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Marks & Spencer pet insurance

Marks and Spencer
Kings Meadow
CH99 9FB

phone: 0800 731 4280

M&S provide three levels of insurance cover: Premier, Standard or Essential cover.

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Reviews of Marks & Spencer pet insurance

1/5   Avoid - Argos is so much better   10 September 2018

Reviewed By: Tammy Davies , Recommend:

Iím a responsible dog owner. I always have my dogs vaccinated, neutered, microchipped and they receive any vetinery treatment they need. Iíve recently had to have one of my dogs put to sleep when he suffered from heart failure. The medication and euthanasia cost £622 and M&S have refused to pay out. Iíve never known anything like this as Argos have always paid out the full amount claimed- no questions asked. I have been absolutely devastated at the death of our dog and this was just the final blow after a terrible few weeks. I think M&S need to get their priorities right. For a business that can afford to pay staff to take your bras off you, walk you to the changing room and then give them you the bras back in their stores, they seem reluctant to pay out when it really matters to their customers. Extremely disappointed. Will never use M&S again for anything.

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2/5   penalises owners whodo the correct thing and spay   26 August 2018

Reviewed By: lorraine Banks, Recommend: N

This review relates to Marks and Spencers pet insurance which is underwritten by Royal and Sun Alliance. Disgusted that this company penalises responsible pet owners who following vets advice do the right thing and spay their dogs.They charge £50.00 extra per year as they say spayed dogs make more claims!!!!No other insurance company does this which surely if it is true they would do?To make matters worse I have informed them every year that our dog has been spayed and every year they have said it does not affect the policy however this year on informing them their paperwork was again incorrect up went the amount the complaints lady even had the breath taking audacity to say I was lucky that they were not backdating the amount for the last 6 years. The initial advisor I spoke to even seemed shocked. In this current climate where there are so many unwanted puppies HOW DARE they do this, Marks and Spencers should hang there heads in shame to have their name associated with this disgusting charge,we have to stay with them as our dog is elderly but we will never ever recommend them or any other company that is underwritten by ROYAL SUN Alliance and shall shortly be moving our other pets to another insurer that has more morals and does not charge extra for spayed pets.

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1/5   AVOID   9 August 2018

Reviewed By: Jennifer Lewsey, Recommend:

I swapped to M&S Pet Insurance when I got my second dog as they offered a competitive price for more than 1 dog. Some 3 years later when my Brittany Spaniel had to have x/rays on his legs and was diagnosed with osteo arthritis. I submitted my claim to M&S for the cost of the X/Ray and the medication prescribed, Metacam. I was informed by M&S that my claim had been refused because Alf, my Brittany Spaniel, had previously been diagnosed with soft tissue damage. I explained that the breed is energetic and that I as a runner suffer from soft tissue damage but do not have arthritis. My vet has submitted a report saying that the previous soft tissue damage did not relate to a diagnosis of arthritis but M & S have replied with "In most cases soft tissue damage end up with a diagnosis of arthritis, therefore your claimed has been refused". When I added the soft tissue damage was only diagnosed on the left but X/Rays were bilateral so I would expect a contribution, M & S relied you will have to submit a new application. I am still fighting their decision but feel I am just being fobbed off each time I call. Would definitely NOT recommend

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1/5   Useless - avoid. Worst customer service   30 July 2018

Reviewed By: Craig, Recommend:

My poor dog had to be put to sleep after short illness. Since then ( over 4 months) still awaiting payment or response from insurance- they claim they have not received paperwork from vet and asked me- the paying upset customer to chase!! I copied in my vet who said they had previously sent paperwork and scanned copy as proof. Appears M&S insurance is full of jibsworth penpushers who have no skill at apathy towards grieving pet owners. We have 2 other dogs (1 bought after dad death of our beloved Molly) and will not be using M&S insurance again. Iím adfitiom gave house and car insurance with them which I will be promptly moving as well

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1/5   14 days of no claim   11 July 2018

Reviewed By: Andy Dawes, Recommend:

signed up mid April... claimed mid May after my dog had blood tests... but seems fact my vet mentioned my dog might have been showing the issue for 2-3 weeks which took us into the 14 day NO CLAIM area so wont pay .. what is point of the insurance? charge you for 365 days but will only allow claims for 351 days..

