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More Than pet insurance

Ceefa Deefa House
35 Friday Street

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Offers several levels of cover.

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Reviews of More Than pet insurance

1/5   Shocking profiteering: premium up by almost 4x   2 June 2017

Reviewed By: Mark, Recommend:

Our renewal for accident only cover is nearly 4x what it was last year. When I phoned MoreThan to ask why, I was put on hold because the representative could not understand it either. When she came back to me, I was glibly told me it was 96 because this is the price for next year (!). When I pointed out for a second time that the premium is nearly 4x last year's and we have made no claim, I was told that the prices are 'system driven'. I presume that is MoreThan-speak for 'computer says no'. MoreThan could also not match the 58 which I was quoted on comparethemarket this morning for the same policy with them. Worse still, the small print of the renewal says that cruciate ligament damage is no longer included. My labrador has just turned 7 and has no history of any medical problems, bar a cut paw pad sustained due to a broken bottle in the woods (three years ago). I stopped taking full insurance last year because the premiums had gone up to 800-1,000 despite no medical problems with the dog. I think this is a repulsive example of profiteering by an insurance company.

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1/5   Shocked   31 May 2017

Reviewed By: Marta , Recommend:

I had insurance with them for 8 years for my cat, no claims at all, for a last few years they had doubled my premium almost by 100%, i called to cancelled the policy and woman from customer services seems happy i am leaving - she even did not try to offer anything to keep the client.....i do not recommend this company - they rip off the clients and seems to be proud of that - horrible customer service...

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1/5   Terrible   28 May 2017

Reviewed By: Sammy , Recommend:

Been paying for 6 years for my dog, had one claim of 500 at the beginning of the insurance which of course increased our monthly payment, but other than that nothing my dog had to have a c-section and her insurance is now void, we did not try and claim on insurance for the c section but our dog know longer has any insurance. Paid of 3k over the 6 years for them to just void it.

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3/5   dreadful hike in premium   28 May 2017

Reviewed By: Derek, Recommend:

our pet an 8 year old Staffy had a spinal clot which affected her hind legs. Vet hospital did scan cost 1200. thought would have to lose her but she made a full recovery.More Than paid out for this promptly. Renewal premium arrived and has gone up from 382 pa to 664pa, and we have been loyal to MoreThan for all these years.... disgraceful money grabbing

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1/5   More Than . . . . . a rip off   22 May 2017

Reviewed By: Tim, Recommend:

I have had my insurance since 2007 for my Border Lakeland cross. She developed a skin allergy last November I have currently made two claims of 75 and a 77 excess fee to get my money back. They take at least 6 weeks to pay the claims. They have now sent my renewal claim and it has risen from 426 p.a. to 741.33 p.a. because I have made multiple claims !!!! 2 for the same condition. TOTAL RIP OFF - STAY WELL AWAY. Got alternative quotes from 2 well known competitors and both offered less, with the allergy. I have also cancelled my Home insurance - they couldn't care less and refused to discuss other options. . . . .seems I'm not the only person who hates them

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2/5   Massive excess applied   20 May 2017

Reviewed By: James, Recommend:

Life time insurance, no missed payments. Sadly, my dog became ill with auto immune haemolytic anaemia and spent 2 weeks in hospital and eventually died. More Than then applied an excess of over 800 and refused to pay the cost of the dog, despite the fact that she was a young dog. The policy excess is set at 75. I'm extremely puzzled by the huge excess applied and More Than's refusal to pay the purchase cost. I will be taking this further.

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 I am looking to insure my 6 month old puppy with more than but since reading your comment I am having a rethink and going to check out reviews on other pet insurers.

comment by: Diane, 3 June 2017
5/5   Excellent company   22 April 2017

Reviewed By: Mrs Lee , Recommend:

I have had my Lhasa apso very ill since 2nd Feb he is know on the mend and my vets submitted Thier bill to More Than and it was paid without any dispute .. I've had no worries . More than have been excellent and i would highly recommend them ..

