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More Than pet insurance

Ceefa Deefa House
35 Friday Street

phone: 0800 300 885

Offer dog and cat insurance with several levels of cover: Accident only, Basic (12 Month cover), Classic (cover for accident and illness to a set limit for each condition) and Premier (Lifetime cover).

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Reviews of More Than pet insurance

1/5   Nil Service   9 December 2018

Reviewed By: W Glennie, Recommend:

Our cat has been insured with More Than since 2011. His insurance has risen by 50% since last year despite never having made a claim. We tried to contact a member of staff about this however after 3 attempts over a 45 minute period gave up. Ironically, we were contacted by an automated device to provide feedback. We are now exploring new pet insurers and will be cancelling our direct debit with More Than.

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2/5   Should come with high increase warnings!!!!   1 December 2018

Reviewed By: Sarah , Recommend:

After using more than for 14 years and covered 3 dogs!! Theyíve taken advantage of the 14 years Iíve been with them by increasing our month payments to an extra £63 per month making it £164 per month despite non of my dogs have any existing conditions one just happens to be 14 years old thatís their reason to increase it!! In all the years my dogs have only made 3 claims between all 3. Disgusting money grabbers donít recommend thereís so many cheaper companies offering the same for less

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1/5   AVOID AVOID AVOID   24 November 2018

Reviewed By: Kirsty, Recommend:

Wouldnt bother with these con men! Wont pay out for a policy and gives silly excuses. Disgusted in this company. Avoid avoid avoid

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1/5   Dont waste your money   4 November 2018

Reviewed By: Donz, Recommend:

Young dog age 4 one claim. Policy renewal over doulble prevoius premium. Called to challenge was told I would get a call back in 3 days over a week later still waiting. Needless to say I will be moving insurance companies.

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 Donz, So sorry to hear that your young dog is having health problems. May I suggest before you cancel your policy with More Than, submit a complaint to The Financial Ombudsman Service. You can do this by phone on 0800 023 4567. You would have to keep paying the premium until the issue is resolved which would take months but it is the only way to keep the complaint open.

comment by: Karen , 16 November 2018
1/5   Dalmation with alergies   15 September 2018

Reviewed By: Pippin, Recommend:

She is only 3, had numerous claims all settled, however premiums have increased considerably at each renewal documents just received up from £811 to £1988 per year, at my wits end, she needs ongoing medication and immunology treatment probably for life. We just cant afford nearly £2k plus next years uplift, what a horrible company and dilemma how to proceed with treatment.

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1/5   Would not advise   3 September 2018

Reviewed By: Simone, Recommend:

Was at the vet and referred to a veterinary hospital for heart problems. I called up More than to make sure that i would be covered. Afterwards I called up to chase the claim and was informed that if i have used a vet that wasn't on their list i would get a £200 fine, so i told them that i had called up in advance and no one told me about that. When i took out the insurance 3 and a half years ago there was nothing said that this would be the case. I was told by the vet hospital that this is a new thing, so when i got my policy renewal this March it was written in small print on the back of the renewal, but i only read the front bit because i wasn't aware that there were changes to my policy. i really should have paid the extra pounds to go with a better insurance after something similar happened to my boyfriend with a different policy and a different dog but the same poor company. he ended up with the Ombudsman agreeing with a compensation figure.

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3/5   Satisfied   19 August 2018

Reviewed By: Janelle Campos, Recommend:

Our dog Wally developed Lymphoma, the compassion we received from all the More Than advisers was amazing, helping us no end in a terribly sad time

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1/5   DONT USE MORE THA N!!!   16 August 2018

Reviewed By: Billy, Recommend:

More than were absolutely fine as insurance when my dog was young but when he got to10 my insurance went up to £82 a month. now heís 11 itís gone up to £183 a month! That isnít a misprint! He doesnít go to the vets very often. He has arthritis and has tablets daily but the tablets cost About £60 a month! And I pay an excess of about £20 a month. I am absolutely disgusted and appalled that they have put their prices up this high and it is obviously for one reason and that is to price me out! It is daylight robbery and they shouldnít be allowed to get away with it

