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Debenhams pet insurance

The Connect Centre
Kingston Crescent

phone: 0844 335 1024

Policies are administered by BDML Connect Ltd. Offer Accident only, Essential, Basic, Extra and Elite levels of cover.
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Reviews of Debenhams pet insurance

1/5   Poor Customer Contact.   20 July 2018

Reviewed By: Tony Weed, Recommend: N

My Insurance came to an end. I received there renewal quote. But having researched numerous comparison websites. I found the Insurance emporium to be cheaper and offered more than my renewal from Debenhams. So I proceeded to purchase from Emporium. When I checked my bank the other day, I noticed that Debenhams had taken a payment for a new cover, which I didnít agree or sign for. So I emailed them on the link provided. Nothing heard. Iíve left it four days and subsequently emailed them again. Highlighting the fact that this is my second email. Itís now the fifth day. No contact, no emails, no calls and now they have received confirmation from my bank I cancelled the direct debit. Which is resulted in me being charged £30 cancellation fee... folks take your business elsewhere.....I canít believe five days have past... no communication... awful!!! Go to money supermarket... better deals and better prices..

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5/5   Paid out happily   25 February 2018

Reviewed By: Caroline, Recommend: Y

My dog was insured with Debenhams, with a max benefit policy. He had an accident, and we practically used up our full max benefit amount over the next 2 years. The company paid each and every claim, swiftly and professionally. I was very happy with the service I received from them. The premium did go up, but I expected that after such a large claim. I paid the vet bills, and then they gave me the money back afterwards.

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5/5   Always paid out on claims and fairly quickly   17 October 2017

Reviewed By: Mrs C E World, Recommend: Y

I had my dog insured with Debenhams for the last 7/8 years and found the company to be very good. No claim was every queried. On the first couple of claims they were a little slow but more recently reimbursed my costs quickly. As with all insurance if you claim the cost then goes up the following year however overall I was better off for having had the insurance. I would recommend them and use them again if I have another pet.

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1/5   Obfustation and non payment of claims   25 January 2017

Reviewed By: Stephen Savage, Recommend: N

They take your money, send initially automated progress reports on submitting a claim but are slow to actually process. Junior staff are helpful but those who make decisions are inaccessible.They appear to find problems on claims and request clarifications -they have twice asked my vet to provide a full vet history. My dog went suddenly blind and was referred to a specialist by my vet who was unclear on the cause of blindness and referred to a specialist who gave a fuller more certain diagnosis. They then deducted the excess on both bills and claimed there were two issues according to the vets (going blind....) When the dog died in weeks they then found problems verifying purchase price despite confirmation from breeder. I won't waste my money on this insurer again.Their main focus seems delay and trying to find ways not to pay out/Look elsewhere!

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1/5   Avoid at ALL costs   13 September 2016

Reviewed By: Natalie, Recommend: N

Customer Service and communication is extremely poor. My premiums are up to date, I have paid out over £800 in vet fees, they have had my claim form 6 weeks and still no money. Poor excuse, after poor excuse, no resolution in sight. Going to involve the Financial Ombudsmen as enough is enough, quibbling over a discrepancy with the date of birth of a rescue dog, then wanting vet history from before we had him from his previous owner, anything to delay it. Happy to take the money though. Do not take this out.

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1/5   Pathetic   31 July 2014

Reviewed By: James Curtis, Recommend: N

Took an insurance policy out for my cat at the beginning of the year. Late May she became ill and In had to fill in a claim form, which I did then handed it to the vet to complete. I received an e-mail telling me I could expect payment within five day. That was almost two months ago and I still telephone each week to be given even more excuses. I know insurance companies are bad when it comes to paying out, but these jokers are top of the league.

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