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Pet Insurance for Miniature Schnauzers
Miniature Schnauzers can suffer from health problems that include cataracts, epilepsy, diabetes, urinary stones and allergies.

Recent Reviews of pet insurance from Miniature Schnauzer owners:

STAY CLEAR Luna, 10/16/2017

My cover had restrictions placed on it from missinformation provided by my vets. I will not be renewing my insurance as they all find some excuse not to pay out.STAY CLEAR.DO NOT USE

Company: helpucover   Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Impressive company SJ, 8/17/2017

Our premium went up 28% for a 3 yr old with no claims, ever! Moved to lifetime cover as impressive premium and hoping renewal in 12 months will be appropriate.

Company: Lifetime Pet Cover   Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
service level is very very bad Robert Burnett, 6/19/2017

This companies service level is very very bad, extremely so!. Just take a look at the other reviews below they pretty much sum up the level of service you can expect. My advice would be to get your insurance from another provider. Do not judge this company by the service level you get when taking out a policy. At that time they are very attentive and bend over backwards to gain your custom. However, when you make a claim and really need the good service they are lacking. In my experience they continually use delaying tactics in order to draw out the claims procedure. I can't remember the number of times they have told me that the volume of claims or the workload is so high that they are behind and will deal with my claim as soon as possible. Surely, if that's the case then the obvious answer would be to employee more staff, pay overtime or take some other action to reduce the backlog. If business is that good then they should be able to afford it. When it comes to you paying your premium I bet they wouldn't accept excuses like that for late payment!. Whilst they do actually answer the phone quite promptly and will tell you what is going on with your claim. You never get through to someone who can actually make a difference. I seems the call centre staff are mainly there to make excuses for the back-room staff dealing with the claims or payments. If you send an email requesting information or help they do not always reply. For instance I sent an email asking if they had received my claim form but got no reply until I sent a recorded delivery letter. Also, I email a request for confirmation of the amount they had assessed the claim to be and when it would be paid but got no reply. I can't understand why I didn't get an acknowledgement that my claim had been received until I actually asked for one in writing (time wasting I guess). I can't understand why they took more than two weeks from receiving my claim to actually review it (more time wasting). I can't understand why reviewing it took so long (over a week time wasting again) and then once complete it had to be sent up the hierarchy to be signed off (another time wasting exercise). At that stage you think you're getting somewhere but NO!. Instructions then have to be given to the payments department who then take another two weeks to set up a payment which then takes another 3-5 days to get to your account. All in all this company is very frustrating to deal with and is clearly expert in time wasting and delaying tactics. In my view most claimants want to get what they are due under the contract promptly, they don't want to be out of pocket having to borrow money in order to get by until they are paid by the insurance company. Also, a couple of things to bear in mind when deciding which company you go with: 1. Premiums for this company start very low with a young dog making it look very competitive. But once they have you hooked they ramp up the premiums year by year (as do other insurers) till eventually you've been suckered into paying one of the highest premiums in the market. 2. The standard excess is one of the highest in the market (if not the highest), currently 244 + 20% of the remaining balance of any claim. Clearly, I've lost all trust in this company providing an acceptable level of service. So I will be looking else where for my pet insurance.

Company:   Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Really helpful advisors Margaret , 5/10/2017

I can't comment on a claim as with other reviews I have only just taken out cover for my 7year old Daisy but after reading some of the the other reviews which have had to claim I think I have definitely made the right decision

Company: Lifetime Pet Cover   Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Avoid this Company Ann, 3/9/2017

Animal friends refused to pay out when my beautiful Molly was diagnosed with pancreatitis and passed away suddenly while in the care of the vet. They said that because I'd taken Molly to the vet 11 months previously with diarrhea, that she had a pre-existing condition, despite the fact that she hadn't been diagnosed. I have since found out from my vet that this company is well known for not paying out claims. I have now cancelled the other two policies that I held with them for my other dogs. Don't make the same mistake as me.

Company: Animal Friends   Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Uncertain Jean, 2/27/2017

I was just about to make my first claim of 190 but am wondering now if it's better not to bother as they will increase premiums next year . My dog is 18 months old and I currently pay 29 p month

Company: John Lewis   Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Rip Off Lifetime Policy Jill Holland, 10/8/2016

Having looked for new insurance last year I found Asda as a competitive policy, read it through and took it out, Made one claim in February for pancreatitis (stomach complaint) policy has just come for renewal and its over double. I called to ask why it had gone from 16.50 per month to 33.50 per month to be told that my dogs category was now classed as a higher risk. What they mean is now i'm tied in and cant go anywhere else in case he gets another stomach complaint (becomes a known condition, which wont be covered by another insurer) they can charge me what the hell they like. I've got another dog with the co-op and although he's now diabetic and will be poorly forever they only increased my policy by 8% this year. Well done Co-Op you are brilliant. Asda you are criminals and everybody should know it.

Company: ASDA   Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Apalling Service Kevin McDonald, 9/14/2015

My poor dog has been ill in recent months, firstly with a digital cyst, than the removal of a non cancerous lump and then pancreatitis. Pets at Home Insurance wriggled out of paying every on one technicalties linked to pre-exisiting conditions They are out and out rogues who I am about to report to the Ombudsman. Their customer service is shocking. Waiting on hold for 40 minutes is fairly standard and the staff appear to be unqualified and fairly useless only providing generic information. You can never get through to an assessor or manager.

Company: Pets at Home   Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Comprehensive coverage Kelvin Chell , 8/28/2015

I was recommended to the company by a work colleague. I found the advisor I spoke to very helpful, knowledgeable and not pushy. The quote I was given was cheaper than other companies and gave more also. I had no hesitation in taking out the policy.

Company: Lifetime Pet Cover   Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Rubbish Dont use unless yoiu want to waste money Jill Holland, 8/27/2015

I insured one of our miniature schnauzers with this company but did forget about 18 months previous he went to the vets with a gastric bug. I put in a claim in May 2015 as he was so poorly and pooing pure blood I had no choice but to take him to the vets. It turned out he had a tummy infection and it cost nearly 250 to put tight. I submitted the claim which was refused in full as I had not declared his previous tummy bug (Infection is something completely different) but they would not pay a penny and have now put clause on his policy no tummy related issues will be covered. Well lets face it most things with daogs are in there tummy so there is no point in being insured with them. RUBBISH and a complete waste of money

Company: helpucover   Breed: Miniature Schnauzer


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