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Pet Insurance for Golden Retrievers
Common problems for goldens include: hip dysplasia, elbow displaysia, and several types of cancer (hemangiosarcoma, osteosarcoma and mast cell tumours.)

Goldens also are prone to allergies and skin infections.

Recent Reviews of pet insurance from Golden owners:

Don't use them! Steve, 12/3/2018

If you have an elderly dog don't use Animal Friends. They're quite happy to take your money but the insurance doesn't seem to cover anything. Our dog has had two treatments in the last year one for ear trouble which wasn't covered as it was a "pre-existing condition" despite the fact that my vet provided a letter saying it wasn't. The second was for haemorrhagic gastroenteritis which wasn't covered as "all claims related to the digestive system" are excluded. So it appears that pretty much everything she could require treatment for is not covered. Total waste of money!

Company: Animal Friends   Breed: Golden Retriever
Excellent deal and easy to understand. Michael Shakespeare, 11/2/2018

Well presented web page and no insurance jargon. Exactly the cover I need for my puppy. Thank you.

Company: Lifetime Pet Cover   Breed: Golden Retriever
Waste of Money Keith, 10/13/2018

Unfortunately, I have recently lost my dog and was hoping to claim. However by the time all of the small print clauses were applied, no claim was ďvalidĒ. There policy wording is very misleading and after paying a premium of about £370, I am disgusted that they have managed to avoid any claim!! There response to EMails was abysmal, generally taking over a week to respond and the chat facility was also useless. If you have a dog over 8, donít waste your money insuring it! I also asked for a refund on unused months, but guess what, the small print states that no refunds are given!!! I think that it is very unethical for an insurance company to protect itself from most claims!! Disgraceful company!

Company: Animal Friends   Breed: Golden Retriever
Charged 2yrs Excess for claim going over renewal! Sam, 9/12/2018

Be aware! We claimed for our dogs Mast Cell Tumour. The claim started 2 days before our insurance renewal date and continued in to the next insurance year. We were charged for 2 years excess, for the same claim! Car/House insurance wouldn't get away with it!

Company: Sainsburys   Breed: Golden Retriever
They don't pay out Andy, 8/14/2018

Please please please do not use this company thy do not pay out. I even had the vet send an email to them saying this is his first injury to his back leg (ACL) and they still did not pay out. I've now sent an email to the CEO to see what happens just awful.

Company: Sainsburys   Breed: Golden Retriever
14 days of no claim Andy Dawes, 7/11/2018

signed up mid April... claimed mid May after my dog had blood tests... but seems fact my vet mentioned my dog might have been showing the issue for 2-3 weeks which took us into the 14 day NO CLAIM area so wont pay .. what is point of the insurance? charge you for 365 days but will only allow claims for 351 days..

Company: Marks & Spencer   Breed: Golden Retriever
Never knowingly getting Ripped Off J Allan Jolly, 5/11/2018

I have been a loyal John Lewis customer for years but their Pet Insurance is tantamount to an exorbitant and indefensible rip off, underwritten by an unscrupulous Insurer, Royal Sun Alliance. The premium for my healthy Golden Retriever dog has soared from £248 to £1959 in less than 3 years, a rise of almost 800%. This Corporate and disingenuous duo should not be allowed to continue offering cover in this corner of the Insurance market and potential buyers should look elsewhere when making fully informed judgments in regard to their individual Pet Insurance needs.

Company: John Lewis   Breed: Golden Retriever
A complete waste of money Not a Happy Bunny, 3/19/2018

I have only just received the confirmation of payout following the death of my beloved dog over 5 months ago. After paying in religiously every month for over 12 years we have been told that the sum due to us for our final vets bill of over £900 is about £270. After deductions made and fixed excesses and percentage excesses the final amount is PATHETIC! Apparantly there is a clause that says the maximum claimable is £500 but they deduct the excess from this. Now I'm not a rocket scientist but even I can work out I'd have been better off putting my money in a piggy bank and hoping for the best. This news came after months of waiting and phone calls asking them to pay up. I can't believe they're still trading!

