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Petpals Direct pet insurance

Furness House
53 Brighton Road

phone: 0800 328 9847

Provide pet insurance for dogs and cats. Two levels of cover: TimeCare (annual cover) and ConditionCare (per incident cover.)

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Reviews of Petpals Direct pet insurance

5/5   Can't complain   7 September 2018

Reviewed By: Lauren Froggatt, Recommend:

can't complain about this company they paid out for a tumour to be removed off my dog and i'd not long been insured with them no hassle at all unlike other insurance companies in the past

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1/5   This company are Woeful and underhand   12 February 2018

Reviewed By: Liam Tomkins, Recommend:

This Company go out of there way not to pay. after sadly having our dog put to sleep they deducted 271.20 from the vets bill to cover the rest of the years premiums. I therefore paid out more than the insurers after the 25% of vets fees, 95 of excess and 271.20 .. I urge everybody to have nothing whatsoever to this sorry excuse for an insurer

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1/5   OVERCHARGED BY 250 PER YEAR   3 February 2018

Reviewed By: Dave, Recommend:

On checking my policy which I have had for 14 years with no claims, Petpals have been overcharging me 250 per year per cat, ie for 2 cats 500 per year. ABSOLUTE SCAM. DO NOT USE

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1/5   Terrible company   16 November 2017

Reviewed By: B Buglass, Recommend:

Not the cheapest out there and cover is very limited...avoid these at all costs.

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1/5   Save your money   30 September 2017

Reviewed By: Peter andrew, Recommend:

Charlie my 7 year old chocolate lab had Cranial cruciate ligament rupture it cost me 3000 Petals direct refused to pay a penny towards it after being with them for 6years they said it wasn't on the list .They are pointless.

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 What was there reason? I have the same issue? Was it bi lateral?

comment by: Clare, 3 May 2018
1/5   DO NOT USE THIS CO, RUBBISH!!!   28 April 2017

Reviewed By: Sam, Recommend:

I have been paying insurance for my cat for the last 6.5 years. Never claimed. He had a cyst just under his eye which was distorting the rim of his eye. This was removed and claim submitted 416. Surprise surprise as not cancerous not covered. Classified as skin abrasion, declined claim. I am a pensioner and this was a lot of money to me, very upset. Looking at all these reviews this co needs investigating. They are cone merchants. I will be insuring with another co. don't use them!!!!

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1/5   Do not choose this company!   20 April 2017

Reviewed By: Georgia Roberts , Recommend:

Honestly nothing but trouble with the company, so very upset! My parents are the ones who pay out for the insurance but I am writing on behalf of them too who are also distraught. We had a bullmastiff which apparently is hard to get pet insurance with this breed because apparently they are known as aggressive dogs. Couldn't disagree more I had her since the start of secondary and she was the softest dog ever, everyone that knew her loved her a lot and sadly we had to get her put down due to cancer. Our form says we can claim back on this. We don't have a lot on money as it is so I used my student loan to help with the costs so my parents weren't out of pocket for the month. Due to the form saying we can claim the money back for cancer my parents said they can pay be back once it had all been processed. The form also said we can claim a bit back for euthanasia, however just got the form back today and they are saying we can not claim for anything, I think we have ended up spending 400 - 500, this is a lot for us to just fork out that's half my dads wages for the month, luckily I could help them out and am not desperate for the money back. Before this Roxy also got pyometra which we was told you could also claim for, if I remember this cost 1000-2000 in total for all the care, injections and the operation, that is a lot of money that again we had to fork out. They said that we couldn't claim as we didn't get her spade, but what if we wanted to breed her? Not that we was planning too. Also now we are still having to pay monthly installments to pay back for that operation. I advise all you pet owners that love your pet to spend a little more a month and get with a better pet insurance. Wouldn't recommend this company to my worst enemy!