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1/5   Awful.... Avoid avoid avoid   24 June 2018

Reviewed By: David, Recommend:

My dog was diagnosed with cancer at 8 years old. Checked my policy thinking we had £4000 of cover only to find it was £1000 per condition. Ended up having to fork out over £4000 of my own money seeing they only paid £910 after excess. My dog was 9years and 2 months old when he died. They wouldn't even pay towards his cremation as he has passed the 9 year mark. Best of it was after he died and I cancelled policy they sent a letter saying I owed them another £6. Total joke.... Avoid at all costs!!!

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1/5   FAIL   23 May 2018

Reviewed By: James lee, Recommend:

NO WONDER M&S IS FAILING Ė ITS INSURANCE & SERVICE IS TERRIBLEÖ Please think twice before buying M&S pet insurance. My dog needed itís tail removed because it was damaged. They confirmed that the operation would be covered under the insurance so I went ahead with the operation. They have now informed me that Iím not covered and I have to pay over £1000 in vet bills. I would never of proceed with the operation if I wasnít covered. Disgraceful. No wonder M&S is doing so badly Ė it used to pride itself in its customer service. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND M&S FOR PET INSURANCE..

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1/5   M&S Won't Pay Up   18 March 2018

Reviewed By: Mac Menzie, Recommend:

Took out insurance on a Cocker pup with M&S 2016. Renewed October 2017 for 3/11/17 start. Dog had stomach upset and taken to the vet 2/11/17 and subsequent visits and treatment. Total cost £738. M&S refused to pay up as within 14 days cooling off period of renewal. Very angry and will never use again. Sent to Ombudsman.

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1/5   Woeful customer service and threatening letter   15 March 2018

Reviewed By: Sue, Recommend:

Absolutely disgusted with m&s bank! Had pet insurance for our dog for a number of years and sadly had to have him put to sleep on 22 December 2017. Rang and told them of this and was advised to cancel direct debit. Today Iíve received a letter advising we owe them £170 and are now subject to a default notice!!!! Never claimed a penny over the years and paid in excess of £50 per month. Come on m&s whereís your compassion

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2/5   not very impressed   12 March 2018

Reviewed By: david, Recommend:

my dog had swollen ear took him to vets they said he needed to have an op had this done £570 he is fine now paid bill and put in claim to marks spencers pet insurance 16th February 2018 I have been with them for a few years, only made one other small claim .it is now March 12th phoned up to see how much longer before they would pay me only to be told that i was not recognised on their system yet I have a standing order with them which goes out on 1st of month every month .After many more calls i was told they would have to pass it on to higher person in complaints department but this could take yet another 3 days before she could get back to me. so basically they are taking money out of my account for a policy which they do not recognise which in anybody's eyes is fraud, i do hope they resolve this matter very quickly before we go down the legal road to resolve this. I took out M & S pet insurance because i thought that least they are a good company I do not want to be proved wrong so I hope they resolve it fast

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1/5   2 x excess for single op!   23 February 2018

Reviewed By: Emily, Recommend:

My lab had an op to remove two lumps, I have been charged 2 x my £200 excess canít believe theyíve classed it as two claims just because the lumps have come back different one lipoma and one hamartoma. Ridiculous how they can get out of paying and probably theyíll put my premiums up this year to cover the amount theyíve paid out. Been a customer for over 8 year wonít be renewing and certainly wonít recommend 😡

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1/5   WHAT A CON   10 January 2018

Reviewed By: SARA VALLARD, Recommend:

Absolutely disgusted with M&S pet insurance. Been with them almost 12 years now with 2 dogs. 1 we had to let go to sleep in December, never claimed for him, his sister has had diabetes since march 2015. Daily injections of insulin & 2 monthly blood tests because of her age at 9. You pay £90.00 excess & they claim back 20% of our claim for her. Fair enough I thought when she hit 9. But where in the policy book does it say that now Lola is 11 years & 10 months old you can put her insurance up from £787.87 last year to £1,275.37 - a rise of £492.87 + £90.00 excess & 20%. What a con.