Company: E & L   Breed: Golden Retriever
New pet insurance Duncan Smith , 1/20/2018

Very easy to start policy online.follow up call and email from staff was very professional and personal. Already had two dogs insured with lifetime never had any issues.thank you.

Company: Lifetime Pet Cover   Breed: Golden Retriever
Insure with confidence Roisin Rooney, 1/8/2018

Checked out customer reviews first and was impressed. Website was easy to follow. Competitively priced. Have yet to claim and hopefully won't need to so cannot comment.

Company: Lifetime Pet Cover   Breed: Golden Retriever
So friendly! Lisa, 12/18/2017

Have used this insurance for the last two years for my other dogs. Any claims are settled fast and the form is very easy to complete. Expecting a premium hike the following year and was delighted that it was a pound more and the other dog had a reduction! Didn't hesitate to insure my new pup with them. Fabulous service!! Competitive prices!

Company: Lifetime Pet Cover   Breed: Golden Retriever
Dreadful. B S, 11/27/2017

We pay about £950.00 a year for our two now elderly dogs. The cost has risen as they have got older, now they are 11 and 13 we have no choice but to carry on with E&L as no-one else will insure them now. Every time we claim that medical problem is subsequently excluded. If we make new diagnosis claims we have to wait months for any payment at all even though we chase it up. We do not get itemised statements explaining what they have covered and what they have not even on request(several times) so we are completely in the dark as to what they pay for and what not. It is never anything like the original bills came to though. Absolutely dreadful.

Company: E & L   Breed: Golden Retriever
Recommended on price Jeanette , 11/27/2017

I have a 9 year old golden retriever who had been insured with another insurer - the only reason I left them is because of the ridiculous premium increase. LPC gave a much much lower quote and had positive reviews - the on line process was quick and easy.

Company: Lifetime Pet Cover   Breed: Golden Retriever
Competitive lifetime cover David, 11/26/2017

Life Time Pet cover compared favorably against many other insurers on the comparison website. It offered a fair package for life time cover.

Company: Lifetime Pet Cover   Breed: Golden Retriever
Excellent value pet insurance Chrissy V, 11/24/2017

I was looking around for good value pet insurance for my puppy. I was actually quite shocked at some of the quotes I was given by some of the better known companies ! I saw someone recommend this company on The Golden Retriever Club Website and Iím so glad I looked them up. Iíve cut the cost of a policy offered by one of the biggest pet insurers in half, plus my dogís insured for £3,000 a year more. Fantastic Value and excellent customer service.

Company: Lifetime Pet Cover   Breed: Golden Retriever
Looks great value Sue , 9/14/2017

Easy simple website to navigate with simple clear quote. Seems a great buy considerably less than my renewal, from a company who have made it cost prohibitive this year even though I haven't made a claim for several years.

Company: Lifetime Pet Cover   Breed: Golden Retriever
FAR TO EXPENSIVE kimi and cassie, 9/11/2017

I am now paying £141 a month for two dogs age 11/12 with a £120 excess Im getting a new pet soon but will not be using DL also slow to pay claims

Company: Direct Line   Breed: Golden Retriever
Not convinced Theresa, 9/4/2017

I had found a great quote from Argos for my pup and called and told Argos that I was keen to go with them but first REQUESTED further terms and conditions by email as the ones listed on their website were limitied. Apparantly this required me to run through the whole course of questions asked of me to receive a quote. Upon getting through that, I was asked "what can i do for you today"? I requested again and after waiting a few days, I called back, this time I was just required to provide security answers to find out what happened to my email of t&cs. I was informed that this is only sent in the mail as not available by any other means. I was told the paperwork had been sent. I waited a further week and only on the day the plan was due to start (had i taken it out), did the T&Cs arrive in the post, being 1st Sept. I then checked reviews as alarm bells ringing. I have opted for John Lew I called to pay but couldnt understand the terms I was being told over the phone which I'm sure are ok but the fact that the lady had to repeat one term 3 times and im still none the wiser, made me change my mind. Think she just spoke too fast and it all seemed very impersonal and rushed. I didnt proceed and now have insurance with John Lewis as they have the best reviews, not far off from Argos but if customer service is that below par in sales, it's likely to be worse in claims.