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1/5   Do not use this company   13 March 2017

Reviewed By: Pippa, Recommend:

They are refusing to pay for my dogs pyrexia diagnosis as not on there list! Apparently if you have diagnostic test done that don't get a result on their list won't pay. Without the tests my dog would have died so how can they not be covered!? Bunch of crooks going to go the ombusmands

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5/5   A brilliant pet insurance company   18 December 2016

Reviewed By: Anna, Recommend:

The Petpals insurance company is a very good company. I have insurance with them for my chocolate labrador Roxy since January 2016. Roxy was very ill in May 2016. She had pancreatitis and she had to stay in hospital for 5 days. Her condition was critical and very serious. After 5 days in hospital the final bill from the vet was 3600. I only had to pay 600 and Petpals paid 3000 ( my policy covers every condition up to 3000). I am really happy with Petpals and I can recommend the company to everyone.

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1/5   How do you get in touch with them?   30 March 2016

Reviewed By: Kim, Recommend:

I have been trying unsuccessfully to get in touch with them on their phone line to new business, existing customers and claims and keep getting cut off! They have sent a letter to the vets saying they will not pay and not to me. Absolutely appalling customer service. I have been with them for 3 years and have not had to make a claim. Don't use them

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5/5   I would recommend Petpals insurance   25 January 2016

Reviewed By: Annette Coombs, Recommend:

Our Dalmatian dog has cut his paw several times and we've never had any problems claiming for the vet bills this incurred. Petpals were very efficient and I would highly recommend them.

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1/5   disgraceful   14 November 2015

Reviewed By: laura , Recommend:

I have just received a letter to say they will not pay out from any of the investigation or treatment relating to my dog who has now been diagnosed with addisons disease, in the past they have always paid no problem, this is some kind of joke surely. My dog is a 4 year old weimaraner now I am left with 1000s to pay my vet policy cancellation for all my pets will be happening. Do not use this company

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1/5   Really disappointed - badly run company   4 November 2015

Reviewed By: Mandy, Recommend:

We insured our cat with Petpals for about 10 years. In a way we were lucky to have only claimed on 2 occasions. BUT when our cat became poorly in September and had to be put to sleep (she was almost 17) the amount we received back on the claim was a waste of time. The claim took about 3 weeks to even get looked at, when I telephoned it took ages and cost 8 for 4 calls!!!! To top it all, I had a cover that included death of pet - OH no it wasn't! Despite the figure being on the top list on the policy, as she was over 10 years it turns out she was not covered. WHY put it on the policy with no stars or notes attached if she wasn't covered. As she was almost a house cat I wish we hadn't bothered with her insurance for the past 5 years. They still haven't replied to my email questioning the policy and that has been 2 weeks. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone as there are plenty more companies out there.

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1/5   Keep well away   1 October 2015

Reviewed By: Becca, Recommend:

We have had our dog insurance for nearly 3 years.In June this year my dog became very poorly and was transferred to a university hospital and was diagnosed with Meningitis, this company is not worth wasting your money on as they have said it is not covered!by the looks of it they say the same thing to people!I am taking this to the ombudsman!!

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1/5   DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY   4 July 2015

Reviewed By: dog owner NE englan, Recommend:

Recently I found a lump on Cally's neck. To cut a long story short, thankfully it was a benign tumour. Paid the 75 excess direct to vets and they sent off claim form, our 1st ever claim and thought that would be the end of it. How wrong was I. Our vets and I received a letter saying they wouldn't pay out. It wasn't on their list of illness etc. IF IT HAD OF BEEN CANCER they would of paid out. AS IT WASN'T CANCER THEY WONT.

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 I have put five claims in over the last month for my dogs illness amounting to approx 1800.00 which I paid out expecting to get it back on insurance and they are refusing to pay as it's not on there list of ailments. This is not an insurance company it's the biggest con I have ever come across in my life.

comment by: Carolyn, 22 July 2015
5/5   fantastic service   16 June 2015

Reviewed By: marion, Recommend:

Our dog became ill very suddenly at New year and sadly after several days of treatment in veterinary hospital had to be euthanised. Petpals direct were fantastic, settled claim in full in the easiest way possible. No additional stress or problems. Their timescales for response/ settlement are I think 35 days and I received a cheque in 37 days, so very happy with that. Great service following an upsetting time.