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1/5   Donít use unless you are happy to pay ridiculous a   10 August 2018

Reviewed By: Stephen Fallowfield, Recommend:

Having received a renewal quote showing a 194% increase from last year I contacted Morethan to check if there had been a printing error Contact centre unable or unwilling to provide any information other than the quote reflects the ratings factor, the previous years claim and the adjustment from the first years discount - terrible service I then obtained a quote from another major insurer offering same cover for half the cost - Morethan didnít want to know or even attempt to match the price.

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1/5   Avoid!   1 August 2018

Reviewed By: Jan, Recommend:

I have just received my renewal quote, which is £307 per month up from £149 last year. My dog does have ongoing health issues, including diabetes, and is nearly st the £8k cut off. The excess has gone up from £75 to £150 and from 10% to 20%. I will soon have to pay for the insulin and needles at £150 per month on top of the premiums and excesses. I am seriously considering cancelling the policy and banking the premium costs. I would advise you to choose another insurer.

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1/5   Totally disgusted with More Than   31 July 2018

Reviewed By: A DISGUSTED CUSTOMER , Recommend:

I have been a loyal customer to More Than for 8 years with my pet insurance and this year they have seriously tried to mess me over by increasing my premium from £478.33 to a whopping £962.66 for just one years cover... the staff on the phone are complete airheads and all they can say is 'Oh, let me look at that for you' and then come back with a totally irrelevant answer to the questions that were asked...

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1/5   Absolute shocking company stay clear.   23 July 2018

Reviewed By: Liindsey, Recommend:

My Mum and Dad had pet insurance with this company, when their beloved dog passed away they still wanted money no sorry for your loss in the final letter or thanks for your custom. Think they need training in customer service and to be more sympathetic.

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Reviewed By: Bonnie, Recommend:

Do not use morethan pet insurance they reel YOU in with the price but what they fail to mention is even if the same condition you have to pay £100 excess on your policy plus 10% of final vet costs so for example my dog hurt her tail and it cost £180 i had to pay (new policy £75 excess pkus £9.77 which is the 10% the insurance company paid less then i did my dog now needs an operation on her tail as it didnt heal £150 i have to pay again for the same accident never known anything like it my other dog is with petplan i which i had done the same for my staff because i wouldnt be in the situation now AVOID AVOID AVOID

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1/5   Quote over &4600 a year for bone dog   19 July 2018

Reviewed By: Sue, Recommend:

We have just been quoted £374+ a month for renewal of our dog's pet insurance. Well over double last year's premium. No wonder the company are called More Than. We are told only £1000 is left to claim on a pre-existing illness and total vet fees of only £8000 will be paid out. That's less than half of what we will pay in insurance. On top of that we have an excess of £150 and 20%. We don't need all the add-ons that More Than seem to think are so valuable - just medical insurance. It seems More Than wish to recoup last year's claims - so are they an insurance company or a money lender? We can't switch companies due to the age of our dog and pre-existing illness so do we go it alone? Beware when choosing a pet insurance with reasonable fees when your dog is a healthy puppy. The fees will increase and it seems that the sky is the limit!

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1/5   Donít bother   12 July 2018

Reviewed By: Cooper, Recommend:

Do not be fooled by their initial low cost like me. I went for the life time cover which started off at £25pm. Year 2 was £50 pm and year 3 was £150!!! I canít afford to pay that each month so Iíve cancelled and will have to go elsewhere. I was foolish enough to go with them but please donít make the same mistake. Having looked elsewhere and read reviews, there are many insurers who donít triple your policy due to making a claim.

