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Pet Insurance for Boxers
Boxers are generally healthy, but like all breeds, they are prone to certain health issues.

Common problems for boxers include: Boxer cardiomyopathy (BCM), a serious heart condition, cancer, hip dysplasia, bloat, allergies and skin problems.

Recent Reviews of pet insurance from Boxer owners:

Awful company Joanna Williams yo, 9/1/2018

Do not take out an insurance with this company ! Not only do they take months to pay, out of a bill for nearly 1400 they paid out 600 absolutely awful company. I had 2 dogs insured with this company,very sadly lost one but I have since moved insurance for my other dog.

Company: E & L   Breed: Boxer
One operation, three excesses applied Bob Keegan, 5/11/2018

My dog recently had an eight year check up and the Vet recommended removing some lumps and bumps that he had. They operated and took out five lumps that all came back benign, which was good. Morethan then questioned my Vet quite closely until they were able to ascertain that the five lumps fitted into three different categories, in their view, three "different conditions", so they applied the excess to each condition meaning that I got back less than a third of what I spent on the operation. One operation, three excesses. Ridiculous, don't you think? I had been reasonably happy with more than until recently when they put my renewal premium up considerably and then this. Rip off merchants.

Company: MORE TH>N   Breed: Boxer
Fantastic and empathetic Maisie, Lacey, , 4/14/2018

I have been with direct line for many years and have lost three dogs. they have always been quick payments, easy to talk to and above all empathetic. I probably could get my insurance cheaper elsewhere but wouldn't even consider it. Our Boxer dog recently died at the age of 3 and a half from a sudden heart condition. Direct line paid out 7,500 with no problems. Well done Direct Line and thank you.

Company: Direct Line   Breed: Boxer
Awful , decline everything Jamie , 1/20/2018

Stayed loyal to DL for years and years, They increase the policy every year my animal gets older , which I understand ! They seem to make reference to repeat illnesses all the time or seem to use this as an excuse not to pay!!!!!! They will charge you low prices to start with but if you don't do anything the premium will rise & rise!!!!! The words you've reached your pay out limits will appear more and more! From the lump / tuma from the ear to the tail will be classed as the same. The call handlers are a joke and read from a script, with no empathy Pay extra do anything and stay away from these rip off small print merchants.

Company: Direct Line   Breed: Boxer
Won Steve, 1/15/2018

Tried to get a quote but don't do boxer dogs.

Company: Lifetime Pet Cover   Breed: Boxer
Avoid at all costs Laurence, 1/4/2018

Please act on the majority of reviews on this site. This company are truly appalling and will drag out payments for as long as possible. I am still waiting to settle a claim for my pets operation in October and have had to telephone the insurance company and my vets as they are truly terrible. Avoid at all costs is my advice or you will end up chasing around for answers that should be provided to you as a customer. Never again. If there was a 0/rating I would add it.

Company: Legal & General   Breed: Boxer
Massive increase Paul THOMAS, 11/15/2017

I have been with Petplan for 4 years and each year the premium has risen on average by 100. This year after no claims in the 4yrs it went up by 128. New Premium 797!!!! Really I have a healthy 4 year old Boxer which having phoned Petplan, they claim is high risk. Bye Bye Petplan Comparative cover elsewhere 342.00

Company: Petplan   Breed: Boxer
delays in processing claims Mark C, 6/28/2017

Last year had terrible claims experience with Purely Pets. This year, almost a repeat. They "Cancelled" my original claim apparently because they did not receive the claim paperwork, yet I had called them to check they had it three days before. The claim was mysteriously recreated a few days later, but now the 10 days wait is based on the recreated date not my original date. Also heard the same excuse as last year that their claims teams are really busy at the moment, etc. I would avoid this company at all costs if I had a choice.

