Rodgers, Recommend:

9 weeks after putting in a claim Iím still waiting for them to pay out!! They told me a couple of weeks ago the money had been sent to be told by the manager today, NO money had been released yet. All they do is tell you packs of lies, donít go anywhere near this company!!!

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3/5   Slow payment but no quibbles on paying out   17 May 2018

Reviewed By: Carole Stone, Recommend:

I have made many claims on my cover for my two dogs. I have not had any problems with them paying out for everything. Even when my dog had a lifetime condition which meant they were paying approximately £100 per month, my premium and excess didn't increase dramatically. However they do take a long time to review and pay initially.

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1/5   Terrible!!!   16 May 2018

Reviewed By: Denise, Recommend:

I put in a claim in January 2018 and it is now mid May and i am still waiting for payment. I have rang several times to be told my claim has been authorised and is awaiting payment (that was 2 months ago and I'm still waiting). Totally shocking, will never ever use again!

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1/5   disgraceful service   16 May 2018

Reviewed By: George , Recommend:

was lied to time after time.. made our claim in December 2017 and finally received payment may 2018.. it's not like it was for thousands of pounds it was only £353.20 and they held onto it for 5 months..keep a way from this company

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1/5   AVOID AVOID AVOID   1 May 2018

Reviewed By: Lianne, Recommend:

This company is an absolute joke. We have now had a claim going on for 2 months and every time I call them, I just get told that the claim has been authorised but is now in the payment system and they are unable to give me any more information regarding when payment will be made as they pay the claims in date order. We have got to a point where we have had to borrow money to cover our dogs vets fees now as her illness is currently ongoing which is totally unacceptable when we have Pet Insurance which is supposed to cover us.

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1/5   Awful   17 April 2018

Reviewed By: Extremely miserable, Recommend:

Probably more stressful dealing with this company than the animals illness. What do you do though? Got to sit it out and hope to get fair payment. Trouble is you won't get cover anywhere else now.

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5/5   Surprising Cover   5 February 2018

Reviewed By: john warren, Recommend:

We have 3 dogs insured through Pet-Insurance on life time cover and paying 12 monthly. One of the dogs has Cancer and the first operation (2 sites) / scans etc cost £9k followed by 6 chemo therapy treatments and a follow up scan. All of the treatment combined is running at about £15k and as i write this he is undergoing a second operation at £3k Pet-insurance has paid most of the bills to date (I went over the limit in 1 month and had to pay) I agree they do pay a bit late, but I paid £40 to Wear Referrals and they sort everything out all I have paid is the initial over limit cost and £135 excess. The policy renews itself on the 2nd of each month so the policy limits reset themselves and are available again in full on the 2nd of each month. I see in some reviews not to insure your pet it's not worth it. Please ignore them and insure your Pet, you may not need it today but when you do it can be expensive. I rate Pet-Insurance and my wife's horse is also insured with them. Do your research when taking out a policy, and ensure you know what you are buying. They do answer phone calls and are very helpful. I have given them 5 out 5

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 Are you sure you're talking about the same company as everybody else??? This company is a complete waste of time and money. They lie to you, vets in the area will not accept them as reliable and any payments for operations etc have to be made beforehand. Why do we pay insurance???

comment by: Evans, 15 October 2018
5/5   I have never had trouble getting them on the phone   17 January 2018

Reviewed By: L Williams, Recommend:

My Cat Penny who was 15 was insured with Pet Insurance and when she sadly got cancer, our vets removed a tumor and treated her.The Vets claimed directly from pet insurance and pet insurance have paid them without issue. Pet insurance quickly cancelled my policy when Penny passed away and I have never had trouble getting them on the phone. I am very confused by other reviews but i would recommend them based on my experience.

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1/5   Just cancelled mine   16 January 2018

Reviewed By: Dog owner, Recommend:

After 2 years and with what i thought was a excess of about £75 put a claim in for the first time for £321 after many emails and calls they finally paid out £92. The excess had creeped up to over £200 my fault for not checking renewal but guess what no renewals ever sent. I cancelled direct debit because no one would respond but less than 24 hours after payment was due they contacted me lol. Policy now cancelled. Avoid with all costs

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 If you didnít receive renewal documents why would you not contact them for them? Usually with failed payment letters and things like that they generated automatically by a system.

comment by: Sarah, 23 June 2018
1/5   Shocking avoid!   5 January 2018

Reviewed By: DHH, Recommend:

I have had a policy for a couple of years and really would not have bothered if I had read the reviews shown. I am now trying to get hold of them and they without doubt have the worst customer service I have ever known, they never answer the phone or communicate. By luck I have reason to make a change of credit card which is going to prompt me to cancel the policy. They are a joke, if you don't believe any of the reviews, try getting hold of them by phone and after 15 mins you will give up! Beware they are rubbish and should be formally struck off.

