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Kwik Fit pet insurance

1 Masterton Way
Tannochside Business Park
G71 5PU

phone: 0844 335 1147

Kwik fit no longer provide insurance.
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Reviews of Kwik Fit pet insurance

1/5   Disgraceful   2 November 2017

Reviewed By: S Watson , Recommend:

Absolutely dreadful company who treat their customers like criminals. 22 a month to 47 in 7 years and we have never claimed before and they don't send letters for the renewal but email which went into our spam. Doing all they can to not pay out a 900 claim. Can't wait to be rid of this company.

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1/5   Dreadful   29 September 2017

Reviewed By: Scruffy dog, Recommend: N

Trying to claim for a cruciate knee injury for my dog which they are trying everything to wriggle out of. Would never use them again

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1/5   Annoyed   15 May 2017

Reviewed By: Pauline, Recommend: N

I did take out a policy with this company, thankfully I did not have to make a claim. The reason I am posting is that the policy auto renewed at a higher premium and they did not notify me. Very annoying - cancelled immediately I found out and moved to another provider.

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1/5   Worst experience ever   2 February 2017

Reviewed By: Roomi Chowdhury, Recommend: N

I really wish we had listened to the other reviews and not used Kwik Fit Pet Insurance. So many problems, there aren't enough words to tell the full story. After we started experiencing problems just getting through to them and getting a response, we went to the Ombudsman and then Kwik Fit started paying some attention, but they marked our case as resolved to the Ombudsman before it was fully dealt with. Then they wouldn't pay us for a second claim after they lost our first claim somehow. It's too much to even explain and makes me sad just thinking about. We're still waiting for a claim of over 400 to be paid. They also overcharged us on the excess amount so if you are unfortunate enough to have them as your pet insurer, be vigilant. Can't wait for our cover to finish so we can be rid of them.

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1/5   A aram   19 December 2016

Reviewed By: A aram, Recommend: N

Don't go with this insurance company will cost you 30 to leave.not worth the money

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1/5   Useless and pointless!   23 November 2016

Reviewed By: Bill Kerr, Recommend: N

As a pet owner when your dog (in this case) gets ill in the early hours of the morning and you are sure their condition is getting worse you phone the out of hours vet which I did. We agreed that due to the circumstances I would wait a bit and see how our dogs condition developed. Four hours later his condition had deteriorated significantly, so much so that I thought he was on the way out! I called the vet who said to bring him in to the surgery which I did. In the 30mins it took me to take him there his condition improved a lot but nevertheless he was still given an injection and antibiotics for his condition. Long story short - claim submitted and Kwikfit declined to pay because "A deduction of 64 for the cost of the out of hours consultation has been deducted because Dexter's condition WAS NOT LIFE THREATENING and would not have worsened had he seen the vet during normal opening hours." What pet owner would or could make that decision! Small print got them out of paying out but what is the point of having insurance. Don't touch them with a bargepole!

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1/5   Still waiting to hear from thrm!   20 June 2016

Reviewed By: Vicki ridge, Recommend: N

My vet has sent my claim form to kwik fit and they registered it on the 30 May. The company say they take 10 working days to deal with a claim. I phoned on Monday 13 june to be told there was a delay as they are inundated with claims. I phoned again on friday 17 june and was promised an answer that day. I have had no reply and are still waiting. My dog is to have more treatment this week and i will have to pay the bill and again send the invoice to kwikfit. I wish i had not gone with this firm and will certainly not stay with them at renewal. Their service is appaling, slow and no one will give an answer as to what is going on! I am still waiting for an answer!!

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1/5   Do not go with this pet insurance   18 September 2015

Reviewed By: Atkins , Recommend: N

This is the worst pet insurance company i have ever experienced i agree with the review above, i practically had to do everything myself with my claim. One department didn't know what the other one was doing and in the end i had to go into the vets myself, with the form i had already got printed and signed, and get them to fax it over to the insurance company because they couldn't even ring the vets themselves. Then they finally tell me the claim has gone through after 3 months of asking what was going on, and they 'forgot' to take off the remanding money for the year that i owed so asked me to phone and pay up. I am so appalled by this company i would not recommend this experience to anyone else.

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1/5   KwikFit Pet Insurance   3 August 2015

Reviewed By: Durve, Recommend: N

Drag their feet with a claim and find any unjustified excuse to justify their reductions and refusal to pay. can take up hours and days of your time and still not get fair assessment and payment of your justifiable claim. We have paid premiums regularly for more than last three years and recently made a claim. A sharp metal hook got lodged in our 49Kg. German Shepard's foot. He was very distressed and could not be approached. Neighbour friend Ex-Police officer, over 6', tall and similar another friend tried to help move dog to car but we all failed. Emergency Vet had to be called to the house to sedate dog and remove the sharp metal hook; VET stated, to the insurers, "He was distressed and could not be moved". KwikFit insurers refuse to pay stating, "the condition was not life threatening and so vet's visit fees cannot be reimbursed" ! We are now appealing against their decision. Were we supposed to leave our dog in the garden to slowly rot and die with pain?? May be KwikFit should go back to tyre fitting.

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