Company: Purely Pets   Breed: Boxer
Shocking Service and Never Again Mandy , 4/12/2017

I have had my Boxer Insured with the Kennel Club since he was a puppy,(free 12 weeks) he is now 8. Over the last few years his premiums have steadily increased from around 350-400 when we took the policy out up to the 800ish mark last year. This year after speaking to the Kennel Club to renew my policy for the 9th year, I have been informed my renewal price will be 1,749 for a dog who has never been ill or injured and only attends the vet once a year for his annual checks and vaccinations which cost the Kennel Club nothing at all, you can imagine my horror. I have asked for a detailed explanation but to date have only been informed I was most probably one of their Customers who have been under charged their premiums over the last 3 years, so watch out, because from what I can ascertain from that, I will not be the only furious Customer this year. My last Boxer was insured by another Company and had numerous problems and operations to the tune of thousands, not once did they question, grumble of hike my premiums up. My Boxer is a Pedigree Kennel Club registered dog and the Kennel Club are not interested in his health and well being there only interest is in the money these dogs can generate for them. My advice find another insurance company

Company: The Kennel Club   Breed: Boxer
Animal Unfriends Insurance Alfie , 1/16/2017

this has got to the worst insurance company for dogs in the UK - I have just had a continuation claim refused for a mast cell tumour originally on my dogs leg and then came back on his back - excluded because it was not the same mast cell tumour and in the same place or surrounding area - because it was on his back this time was excluded from the insurance even though it was within the 365 day cover for that year - would definitely recommend owners do their homework before deciding on an insurance company for their pet

Company: Animal Friends   Breed: Boxer
recommeded! J Vazquez, 10/10/2016

My dog was insured always with this company and I had no complaints at all, only that it started quite reasonably priced and got a bit expensive, but they giuve a wonderful customer service and they pay quickly

Company: Vets Medi Cover   Breed: Boxer
THANK YOU TESCO & STAFF Alice, 4/29/2016

Yes I agree that prices have gone up BUT have to say a very big Thank You to Tesco for paying out(to our vets) a large investigation claim for one of our Boxers "Alice" promptly, the staff are always polite,extremely Helpful & friendly please thank them for me. Once again Thank You Tesco Lady.Morland (Norfolk)

Company: Tesco   Breed: Boxer
BEWARE not the cover you think for dogs over 8 Andrew T, 4/23/2016

I first insured with Animal Friends about 3 years ago, and have tried to claim recently. I chose a high end level of cover, and with a single claim limit of 2000, I felt comfortable with the cover. I was not aware of the "co-funding" clause, until pointed out by the vet. However as the treatment is 3,600, I was expecting to pay the extra over 2,000. It came as a bit of a shock that the nett result of the policy is that the single claim limit is in fact 2000 less the 35% co-funding, so the most I can expect is about 1300, less the excess. If you compare this true level with other companies, I think you will find that this is very poor value for money. I intend to take this all the way, as it is set out to mislead.

Company: Animal Friends   Breed: Boxer
Service good priced our of using them Smoyes, 2/1/2016

I went with this company due to the reviews, but that was 3 years ago and since then they have put the price up every year, and not by a small amount, it started as about 25 but it is now 97 this year, and on top of that, I have to pay 20% for her condition which was diagnosed after I took out their insurance as well as them putting a ceiling of 3000 in total for the rest of her life for that condition and this is despite her only being 4, and they had the audacity to make it sound like they were doing me a big favour by doing all this, based on all of this there is no reason for me to stay with them, as it would be more affordable if I put the money away, although what I intend to do is find an alternative insurance that will cover her for everything except her existing condition. Please be warned I am not the only person they have done this to, they do this to all their customers

Company: Vets Medi Cover   Breed: Boxer
Distressed Policy Holder Charlie, 1/8/2016

I have been a customer for 5 years I made no claims I contacted regarding the policy 2 days ago advising that my dog had sadly passed away and seeking support I received no reply however I did receive an email advising I had cancelled my direct debit and advising that if I did not pay an outstanding balance 12 then further action will be taken. I am very distressed at the content of the email but more the fact they have not responded to my correspondence how insensitive at what is a distressing time.

