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John Lewis Pet Insurance pet insurance

171 Victoria Street

phone: 0800 316 5900

Offers three levels of cover for dogs and cats: Essential, Plus and Premier which all include lifetime cover.

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Reviews of John Lewis Pet Insurance pet insurance

5/5   5 stars!   7 December 2018

Reviewed By: Molly, Recommend:

I Insured my 3.5 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier with John Lewis when a puppy. in her first year she started with allergic skin disease. We have monthly visits to the vets. Molly has regular expensive medications. We have paid out thousands. When I submit a form they always pay back the amount within a week. Also the staff are very helpful and easy to talk to. Very happy I went with John Lewis.

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2/5   Look elsewhere   17 November 2018

Reviewed By: Strachan, Recommend:

When calling to ask why my cat insurance had almost frebled after 10 years with this company, no logical reason could be given. Cancelled immediately and foubd better and cheaper cover elsewhere.

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1/5   Ridiculous Increase in policy monthly payments   15 November 2018

Reviewed By: Nick, Recommend:

Ridiculous Increase in policy monthly payments rendering it unaffordable. Avoid as this company does not care about you or your pet. If you have an older pet it makes it difficult or near impossible to find another insurer

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1/5   Extortion   9 October 2018

Reviewed By: Lynn Mailing, Recommend:

Beware of insuring your animal with this company. Our silver policy started with a premium of under £40.00 per month, our recent renewal came in at £270 per month and two days later increased to £290 per month, the reasoning behind this was that the dog had been spayed (recommended by vets). The dog was spayed 4 years previously!!!!! I am suprised that a company like John Lewis would allow loyal customers to be treated like this. I will be referring this case to the ombudsman. In the meantime I have had to cancel the policy due to being held to ransom

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1/5   Extortionate and unethical   17 September 2018

Reviewed By: Martin, Recommend:

We've had exactly the same experience as many others here - one claim 16 months ago was dealt with efficiently, our dog has no ongoing issues and no claims in last year but recent renewal letter asks for 100% increase in premium. When we phoned to query this, expecting them to back down a little, they gave a series of lame, spurious reasons and did not seem remotely bothered to be losing our custom. We chose John Lewis initially because their ownership model is supposed to make them much more ethical than most, but now we realise their insurance is provided by Royal Sun Alliance and clearly they are just as unscrupulous and profiteering as the worst privately-owned company.

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1/5   Extortionate increase at annual review   10 September 2018

Reviewed By: Lyn , Recommend:

I was initially happy with John Lewis as the claims process for my claim had been efficient, but at annual review had a 70% increase in premiums!! When I rang up the rep was unfazed. She said it was probably because vets fees in my area had increased. She did not care that I wanted to leave. Avoid!!

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1/5   Avoid   22 August 2018

Reviewed By: chris rawlins, Recommend:

Avoid at all cost, Trading on a good old British institution name.Do yourself a favour and read the reviews.

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1/5   BEWARE extortionate annual premium increases   15 August 2018

Reviewed By: Foz, Recommend:

Donít ever buy pet insurance from John Lewis. Initial quote seems fine but example yearly increases: 37% if claim free, 67% if youíve had one very small claim. Goodness knows what the increase would be if a pet wasnít generally in excellent health.

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3/5   50% increase   29 July 2018

Reviewed By: Lilys mum, Recommend: N

No claims in 5 yrs. Dog is 6 Only claim has been stitches to a pad cut which was more complicated than a simple cut £700 bill in all. That was before she was 1 and with a different insurer. Premiums just risen by 50% at renewal. How can this be justified?

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1/5   Obscene price hike   27 June 2018

Reviewed By: Zeus, Recommend:

My dog got sick with an underactive thyroid and had his cruciate ligament operated on. His last renewal was £200........a month. I declined and put the money away in an account every month. 3 years earlier the combined renewal was £50 for 2 dogs.

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1/5   Exploited   7 June 2018

Reviewed By: Ve richardson, Recommend:

We took out a policy with John Lewis when our puppy was 3 months old. The decision was based on the reputation of John Lewis, combined with the lifetime cover. Our puppy ate something when he was 4 months old and had to be put in a drip overnight. We had to claim but it was a one off. When the renewal came it was increased by almost 50%. We made another claim in the following year to investigate occasional limping. The renewal policy came through with another 50% increase. I was very annoyed and rang to discuss this, I was told that there are initial discounts that were removed at the end of the first year. The increase this year was based on the assessment of the breed of Dog and history. I did point out that none of this had been explained at the beginning of the policy. I thought we had no choice but to continue as they literally had us over a barrel with no company prepared now to include cover for the history of the limping problem, although there has been no claim in this last year. Fortunately, I have now found an excellent company, ďBought By ManyĒ who appears to be honourable. Their policy increases your allowance for existing conditions, if you do not claim.

