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AXA pet insurance

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In July 2013, AXA announced they will no longer be offering pet insurance. The AXA website claims that existing customers will continued to be covered. AXA is also the underwriter for other pet insurance brands (Debanhams, RSPCA, Swiftcover, etc.) so this move may affect many pet owners.

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Reviews of AXA pet insurance

1/5   Now called NCI do not use !!!   16 February 2017

Reviewed By: Janine, Recommend: N

They cold emailed me at my cats renewal date and I got a quote from them which was quite a lot cheaper than my existing company that I had been with for years. So I swapped. What a huge mistake. I recently had to make a claim which has been rejected as they say I entered an incorrect date of birth for my cat online. I know I didn't as I know my cats date of birth off by heart and he is 10 next month. Strangely it was altered online as if he is only 9 next month and they only insure cats under 9. I am now left with a cat with no insurance and can't get insurance anywhere else as he now has a pre existing condition because of these idiots. They took forever to deal with my claim and in the meantime I have had to pay out about 500 for treatment which I cannot get back, leaving me in debt on my credit card and all of this would have been covered by my previous company. Nci are dishonest and did everything they could from day 1 to try and avoid paying out on my claim including now lying about what I entered online when I applied. Don't use them just because they are cheaper. You will regret it !! Their staff are rude and condescending and spoke to me as if I was an idiot every time I called. They have now cancelled my policy as if I am a criminal and left me with no insurance. Biggest regret of my life taking a policy with them and I now have the heart breaking choice to make if my cat gets ill or injured again about whether I can afford to treat him or not . I thought I was being sensible and have always had my cats insured.

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1/5   NCI is a rip off   22 July 2015

Reviewed By: elena, Recommend: N

We have been with AXA for years to insure both our pets. The policy for the cat was about 350 a year, we have made 1 small claim for tooth removal when the cat was a kitten and have never claimed again over the 13 years! AXA sold their per insurance business to NCI and these people have just quoted me 974 to insure a cat who has had no claims over years. We are lucky that she does not have any health issues, so I can cancel but I feel for those poor people who have pets with existing health problems as I no other insurance would cover existing conditions if they were to change the provider. This is disgusting way of treating customers, to say the least.

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1/5   Thought it was a joke!   1 March 2015

Reviewed By: Jean Barnes., Recommend:

I have a rescued Bichon Frise and when she came to us four years ago I insured her with Axa.The first year the premium was around 17, the second year around 26 and last year increased to just under 40. My policy with them is due for renewal this month and NCI have sent me details of the new premium.... 284 per month!! I have read reviews of NCI and this transfer from Axa in which NCI say they are not wishing to get rid of clients. So what exactly are they trying to do? I will make a complaint and then contact the Ombudsman. These methods are legal but grossly unfair.

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1/5   AXA sold out to NCI 140% increase   17 February 2015

Reviewed By: Pinky, Recommend: N

I have been with AXA pet insurance for over three years, I was suddenly informed that at renewal the Insurance would be transferred to NCI, I then received a quote from this company who are brokers and not an Insurance company that my yearly renewal would cost 140% yes 140% higher plus there would be administration charges of 75. Thanks AXA get lost NCI

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2/5   EXTORTIONIST 3.5 grand a year for a tiny bishon...   24 November 2014

Reviewed By: day light robbery, Recommend: N

AXA you have dropped me right in it!!! I asked NCI for a quote given my insurance needs renewing this month....................... I was paying 80 per month with AXA GUESS HOW MUCH NCI are asking for now!???! Dog is very small bishon, age 12 skin complaint, paid insurance for years in the hope that my dog will be looked after in his last few years........................... 284.17 per month!!!! OUTRAGEOUS

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1/5   Premium rose 90%!!!!   29 April 2014

Reviewed By: Anne, Recommend: N

I had my standard schnauzer on a lifetime policy with Axa which was costing just over 20 per month but when it came to last renewal they were putting it up to 38.60!!Unbeknown to me at the time they were getting out of pet insurance and so were only too keen to cancel the policy when I threatened to move to another insurer. The reasons they gave were "the breed of the dog, the age of the dog (6 at the time) & I may be in a high claimes area" Well I would bet 38.60 that they had NO claims by a 6 yr old std schnauzer in my area during the previous year of that policy!

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4/5   Will pay out   8 July 2013

Reviewed By: S Cooper, Recommend: Y

I had my dog insured with AXA for the 6yrs of her life. We had to make some large claims on a couple of occasions and also had to claim ongoing meds costs. They paid every time and will pay the vet direct. My only complaint is if you request a claims form it never seems to arrive in the post or it takes several calls to get one! In the end I got one emailed and then saved the PDF to use for next time. Think you can also download them from their website.

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