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Animal Friends pet insurance

No. 1 The Crescent
Sun Rise Way

phone: 0344 557 0300

One of the most popular pet insurance providers in the UK. Offers seven different plans.

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Reviews of Animal Friends pet insurance

1/5   Absolutely useless.   7 June 2018

Reviewed By: Linda Bora, Recommend:

I have been with Animal Friends for 2 and a half years. and have a 10 year old Bulldog who has been on medication for arthritis for between 1 and 2 years but could walk for a couple of miles. I didn't claim anything for the medication. When I went to the vets because his condition had worsened and the vet said his joints on his back right leg had become so bad they had fused and recommended hydrotherapy for exercise and strengthening his muscles. When I ran Animal friends to enquire if he would be covered for Arthritis they said he wouldn't because he's had arthritis for over a year and the policy only covered conditions for 365 day period and because he had arthritis prior to the worsening of his condition, he wouldn't be covered. I will cancel once I make sure they are not deceiving me!

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1/5   Don't bother with this company   4 June 2018

Reviewed By: JAN, Recommend:

Appalling, so many clauses, they will do all they absolutely can not to pay out, do not waste your money here, you'd be better off doing research elsewhere or putting money aside each month.

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1/5   morally corrupt and the opposite of Animal Friends   29 May 2018

Reviewed By: Karen, Recommend:

Been with this company for decades now, and have so many incidences where they have actively twisted things the vet said in order not to pay. Totally unethical - happy to take our money but not happy to pay up. This endangers pets's lives - if you want peace of mind go with a company that behaves ethically and do look around on the web there are so many cases of similar bad practice against this company.

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1/5   Avoid: Twisters   25 May 2018

Reviewed By: Richard, Recommend:

I won't bore you with the details but they will find any excuse possible not to pay out. Perhaps all insurers are the same but Animal Friends made me jump through all sorts of hoops to provide them with information before declining to pay the claim based on something completely unrelated. Just make sure you read the policy documents thoroughly as it's full of loopholes for these twisters to wriggle through. Avoid!

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5/5   Pleasantly surprisef   22 May 2018

Reviewed By: Poppy, Recommend:

After my dog had an accident , the vets asked who I was insured with, I said animal friends, which I received disapproving looks. Worried I was! After my vet took near in 3 weeks to fill my claim form, I wasnít expecting much from animal friends either. To my surprise text ( without chasing ) saying claim form received. 6 days later email ( again without chasing) saying claim had been paid in full. So canít always judge by reviews, sometime companies read the reviews & improve . I have to say pleasantly surprised and impressed

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1/5   Terrible   10 May 2018

Reviewed By: Paula Bretherton , Recommend:

I chose Animal Friends because of reviews , however Iím sorry I did When I joined I told them my dog had a history of uninary infections. My poor dog who is 15 years old now seems to have bladder cancer and when she urinates she passes blood. Itís cost over £1000 to finally see the tumour in a scan which the vet is 99 percent sure is cancer. Animal Friends are refusing to pay out saying she could have had this cancer all her life which caused the infections before we joined. They want to know 100 percent itís cancer but putting my dog through adangerous investigations could kill her due to her age. Itís stupid Iím sure I would have noticed the blood years ago if she had it all her life and at 15 Iím sure if she had this cancer as they say she would have passed away long before now. The vets are trying to fight my cause and they have told me Animal Friends are always the same, so it seems Iím not the only one. Please think twice before you join!!!

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1/5   Don't Bother   3 May 2018

Reviewed By: K Raven, Recommend: N

You are better investing a sum every month instead of paying pet insurance all they do is shove the premiums up and then exclude everything all of them are a waste of cash

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1/5   Terrible   20 April 2018

Reviewed By: tina, Recommend:

I can only endorse all the bad reviews here. They have even gone to the length of alleging the claim form took 16 days to reach them and is therefore out of date so they don't have to pay out. We are also taking them to the ombudsman or the small claims court. The latter will take up more of their time and in order to try and get them to improve, that might be the best approach. we have cancelled our policy. would never use them again.

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1/5   Avoid at all costs. Any excuse not to pay out.   14 April 2018

Reviewed By: A. McGeddon, Recommend:

Paid the premiums and when our cat died of cancer they would not pay out as they said it was a pre existing condition although the first we knew about it was when the vet diagnosed it.

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 couldnt agree more. we submitted a claim and they allege it took 16 days to reach them by which time it was 2 days out of time (90 day rule). I have cancelled the policy. i have lodged a complaint and will take the matter to the ombudsman or the small claims court. You should too. Your vet records will show that your cat has not be diagnosed with anything and they will have to pay out. So sorry for your loss though.This is the last thing you need.

comment by: tina, 20 April 2018
1/5   waste of money   12 April 2018

Reviewed By: alf, Recommend:

Dog went to vets 2016 picked up slight heart murmur didn't even tell us about it 2 years later they won't pay out saying it's an existing condition garbage .Never pay pet insurance just set up a standing order and use the cash to pay vets bills.Insurers are the biggest scam merchants going

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1/5   Non payment of vet bills   11 April 2018

Reviewed By: Andrea Pullan, Recommend:

Cut a long story short 1 puppy 1 2 year old dog puppy started a fight with older dog. Puppy went to vets and I had to give her back to rspca cause of the fight she had with my other dog. Animal Friends wonít pay bills because they say itís a behaviour problem.....

