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Pet Insurance for Beagles
As a pure breed, Beagles are more susceptible to genetic health issues than mixed breed dogs.

Common problems for beagles include: ear infections (due to their long, floppy ears), distichiasis (eyebrows growing back into the eye), epilepsy, cancer and polyarthritis (joint problems.)

Recent Reviews of pet insurance from Beagle owners:

I agree with the poor reviews J P, 4/27/2018

Beware of the non-waivable cancellation fee and the significant increases in the annual premiums. They also rely on passive ways of informing about policy premium increases with no explanation of why the increases occur - despite making no claims the policy went up significantly. Even then there are other providers who can supply better cover for less. Avoid - I wish I had not let the policy autorenew as they can't even tell me how much the refund will be. Once they have taken the cancellation fee that is!

Company: Paws & Claws   Breed: Beagle
Priced out Griff, 4/24/2018

No claims made yet premium increased to an extortionate amount when the dog reached 8 years old, they're more than happy to take your money until there's a probability of age related illness.

Company: Tesco   Breed: Beagle
Do not cover Greyhounds !!!! Paul Fawcett, 8/17/2017

Just adopted a 3 year old rescue greyhound...started to fill in the quote for only to find you can select the breed "Greyhound" but they will not quote for to know why? this is pathethic...Greyhound are healthy dogs and carry no more risk than any other breed.....shame on you LPC !!!!!

Company: Lifetime Pet Cover   Breed: Beagle
Avoid Toni, 2/28/2017

Increase premiums astronomically and ignore complaints Had 2 dogs insured with Animal Friends for many years. Would not recommend them. The premiums are hiked up as soon as your dog gets ill. After his last problem my dogs were increased almost 4 fold so that I could not afford to insure him anymore. Their policy documentation does not make it clear that the amount covered per condition includes any excess that you are paying. If you are in danger of going over the 30day limit for claims they will not let you/vet fax/email them the claim so ensure you claim well in advance. When your dog is needing any treatment over 1000 they insist on forms being filled in and sent to them by the vet/specialist centre which can delay the treatment. RVC said most other insurance companies don't do this. If you ask for information they hold on file they return incomplete answers and routinely they don't tell you how your claim has been worked out just a the figure they are paying/not paying. Sometimes this info is sent by post, sometimes by email making it hard to keep proper records. When I enquired I found my dog had over 4000 of treatment costs (including surgery) recorded under a condition for which surgery would never be done and for which he had only had a short course of treatment with antibiotics. When I pointed this error out nothing was done to rectify or explain it. I complained officially and got back a half arsed explanation which made no sense and my complaint got nowhere. As part of a previous claim my dog had also received medication for high blood pressure but when I claimed again for the very same medication I was told this was new condition so had I to pay the excess. It just made no sense at all. How could it be a new condition when he had been receiving medication for this for some time? In the end I gave up arguing with them. I would never use this company again, I would find a more reliable, fair and reputable one even if it costs a bit more up front.

Company: Animal Friends   Breed: Beagle
Avoid- premiums rocket on older pets. D Lyons., 5/7/2016

Do not get sucked in by initial low policy costs. I do unfortunately have 3 pets still insured with Sainsburys, all having pre-existing conditions so I cannot afford to switch insurers and have pre-existing conditions excluded. My almost 14yr old Greyhound's renewal has just arrived (it is his premium increases that are my issues with Sainsburys) and it has increased from 220 to 300 a month - YES a month - not a year!! Originally his premiums started at 16 a month when I got him in 2005. Sainsbury's have paid out on most claims without too much hassle although a couple of times they have tried to say that it was part of the same condition and so they had already paid the max 7,500 out. Once specialists are involved it doesn't take long to reach bills that run into thousands. In December we had a cat cost almost 4,000 in specialist and normal vets bills (the first ever claim for her) they did payout without any issues, her renewal is due in July - it will be interesting to see what that will be. Although all the cat's premiums have doubled since I first insured them in 2006. My 4 other animals are insured with PetPlan whom I haven't had much experience of claims or the subsequent premium increases, but I have friends who have and they say their premiums have never increased as dramatically as mine have with Sainsburys. I like to insure my animals to have peace of mind but it doesn't help when insurance companies take the pi$$ and increase the premiums to ridiculous amounts but until you make a few claims you never actually know how good insurance companies are and by then its too late if you've chosen a cr@p one!

Company: Sainsburys   Breed: Beagle
Mind boggling extortionate Jackie, 3/3/2016

Like a lot of people here I insured my dog with M&S 10 years ago believing they were a reputable company. Admittedly I've made some claims as my dog has got older,some of them hefty, but I don't feel this warrants the 140 a month they're now asking for. Friends and fellow dog owners, many with old dogs, are aghast when I tell them. The annual renewal doesn't just go up a few pounds, it leaps up by 40 a time. It's disgraceful. I rang them and they told me it's because I've made claims. Is that legal? I'm going to investigate. Be warned, do NOT get caught up in M&S pet insurance, no matter how much you like their food!

Company: Marks & Spencer   Breed: Beagle
AVOID these people. Carol, 2/26/2016

I have had my dog insured with VetsMediCover since 2012, and have made NO claims at all. Last year they wanted to double the premium and I reluctantly reduced the cover to compensate. Today I have received an email upping this year's premium from 31.20 to 104.77! This is disgraceful and I feel these people are real con merchants, no doubt due to the frequent change in underwriters.

Company: Vets Medi Cover   Breed: Beagle
Do not insure with M&S Jacqueline Roberts, 10/9/2015

I had my two dogs insured with M&S until their premium practically doubled.The eldest dog had a dental procedure in June costing over 400 and after numerous excuses from them and phone calls from me they have finally this week informed me my policy does not cover dental work.I can accept we cannot claim but what I don't understand is why it's taken 4 months to tell me.I have decided not to renew with M&S and have gone to Petplan on friend's recommendation, they can't be any worse.

Company: Marks & Spencer   Breed: Beagle
Excellent Karen W, 7/21/2015

I've been using Tesco Pet Insurance since 1998. I have greyhounds and lurchers and at one time I had six dogs. Never in all the years I've been with Tesco, have I had a claim refused. And gosh, haven't I put in loads of claims amounting to thousands of pounds. . Tesco have always paid out promptly and when I've sadly had to have a dog put to sleep, Tesco have always been very kind and sympathetic. To date, I cannot fault them.

Company: Tesco   Breed: Beagle


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