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2/5   quotes high   9 July 2018

Reviewed By: Annoyed Pet owner, Recommend:

Having had a 6 weeks free insurance with more than following adopting a rescue animal, I was given a quote by More Than to continue for a year. The quote was ok, but when the quote day ran out by one day, calling them was given a much higher quote. Refused and said going elsewhere. Looking on line I could get More Than insurance, for the same cover cheaper. What a rip off. Gone elsewhere now

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1/5   Unbelievable price hikes   25 June 2018

Reviewed By: Georgina Holdsworth, Recommend:

Our French Bulldog is 4 years old and we've only ever been insured through MoreThan. The premium started off at £38pm for their top cover. Year 2 was £80pm and year 3 was £123pm. I received the renewal through today for £232pm! We have claimed for an eye ulcer op, a couple of dermatology appointments as he chews his paws and medication. We made no claims in the last year. I am appalled that they are able to increase premiums year on year to such an extent and feel so justified in doing so. I wish we had never decided to go with them. Avoid at all costs.

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 We are having the same issue! went up from £156 to £295. whats the solution? Did you just renew the policy and continue with them?

comment by: Sandeep Dulai, 4 September 2018
1/5   Keeps going up   9 June 2018

Reviewed By: Gillian , Recommend:

The annual cost is doubled each year. Now stands at £70 per month for my 2 cats because Iíve claimed for them both last year for a few hundred pounds each. Spoke to an adviser but he was unable to tell me what they base the increases on, said itís their underwriter who does it and you canít call them. Morethanís sales tactic is to hook you by offering you a low introductory rate then double it every year thereafter until itís not worth keeping (mine started at £9 when kittens, now they are age 5).Itís seems underhand. I have cancelled it and will be looking at other companies but banking the £840 annual cost for future vet bills. Very poor business practice.

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1/5   Threatening letters   30 May 2018

Reviewed By: Alan Smith, Recommend:

I had dog insurance with more than for over 11 years. Premiums went up year on year despite not making a claim. This year up 25%. Total rip off and unjustifiable and clearly don't want older dogs. Despite paying my premiums up to date and cancelling my policy I am receiving threatening letters for money which I just do not owe. Appalling company. My advice is steer well clear....

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2/5   One operation, three excesses applied   11 May 2018

Reviewed By: Bob Keegan, Recommend:

My dog recently had an eight year check up and the Vet recommended removing some lumps and bumps that he had. They operated and took out five lumps that all came back benign, which was good. Morethan then questioned my Vet quite closely until they were able to ascertain that the five lumps fitted into three different categories, in their view, three "different conditions", so they applied the excess to each condition meaning that I got back less than a third of what I spent on the operation. One operation, three excesses. Ridiculous, don't you think? I had been reasonably happy with more than until recently when they put my renewal premium up considerably and then this. Rip off merchants.

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1/5   Prices hiking even with no claims   5 May 2018

Reviewed By: Richard Jones, Recommend:

Had insurance for 4 years with Morethan, the price has gone up and up, our dog is only 4 years old and its now just under £700 a year, up £200 from last year. Called to negotiate and they don't want to know - Just trying to make too much money in my opinion, I'm going elsewhere.

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 We have had our renewal through and we are shocked at how they have hiked up the premium form £750 to £ £1,500+ !!!!!

comment by: Jane, 30 May 2018
1/5   Priced out - More Than profiteering bar-stewards   23 April 2018

Reviewed By: Christopher, Recommend:

We've had our little Cava Tzuh insured with More Than for over 10 years. Apart from a cruciate ligament op as a puppy, we've never claimed until the last few years when he has developed a heart condition. The excess on each new claim has risen from £75 to £150. The 10% excess on each bill has risen to 20%. Our vets run a pet health club which gives you 10% off all meds... This used to offset the 10% excess from More Than, until the insurance company caught wind of this and insisted that the discount be passed to them. Cheeky side. Well we've almost maxed out the £8,000 limit so they won't be covering the heart condition any more, even so we've just had our renewal letter and the monthly premiums are going from £86 to £150. Plus on your annual renewal you have to pay an annual excess for each ongoing condition therefore, upon renewal they will expect a payment of over £450. It can't be done. I believe that they've deliberately done this because they don't want to cover him any more.. they've priced us out. It's absolutely disgusting!!! AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS

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1/5   Lifetime cover scam   16 April 2018

Reviewed By: Iain, Recommend:

My dog had an illness that cost a lot to heal, fair enough they paid out OK, but premium went from £40 per month to £180. Clearly no morals or care for pets, cynically treatment of their customer Base. Premium cover worthless when they increase premiums, feel utterly scammed by their lifetime cover which is totally worthless because only applies if you renew, which they deliberately make impossible.

