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John Lewis Pet Insurance pet insurance

171 Victoria Street

phone: 0800 316 5900

Offers only lifetime pet insurance cover.

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Reviews of John Lewis Pet Insurance pet insurance

3/5   Premium increased 152%   20 June 2017

Reviewed By: S Belchamber, Recommend:

I have insured my dog for 5 years since she was a puppy. The annual premium for this year has been increased from £506 to £771 outrageous. I have had to make a claim last year, which they settled quickly, however they know you cannot shop around. I expected better from John Lewis especially as they are giving discounts for new customers

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2/5   Disappointed   15 June 2017

Reviewed By: Dogowner, Recommend:

We have 2 dogs insured with John Lewis. I really believed this would be the best company to insure our dogs with due to the companiesí ethos. However, I was so wrong. Our youngest was diagnosed with epilepsy, who after a few years is now stable. And our oldest girl is generally well, just has some issues with her paws from time to time. Even though we had life time insurance on both dogs the cost of their insurance is now over double. We have just had a bill for Ł1198.00 per year and now waiting for the other bill to come through which was Ł1112.00 last year (for the older dog, who has been to the vets maybe 5 times in her life). Although John Lewis are very good at dealing with claims etc, the cost is outrageous. Think carefully before insuring your pets with this company. We are now unable to move to another insurer and our trapped.

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2/5   50% price increase at renewal!   26 May 2017

Reviewed By: Sue, Recommend:

Shocking. I thought John Lewis was better than this. My renewal premium has shot up by 50%. If it happens again next year, I'll be going elsewhere. Bye bye John Lewis!

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2/5   High Yearly Premium Increases   26 May 2017

Reviewed By: Tina T, Recommend:

I started John Lewis insurance for my dog when he was a puppy the premiums then were under £30 a month - unfortunately when he was young he had incomplete ossification of the humeral condyle/intracondylar fissure - my premiums kept increasing each year if I made a claim. This month I have had my renewal my premiums have increased from £80 a month to £140 a month - please be aware if that if you claim your premiums will increase dramatically to the point that in the future you may have a problem affording them and will be unable to change insurer if it is a pre-existing condition

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1/5   Daylight Robbery   11 May 2017

Reviewed By: Diane, Recommend:

Renewal premiums go up routinely by 30/40/50% each year and as my dog was diagnosed with a heart murmur as a pup I have no choice but to keep paying as no other insurer would take on his pre existing condition. Disgusting company and avoid at all costs! Does not fit with John Lewis brand and I am very disappointed that they continue to trade like the robbers that they are. Staff are disinterested and unhelpful. AVOID AVOID AVOID

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3/5   Very disappointed by John Lewis 54% premium incre   9 May 2017

Reviewed By: Jude Farrimond-Sheddon, Recommend:

We took out pet insurance with John Lewis for our young border collie. We had to claim on it in the first 12 months as he developed meningitis. When our renewal came through it had gone up by several pounds but as we'd had a 20% discount on the first year we found that perfectly acceptable. This year (he's 3) it's gone up by 54% (£15 a month). JL say he's older, Ins premium tax has increased, vets fees have increased & when pushed claims history (but that was there last year!) I've asked for a full breakdown of the 55% increase. I've been a one woman walking advertisement for JL Pet Insurance as they were so helpful when we had to claim for our dog's hospital & vet fees but I certainly will make sure everybody knows about this whopping increase too! What's so unfair is that if you've already claimed for a condition you are a captive customer...very disappointed with John Lewis Pet Insurance. As an added insult it has cost us £41.28 to change the address on the policy!

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 My insurance premium has gone up nearly 100% from £311 to £604..yes I did make a claim but it was only for £160! when I rang I also got the same old banter ...Age (my dog is 6) Vet fees gone up (my vets fees haven't gone up that much!)and the old chestnut premium tax. I have asked for a breakdown of the 100% increase too.

comment by: jen, 5 June 2017
2/5   Extortionate renewal   8 May 2017

Reviewed By: Animal lover, Recommend:

We changed to John Lewis when our dog was 1 year old. He is now 2 and yes we did claim for an injury (£1,200), shouldn't be recurring, but isn't that why you take out insurance?! We were paying £79 per month they now want £132, up by 67%!When I called they said they take into consideration his age, breed and amount of other claims. He is only 2, and he hasn't changed breed in the last year! I feel so let down, particularly as I went to a big reputable company thinking it would be okay. They did pay out but this shouldn't be allowed.

