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Paws & Claws pet insurance

The Connect Centre
Kingston Crescent

phone: 0844 921 0224

Offer cat and dog insurance with up to 5,000 vet fees cover from 8 weeks old.

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Reviews of Paws & Claws pet insurance

1/5   I agree with the poor reviews   27 April 2018

Reviewed By: J P, Recommend:

Beware of the non-waivable cancellation fee and the significant increases in the annual premiums. They also rely on passive ways of informing about policy premium increases with no explanation of why the increases occur - despite making no claims the policy went up significantly. Even then there are other providers who can supply better cover for less. Avoid - I wish I had not let the policy autorenew as they can't even tell me how much the refund will be. Once they have taken the cancellation fee that is!

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1/5   Who are these people giving wonderful reviews   10 August 2017

Reviewed By: Fiona W, Recommend:

I am so fed up with this company - wish I'd never changed. Lesson learnt - just because they're cheap doesn't make them good. Was insured with Tesco and their premium became expensive so switched. Look on their website - who are these people giving marvelous reviews??? Had nothing but avoidance from them! Worrying now as my dog has diabetes and have just submitted first claim - it's already been sent back with a query - my vet's not impressed

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1/5   Beware the in claim limit   27 July 2017

Reviewed By: James, Recommend:

MRI for 8 y/o Border Collie 3k... limit 750 - Vets cant believe that level of limit when the most basic MRI is 2k

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1/5   disgusted!   12 June 2017

Reviewed By: D Penn, Recommend:

Just phoned to say that my pet would be rehomed at end of June due to going overseas and needed to cancel my policy. However as had a claim for 55.31 paid on 16/12/16 and so within this years policy will not be allowed to. Therefore they expect me to pay out 6 x 40 ie 240 before policy up. DISGUSTING!!!!!

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comment by: COLIN MILLAGE, 30 September 2017
1/5   Waste of money   10 June 2017

Reviewed By: Daniel joseph Thorp, Recommend:

After initial injury to foot that vet advised would be better to try and save toe it resulted 14 months later in the toe being amputated. Claim submitted but rejected on basis of not an accident and original over 12 months . Complaints procedure not helpful very confusing and quote terms of law that are untrue. Went to Ombudsman and got small compensation for their handling of the claim. Wouldn't waste my money with them again they will find every way possible not to pay.

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1/5   Terrible. Terrible, Dont even THINK about it   1 April 2017

Reviewed By: Caroline HIll, Recommend:

Operation was in 2015. Dog was then 7 years 2 months old. Even our Vet is fed up with sending them information. Last week they again asked for an updated history of his illnesses--- then quibbled because he had been to the vet just 4 weeks ago about his ear! The op was 2 years ago and nothing to do with an ear. They still have not paid and are now saying that as he is now over 8 they will deduct 140. So many calls have been made to no avail. Beware and stay clear, use a reliable well known company. I have tried to find out who runs this 'company' the CEO, Managing Director or anyone, but no one will say.

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1/5   Terrible   25 January 2017

Reviewed By: Colin, Recommend:

I have never had such a bad experience as this. I submitted a claim which they declined but failed to let me know (despite stating they would keep me updated). The claim was declined on a technicality, but they really do not want to try and help or listen to any sort of conversation about it. Totally unhelpful. They finally agreed to pay a small sum in compensation for failing to let me know about the claim being rejected. Guess what - the payment never arrived! I have now received it a month later after chasing them again. Seems they just forgot to send the money (just as they had forgotten to tell me the claim had been rejected). From what I could tell, it was nothing to do with backlogs of work in either case - they had just filed it away and forgotten to do it.

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1/5   Do not use!   24 January 2017

Reviewed By: Gary, Recommend:

As mentioned by other people below,they will find any excuse not to pay a claim,then will increase premiums on renewal from 24 to 38-even though they won't pay out on a claim I've made. You may as well have no insurance.

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1/5   Ongoing saga   7 October 2016

Reviewed By: Alex, Recommend:

Very very poor service. Four months on from having submitted a claim (280) we are no further. Each time I call they tell me there is a delay/backlog. In early September I was told it had been assessed and approved, just needed signining off. Today, (October 6th) I phoned again to be told that it was still waiting assessment from a 'Vet Nurse.' Now on a 'priority list'.