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1/5   Disgusted   13 April 2018

Reviewed By: Joy Herdman, Recommend:

As the title says I am disgusted with this company.I have had my insurance claim declined today on the grounds of a so called pre existing condition. Well she did have her abdomen checked over in 2016 .No evidence of a hernia was found at that time but more than are claiming it could have been !!,

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1/5   Shocking!   11 April 2018

Reviewed By: Carrie Fade, Recommend:

Purchased full cover for the dog in year 1- £700... if you can afford it, you want the best for your best friend, right? Unfortunately, the dog had to have surgery end of year 1 which crossed over into year 2... understandable that the premium then went up, but it doubled to £1.4k and in year 3 doubled again... as £2.8k felt very painful, we reduced the cover and paid 2k - still a fortune but he did have surgery, so we just grinned and beared it. No claims for pretty much 2 years now and year 4ís premium just came through... £3.6k. Itís just mental. Now we have the pre-existing condition of hip displaysia on the horizon for the future.. it will eventually need meds and potentially surgery, so changing the insurer isnít ideal. They also get super aggressive in their letters if you donít renew immediately (I.E. youíre thinking about how to deal with this insane premium). Itís just not right. You canít keep doubling the cost every year!!

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1/5   Absolute Rip Off merchants   23 March 2018

Reviewed By: Boll the Cat , Recommend:

Our cat been insured with them for 16 years (bless the old boy). The insurance was gradually creeping up but we kind of absorbed it - this year they doubled it to 2.7K and changed the excess to a scandalous 20% on top of the fixed 150 and this for a pet with at best two 300 £ claims in last 8 years. Plain robbery - we now just bank the save and moved all our other insurance away. Daylight robbery

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1/5   More Than a Disappointment   17 March 2018

Reviewed By: Caroline, Recommend:

My little moggy has been insured with More Than since November 2008. Until November 2016 I had never issued a claim. The cat was healthy and happy until she suddenly became very ill one morning and was rushed into emergency with a kidney blockage which had killed the kidney. This kidney was removed. She barely survived this surgery but has since made great progress. She has been diagnosed with Idiopathic hypercalcemia which is being managed with special diet and medication. A second calcium deposit had been building in the remaining kidney but with diet and medication it has slowed down the growth and will no doubt buy her a couple of more years on this earth. After the surgery, More Than increased our insurance premium from £125 per year to £507.96. MORE THAN DOUBLE. This cat has one kidney left. When that kidney goes she will die or have to be put down. NO other health issues, her biochemistry is normal. More Than have just issued my renewal quote and it is now £1,386.73! This is coming from a company who are no longer insuring this specific condition as they have paid out the full £8,000. It is clear the insurer increased the premium to unfairly profit from me or deter me from renewing. I have spoken to More Than today and they refuse to issue the details of the ruling or supporting documents. I am transparent with all my documentation which states my cat's biochemistry is normal. This is a five star defacto rated company (HOW??), who clearly push out or profit from longstanding customers who dare to claim. A ten percent increase would be deemed fair and reasonable but with More Than it's all about profit. More Than a disappointment!