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2/5   price jump   24 April 2017

Reviewed By: E.B.H, Recommend: N

insuring my labrador retriever at three years of age for lifetime insurance gave a very comparable quote of £29 per month. The renewal, a year later, jumped to £48 per month, even though I had never made a claim. Needless to say, I chose to no loonger use John Lewis Pet Insurance.

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 My policy for my 3 year old Border Collie has increased by a whopping 55% plus a £41.28 admin fee to change address. I had to claim on my policy in the first 12 months but it only went up by a few pounds a month that year, this year its gone up by £15 a month! Unfortunately I'm unable to change insurer as once you've made a claim it's impossible to gain cover for that condition if it should re-occur. Very very disappointed in John Lewis pet insurance.

comment by: Jude Farrimond-Sheddon, 9 May 2017
5/5   Very pleased!!   8 April 2017

Reviewed By: Sally, Recommend:

Cat insurance on kitten 3 years ago. She ingested something.£1000 bill over 2 bank holiday weekends. Vet took John Lewis insurance direct and refused the lady in front of me with Sainsbury's. She had yo cough up £600 for her dog. I awaited the massive increase but it never came. Yes they increased it from £7 odd to £9. Now 3 years in abc they want £12. We,l they have lad out twice £1000 on one occasion and £300 on another no problems. So what can I say. I am really happy with it. Sally

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2/5   Huge premium increase   20 March 2017

Reviewed By: Anon, Recommend:

After making a claim last year (around £400) the premium for my 4 year old dog has doubled. Although I can't fault the service I received when claiming, I am horrified that they can justify such a massive increase.

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1/5   HUGE premium increase after 1 year   17 March 2017

Reviewed By: Emily, Recommend:

After switching my pet insurance to John Lewis last year, I have just received my first renewal quote. The premium has increased by 45%! My dog is a fit and healthy 3 year old, and we have not made any claims for her. My previously dog was insured with another company and had a long term illness spanning many years with many claims made. But not once did the premiums ever increase by that kind of percentage. I never normally leave reviews, but I am disgusted at this increase and to be honest expected more from a company such as John Lewis. I hope that by adding this review to those already given, it will help others to make an informed decision about whether or not to take out a policy with them. I certainly would not recommend them to anyone, and I only wish I had seen these reviews a year ago.

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1/5   Dreadful   11 March 2017

Reviewed By: Mollie, Recommend:

After only one year cover and no claims ever in the life of our dog, John Lewis have raised our premium to a whopping £58.30 a month! Spoke to them on the phone and they were so indifferent it makes me wonder how anyone would renew with them. Cancelled without a second thought. Would NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE.

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1/5   2/5   11 March 2017

Reviewed By: Chris, Recommend:

I have read the reviews on this page and unfortunately I have to agree with all the comments, we started using a company call Greenbee six years ago and they were absolutely brilliant and they would have been 5/5. A year or 2 after they were taken over by John Lewis and at around about the same our Springer Spaniel was diagnosed with Meningitis, this was after numerous tests & scans by a referral practice and again Greenbee/John Lewis were marvellous the claim was handled with care and quickly. When the time for the renewal came we were expecting a hefty increase, which never appeared, there was an increase but not as big as we were expecting. About 2 years ago everything seemed to change at JL, they tried to implement the standard massive increase all pet insurance company's do when dogs reach the age of 9, even though he had only just turned 8, I did what most of us do and went through the comparison site and to my surprise the best quote was John Lewis! So I phoned up to see if they would honour their online offer only to be told that renewals were non-negotiable and if I wanted the online offer I would have to cancel my renewal and take out a new policy which would mean any pre-existing conditions would not be covered, which I excepted. Roll on to May last year our dog started to develop severe problems with his back right leg yet again we were referred and it was found that he had a growth on his lower spine which was effecting his central nervous system and he was put on to a course of treatment, one of the drugs was an anti-inflammatory which was also used when he had meningitis and guess what, when we put in a claim it was rejected because the claim handler though that the name of the drug was what he had been diagnosed with, needless to say I complained and my complaint was up held. I have again just received the renewal and it is a 100% increase from last year. John Lewis were good a few years ago but something or someone within that organisation has ruined a company that used to genuinely care about their clients and their owners.