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1/5   Outrageous premium increase 50% plus!!!!!   4 June 2018

Reviewed By: Jims Owner, Recommend:

These Insurance Higwaymen have pushed my JR's premiums up steadily over the past few years from £17 to £80 but this year they have come in at a whopping £128. The only feeble excuse they offer is that all pet insurance is going up and the only way they could help is by increasing the already exorbitant excess fees or reducing the level of cover even though we had not made a claim in nearly 5 years. Disgusting customer service from a company that brags about never knowingly being undersold!!!!

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1/5   Never knowingly getting Ripped Off   11 May 2018

Reviewed By: J Allan Jolly, Recommend:

I have been a loyal John Lewis customer for years but their Pet Insurance is tantamount to an exorbitant and indefensible rip off, underwritten by an unscrupulous Insurer, Royal Sun Alliance. The premium for my healthy Golden Retriever dog has soared from £248 to £1959 in less than 3 years, a rise of almost 800%. This Corporate and disingenuous duo should not be allowed to continue offering cover in this corner of the Insurance market and potential buyers should look elsewhere when making fully informed judgments in regard to their individual Pet Insurance needs.

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1/5   Avoid at all costs   2 May 2018

Reviewed By: Colin Wollen, Recommend:

Price increase by 68%! no claims made and no change in circumstances. phoned to question such a large increase to be told to either reduce level of cover or increase excess on policy - awful customer service - avoid at all costs. will never use John Lewis again.

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1/5   John Lewis pet insurance avoid   30 April 2018

Reviewed By: Isla blair, Recommend:

My policy has doubled in 12 months absolute con artists avoid at all costs They will not bend or review your price quote . They need reporting !

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1/5   75% premium increase!   23 April 2018

Reviewed By: Jane, Recommend:

My premium has increased by 75% this year. My dog is only 4 years old. Talking to John Lewis they stated that increases of up to 50% were normal!!!! I had one small claim this year hence my 75% increase. Donít think I will be renewing! Just received a automated feedback call - asking my how satisfied I was with the call I made to JL. They asked to rate on a scale of zero to 10 - when I responded zero they didnít recognise the response and put the phone down on me!

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1/5   Over 100% increase in premiums -avoid   24 March 2018

Reviewed By: Garry Green, Recommend:

We have recently received renewal documents from JohnLewis quoting an increase in premiums to £989.16 from £485.75 last year, even though we have had no claims in the year. When I called to query the reason for the increase they stated that the breed suffers breathing conditions and her age is against her. My dog has had no health issues in the last year and she is only 4 years old. The reasons John Lewis state were well known to bulldog owners, and John Lewis, and are taken into account when calculating the premium this year, so not sure why premiums have increased by such an amount this year Other providers offer a good level of cover at a more affordable price, itís a shame John Lewis feel the need to rip off loyal customers.

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1/5   Awful Awful, Price Hikes Disgraceful, AVOID!!   2 March 2018

Reviewed By: Sals , Recommend:

We have been with John Lewis for a good few years, the price started off fine at the beginning, we have a rescue collie who came to us from Ireland and we have no history, in the last few years our boy has been diagnosed with Arthritis in his leg although he has not needed any major treatment or surgery for this I self medicate with glucosamine and have some pain relief if and when I think he needs it, we have NEVER claimed for major surgery for this problem, he has had 2 bouts of tummy problems in years which was claimed for (no more than a human would) and yet year on year the price has gone up by around 80% for lifetime cover, also there is a MAJOR issue which I have tried to discuss with J L our dog is a rescue collie and came with no papers to say he is a pedigree, he is a collie there is no doubt, but when I queried the hike in premium they said we said he is a pedigree at the beginning of cover, that is neither here or there now, as I am bored of trying to get over my point that we can't prove either way and nor can our vet conform genetic parentage as he is a rescue but we are are paying massively because he was put in as a pedigree, when I questioned this they gave me the number for the Ombudsman so I can speak to them, they just DON'T care. They paid up no problems but DISGUSTING price hikes!! You may find the previous boring but just to give you an idea our premium for 2017 annually was £1,610 this year it is £2,683 you work that one out, eye watering stuff eh considering we haven't claimed for major surgery etc etc, and the sales team are cold and horrible don't even think about trying to get your premium reduced, I will never step foot in J L again.