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 My dog has been insured with MoreThan for around three years unfortunately in 2015 she became most unwell and since the for the last two years she has suffered numerous illnesses some serious and costly.Up until now they have been most helpful but now my dog has several ongoing claims running at the same time MoreThan are attempting to combine two ongoing condition s into one claim. There is nothing in their terms and conditions that says you can only have limited conditions. I questioned this… (read more)

comment by: Ann tucker, 21 May 2017
1/5   Scandalous...not to be trusted   21 April 2017

Reviewed By: Pete, Recommend:

Had my Springer insured with Tesco for many years, when Tesco became too expensive, morethan offered a better deal. Worst mistake I ever made. This dreadful company said my policy started on 28th December. My poor dog started breathing rapidly on 9th Jan, so I was confident she was covered. Took her to the vets and unfortunately we had to have her put to sleep on 16th Jan. When I tried to claim, more than said my poor dog wasn't actually covered for 14 days after the policy start date 2 days after she started with the symptoms of what was to prove a terminal illness. We paid out well over 1000 in vets fees only to find that in the small print of the policy we weren't covered....absolute rip off. I have cancelled my home insurance with more than and would not trust this company or any of it's subsiduries. Be very, very careful with these people

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1/5   Absolutely shocking   18 March 2017

Reviewed By: Helen, Recommend:

My lab is only 3, he has ED since 7 months old, so the first year we did claim on X-rays and vets visits, so last years increase was around 400.00 to 700 odd, I have just my renewal today and it is now 986. How on earth can they get away with daylight robbery, we did not claim at all last year. In terms of paying out they are very good, but they are theiving greedy b******s, I would certInely never recommend them or if I had another pet would I use them.

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5/5   Amazing   16 March 2017

Reviewed By: Suzanne , Recommend:

MoreThan have been absolutely AMAZING for me and my two dogs! I have MoreThan premium cover for a 3 year old collie and a 9 1/2 collie x springwr, my premium went up about 10 last year which seems more than fair considering I claimed approximately 6500 in the previous year, after my youngest dog needed spinal surgery! I have had to claim multiple times for the same issue from 2 different vets and a physiotherapist. I have not once been questioned over anything, simply asked the vets to claim direct which they did and were paid promptly. The Physiotherapist wanted to be paid per session by me and then I claimed it back and MoreThan paid within about 2 weeks if each claim form. My premiums did increase a lot when My eldest turned 9, however having looked around this is completely normal as with age comes issues. My premium for both dogs covered with the premium cover which is a lifetime policy and pays up to 12,000 per year and costs 47 per month, this was about 37 last year but after such a huge claim with no issues I believe this was reasonable, also consider if this was car insurance it would have shot up by extremely more. I have always found staff on the phone, helpful, polite and caring! I have no issue in recommending MoreThan pet insurance!!!

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2/5   What are the good for? Absolutely nothing   23 January 2017

Reviewed By: Terri Berg, Recommend: N

I have had my 2 dogs and (now deceased) cats with More Than for many years. They used to be great but not any more. I moved one of my whippet insurance s in December 2016 to another company as More than upped the cost by 70%. The new premium for my healthy 8 year old lurcher just increased from 840 in 2016 to 1122,50 for 2017. In 2015 the annual cost was 494. I will not be renewing with More Than. I tried calling them to discuss the whys and wherefores today - after hanging on to the usual 'we will be with you shortly...' I hung up. Tried again later, another 10 minutes - no answer. I recommended More Than to a friend early in 2016 for her teacup Yorkie puppy. 6 months later his testicles had not descended and the vet recommended removing them as he could get health problems and potentially die. The cost was 420 and More would not meet any part of the claim. In small print on page 39 it is excluded. What do they cover - not a lot if they can get away with it.

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 Just received ny renewal through and it has increased again from last year 2016 which just below 600.00 l complained then and was told it was due to his age 4 1/2 and that l had made a claim in 2013 - complained and got know where - renewal for this year arrived yesterday and gone up again now to 801.67 they have said they have had increased policy and that l made a claimfor just under 60.00 last year theyntokd me that from taking a policy out this will increase year by year regardless of… (read more)

comment by: Bernadette Evans, 17 March 2017
1/5   Kennel / minder fees not paid   9 January 2017

Reviewed By: George, Recommend:

total knee replacementr, 3 days in hospital, 6 weeks at home for rahb and guess what? zero from MoreThan. Classic policy requires min 4 dyas in hospital and does not pay for kennelling during rehab. Let them spend a month with a new knee trying to work round a 3 year old golden retriever male!! That's 105 per week. They may be cheap but they are limited.

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1/5   Massive renewal increases despite no claims   7 November 2016

Reviewed By: Duncan, Recommend:

In 3 years it has increased from 396.72 to 578.52 to 753.89 annual premiums for lifetime cover over 3 years. That is a 32% and then 24% increase each year! Wow! We have not made a single claim in that time and there is no justification for it.