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1/5   M&s waste of time and money   11 November 2017

Reviewed By: Joanne, Recommend:

Disgusting. My Jack Russell torn her left cruciate. Long story short m&s are refusing to pay the bill as the loophole says it's connected to the one she ruptured last year. Waste of time.

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1/5   Unjustified increase   6 November 2017

Reviewed By: Tracy, Recommend:

Don't touch them. Have been with them for 8 years. 2 small claims. Now he's 9 premiums have doubled because of risk regarding previous claims that won't happen again because he's been neutured. STAY AWAY.

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2/5   M&S Dog cover   12 October 2017

Reviewed By: An Owner, Recommend:

i took out M&S premier cover on our rescue dog, she was 4 yr old then. The first year's the cover was £26.50 p/m. which seemed fine. However it turns out that our dog has allergies so needed to be tested and have a monthly injection ever since. Our premiums are set to go up to £176.32 per month from Dec. I have done a bit of analysis and the avg percentage increase year on year is 38%. M&S now seem to want us to pay almost 7 times our starting premium.So that's from £318 in the first year to £2115.29 in the 5th year - that's quite an increase. I'll be looking elsewhere. Otherwise if my dog lives to 12yrs and there's a 38% increase between now and then...... i'll be looking at over £7,000 in premiums and approx £600 a month.What other insurance costs so much or goes up so much?

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 In the same boat .. my 9 year old standard poodle also has allergies and needs monthly injections, which I give him. He has no other issues and has only ever been insured with M&S on the Premier plan. I checked my bank today as I didnít get a renewal letter this time and Iím shocked his premium has just increased to £251 per month, thatís £3022.00 for the year, up from £2300 last year. The treatment costs are £500 per year, not sure what the insurance covers apart from an outrageous… (read more)

comment by: Jackie, 14 November 2017
3/5   Good service but expensive   10 October 2017

Reviewed By: Angela, Recommend: Y

My dog has been insured with M&S for years. In 2013 he was diagnosed with Primary Lens Luxation and had to see a specialist. So the good points... M&S were brilliant, friendly, helpful and paid the vet direct very efficently. The bad... My premiums have gone through the roof, last year it was £980 and my latest renewal is £1385 per annum. However, they did pay out £1800 over the past year, so in the end who is to blame for the increase...the vets who charge high prices.

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1/5   Such bad claims management   5 October 2017

Reviewed By: Lucy , Recommend:

NO customer service. Operative actually sniggered when I was explaining my issues. Claim outstanding since May, it seems they will do their best NOT to pay. Massive premium increases after first claim and then rapidly declining service. M&S you should be ashamed!

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2/5   Unjustifiable increase rate for an old cat   7 August 2017

Reviewed By: Mana A, Recommend: N

I have just cancelled my policy with M&S for my 12 year-old cat. I had the policy throughout her life (cf. my cat is pedigreed, neutered, and my policy is Ďpremiumí (most expensive type)). For renewal, I was told the premium would go up to £30/month from this month. The increase rate from last year (2016->17) is 60%, and the previous year's increase rate 53% (2015->16). She was diagnosed with an early stage of kidney failure, and I made 2 claims in the last 2 years (got back only about £100 in total). Using my data, I did a quick simulation calculation, and it looked like the policy would be £116/month when she reached 16! Maybe exaggerated, but I was convinced it wasnít worth it. It was of course difficult decision as I had been paying so much money already when she was relatively young and healthy (I donít have a record in the first few years, but roughly, I must have paid about £1800 in the last 12 years). But M&S shamelessly continues to increase the policy rate x15 more than the inflation rate when your pet is ill and you make a claim anyway (if the same kind of increase rates continued, I would have paid about £5600 when she was 16). The excess applies every year, which isnít great either. I will now start saving that £30 into a pot for vet bills. I had another cat insured with M&S, who died of kidney failure 2 years ago. They do have some death-related covers, but my record suggests it was only £174 after excess I got compensated. If anyone is wondering if they should cancel their M&S policy for an elderly cat Ė do your calculations and think about going without any insurance.