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 Only 4 months? We have been waiting at least 18 months, and now they want to deduct 140.00 because dog is over 8 now. He was 7 then. I agree...use a well known company

comment by: Caroline HIll, 1 April 2017
1/5   Dont touch with barge pole   19 July 2016

Reviewed By: Linda, Recommend:

This pet insurance is a complete scam. They take your money and then after months of waiting they turn down your claim. To add insult to injury they are now asking me for 30 admin charge for cancelling the policy. SERIOUSLY DO NOT GO THERE!!!!! I shall be taking legal advice

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 I had a similar issue and my dog was covered for accident only. I knkw havw a vet bill of 2 and a half grande. When i cancelled my policy they tried to charge a 30 admin cancellation fee. However i explained how unhaply i was and they waverex the fee for me.

comment by: Kerrie, 11 January 2017
1/5   Dont Touch!!   7 July 2016

Reviewed By: Jack T, Recommend:

After paying out almost 900 of vet bills in May '16. I am still waiting for this company to pay my costs. They have informed me that there have been significant claims of late, and will be bringing in more staff to deal with them. I have never in all the time I've had pets had to wait for this length of time to receive payments. They have a tracking system that apparently you can keep an eye on any progress. I have to date been unable to find this on the web site. Do yourselves a favour - use a different insurance company

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 I had a similar experience. Waited for months and then they refused to pay out despite my vet supporting my claim and going to appeal. I am going to an ombudsman, these people are crooks!!

comment by: Linda, 19 July 2016
3/5   Claim covered but now premium is up 55%   18 April 2016

Reviewed By: Shaw, Recommend:

I had both cat & dog insurance with Paws & Claws, recently made a claim for a bacterial skin infection that my dog had (300), they have paid up less the excess without any trouble but just received my new premium costs and they have gone up 55%, when I questioned it they told me that the government have increased the tax on pet insurance hence why my premium had gone up and that I had made a claim!! My cat insurance has also gone up 38% and I haven't even made a claim. I'll certainly be looking elsewhere but will struggle to get my dog covered for any skin problems if I move!!

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1/5   Disgusting!   15 February 2016

Reviewed By: Louise Barker-Tufft, Recommend:

I have submitted a claim for a super bug infection in my dog's paw for 660, so not peanuts, and they have said it is an existing condition as he has had dermatitis previously! Lol, even I know that the two conditions are not the same and I am not trained. I have complained and requested my vet to email them but, and this is the funny part, they will not accept an email unless it has the letter on their letter headed paper and is signed by the vet! I wouldn't mind but they state that they turn around claims within 5 days but it has been approx. 8 weeks for them to decline and now we are having to prove that they are in the wrong. My guess is that they decline everything then deal with it should the customer question them. I wonder how many poor souls just take their word for it. This company is a complete con and as soon as they pay the claim we are due, and believe me they will, I will be going to a decent insurer!!!!

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 also going through this how do you get hold of the ombudsman address

comment by: miss gauld, 31 August 2016
 Did you get anywhere with this? I have a similar case and I am about to take it to an ombudsman. Please let me know how you got on. Thanks, Linda

comment by: Linda, 28 July 2016
1/5   Bunch of con artists....avoid if you love your pet   18 August 2015

Reviewed By: Bess , Recommend:

Got a quote for my cat via compare the market,paws and claws came back reasonable not the cheapest, but middle,policy started beginning August I paid 2months upfront,set up dd for rest. 2days after taking out policy,my cat who has never had to go vets for illness shown symptoms of a uti,so I went vets who told me she had an abdominal mass. As this happened within the first 14 days I knew they wouldn't cover so requested to cancel. I heard nothing back ( thought I'd be under the cooling off period) Yesterday get an email saying despite all letters I am refusing to make payment of 10 and they will be referring me to debt collection agency. Confused I call up to have a rant I've paid 2 months and the next wasn't due til Sept. Got a smarmy guy who told me I'm being charged to cancel as im midterm,and it's administration fee,they are keeping my 2 months but there's a shortfall,hence the request for 10, i say it's been 2 days and I should have 14 days to cancel,to which he replies don't matter if you cancel after an hour you still pay 30 fee. Explained my pet was dying and I was looking at paying thousands in tests and he said so you are refusing to pay 10 today then,I will write that in the notes! What a complete and utter jerk,I've never paid anything like this on other pet policies and just checked the other company I used prior,no mention of a fee for cancellation within the 14 days,and I couldn't see it in terms and conditions until he resent it,and then it was that small and appears it's not the actual insurer who takes the fee but them as middleman! They don't care,go to reputable well known company,believe me wish I did