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 My insurance premium has gone up nearly 100% from £311 to £604..yes I did make a claim but it was only for £160! when I rang I also got the same old banter ...Age (my dog is 6) Vet fees gone up (my vets fees haven't gone up that much!)and the old chestnut premium tax. I have asked for a breakdown of the 100% increase.

comment by: jen, 5 June 2017
2/5   Uncertain   27 February 2017

Reviewed By: Jean, Recommend:

I was just about to make my first claim of £190 but am wondering now if it's better not to bother as they will increase premiums next year . My dog is 18 months old and I currently pay £29 p month

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1/5   85% increase in premium on healthy 5 year old dog   13 February 2017

Reviewed By: Tan W, Recommend:

After taking out a lifetime policy on a young dog and having one claim for an isolated incident of five hundred pounds they have trebled my monthly premium, an increase of 85% on a dog with no health issues. Absolutely disgusting! Our previous dog that died last year was also insured with John Lewis who repeatedly lost claim forms and took up to 7 weeks to pay after quibbling over every detail.

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1/5   Avoid!!   30 January 2017

Reviewed By: Ripley, Recommend:

Very disappointed with John Lewis, they have increased my pet insurance by a further 51% for this next year, how can they justify such a massive increase, in my renewal documentation they give all the usual excuses about an increase in the cost of Vet Fees but this is a total rip off. It was the worst mistake I ever made taking out John Lewis Pet Insurance, my previous dog who passed away at 13 was always insured with Petplan - she had joint issues, I always received excellent service from Petplan, their premiums increased each year which I expected due to the claims I made but the increases were acceptable and not extortionate like John Lewis are demanding. John Lewis trapped me by offering a cheap teaser rate for the first year which I stupidly fell for. I will never trust this company ever again.

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 This is exactly what happened to me. I got sucked in by the low quote and have now just got a quote for £987 for my 7 year old cocker spaniel for the next 12 months and goodness knows how much it will go up to for the year after that. Am currently trying to decide what is the best option for changing insurers.

comment by: Siam, 16 February 2017
 Totally agree with Riley - just had a renewal through and and cancelled as they put 50% increase on and we've had no claims on dog and she's still under 5! Total rip off merchants and withdrawing all custom from them. They tried the same with cat but allowed renegotiation in December 2016.... now apparently the computer says no. My advice to all is not to go with them to start with they're a false economy as after 1st year renewal is extortionate!!!

comment by: GUYP, 2 February 2017
1/5   Feel Cheated - Premium doubled   17 January 2017

Reviewed By: Simon, Recommend:

Like most of you I did my research to get the best insurance cover for my 3yr old Cockapoo. Decided to go with John Lewis on the promise of 'lifetime cover'. Like you all this was a precaution, I never intended to claim. Unfortunately he was diagnosed with a 'luxating patella' this year. Whilst JL did pay for all the costs in full; they lost the claim 3 times before their agent found it and they settled. I have just received my renewal which they HAVE DOUBLED for next year if I want to keep the policy. I lodged a complaint about isn't this what insurance is for etc. its not a personal loan to pay back the vets fees. Nothing. No empathy. No offer to review. Buyer beware!!

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1/5   Absolute joke insurance   11 January 2017

Reviewed By: R campbell , Recommend:

Absolute crap insurance,will look for and use anything they can find so they don't have to pay your claim. This company just wants to take your money,and not pay for anything. They do not have you or your pets welfare as their sole interest. Get insurance elsewhere.

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5/5   Brilliant   22 December 2016

Reviewed By: Sue , Recommend:

I took out John Lewis Pet Insurance in March of this year. Since then, my Sprocker Spaniel has been diagnosed with a number of skeletal problems, he has had 2 operations and will be on medication for the rest of life. I can not fault JL, they have paid the Veterinary Hospital direct and on the few occassions I have contacted them I have found the staff to be well informed and very extremely helpful. I dont know what next year's premiums will be, I will address that when the renewal offer comes up. Without JL my lovely spaniel wouldn't be here today. My dealings with them can not be faulted.