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1/5   Rip off - AVOID   2 November 2017

Reviewed By: Meg, Recommend:

Had pet insurance for my dog 7 years. Made my 1 and only claim recently of £115 and they found a way to avoid paying out. My start date was between the 2 receipts sent in (3 Months between receipts) so I had to pay excess for 2 years so basic they was getting nothing. They didn't even get the dogs name correct on the letter they sent. My £25 a month I had been paying will now more than pay for her pain relief mediation. Since refusal I realise now that she wouldn't have been covered for more things now because of her age. 1 star is far too good. AVOID AVOID AVOID - THEY REALLY DONT LOVE PETS!!!!!

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1/5   Appalling and insensitive   26 July 2017

Reviewed By: Frances Molloy, Recommend:

This is the worst insurer you could ever have. I lost my beautiful dog, Bess at the beginning of May. We are all still extremely traumatised by losing her. It is now the end of July and I still have payments outstanding. The customer service is appalling and to wait 3 months and still not have everything settled, for literally thousands of pounds of vet bills has significantly added to the trauma. I had her insured for 5 years with no claim with this company and it is shameless of them to allow a grieving owner to have to chase what is rightfully theirs. It's appalling. When you lose a pet you don't want to continually chase for money. It is painful enough. Avoid them at all costs. I intend to make a formal complaint when I have the strength to do it. There is absolutely no compassion in this organisation and you will have to fight to be paid. Go to anybody and it's worth paying more for a premium but avoid this company.

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1/5   Worst insurance company ever dealt with.   19 July 2017

Reviewed By: Simon parr, Recommend:

My 12 year old German shepherd fell ill on 1st may 2017. She passed away 8 hours later. I was insured with this company for about 9years. She died of gastric dialation ( turned stomach) which they said was not life threatening and then tried to blame the vet saying they said it was none threatening. Any excuse not to pay out.furthermore they took a further 2 payments off me. They are by far the worst insurance company I have ever had the misfortune of paying into. Must be on very good bonuses.Just glad none of my other pets are insured with them. Avoid at all costs. May sound good until it's time to pay out. Overall rating 0 out of 5.

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1/5   Bad Claims Service   26 June 2017

Reviewed By: Mrs Sharon Finn, Recommend:

Absolutely appalled that it takes over 3 months to settle a claim for my dog's operation. All I ever hear is "it's with the Assessors". Very disappointed with the claims service.

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1/5   service level is very very bad   19 June 2017

Reviewed By: Robert Burnett, Recommend:

This companies service level is very very bad, extremely so!. Just take a look at the other reviews below they pretty much sum up the level of service you can expect. My advice would be to get your insurance from another provider. Do not judge this company by the service level you get when taking out a policy. At that time they are very attentive and bend over backwards to gain your custom. However, when you make a claim and really need the good service they are lacking. In my experience they continually use delaying tactics in order to draw out the claims procedure. I can't remember the number of times they have told me that the volume of claims or the workload is so high that they are behind and will deal with my claim as soon as possible. Surely, if that's the case then the obvious answer would be to employee more staff, pay overtime or take some other action to reduce the backlog. If business is that good then they should be able to afford it. When it comes to you paying your premium I bet they wouldn't accept excuses like that for late payment!. Whilst they do actually answer the phone quite promptly and will tell you what is going on with your claim. You never get through to someone who can actually make a difference. I seems the call centre staff are mainly there to make excuses for the back-room staff dealing with the claims or payments. If you send an email requesting information or help they do not always reply. For instance I sent an email asking if they had received my claim form but got no reply until I sent a recorded delivery letter. Also, I email a request for confirmation of the amount they had assessed the claim to be and when it would be paid but got no reply. I can't understand why I didn't get an acknowledgement that my claim had been received until I actually asked for one in writing (time wasting I guess). I can't understand why they took more than two weeks from receiving my claim to actually review it (more time wasting). I can't understand why reviewing it took so long (over a week time wasting again) and then once complete it had to be sent up the hierarchy to be signed off (another time wasting exercise). At that stage you think you're getting somewhere but NO!. Instructions then have to be given to the payments department who then take another two weeks to set up a payment which then takes another 3-5 days to get to your account. All in all this company is very frustrating to deal with and is clearly expert in time wasting and delaying tactics. In my view most claimants want to get what they are due under the contract promptly, they don't want to be out of pocket having to borrow money in order to get by until they are paid by the insurance company. Also, a couple of things to bear in mind when deciding which company you go with: 1. Premiums for this company start very low with a young dog making it look very competitive. But once they have you hooked they ramp up the premiums year by year (as do other insurers) till eventually you've been suckered into paying one of the highest premiums in the market. 2. The standard excess is one of the highest in the market (if not the highest), currently £244 + 20% of the remaining balance of any claim. Clearly, I've lost all trust in this company providing an acceptable level of service. So I will be looking else where for my pet insurance.