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1/5   John Lewis Rip - Off   20 February 2018

Reviewed By: Dearhound - expensive if with JL insurance. , Recommend:

John Lewis really increased our premiums. The wording of the policy was misleading as the "cover for life" hides the extreme annual increases. I did not receive renewal paperwork for 2 years then discovered the massive increases. I lodged a complaint and requested cancellation and refund of the overinflated amounts. They confirmed they would cancel. BUT DID NOT. A year later I got a renewal showing they had taken another year of increased rates and stating that they were going to charge nearly £100 a month for the next year. All for a policy which never had a single claim! They now promise yet again to cancel and refund - I don't think I can trust them. WORST COMPANY EVER.

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1/5   Avoid avoid avoid!   14 January 2018

Reviewed By: Very annnoyed, Recommend:

I have an older dog and needed to change her Homebase insurance as her policy didnít cover dental and I wanted to increase cover (Homebase wouldnít change the level of cover, they insisted on starting a new policy). John Lewis looked to be good, and very comprehensive. First year paid £50 something a month, second year £80 something... they said this was due to the first year incentive discount running out and local vets prices increase. I then moved house to a different part of london and my premium dropped back down to £50/month! I was pleased and they said itís because the area I moved to had cheaper vets fees. I signed up with easipetcare who are fantastic and yes, a lot cheaper than any other vet Iíve ever come across. Now after 3 months in a cheaper area my renewal has gone up to £128 / month! Please explain why if Iím in a cheaper area, and last year the premium dropped and was £700 for the year, why is it now more than double at £1500 for the year???? I am now completely stuck as my dog is 10 years old and I canít insure her anywhere else.

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1/5   AVOID!!   4 January 2018

Reviewed By: Joanna, Recommend:

I'm telling everyone to steer clear! Absolute rip off. My mistake to have been with them for 5 years ... Started off at £12, increase after the first year to be expected as the 10% discount no longer applies. But then I told them I moved, not even far, still going to the same vets! £5 more a month. Every year, increase after increase. No claims at all. Last year I've been paying £33.11 a month, got renewal papers yesterday ... They now want £50.57!! Absolute joke. Oh, and the letter even says that as I've been with them for several years I'll probably be able to find same cover cheaper elsewhere. Well, thank you John Lewis, I didn't need that bit of advice, I worked it out myself 😡

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1/5   Shaming the John Lewis brand !   2 January 2018

Reviewed By: W McFadyen, Recommend:

Canít believe they wanted to increase premium for 2 cats, 2 years old by 25% after zero claims. Called up and they tried to increase the excess, and said there was no possible further discount. Later rang to cancel and they then tried to offer a discount. Gone to L&G paying half the price for more cover! Thought John Lewis were reputable- but now have doubts!!

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 I have been with John Lewis Pet Insurance since 2010. Although it has increased significantly every year, with limited claims. THIS YEAR THEY HAVE INCREASED IT 93%!!! I find this shameful and immoral. They will not alter their renewal amount. Perhaps when you take a 'life time cover' policy there should be details explaining how they justify any increases, instead of Breed and age of dog, which they are aware of from the start.

comment by: anonymous, 8 January 2018
1/5   Stay away total joke   13 December 2017

Reviewed By: JR, Recommend:

33% premium increase after 12 months lifetime insurance on my two young dogs (2 years old). No claims, not moved house, vet fees have not gone up - I know my brother in law is a local vet! Yet they use things like vet fees as an excuse. If car insurance increased by 33% in 12 months with no claims there would be an outcry - would they claim a rise in mechanic fees?! As the dogs have no pre-existing conditions I have told them to stick their renewal & Iíll be taking my business elsewhere. Person I spoke to said Ďwe admit we arenít the cheapest, thereís nothing more we can doí.... not what Iíd expect from John Lewis.

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1/5   Insurance has doubled   27 November 2017

Reviewed By: Lee Anniss, Recommend:

We chose John Lewis pet insurance for our dog as they offered life cover, we didnít claim a penny for the first 2 years but upon reaching 2 years of age our dog developed epilepsy, we ended up having to claim for medication as itís an ongoing condition. John Lewis put the premium up from the initial £23 a month to £41 then this year they have more than doubled it to £84 a month leaving it pretty much unaffordable as they know itís an ongoing condition that they will be paying for, nothing short of neglect and all I have to say about John Lewis as a company is they are disgusting, please do not use them as they are a total rip off.

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1/5   55% renewal hike for my dog no claim STAY AWAY   26 November 2017

Reviewed By: Virginia Harland, Recommend:

Warning to all I moved to John Lewis pet insurance 2 years ago when my pedigree doberman was 3-we have been insured for 2 years with John Lewis and never claimed in all the 5 years Harvey has been alive.. The renewal has come in at a 55% price increase..I have no choice but to find insurance elsewhere as if they do that every year I will no way be able to afford the insurance .So Angry.