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1/5   Bunch of Jokers!   8 December 2016

Reviewed By: Katherine williams, Recommend:

I have 3 dogs insured with John Lewis. I put a small claim in for £500 and heard nothing back for weeks, not even an email confirming they had received my claim. I rang weeks later and was told it was in progress. Weeks later again I rang and told the same thing...weeks later again and am told I would be contacted back this morning....guess what...noone rang! Still nothing from them. I will be cancelling and insuring my 4 dogs with someone else!

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1/5   DON''T USE   20 November 2016

Reviewed By: Jtrix53, Recommend:

When these charlatans doubled my premium, I promised I would write as many NEGATIVE REVIEWS as I could. I never break a promise - even if they do. I Had three pets insured with John Lewis. They have just DOUBLED my premium. Yes, ok, I've claimed but isn't that what insurance is for? I really would prefer my poor doggie not to have several ongoing health problems that could, and probably will, shorten her life. How is it fair and legal? How does JLP get away with it? This was my second year with them. They doubled the premium for the dogs and cat after the first year. I should have left them then but now I'm stuck with them for one pet because of ongoing conditions. At least it's not too late to switch my other two and I have. The house insurance (also with JL) is going too. They can take a hike, since they love hiking prices so much. Btw, Agria is my new company. They claim they don't increase prices each year and just put them up if insurance taxes go up. We shall see! The claims process is SO SLOW! I WAITED FOUR MONTHS for one claim to be processed. Four months! Who do they think they are? They say they take 15 days. What a joke they are. The only thing I will say is the people who work for them are very polite when they are dismissing your fury at the price rises.

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1/5   Zero empathy   2 November 2016

Reviewed By: Furks, Recommend:

Switched to JLI as had heard good reviews. Got a quote in June but as my old policy only ran out in July we started the policy then. My cat became ill a week into the policy. J Lewis wouldn't cover it as it was in the first 14 days. Even though they could see I got the quote much earlier and the cat had no history of being ill. So I'm now £1300 down with a useless policy

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 I couldn't agree more. I have/had three pets with John Lewis. They have just DOUBLED my premium. Yes, ok, I've claimed but isn't that what insurance is for? I really would have preferred my poor doggie not to have several ongoing health problems that could, and probably will, shorten her life. How is it fair and legal? How does JLP get away with it? This was my second year with them. They doubled the premiums in the first year too and I hadn't put a claim in. I should have left them then but now… (read more)

comment by: Jtrix53, 20 November 2016
1/5   Don''t use   1 October 2016

Reviewed By: Deb, Recommend:

We took out insurance with JLP just over two years ago, the price hike and extremely slow and poor service are totally at odds with the brand. It feels almost as if they don't want you to stay with them and the insurance arm is an after thought. We have been totally dismayed and disappointed with the quality of the teams and the overall quality of the service which at just under £1100 per year seems unbelievable. We are now sadly stuck with them as our boy is now an oldie. We recently claimed for a minor injury, we received no acknowledgements or updates and we are still waiting for them to pay out from the 14th August. Do not touch them you will be sorely dissapointed

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 Just had renewal for my 4 yr old chihuahua and it's doubled from last year. Been with them since she was born and had higher renewals every year, but DOUBLE, not likely! Went to another insurer, same cover, same excess and it's £5 cheaper per month than last year with JL. I'm so disappointed in JL, not what I would expect from them at all, I fully agree with the comments on here. 🙁

comment by: Deborah, 9 October 2016
1/5   Poor Customer Service   6 July 2016

Reviewed By: Ian, Recommend:

Surprised how poor John Lewis are at dealing with Claims. You would expect a high level of Customer Service from John Lewis, they seem happy to take the premiums each month, but when dealing with a Claim, seem evasive, slow and well below the standard you would expect from John Lewis. Will not be returning to use John Lewis Pet Insurance

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 100% agree. Latest claim not paid out on time despite being told it would take 15 w/d. Asked to speak to a manager, suprise, suprise Zoe (manager) was unavailable & her promised phone call by 8pm THE NEXT DAY never materialised. This is not the 1st time this has happened. Have been promised a "faster Payment" but, that is another 4-5 w/d. WHAT A SHOWER

comment by: Shirley Francis, 24 July 2016
1/5   I feel cheated   5 July 2016

Reviewed By: Yvonne middleton, Recommend:

I shopped around for insurance for our 1 year old Lhasa Apso. I found John Lewis was a good price at just over £100. Unfortunately like most insurance company's they put it up every year and at first the hike wasn't to bad. This year Bertie is 4, we have never claimed a penny and they have raised the premiums by £70 to £219.20. I phoned up and asked why and was told that because we live in an area with high claims and where he could have a traffic accident along with there being an out of hours vets in the area and how many people in the area have the same breed that's why it had gone up. Well seeing as we live in a tiny village of around 30 houses and mostly farm land 5 miles from the nearest vets with only around 4 other people having dogs in the village and none of them are Lhasa Apsos , I beg to differ. I could have claimed in the past but like an idiot thought it would put my premiums up. I wouldn't touch John Lewis insurance with a barge pole. Avoid and go elsewhere.

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 I've been with John Lewis for 4 years for my Cocker Spaniels insurance, and from the 1st year to the 3rd year it went from £14 to nearly £30! I dropped a level as I didn't want to pay more than £20. for the last year I have paid £21 and they have now sent me a renewal and its going to be £28 a month. I have never made a claim and they are also telling me that it is because of the area I live in. It looks like this is just the usual 'read off a sheet' excuse they are using to everyone! currently… (read more)

comment by: Rachel, 15 July 2016
2/5   Feeling Ripped Off   20 June 2016

Reviewed By: Unhappy dog owner, Recommend:

Like everyone else we have had huge premium increases, I am unable to change insurers as our dog is 10 years old and has existing/ongoing health problems. However my grumble is about the length of time it takes to process my claim. I have to make a repeat claim every couple of months and this takes 3 -5 weeks to then be paid. And that is only then as a result of me phoning to chase the progress of the claim, I never phone until they have had the claim 3/4 weeks and am then usually told 'it has been processed and the payment is waiting approval' - I do wonder how long it would take if I didn't phone to chase them (but can't afford not to phone them and just leave it to find out how long it would take) We have made a couple of large claims 18 months ago for his condition when he was initially diagnosed and now have ongoing smaller claims every couple of months for maintenance treatment, medication and prescription food. Therefore i don't feel I can argue the fact that the insurance premium is now very high (£85 per month), I am roughly claiming back each month the amount equal to my premium, so at the minute I am not out of pocket but am dreading the next renewal date.

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Reviewed By: UNHAPPY CUSTOMER, Recommend:

IF I COULD CHOOSE ZERO STARS I WOULD I have today received another renewal letter. I have a healthy 4 year old dog whose only claim in four years has been for an ear infection which needed treatment under anaesthetic - not a huge cost and of course I paid an excess. I complained last year when my premium went up to £68 and was told my claim had affected it - now JOHN LEWIS have pushed it up again to £79.89 in an uneventful year. Its ridiculous - JOHN LEWIS want more to insure my dog than I pay Bupa to insure my kids - and there is no comparison as to the benefits of both policies. I am outraged yet again and feel they are just putting these rates up @18% for the sake of it - how on earth can you justify that hike? I'm cross because I have had to pay £68 all last year for continued cover even after I complained and I'm even more angry that they have rewarded me now with this ridiculous price hike. I thought John Lewis could be trusted - obviously as a long term insurer they cannot be trusted. JOHN LEWIS have made my insurance contract untenable. I want JOHN LEWIS to explain to me how they justify this on my policy when I could probably start a new one for half the price? I stayed with you on a promise that this would not happen every year if I made no claims. Because of this I have paid overpaid all last year in the belief that I could continue cover for the life of my pet. JOHN LEWIS advertise 'lifetime cover' but actually they push the prices up so much you have to stop before your pet becomes old. Its a rip off! I will not be renewing as I no longer have trust in JOHN LEWIS as insurers: If they were to carry on at this rate within two years JOHN LEWIS would be requesting £1500 a year to insure a crossbreed with no heath issues - goodness knows what JL ask for owners of pedigree dogs. FINALLY - WHY, I WONDER IS IT SO HARD TO ADD A REVIEW? AND WHY IS IT YOU ONLY PUT GOOD REVIEWS ON YOUR WEB SITE? APPARENTLY EVERYONE IS OVER THE MOON WITH YOUR SERVICE WHICH IS THE OPPOSITE TO ALL THE COMMENTS BELOW.