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 I have to agree with all you say. When my dog became ill I was so relieved to have insurance. Two months later and being told that the claim is with payments and check your e-mails. My stress levels are so high it will be me who needs medical attention. I wonder if they pay the interest incurred on the money borrowed to pay the bill. What can you do?

comment by: Very fed up and angry, 17 April 2018
 Absolute disgrace as an insurance company but I believe they are part of the E and L group of companies which says it all. I have been waiting on settlement for my dogs veterinary fees for over three months - nothing complicated and all I get told is - payment is imminent! NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!! I haven't even cancelled my dogs policy for fear of them not settling. Avoid this cheap, useless company like the plague - pay a pound or two more a month and have satisfaction and peace of mind. … (read more)

comment by: Sally Strutton, 23 July 2017
1/5   Slow Claim Payment   9 March 2017

Reviewed By: JS , Recommend:

I would urge anyone considering taking out a policy not to bother. My dog had an operation two months ago and we are still waiting for a payment. READ the policy- the premium may seem competitive but we have to pay £150 excess and 20% of the claim. The company are always pleasant when you ring up to chase but they can never give you an answer as to when you will receive the money, it's always just being passed to someone else. I am furious that having had my dog for ten years and never having made an insurance claim that I am having to experience this poor level of service.

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 Why would you not read the policy? You can't blame the company for you not knowing the excess when it's written in the documents they sent you

comment by: Bill, 6 April 2018
1/5   Awful at paying!!!   13 February 2017

Reviewed By: Karen , Recommend:

This is the second time I have had to make a complaint at the time it takes for them to pay a claim. My dog was ill at the beginning of Dec and we are now mid Feb & still no payment. Also when they do pay, expect it to take another 5 days to "clear". It is truly appalling. I have tried to raise a complaint & even that is hard work. Vets will not deal with them directly & I now know why. Not worth the cheap initial premiums as they soon go up & their exclusions are also an issue.

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 Yes, truly a disgrace. Dreadful company to deal with. When I told my vets who my dog was insured with they said exactly the same thing. Claim submitted in May now July and nothing and cannot get any sense out of anyone.

comment by: Sally Strutton, 23 July 2017
 I submitted my claim on 11th Jan and they acknowledge straight away. It is now March 6th and I am still waiting. Also I discovered that they had. Even charging me for three add on policies which I don't want or need. I am trying to get these refunded but. Im not sure how many years they have been taking them.

comment by: Geoff straw, 6 March 2017
4/5   Not bad regardless of the bad reviews   9 February 2017

Reviewed By: Mr Millward, Recommend:

Hi all, cut a long story short our american bulldog puppy ate something she really shouldn't of a piece of rubber toy. It got lodged and needed £2000 surgery immediately. Filled the forms out with the vets did the surgery and after care then the vets sent the forms away for us to claim for the money. Payment was accepted promptly and i was informed via email, however i did get an email very quickly after it was paid out to say they wouldn't cover this again and have altered the policy (i thought lifetime cover was lifetime cover). The only niggle i had, they even rang me up and explained i was paying for some benefits i didn't need and it could bring my premiums down.

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3/5   Mixed feelings   24 January 2017

Reviewed By: Mayb, Recommend:

Unfortunately my 8yr old Yorkie X had to have his Eye removed, I was told by vets i had to Pay directly and claim after - This is what i have done - i cant say this has been the best experice of my life, nor the worse, Communication isnt amazing, but when called all operators have been very friendly and polite. Insurance have excepted my claim, i reached max vet fee allowence so will be down £200, so could be worse off - £115 excess, £85 max vet fee allowance. ive have the "you have to wait 10-15 days, the claim has to be signed off" etc. The op was 02/12/16, today is 24/01/17 and i was told i would recieve payment by last tuesday ( allowing for bank holidays xmas etc) and i am still waiting...

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1/5   Reimbursement time period   30 September 2016

Reviewed By: Carl Bellamy , Recommend:

Absolutely avoid this company - they take so long to pay - it's a good job we had the money and are not desperate for it. I feel terribly sorry for people who have had to pay out and have to wait for their money to be reimbursed !! I called them 2 months after my dog had his op for an update and was told 'we are waiting for a manager to sign your claim off' , I called today 30/9/16 and was told 'money will be in your account 10-15 working days' , absolutely apauling customer service. Please people avoid this company - my dog over 10 have to pay 20% of claim and £150 excess!!