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1/5   Don't touch   6 August 2015

Reviewed By: Steve Brecon, Recommend:

This company is very corrupt, if you clam anything below 250 your premium will increase by 25% ... That's if it's an accident that will not recur. God forbid your animal gets a ongoing "lifetime" condition your premium increase is set at 250%. Best thing anyone can do is insure either PetPlan, yes the monthly premiums are higher but you will save in the long run if you need to claim. Also the letters that are sent are from UPP solicitors which charge them 6 per letter and although court is threatened it will never be taken this far. It will not be feasible to go to court for anything less than 500. Steer clear of the following companies underwritten and managed by UPP; Alan Boswell, Admiral, AA, bestfriends 4 life, Hastings, UPP, Purely pets, paws & claws, vet savers, Vetsure, the Green Insurance Company I hope this review helps avoid this company, however, if you are insuring use 10% discount code GENJXB007 Kind regards Steve

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1/5   Go with a reputable company   27 January 2015

Reviewed By: Dust, Recommend: N

May be worth doing if you take out level 4 or 5 but very expensive premiums & excess compared to much more reputable companies. Do yourself a favour and go for a well recommended defaqto 5 insurance company. Much better service, better etiquette and simple processes in comparison. I certainly will not be using Paws & Claws again in future.

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5/5   ODD!   7 January 2015

Reviewed By: Adam, Recommend: Y

no idea what other reviewers say! my Elmo got knocked over and so far has incurred 660 worth of bills.. i submitted partway to a claim to them and they sent an email back within days saying they would pay for the whole lot (less excess)! no probs!

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1/5   Rip off   18 December 2014

Reviewed By: M. D., Recommend: N

After being insured with them for a year and not making a single claim, they increased our premium by 74% - yes, you read it correctly 74%. Having noticed the increased direct debit after they renewed our policy I cancelled it straight away just after the payment went in. I was very surprised to see a bill from them for admin charges for cancellation of the policy.

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1/5   Check Small Print, be careful what you say   17 October 2014

Reviewed By: Nigel P, Recommend: N

I have just been left with a 1,400 vet bill so far. I changed to Paws and Claws in April of this year as they were cheaper than Direct Line. I wish I hadn't now. My vet transposed what I said to them, and put the start of a problem around when I joined Paws and Claws. I had actually been insured for nearly a month when our dog started with an eye problem. I hasten to add we have never claimed before for the dog, and she is 8 now. The point blank rejected the claim, and basically called me a liar. I attempted a review, but my vet couldn't remember the initial consultation discussions, so between them left me high and dry. Needless to say I cancelled the policy, and went back to Direct Line, and changed vets. Paws and Claws are still chasing the cancellation fee which I am not paying yet due to the inept and diabolical service.

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1/5   Check small print   24 September 2014

Reviewed By: J range, Recommend: N

Find Any loop hole possible not to pay out, then charge a years worth off cover for administration fees, document changes, pro rata cover so far if you want to cancel to go to a more reputable company! Leaving me with two options, both suiting them ! Stay and pay more, but worry in case anything happens Or keep paying and then have to get insured with a more reputable company who might pay out if you tried to claim.

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1/5   terrible service   21 August 2014

Reviewed By: david m, Recommend: N

never sent any documents or direct debit then got an email saying direct debit sent back to them and they would charge me an admin fee for their mistake , when i rang them i had to leave a message which promised a call back that never came ( 3 times ) when i did finally talk to them after ringing their number for quotes i was greeted by rude and arrogant staff , avoid like the plague very poor service , god knows what would happen if i had to make a claim

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5/5   Glad to have it   3 May 2014

Reviewed By: Harry L., Recommend: Y

After several trips to the vet, our Scotty had to have surgery. Happy to report that P&C covered the cost except for the excess. Not sure what we would have done without the cover.

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