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1/5   Steer well clear   4 November 2017

Reviewed By: Stephen H, Recommend:

We researched pet insurance extensively before taking a very expensive whole life policy for our English Bulldog in 2013 which I regrettably encouraged my son to take from John Lewis thinking they would never be associated with a sham product.At the time I spoke to John Lewis who explained the whole life policy saying that the annual increases would be reasonable increasing with age. Over 4 years they received just under £6000 and paid out £400 and without any claim at all last year they have priced this product off the scale claiming that it is because she is a bulldog.(She has not changed breed !!!) We have switched insurer saving £1700 from the John Lewis renewal premium but losing cover in the event of needing to claim for the one condition we had investigated 2 years ago. They make it almost impossible for you to communicate with them and are so used to complaints that have become very adept of obstructing communication. This terrible product means I am no longer a customer of John Lewis for anything. Steer well clear of this product.

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 My increase is 56% to £1700. No claims this year. 6 year old dog. They know we are trapped if we want ongoing cover for any existing conditions. the lesson is clear - DONT EVER TRUST JOHN LEWIS AGAIN!

comment by: Guy D, 27 November 2017
 My pet insurance has gone up by 40% - when asking why they said you have a Norfolk Terrier - yes same dog as last year - vets bill are high - yes same vet as last year. I have made three small claims amounting to about £150. They are the most disgraceful pet insurance company - WHICH should no longer recommend them. Wish i found these reviews earlier - I have only been with them two years and my dog is only 4 years old. I have cancelled my policy with them. AVOID AVOID.

comment by: JEAN LEDGER, 7 November 2017
1/5   Don   21 September 2017

Reviewed By: Deborah Holley, Recommend:

My dog was diagnosed with a chronic condition a 2.5 years ago and since then the premiums have gone up and up. Last year they went up 88%, I complained all the way to the Ombudsman but apparently John Lewis are within their rights to just make up a premium and they don't have to tell you how they came to it. I even complained direct to John Lewis head office and got a phone call from them saying pretty much the same thing. This year it has gone up another 80% putting us in the position of having to go to another insurer and hope that our boy doesn't need any expensive treatment for his condition. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND JOHN LEWIS TO ANYBODY.

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1/5   Rip off JL   17 September 2017

Reviewed By: Doris, Recommend:

This is a truly dreadful company! The John Lewis brand is sullied by this crowd. They double your premium and when your pets get to 9 years old, you have to pay 20% or the excess each time you pay a vet bill. This co-insuring thing is supposed to help customers keep their monthly premiums down. Farcical! Mine is £151 a mnonth and I fully expect that to double again on policy renewal. How this type of trading is legal, I don't know. It's high time the government carried out an investigation and outlawed this behaviour.

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1/5   Horrified at price increase   29 August 2017

Reviewed By: Michele, Recommend: N

Initially I insured both my dogs with John Lewis (believing them to be decent and honourable as their marketing suggests)at quite reasonable prices. By the 2nd renewal, my first dog's quote had gone from £350 to £950 having only claimed for 2 upset stomachs over that time. My second dog who was very poorly in her first year but has been absolutely fine for the last 3 years has gone from £350 to £1,580! They will not reconsider any reduction.

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1/5   Rip Off on renewals   17 August 2017

Reviewed By: Keith P, Recommend:

Just received the renewal notice for pet insurance with John Lewis, 37% increase? We have not claimed on the insurance in the last year and our dog is only 3 years old. Will now cancel and put the money in a savings account each month.

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2/5   Enormous increase in premium   9 August 2017

Reviewed By: Kevin Barber, Recommend:

I have seen my premium rise by 80% during the past year for my dogís Lifetime Policy, from £210 in 2015, to £319 in 2016, and to £578 in 2017 for a dog not requiring treatment or ongoing medications. A large part of the increase appears to be following a claim for investigations that showed there was thankfully not a problem with my dog. I have raised this directly with John Lewis customer services to make them aware that Royal Sun Alliance Insurance is potentially risking damaging the John Lewis brand and good name by these blunt hikes in premiums. Be aware that the customer services contact details and complaints procedure given on the renewal documentation and web is for the customer services at Royal Sun Alliance Insurance who are responsible for the increase not the same as customer services at John Lewis. I have renewed my premium in order to continue to benefit from full Lifetime cover but also submitted my complaint to the Financial Ombudsman to investigate.

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 Hi I am going through the same thing with John Lewis I have submitted a compliant through ombudsman but have not heard back yet. How did you get ion? Thank you

comment by: Diane , 6 June 2018
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