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 John Lewis were the same and again told that cheaper policies for new customers - not giving them the chance to increase it again next year! Went up 18 per month - was offered a 20 voucher to stay with them - will save more than at in 2 months elsewhere!!

comment by: Jacqui, 15 November 2016
1/5   renewal rip off,BIG TIME   26 October 2016

Reviewed By: Mrs Allison Spink, Recommend:

DO NOT renew your pet insurance with more than,my renewal just came through in the post,shocked on the increase from last yr so went onto website as a new customer,all details identical to existing policy,shocked,over 130 less,rang company to ask how this could be,but couldnt match it!!!!!!. i told the lady that i would renew online and not carry on existing,she said that was thing to do. NO LOYALTY at all to existing customers. GET A GRIP more than!!!!!!

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 Same with me last 3 years "more than" premium renewal up %30 each year no change in circumstances apart from my dogs age 3 to 6 as the above says you have to challange the renewal every year.

comment by: Geoff West, 28 December 2016
 I'm with Tesco pet insurance and they did the exact same to me and i was advised to put it through as a new customer. its stupid! when i told them the price i saw online as a new customer, the response i got was, "that's for new customers only". companies need to start treating their existing customers better!

comment by: Lucy, 31 October 2016
2/5   Rip off on renewel   17 October 2016

Reviewed By: Barry, Recommend:

Have had good service but how renewals have been a con Insured as a pup 340 pound on line .First renewel 609 latest renewel has now gone up to 725. I checked on line 436 Can't understand why the difference so I. Phoned more than to ask why just got a load of waffle .you are held to ransom because any claimed you have made and I Made one for a anal gland problem at 470) it will be classed as pre existing and won't be covered. If you change your provider .k

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5/5   Excellent in ever way. Very very highly recommend!   30 September 2016

Reviewed By: Charlotte , Recommend:

MoreThan have been absolutely fantastic over the years. We had two dogs, sadly now one, but MoreThan have been great. We took the policy out in October 2014, then in February 2015 my dog had a very expensive claim for spinal issues at over 7k. The claims process was easy, even though we used our local vet and a specialist, MoreThan dealt with both directly and there was no stress for me at all. Just completed one form and MoreThan did the rest with the vets. Then our renewal came around and I was very pleasantly surprised at the increase considering we'd made such a big claim in the first year. So we renewed, and had two more claims in the second year. Again the claims were easy and stress free. Sadly the last claim also included euthanising our boy due to his ongoing spinal issues. I expected to pay another 75 excess as it was a new claim than year, but to my surprise we didn't have to as it was treated as an ongoing condition from the previous year. MoreThan also refunded 90 due to cancelling one of our dogs on the policy, despite having several large claims. Just received the renewal for our other dog and again it has gone up slightly as expected. Not by that much, but it is cheaper to get a new policy online as she doesn't have any ongoing conditions (just a claim for a tummy bug last year). MoreThan said it was fine to cancel and take out a new policy to get a cheaper rate, so this is what I've done. MireThan are very very highly recommended and will continue to renew with them. Very happy!

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2/5   Price Increase of 60 in 2nd year + with no claims   8 August 2016

Reviewed By: Exacerbated with Pet Insurance, Recommend:

I took out a policy for my year old Chihuahua and, despite not having make a claim the next annual premium went up by nearly 60. I was told it was because they have to increase the amount as an animal ages (my dog went from being one to Two years old!), so what will it be like when she is five, or seven or ten? I'm going to see if I can swap over to another company such as Pet Plan as my cats premiums actually reduced in the second year, despite a large claim.

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5/5   5/5 Fantastic   21 June 2016

Reviewed By: A Clark, Recommend:

My saint bernard was unfortunetly diagnosed with severe epilespy from the age of 1. He suffered really bad seizures and was on 30+ tablets on a bad day. This was extremly stressful and upsetting for us and More Than took some of that stress away with their understanding and efficient manner. Saint only lived until he was 2 and half as his body couldnt cope with all the medication. Sadly the vet decided we had to put him down, which More than paid for and also sent us a cheque for what we paid for Saint. We did have the premium cover which was 74 per month, however the medication was way more than 74 per month along with blood test, scans etc. Couldnt recommend them enough.

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2/5   Fine for claims - gouge you on renewal   6 June 2016

Reviewed By: Rich T, Recommend:

Two 3 year old dogs insured, 1 mongrel, 1 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Claimed ~500 for the spaniel when he poked his eye, and then had to have some teeth removed. Slight issue in payment as they wanted his whole medical history, even though they were told he was a rescue, but was eventually paid after a couple of phone calls. Renewal after just the first year has now doubled to 861, pointless claiming as they're just wanting it back in 2nd year! Will be cancelling and moving elsewhere.

