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Homebase pet insurance

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No longer offering pet insurance.

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Reviews of Homebase pet insurance

1/5   Stressful and upsetting   5 August 2015

Reviewed By: Sharon leather , Recommend:

If you do choose homebase pet insurance read every single bit of the small print, it has just taken me weeks and many phone calls to get what I was due after having my dog put to sleep, this make a devastating situation even worse, wouldn't recomend at all

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1/5   93% increase in premium in spite of no claims   8 July 2015

Reviewed By: jen miles, Recommend:

What a total rip off. My 6 year old terrier has cruciate ligament issues which my vet suggested operations for. I wanted to try non invasive management of her condition so instead of spending 4K on two operations, we spent about 300 on hydrotherapy, and I've improved her diet. That was over two years ago. No claims since and she's been great. Now Homebase have put my insurance up by 85% to 93/month! I called to ask why and they said vets fees have gone up 12% year on year. OK, and the rest? It's my dog's age (7) and gender (female) apparently. And of course you can't transfer so they've got you over a barrel. Seriously thinking of complaining to the ombudsman. Grrrr, as my dog would say.

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5/5   So helpful.   7 April 2015

Reviewed By: Amy, Recommend:

We recently sadly lost our 2 year old dog to liver cancer which was very unusual and incredibly saddening. What lightens the blow is how fab homebase insurance has been over the time. When our dog was younger he needed an operation and we got a pay out from them with no problems at all. After a 700 bill recently when we lost our dog to the cancer, they were quick to deal with our claim and there was also no questions asked, they just got on with it. The vet phone service is great, you can phone them any time of the day, which saves you a large consultation fee at the vet if you needed some advice. Will definitely be going with homebase again if and when we get another dog.

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4/5   Brilliant.   16 January 2015

Reviewed By: lisa, Recommend: Y

Since joining homebase my dog has occurred two health conditions. Both of which they have paid out for with no problems and a bonus is the policy has not totally rocketed up in price either.

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5/5   Simply outstanding   1 November 2014

Reviewed By: P Sweeney, Recommend: Y

Our dog was ill whilst we were away on holiday.Our relatives had the good sense to take him to an emergency vet at around midnight in Nottingham. As this vet was unable to care for the dog during the day, another vet delivered treatment. We were told he almost died! Thankfully ok now. Treatment came to 2000 for two settlements. Seamless settlement made to the vets, costing us 75 excess thats all. Phew, what a relief. Our cover was for the silver policy. So helpful when I spoke to the claims handlers. Superb service

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5/5   dog insurance   3 October 2014

Reviewed By: jim glancy, Recommend: Y

Excellent customer service when my labrador ha very expensive Surgery account to vet settled within days staff very good

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1/5   Awful service after puppy passed away   3 April 2014

Reviewed By: Megan, Recommend: N

We insured our puppy with Homebase and when he sadly passed away at 9 months they paid us the insurance and everything was fine, we cancelled the insurance and received a letter offering their condolences. We thought that would be the end of that but we are still receiving letters about our monthly direct debits not being paid, we rang them and explained again. Today we received a letter asking us to renew Barneys insurance and what deals they could offer us, naturally this was upsetting, we rang them again and they said it was a computer glitch even though they told us last time that we had been taken off the system. They offered no apology and almost blamed us for their mistake. Awful service and we will never insure a pet with them again.

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5/5   Unbeatable price and excellent service   18 January 2014

Reviewed By: Ruby, Recommend: Y

I insuranced my cat who was around 23yrs of age with Homebase. They were amazing because very few companies will insure a pet of that age, and if they do they charge a lot more in montly payments, excess fees and other charges like a percentage of bill. With homebase it was a small excess and no extras on top. And the montly premium was around 17.50 at the time which was much less again than most other companies. Bearing in mind how old she was. My cat Esme also had not had any real health conditions she was a delightful cat. I was lucky because by chance six months after I insured her she became ill and eventually it was diagnosed as a virus type of thing. But Homebase settled the claim within about 10 days with no questions asked. And the customer service was also excellent. Nice.

So i recently took in another stray cat and needless to say have chosen Homebase. My cat is about 4 years of age, and the premium is about 4 per month for the top policy, this includes alternative medicine which I also used for Esme, homeopathic / herbalist vets. I also received 15 off chipping my new cat and also got a 20 homebase voucher too! What more is there to say?

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