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 Thank you Margaret. There is no good reason for More Than to charge so much once a claim is made. It's disproportionate. They are focused on more mature home owners who will do anything for their pets. No one will be as attached to a house or car, they know pet owners will pay. Shame on them and this practice of theirs should be outed! Take your business elsewhere. More Than posted their 2016 profits of £655m. You think they could behave in a fair and reasonable manner when it comes… (read more)

comment by: Caroline Rodger, 29 March 2018
 Hi Caroline, I am so sorry to hear about your precious fur baby. I have had the same experience with More Than. I have a lovely 4 year old Lab called Domino and we started at £19 a month when he was a youngster. Because he has dermatitis in three years it has went up to £120! I have no respect for More Than and I will tell you why. The people in the call centres are lovely and claims have always been paid. However, I wrote to them a week ago and advised them where I had reduced cost greatly… (read more)

comment by: Margaret Young, 21 March 2018
1/5   Extortionate rise in price   17 March 2018

Reviewed By: M French, Recommend:

Whilst I urge everyone to have insurance for their dog with sufficient cover, I'd like to point out what happens when you make a claim. This is the renewal from More Than pet insurance £183.97 per month an increase of £100 per month after claiming. It already doubled last year from £43 to £86 & now they want £183.97 per month & that's with a compulsory excess of £75 & a voluntary excess of 10% of any claim. Wow!!

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1/5   153% Premium Increase Upon Renewal....   9 March 2018

Reviewed By: Jade, Recommend:

Short story: I have one of my cats insured with them as I was initially attracted by the relatively low price of their Premier Lifetime Cover. After making claims this year my monthly premium is 153% higher for next year! Long story: Unfortunately my cat developed ongoing stomach problems, diarrhea, weight loss... to start with I was mostly making small claims as the vets tried short courses of antibiotics, wormers, etc. All covered no problem. Small increases on each renewal, which was fair. This year the cat's insurance was £30 per month, which is much more than I pay through another insurer for my other cats, but seemed well worth it considering his ongoing health issues. However during the last year his condition got much worse and he had to be referred for more extensive tests, including ultrasound and hospitalisation fees he probably incurred treatment costs of around £1500+ this past year. Again More Than paid up (minus excess) without trouble. However like many other customers I was in for an eye-watering shock when I got the renewal paperwork for next year - PREMIUMS WENT UP FROM £30 TO £76 PER MONTH! That's a jump from an annual cost of £360 to £912 in one year! Clearly they plan on scraping back every penny they have paid over the next year or two. Fortunately the cat is improving rapidly, but I am now facing having to cancel his policy and the daunting prospect of covering uncertain future vet bills from my own savings, because 'pre-existing condition' exclusions mean no other insurer will cover him. Clearly More Than think this means they have me cornered and can charge what they like. Conclusion: I always thought insurance was a gamble where most pets stay well and the insurer makes money off the customer, vs a few pets who get ill and then the insurer pays out more than the customer. It seems with More Than they intend to make sure the customers ALWAYS pays more in the long run no matter what, so where is the incentive to buy insurance if you are always going to lose money in the end even if your pet gets ill? Other insurers such at PetPlan state that they will never increase your premium because you made a claim. How I wish I had put more weight on that feature when choosing my insurer!

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 My dog's insurance with more than has increased by 200%. Going from £120 to £360 next year. I have claimed for an MRI scan and treatment for a herniated disc. I'm now trapped with them as if it happened again and she needed surgery it would cost possibly £3000.

comment by: Amanda, 15 March 2018

Reviewed By: Lisa, Recommend:

More than have increased my policy from Ł20 to Ł176 for one dog. I have used the policy once and that was for a torn ligament. My dog has no health problems besides arthritis which I have never used the policy to claim for. They are a complete joke and tie you in until you can't get insurance elsewhere and then they increase your prices.

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3/5   Premium escalation with age   20 February 2018

Reviewed By: Judith, Recommend:

My 2 cats aged 10.3/4 yrs premium, having just reduced cover, will be just under £1,000. Original quote £1,279. If the 1k goes up at 50% p.a. by the time cats are 14.3/4 the premiums will have totalled £13,188. This would cover huge vet bills. Now have to decide whether to self insure instead of renewing. However More Than were excellent at paying claims. Maybe I'll pay up for one more year....

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