Company: Argos   Breed: Golden Retriever
Easy to join Tricia S, 8/31/2017

New to LPC, very pleased how Robert was so helpful in answering a few questions I had and arranged cover without too many questions. Time will tell if we have to make a claim and at our renewal. Premium was within our price range and cover was good, t&c were easy to understand.

Company: Lifetime Pet Cover   Breed: Golden Retriever
Rip off don Tracey, 8/11/2017

Have been with morethan for nearly 11 years with dog and cat insurance even though the premium kept going up each year. Only made 3 claims for the dog which was allergies related decided to exclude them from the policy and brought the premium down nearly half. My dog had a haemotoma in her ear, I phoned and asked if I could claim and was told yes, as long as it's not allergy related. I told them it wasn't. I put claim in and was declined because they said it was down to her allergies even though my vets said it wasn't. morethan vets said it was. Well, for a start they don't know my dog and haven't treated her either, so why go above my vet who treated her? They didn't even phone to talk to me to discuss it even though I'm the policy holder. I made a complaint and got declined again saying my vet had said they couldn't say if it was allergy related or not. After they sent an email to say not related, Morethan told me I could get 2 months premium payed back while i was waiting for the decision to be made, which I'm still waiting for. I'm absolutely fuming, they even sent me an email which I asked for, showing my vet had emailed them explaining it was not to do with allergies. They had also emailed me someone else's details of their pet and policy number. I have a good mind to phone the owners and tell them. I would not go near them. They do anything to get out of paying even after being with them all that time and all the money I have payed over the years to them. They don't even care. I've gone to the ombudsman now. I definitely would not recommend.

Company: MORE TH>N   Breed: Golden Retriever
New customer Chris, 8/8/2017

Just changed to this company after the company I have been with for years put the premium up by over £14 a month after the first claim in 9 years. Didn't think I would find another company that would insure with lifetime cover over this age and premium is much lower than I was paying before this year's rise. Slightly higher up front costs, but fingers crossed I won't need to claim. Simple online process with immediate delivery of policy.

Company: Lifetime Pet Cover   Breed: Golden Retriever
Half the price of our existing policy! Pat Maker, 8/4/2017

Kai is 9. His current insurer wanted £901 to renew! This one was £435 for more cover!

Company: Lifetime Pet Cover   Breed: Golden Retriever
Do not touch Chris Burley, 7/28/2017

We have made 2 claims both rejected because the date I signed the form was before the date the vet signed it,paid eventually when we submitted .How do they tell you second class post after they after sat on it for a week. Whole process is designed to delay avoiding payment

Company: Legal & General   Breed: Golden Retriever
New Policy Holder Sarah Fraser, 7/11/2017

Just got a new puppy. LPC website very easy to navigate, very competitive prices for lifetime, read the reviews and was impressed. Application process was easy and the email confirmation with policy documents came through straight away. Very impressed so far. Would recommend to friends and family.

Company: Lifetime Pet Cover   Breed: Golden Retriever
Insured 2nd Older Dog Tracey Mayes, 7/3/2017

I have no hesitation in insuring my recently adopted oldie Golden Retriever Cross with Lifetime. I insured my adopted oldie Golden Retriever last October and am very pleased with the insurance, although I have yet to claim on it. I have recommended them to my friends and colleagues (I work for an assistance dog charity) and know at least one has insured with them. Well done Lifetime

Company: Lifetime Pet Cover   Breed: Golden Retriever
Delighted for Delilah Mel, 6/25/2017

Delilah's lifetime insurance was due for renewal (she's a nine year old (healthy) Golden Retriever) and having extensively searched on line I telephoned and spoke to Robert who clarified all my queries. How very refreshing an insurer who does not exclude a dog over 8 years old, does not charge an extortionate premium and does cover pre existing conditions (of two years previous) and also treats each limb as separate (none of the bi-lateral cop out so popular with other insurers). The policy was easy to set up on line and the email containing the policy document was received quickly, as this is a new policy I have no experience of the claims procedure.

Company: Lifetime Pet Cover   Breed: Golden Retriever


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