Company: Purely Pets   Breed: Boxer
Hassle Free Insurance A.Lawson, 11/24/2015

My girl was rescued from a breeding farm and I wanted to ensure that from this on point she got the best possible care I could provide for her. I also wanted an insurance without lots of hassle, which is why I went to Vetsure. I like that they pay the vet directly so all I have to do is fill in the claim form and pay the excess. Vetsure and the vets take care of the rest. I have used them twice now, and both claims were settled quickly. It is quite costly but given all the stories of owners finding out during stressful times that there insurance wont pay Vetsure is reassuring

Company: Vetsure   Breed: Boxer
Easy to set up Rachael Hawthorn , 10/1/2015

Not used this company before but after having issues with other companies for my last dog decided to try this one. Seems the policy is what I need for a reasonable price for my new puppy. Although I couldn't specify my pups breed, seemed to be the only one missing so had to say other. Will see how I get on if and when I need to claim.

Company: Lifetime Pet Cover   Breed: Boxer
Excellet Shelley mattocks, 8/18/2015

Been with kc nearly 6 years, our boxer had several accidents Brocken nails mainly, every allergy going, thyroid problems, 2 lumps removed, dental work on a cracked tooth, eppilus removed and died of heart failure age 5 years and 8 months. We have made over 10,000 worth of claims and never been refused any claim, they aren't quick at dealing with the claim and premiums exculated from 35 per month to 120 per month by the time he was 5 but well worth having life time cover

Company: The Kennel Club   Breed: Boxer
Sainsbury Pet Insurance P CHAPMAN, 8/6/2015

Our Boxer pup pimple under her chin we had it checked out we were told keep an eye on it after about a week it disappeared We made our annual visit for her boaster in April 2014 few days later a large spot appeared at the back of the neck where she was injected so we had it checked 6 days later it also disappeared. In May this year whilst on holiday a lump appeared on her right back leg this one did get larger so we had it checked and removed and because we had checked in the past year and was insured at the time with Tesco no surgery was needed On renewal i decided to change to Sainsbury pet insurance big mistake this was not the same problem a total different problem and our veterinary has confirmed this is different and not connected they still refused All present thinking of renewing your pet insurance and you have not made a claim think twice and any new customer steer clear of Sainsbury pet insurance

Company: Sainsburys   Breed: Boxer
Don't pay out Will, 6/25/2015

I'm so angry, we had our boxer covered and she had to have a tumour removed from her leg. All good, paid out in full, the premium went up to double the original, but heyho I'm ok with that. Now then a week before the 12 month rule she had another small growth on the same leg, due to work we got to the vets with a day to spare, test done, tumour out a week later, sent the claim, sorry because the actual operation was 5 days outside the year, no payout!! Wow what I couldn't believe it, Tesco bank account will be closed, credit card paid off goodbye Tesco, no wonder your struggling, crap company, crap service.

Company: Tesco   Breed: Boxer
Very expensive and not great claims service Fiona Boyle, 5/26/2015

We opted for M&S based on their reputation and initially very reasonable rates. However my pet insurance costs 4 times as much as my car! 125 a month for a 6 year old boxer. He does have a few health problems but we often don't claim for everything anyway. We are almost at point of not insuring. I have been told that a company is not allowed to increase premiums due to claims? They do with claims but take a long time - last time it took over 10 weeks to receive cheque.

Company: Marks & Spencer   Breed: Boxer
too long to wait for an answer! christine, 5/18/2015

have just been informed that a claim I put in three weeks ago hasn't even been looked at yet and won't be until at least the end of the week. I need to know whether they will pay out as my boxer needs more treatment and I can't afford to progress without knowing whether I am covered. Far too long to wait for a yes/no answer. My cats are covered under another insurance and they confirmed acceptance within a few days.

Company: The Kennel Club   Breed: Boxer
wonga animal friends neil duerden, 3/18/2015

What Wonga is to payday loans this lot are the same for pet insurance, 8 years ago my Boxer had a quote ''pea size growth in lower flank'' no problem 8 years on, in a slightly different place he grew a golf ball sized lump which has been removed tested, tumour present, 890.00 made claim, rejected due to the pea sized growth 8 year earlier, whist my boxer was going through this I renewed my cover with animal friends, if I only knew what I know now.

Company: Animal Friends   Breed: Boxer


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