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1/5   DO NOT USE - STAY CLEAR   13 February 2015

Reviewed By: Steve, Recommend: N

My dog had 3,500+ worth of spinal surgery over Christmas, relating to a spinal disease. Terms and conditions had a long list of bone and disease related coverage, but as this was "cartilage" and not "bone", PetPals refused to pay a single penny, not even the initial 25 consultation fee! Splitting hairs as far as I was concerned, absolute crooks with high targets to avoid making any settlement.

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 They are the worst company I have ever dealt with don't use them I paid out 1800.00 on my pet no chance of seeing that again.

comment by: Carolyn, 22 July 2015
 pity I didn't find these reviews before I took out insurance and has now cost me 300+ The policy is as useful as a chocolate fireguard in my opinion

comment by: dog owner NE englan, 4 July 2015
1/5   DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY   23 October 2014

Reviewed By: Jayne Knight, Recommend: N

You might as well throw your premiums in the bin as this company rarely if ever pay out on a claim. They do not cover normal pet illnesses and accidents and stick to a very specific list which is a huge joke. The are on Facebook and the posts on there from customers, all negative get deleted by them when they feel like it. Thanks to them I now have 2 elderly uninsurable cats who I am unable to get treatment for. Petpals, a name that is a lie has to be the worst pet insurance company in the UK. I hope that all the bad comments get somewhere but they are so arrogant I very much doubt it. I am doing the Ombudsman thing and should everyone else. Good luck in your fight against these people.

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 My cat needs a Convenia injection due to a bad rash on her skin that won't quit with other antiiiotbcs. Cat dermatologist going to try Convenia, though Lime/Sulfur dip is working for a while then stops as soon as using it stops. I'm wondering what a fair price for the shot would be in the RI or MA areas. IS it possible to buy the injectable online myself here in the USA? I'm really needing to save money because the pet insurance won't be covering this condition, I don't think. They're… (read more)

comment by: Rodriguerre, 13 January 2015
1/5   Appalling Insurer   30 September 2014

Reviewed By: Lawyer, Recommend: N

They exclude everything, take forever to pay the pittance they agree and are almost uncontactable.

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1/5   Do not use this company please   9 September 2014

Reviewed By: Val, Recommend: N

A very poor experience from this company. My dog had an emergency op. I attempted to claim but they first of all denied they had received the form that I had sent (complaint 1 - never answered), re sent and they denied the claim by some very dubious wording regarding conditions (complaint 2). I have gone through to the ombudsman to sort. Avoid this company as they will not pay. Please go to a reputable company. If a vet is advising against this company then you really should look elsewhere.

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 Hi How did you go about going through the ombudsman i am thinking about going the same

comment by: Gemma, 20 January 2015
1/5   Very poor. Do not use this company,   27 August 2014

Reviewed By: Carl Adkin, Recommend: N

Refused to pay for the majority of a claim for very spurious reasons. Will only pay for investigations if they have a positive result. Very poor customer service. Avoid this company at all costs.

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1/5   Never Use This company   21 July 2014

Reviewed By: michael galloway, Recommend: N

My dog had something in her eye in cost me 450.00 l have been told not covered for eyes. do not use this company

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 Hi what was the reason they refused? I am in the process of fighting them as they have refused a claim for my dogs eye saying eyes are not covered! strange he had an eye infection 18 months ago which they paid out! My policy is up for renewal but I won't be renewing with them.

comment by: Mrs J, 24 October 2014
1/5   DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY   3 July 2014

Reviewed By: val, Recommend: N

Terrible polcy, do not pay for any tests or investigations, and pay for very few named conditions under their definitions. I am a vet and cannot stress enough if you have a policy with this company change it quick to a responsible reputable company!!!!

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1/5   Refused to pay out on an infection   29 August 2013

Reviewed By: Dog lover from Derbyshire, Recommend: N

My dog was covered for a list of named conditions which included Infectious Diseases - she contracted Pyometra. Her treatment cost me 824. I was prepared to pay the 100 excess but was astounded when they refused to reimburse me for the rest which I had already paid to the vet.

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 Just had the same experience and i am going to go to the ombudsman about this

comment by: Gemma, 20 January 2015
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