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5/5   Excellent   26 July 2017

Reviewed By: Rob, Recommend:

Prompt and full claim paid, no fuss, easy to use.

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1/5   Premium Hike   29 June 2017

Reviewed By: Jacob, Recommend:

I was initially impressed with M&S as they had decent reviews and competitive prices. I insured my French Bulldog with them since being a pup. I have never made a claim and today I have recieved the renewal with a £112.69 annual increase! (On top of the 400p/a I already pay) Cannot seem to fathom how they have come up with this figure. I won't be continuing cover with them and would advise anybody else to cancel as this will just keep on increasing year or year at a ridiculous rate.

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1/5   Disgusted!!   21 June 2017

Reviewed By: Denise, Recommend:

I have been paying over £30 per month for 7 years to M & S to insure my little dog. This is the only one time I have needed to claim, for a scan and operation costing £4,000. Marks and Spencer say the maximum I can claim is £910!! WHAT A RIP OFF! SHAME ON YOU ALL. As for Marks and Spencer - well .. thank you for nothing.

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1/5   Extortionate price   26 May 2017

Reviewed By: Lee, Recommend:

I actually was impressed with them at first, they paid all my claims without any queries. However each year my renewal goes up an extreme amount and this year it has gone from £69 to £100 a month and my dog is only 7 years old. This is extorniate and I will have no choice but to cancel my policy as I can't afford this. Don't know how they can justify these costs, my policy started out at £26 a month :@

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1/5   French bulldog   4 February 2017

Reviewed By: Aisling Bryan, Recommend:

My query with you has been going on since 11/10/2016, my dog was castrated, the vet did an x Ray of his mouth we didn't know about, when we collected him, the receptionist explained how we could claim on our insurance and their wouldn't be a problem their end at the vets, sent claim in M&S said they didn't receive it back to the vets another claim sent in, letter received today saying he has an oral condition, no he has not and the vet will tell you so, if you bothered to listen To what I am saying which you don't, worse customer service ever will I insure again.... NO chance......don't ever insure with them folks quick to take your money, but absolutely don't listen

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1/5   Cat Insurance   28 January 2017

Reviewed By: S malone , Recommend:

Very expensive as the years went on . Phoned them about It I got fobbed off . I have been with m an s a few years and never made a claim . Not the best company to deal with its day light robbery . They get money for nothing .

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1/5   rip off   21 January 2017

Reviewed By: stephen sansum, Recommend:

i won't be renewing with this rip off company, my premium renewal has shot up by over £150 last year it was just under £200, this year it has jumped up to over £350 pound, can get insurance elsewhere much cheaper than what this crooks are now wanting, not only this they have changed the policy also,takes them months to pay out also, what a joke

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3/5   guarenteed premium increases regardless   1 November 2016

Reviewed By: David, Recommend:

We have two labs on the policy for their 'multidog' discount, one had been on for a year and we had to unfortunately claim for her but the pup was on for just 2 months prior to renewal. For our eldest the premium went up by £105 per annum, presumably because we claimed (relatively painless process but took 4-5 months), but they also put up the pups by £20 per annum (after only two months - mental). As we've got lifetime I won't be moving the eldest as it isn't an ailment that will go away and we're kinda stuck now but we won't be renewing for the pup. I can get it £100 cheaper elsewhere, including M&S who are offering cheaper on their own website.

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1/5   A 170% increase in premium in ONE YEAR!!!   7 September 2016

Reviewed By: W Gowlett, Recommend:

PLEASE steer well clear of M&S Insurance. It's an absolute rip-off. Like others, we chose M&S as considered it to a reputable and well-known company but how very wrong we have been proved. We have just received this year's renewal for our 8 year old cross breed dog. We took out M&S pet insurance in 2008 which cost £183.43. In subsequent years the premiums have risen steadily: £227.88, £275.88, £371.88, £413.76, £614.16, £767.64, £959.64 and NOW a 170% increase to £2,600.47!!! They are out and out crooks and M&S out to be ashamed.