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 Mine was the same. They put up premiums by £70 a year for a 4 year old dog with no health problems and never claimed a penny I asked the girl on the phone why and this is her reply. " well it depends where you live and how many dogs in the area and of his breed. Also if there is an out of hours vets in the area and if you live near a main rd also how many people in the area have claimed. I told her we live in a tiny village of less than 30 houses 5 miles away from the nearest vets and it's all… (read more)

comment by: Yvonne, 5 July 2016
3/5   Going back to previous insurer   19 April 2016

Reviewed By: Bilbo Baggins, Recommend:

Have been with John Lewis for cat insurance for 3 years - have made no claims but our cats are now 7 and 9 so insurance has gone up. In three years the cost has gone up from £186 yr 1 to £444.50 in yr 3 for Plus policy. Just got quote from previous insurer (Direct Line) for increased cover up to £8k per condition no time limit at £265 for the two of them with a choice of excess (£70 or £140) - I chose the lower. Previous experience with DL was a payout for an injury to a pet that happened inside start date of cover but hadn't paid anything towards cover - positive good customer service.

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1/5   Do not use - just keep increasing the policy   31 March 2016

Reviewed By: Liz, Recommend:

John Lewis pet insurance started off at a good price. I have a 6 year old Newfoundland and have just received the renewal for this year. They have increased his policy by £1300 to £3000 a year and that is without any claims last year. The two previous years were increased by £400 each time. When you speak to them all they tell you is it's due to your postcode, dog's age and increase in vets cost. I am now stuck with the problem as to whether I insure him with another company knowing pre-existing conditions won't be covered or to just put money away. There is also the problem that a lot of companies won't take him on now due to his age. Do not use them unless you can afford these ridiculous increases in costs.!

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1/5   Beware, beware, beware   5 February 2016

Reviewed By: Tod, Recommend:

Severe wealth warning!! Do not be fooled, do not take out a policy with these insurers who hike up the renewal premiums each year at an eye watering rate. 6 yr old tabby male suffered pulled tail syndrome (there are some nasty people out there)thank goodness he recovered as it can be fatal. Claimed for £120 in first yr. Second yr premium was hiked by £70 the 3rd yr hiked by £50. Customer service staff have no insurance knowledge but do their best from a script which is just repeated at you when you call. JL do yourselves a favour and find another underwriter: RSA is just greedy.

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 Hi - found exactly the same as Maggie! We have a German Shepherd - only 4, never made a claim and been with John Lewis pet insurance since she was a puppy, cost gone up each year by almost 50%. Now at over £90/month going to look elsewhere. Absolutely ridiculous and very poor of John Lewis.

comment by: Charly, 26 April 2016
 I have had JL insurnce for one German Shepherd dog for 4 years, never claimed at all but premiums have hiked up by about 40% each year. Last year I reduced cost by choosing less cover (from £10k to £7k) this year premium is £695 for £7k. (our car insurance for 2 vehicles is less!!) Too rich for me - I am currently researching other providers, which is how I stumbled upon this.

comment by: maggie , 7 March 2016
1/5   Price doubled from year one - avoid!   7 November 2015

Reviewed By: Gaja, Recommend:

Three year old healthy mongrel dog, no claims ever made, price went up from 120 to 232 pounds. With an excuse that vet prices went up in my postal code area (not really) and that an (invisible) 20% discount was applied for the new customers. A case to report them to the consumers service!

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 I completely agree avoid it. I have had a similar experience with a six yr old cat.

comment by: Tod, 5 February 2016
 Completely agree. Avoid John Lewis Pet insurance. Mine has gone up each year for 3 yrs by 40% with one claim for a broken tail for one dog and nothing for the other dog. So upsetting as I should have gone with PetPlan who dont increase their prices massively. I feel shafted by John Lewis, be careful everyone please, dont make my mistake. In 2013 I got charged £23 a month, 2014 £31.47, 2014 £45.66 (and I dropped down from 10,000 to 7,000) 2015 £45 and quote for 2016 £68. My dogs are 7.5 yrs now.… (read more)

comment by: Louise, 10 January 2016
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