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 I know exactly what you mean my renewal has gone up 42 .. It was 58 now a whooping 99 with 150 excess .. They are totally ripping us off.. It's discusting that they think they can do this .. I think they should be regulated.. I don't rate more than, for there big rip off renewal prices..

comment by: Denise, 2 August 2016
1/5   Rip off   27 May 2016

Reviewed By: Rachel, Recommend:

I took More Than's premium life time cover insurance out for my puppy last year. It cost 357, more than most but the reviews were good. However when it came to renewal this year they had put the cost up by more than 70% to 609. I had one claim for an xray. I would not recomend them.

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1/5   Won   16 April 2016

Reviewed By: Lisa, Recommend:

we took out a premium dental insurance for my Maltese. They refused to pay out the claim we had for his teeth extraction claiming it was a pre existing condition. I fail to understand how it could be a pre existing condition as you can't extract the same teeth twice. I even called ahead of the treatment being performed to confirm that this was covered. Whilst they couldn't absolutely confirm, they did indicate that this should be covered. After chasing them for weeks for my claim, I received a letter in the post saying they couldn't pay it out because it was pre existing. I am done with them. I cancelled the insurance immediately after 2 years.

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5/5   Great Service. Helpful staff   8 April 2016

Reviewed By: Paula Clewlow, Recommend:

Cannot fault More Than with my pet claim. Was referred to a specialist cancer vet. More Than agreed to let vet claim direct and this meant my dog had an appointment sorted and booked same day I was referred to be seen 3 days later. Have teceived a letter less than a week later to say they are paying bill in full

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1/5   Huge increased premium   20 March 2016

Reviewed By: Paul, Recommend:

My black Labrador is ten and a half and has high blood pressure. I've claimed about 1500 in a year for vets fees and tablets. This was after paying 90 excess and 20%. The renewal has come through and they want to charge me 1400 a year! Basically it means the high blood pressure effectively isn't covered as I'll be claiming my own money back! What to do?

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 I have been a Morethan customer for years and had been happy with them till recently. Their customer service has taken a real nosedive....they take ages to repay any claims and I was shocked that my premiums have increased dramatically over the past couple of years...for having a young crossbreed my premiums have gone from 9 a month to now 40 a month (she has a condition I claim around 100 a year for) . I am shocked and very disappointed in them ....I won't be insuring any more animals with… (read more)

comment by: Mandi miller, 20 May 2016
 I was with More Than for about about 8 years. Started at 15 per month for my miniature dachshund. Ended up last year at 119 per month! Excuses throughout of London vet prices, age of dog, etc. What rubbish! I cancelled my insurance and went to Lifetime Pet Cover, 34.95 per month for cover up to 10,000 per year! Regrettably I have had to make a claim but they were very swift and fair.

comment by: Jane Carroll, 30 March 2016
2/5   Rip-off renewal, avoid!   19 March 2016

Reviewed By: Tango, Recommend:

I've been with More Than for a few years and I had to make a claim for the first time ever when my cat became unwell in December `15. More Than sorted out my claim efficiently and I got back everything I was due to get back, around 175.00. However, as soon as my renewal for 16/17 appeared, the premium had rocketed up by almost 100%! I phoned More Than for an explanation and they couldn't give me one, instead offering a measly 10 reduction over the course of the year. Needless to say, I'll be shopping around.

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 Completely agree with a few of the recviews on here. Have been with More Than for a few years. Premium started at 31 just had renewal and is now 69!! Ridiculous price increase bearing in mind I made one very small claim (ripped dew claw 150) over 18mths ago! Not happy and will be going elsewhere. More Than... your loss!

comment by: SL Wood, 9 May 2016
1/5   Premium Hike   24 February 2016

Reviewed By: Garfield, Recommend:

Have to agree with other customers.I have not made a claim on this policy,but the premium has jumped up massively 45%. Been with them 7 years. WILL BE LOOKING ELSEWHERE

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5/5   Made a cold, wet day bright and sunny!   4 February 2016

Reviewed By: Doris Aitken, Recommend:

I don't have Pet insurance with More Than but have had my home contents insurance with them for many years. Although only ever made one claim was very satisfied with the outcome. When renewing my content insurance on Tuesday last I was asked if I was interested in taking out other cover car, pet etc. I said Tam my crazy but lovable collie dog has a chronic back problem and therefore, from experience with previous pet insurer, knew premiums would be high....and whatever problem arose would be attributed to his back injury. The operative, Amanda I think? asked me what the problem was with his back. When I explained that he was a rescue collie and while we knew nothing of his history, the Vetinary Hospital has diagnosed him with chronic pain in his back with spine and hip slightly fused, probably as a result of a severe beating prior to us rescuing him. There was no pressure put on me to take out insurance and Amanda expressed sympathy for Tam. Today, much to my surprise and Tam's delight we received a package from PetPresents containing treats and toys. At first I thought it was an expensive promotion by PetPresents but, only after I looked at the back of the card that came with it did I see it was a More Th>n card containing a lovely message from Amanda. A lovely gesture that made my day and Tam's too. A big thank you from me and Tam ra collie dug!

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1/5   On going battle   27 January 2016

Reviewed By: Ann A, Recommend:

I am currently having my own battle with More Than as a recent claim for my dogs treatment resulted in a less than satisfactory settlement. I expected to pay the first 70 and 10% of the remaining vet's bill but found that I had been charged 2 x 70 plus 10%. I have lifetime cover for my girl and charges are automatically deducted so there were no missed payments. Many long and tedious calls over several months to More Than resulted in apologies and confirmation that 'the matter would be resolved' hasn't. I have now spoken to over seven different operatives some of who began to say that the charges are right and I have been charged 70 twice because treatment given spanned my 1 st October policy repayment date (treatment lasted from end of Sept to early October....10 days in all) yet my policy document confirms that I have 12 months cover per illness. I have now passed my complaint onto the Ombudsman who seems to think that I am right to take it further. I will try to report back when/ if things get sorted.

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 after a claim total circa 1000 my monthly cost has gone up an extra 100 its a joke I cant understand how morethan can get away with forcing their customers out because they dont like the risk anymore advise use a respectable insurance company... more fool me for believing there claims

comment by: kd, 26 April 2016
1/5   complete rip off merchants   18 January 2016

Reviewed By: andy ross, Recommend:

premium nearly doubled to 975 p/yr redicclous amount and a complete rip off,all they want is ALL the money back that has been claimed for.I WILL NEVER use them again.the excuse= oh well she is a yr older now.

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 I always phone them an find the premiums drop 20% before the call has ended

comment by: Ricrhard, 2 February 2016
3/5   Paid out for accident but renewal up by 83% !!   7 January 2016

Reviewed By: David Stone, Recommend:

My dog dislocated her wrist and required treatment over a couple of months which totalled over 1000. More Than paid out without any quibble so I can't complain about that. Renewal letter came in two days ago with premium up from 275 for the year to over 500 (approximately 83% increase!) plus my excess increases from 75 to 150 when she turns 9. Justification - one year older and claim made. I can accept there would be an increase year on year but 83% (plus the pending excess increase) is a disgrace. Spoke to a suitably vague "customer satisfaction advisor" and was basically given the brush off. Will be shopping around and just have to accept the wrist will be classed as pre-existing. Very disappointed in their renewal.

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2/5   raised quite a bit on renewal   15 December 2015

Reviewed By: Rachel davies, Recommend:

insured my bulldog with more than when she was a few months old and was very happy.. year later a letter arrived for a new policy and it's gone up quite a bit considering I've never had to claim. I phoned to notify them she has been spayed since the last policy but they said it makes no difference to the price. I enquired why it's gone up so much their excuse was she's a year older (she's only 1). I decided to stay with them this year hoping that being a loyal customer it won't go up by much next year and they'll take into consideration she is spayed now. will be shopping around before the next renewal incase though.

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2/5   Raised the price a lot and took out info on cat   25 November 2015

Reviewed By: Teresa, Recommend:

We had our cat insured with them, but for only a year. We decided to change for a few reasons: - They would have renewed the insurance if we didn't notify them, which I don't like. Had I forgotten, I'd have had to stick with them. - They raised the premium a lot the second year - we didn't make a single claim. - When we got the letter saying that we needed to notify them if we didn't want to renew, we realised that they had changed a couple of details; we specified that she's been spayed and has a chip, but on their renewal letter they had her down as not chipped and not spayed. Clearly this would affect the price, so we weren't pleased. You might consider them for the first year if you're tight on money, but keep an eye on how much you're going to pay the following year. As they did with us, you might find that they'll try to barter when you call them to cancel, but I find that irritating too, so I changed to Petplan which offered us more features and for a lower price.

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