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 I'm on my second year, I have just had large increase in payment as I claimed in first year. My jack russel has just had patella operation on both legs, cost £2800 plus £160 consultations plus travelling expenses to Ipswich. MS only paid £950 as two legs apparently is one condition. Now I know how much my future payments could rise to I will have to look for another insurer

comment by: Kate, 21 September 2017

comment by: SALLY HASTINGS , 25 January 2017
1/5   M&S pet insurance   26 August 2016

Reviewed By: Robert Hockless , Recommend:

Think twice before getting M&S pet insurance, there are far better insurance providers than M&S. I have had M&S pet insurance for 9 years and in the last years of the policy I needed cover as my dog became epileptic. M&S tried every con they could not to pay vet fees and in result I paid 65% of the cost. Sadly my dog passed away and a vet was called out to confirm and take my dog to be cremated, once again M&S stated cremation is a complementary treatment so this is not covered and the cost of the vet is also not covered as they deem this as excessive and I could have waited until the morning, my advice put money in a bank account to cover any pet issues but if you feel you need insurance don't trust M&S. To make things more annoying I was informed a customers service member would call 3 days and counting still no call, well done failed again, I issues with M&S go on and on check your policy's your not covered.

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 I think putting money in the bank is a great suggestion but only if you can afford to put many thousands in the bank/other investments you can ultimately get your hands on in a week or so. If your young dog needs a £6000 operation or emergency care and you have saved a few hundred pounds - this isn't going to help.

comment by: Stan , 17 October 2016
2/5   22% hike in premiums on 3 yr old healthy dog   8 August 2016

Reviewed By: A J Jones, Recommend:

Just received our renewal notice for our PMD. She is three years old with no claims. The premium has gone up 22%, which I struggle to justify. I spoke to M&S who started to explain to me how insurance works, I cut them off mid-sentence and said that no claims means a discount in other areas of insurance and that, like so many companies, M&S spends more on discounting for new clients than on retaining existing!

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2/5   Wrong amount paid out plus a 34% premium hike   28 June 2016

Reviewed By: Clive, Recommend:

Our dog has an ongoing problem which has resulted in 2 small vet claims over about 10 years. This last policy year it was £27.77 after deducting the £70 excess but I had to challenge their initial payment which was paid out in default at £2.76p before being successfully challenged. Then the annual premium was increased by some 34% or so! It seems we have good policy terms generally speaking but these experiences question active working conduct as being neither client friendly nor a credit to the companies (plural) involved under the M & S system. At this age of a pet we are held over a barrel as reinsurance elsewhere seems to be impossible. Hey-ho! Pay or chance it and they know that!

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1/5   Caught out by small print   21 June 2016

Reviewed By: Jane, Recommend:

Just had an almighty shock and a salutary lesson in reading the small print. VERY expensive M & S insurance for our dog (£403 per year which is more than our house and car insurance together) will only pay out £1000 per illness up to 4 illnesses a year. Now I know I should have seen this but WHAT a poor deal!! Our dog has had a gastric problem for the last 5 weeks which has now been diagnosed as Indolent Lymphoma which has cost several thousand pounds. She won't get any more form the insurance now until septembers renewal date. READ THE SMALL PRINT but its still a VERY POOR DEAL and costs a lot. Sainsburys is so much better and thank heavens the cat is insured with them. LESSON LEARNED AVOID M & S pet insurance.

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 have just read yr commentand I have today just received notice from M & S re premium, which has gone up £100 in one year...daylight robbery....main reason for comment is noticed yr dog has a gastric problem...can I suggesgt u check out a book c alled Dog Diet (can't remember author) and also her other book "Itchy Dog"..(I have lent book out to neighbour so can't remember name)...both books are brilliant reading and full of great info. for all dog owners on "raw food diet," which I have just… (read more)

comment by: betsey smith, 16 July 2017
 Our dog has sadly been put to sleep. We face a huge bill not one penny of which I regret but I do regret M & S pet insurance being so expensive and so useless.

comment by: Jane, 19 July 2016
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