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 I've had to change my vet. They point blank refuse to bill directly because they're so slow to pay. I wrote a letter of complaint and was fobbed off with some rubbish about them upgrading their computers, but this has been their problem for years. They're cheap and act it. You won't be seeing any glowing Defacto high scores here. They also have the temerity to bill you by the 'Lunar Month' to make you think the drip payment is cheaper than it is as there are 13 Lunar… (read more)

comment by: Mike Shipway, 6 February 2017
 Did you have standard cover or lifetime cover

comment by: anonymous, 11 December 2016
 We had exactly the same problem. Claims started in August, monies paid end of October/November...£1700 in total. We had savings for this feel very bad for people that wouldn't have this kind of money hanging around.

comment by: Joanne Oliver, 31 October 2016
 They have point blank refused to pay out for our cat, so we are taking them to the Financial Ombudsman. It's only now that we realise what a complete con this company is. We are now in debt because of them, and have no idea how we will pay should the problem with our moggy arise again. Avoid this company at all costs!!!

comment by: Jo, 22 October 2016
2/5   Annual premium renewal problems   10 August 2016

Reviewed By: Alfie, Recommend:

I would certainly not recommend this insurance company. Their renewal policy is very dubious. After my first year the premium increased from £14.43 to £17.89. However, the direct debit claimed from my account was £22.77. After a phone call to them I was told it was the 'optional extras' I had been charged for! No request from me was needed to include these. The very helpful lady then told me that she could offer me a special discount and reduce my premium to £14.67 per month for the same cover. Really? So one phone call reduces my direct debit from £22.77 to £14.67 for exactly the same insurance cover. Not sure I trust this company. Surely, they should be offering the very best policy, at the best price, without me having to complain first.

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 Had exactly the same on renewal....added the 'optional extras' as standard, when I queried why I was paying so much, they took the optional extras off. I have an on-going condition with my cat, so can't change to another provider...first claim....took forever...assured me that future claims would turnaround quicker....rubbish....still waiting for the money...DO NOT RECOMMEND

comment by: Carey, 26 January 2017
1/5   Awful Customer Service   29 June 2016

Reviewed By: Jules, Recommend:

I have a claim with this company for nearly 2 months for £2300 and am no further forward. They asked for more information and were given it the same day, two weeks later still chasing me, even when I sent their OWN email back to them confirming they had received the documents, they still denied having it! Since then I have been given the run around, my claim is an a queue, they have had a high influx of claim, my claim is with the assessor and so on. I am emailing and ringing almost daily and each time speak to another employee who spins yet another yarn. So today, (and this is the best part), I am told my claim is in the queue and will be dealt with in date order, in that, it has not been actioned...and then...I receive an email from them telling me they are changing the terms and conditions of my policy and back dating it to October 2013...I ask how is this possible if you have not started to review my of yet no response. Shocking to say the least, they get their own house in order and leave you high and dry.

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1/5   Fallen at the first hurdle!   24 May 2016

Reviewed By: Dee, Recommend:

My First claim submitted for pet cat but because animal fell ill first of all with same issue within 14 days of me taking out policy they are refusing to assist. I feel that my integrity is being bought into question - cat was in perfect health at the time I took out policy in good faith and unfortunately I do not own a crystal ball so had no way of telling my pet would become ill within the first 14 days. First impressions? Typical insurance company - happy to take your money but will wriggle out of paying up. Considering alternative options as very disappointed with level of customer service from this company so far. Not even an offer to meet half way! Disgraceful....

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 illness showing clinical signs within the first 14days is not covered on the policy. It is detailed numerous times throughout the policy documents. There are terms and conditions you have agreed to. They canít change these just for you. Itís not personal to your policy, itís standard for every policy

comment by: Ian, 3 October 2018
1/5   My puppy died and we were not helped at all   1 May 2016

Reviewed By: Cadel, Recommend: N

After all I had been threw this vile insurance company did not help at all! My puppy fell poorly on a Saturday night by Sunday at 1am she had passed away I was devistated, so as we had a 600 pound vet bill we called the insurers who after 10 weeks after my puppy died paid 80 pound out, I was told as my pup had died at a weekend they took 120 back by the time they had taken everything back 80 pound was given back to us, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't use these I went threw the heart break of loosing my puppy and then the insurance company been so unhelpful on the phone every single little thing they could do to not help us they would do, they fail to mention a lot of this on the phone and in the policy vile company

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