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5/5   Delighted   5 April 2018

Reviewed By: Melissa Bassil, Recommend:

I cannot understand the negative comments here. We took out a Lifetime policy for our cat when she was 6 years old. The following year she developed a skin condition which turned out to be the result of an allergy to human hair and dander (basically, our cat was allergic to people!). She was initially put on steroids but as she put on 2 kilos in 5 days she had to come off them. She needed an ultrasound scan to ensure the weight wasn't due to kidney problems and she needed to go on to a quite expensive medication which she needed daily for the rest of her life. Put in the first claim at 4pm Monday afternoon through the Pawtal system at the vet. Claim was accepted and paid by 10:00 am Tuesday! Every subsequent claim was accepted and dealt with just as quickly. As it was a lifelong condition we expected the premium to go up on renewal, which it did, but only by a small amount and a subsequent 20% co-pay on claims relating to that condition. As the insurance including the co-pay still worked out far cheaper than paying for the meds we were very happy to renew the policy. When our cat died after being hit by a car Animal Friends sent us a lovely condolence card. I would happily recommend this insurer and I know of many other cat owners who have said the same.

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1/5   Awful - AVOID   3 April 2018

Reviewed By: Kay, Recommend:

Really awful insurers, used for the last 2 years and when it came to needing to claim they refused on a technicality. Ultimately it was their discretion to accept or not. When I told my vet about it they were shocked as well! I feel totally let down and have moved my business elsewhere!!

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1/5   Avoid at all costs   27 March 2018

Reviewed By: L Jones , Recommend:

Do not insure your pet with this bunch of cowboys - they wonít pay out and judging by these reviews on this page , Iím not the only one theyíve ripped off !!! Ombudsman now being involved !

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 I am so shocked at the bad reviews on here about this awful company, I put a review on here two weeks ago they have treated me so badly my dog has now died I have been in an awful state they will not pay out my claim the one and only time I have claimed and my review has been taken down I am now dealing with the Ombudsman something needs to be done about this company, I have also written to the Daily Mail

comment by: Sue Parsons, 3 April 2018
1/5   Stay Away   20 March 2018

Reviewed By: Daren Moore, Recommend:

Terrible insurance company. Refused a recent claim on a technicality and it wasnt even a massive amount. Switched from Tesco last year and really wish I hadn't now. Cheapest is definitely not the best. Stay Away!!!

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1/5   Terrible company. Stay away.   15 March 2018

Reviewed By: Linda, Recommend:

Awful company. Stay away. Cheapest not always best. They will try to avoid settling your claim at any cost.

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1/5   Liers   14 March 2018

Reviewed By: Debbie, Recommend:

WARNING, STAY AWAY FROM ANIMAL FRIENDS... Where do I start.. I took animal friends out when my dog was a puppy because they sounded good and cheap, but then I needed to make a small claim And they wouldn't pay because apparently I only had basic cover (fair enough) so on the phone their and then I asked for insurance to cover everything for life, I stressed that I needed life cover, so she gave me a quote, much more expensive than befor ( as expected) which I agreed to pay and their n then new policy started. 4 years later my dog had a blockage in his intestines and needed surgery, which they did pay ok, but then a year later a similar situation happened but this time they refused to pay saying that I couldnt claim on any intestines surgery again.. Would never use again, and am now with a new insurance company that will luckily take on any new intestinal surgery ever needed..

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 What company did you switch to? wondering as puppy had intestinal block and renewal has come through at 800 - she is 1!!!

comment by: Kate Buckley, 16 May 2018
1/5   Awful   4 March 2018

Reviewed By: Katie Breed, Recommend:

Very unhappy with this firm - they will do everything possible to avoid paying out. Their communication is slow and inefficient and the tone of their letters patronizing and unfriendly. They really do seem to delight in finding reasons not to pay - really upsetting at a time when pet owners are already distressed by their pets ill-health. Premium rise annually even if there have been no claims - would avoid and go with a more reputable company.

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4/5   Were OK with me   27 February 2018

Reviewed By: Paul, Recommend:

Our dog was insured with AF for several years but had a bad year with a troublesome paw infection and needed a stay at the vets with pancreatitis. Although it was difficult to check (their statements group stuff together in a way I still don't understand) they paid out what was due and pretty quickly. I think it helps if your vet's admin staff are on the ball. However, since he's nine now, they have doubled the premium if we want to renew so it's not all good.

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1/5   Thieves   27 February 2018

Reviewed By: Henry, Recommend:

This company pull on the heart strings of pet owners, and then when it comes to the vital period, where they should be supporting you, they end up refusing to pay out based on some legal technicality which is a long stretch from responsible, ethical or "friendly". Insurance companies are there to help you through the hard times (that is why we pay them so much money), and when they refuse to support you based on a stupid contractual technicality (because they can afford bigger fancier lawyers than you), then they don't deserve your custom, or anyone elses at that! Not to mention that fact that they weren't in a rush to do anything, which is really quite important when you are watching your pets vet bill rack up by the hour!

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1/5   Ridiculous rules   14 February 2018

Reviewed By: Suzanne , Recommend:

I have just tried to increase my dogs cover to life time as it was a good price but I was told that all digestive tract problems would have to be excluded from the policy because he had 1 episode of gastroenteritis 4 years ago!!!! No actual treatment needed and no residual side effects! This is a ridiculous rule that applies no common sense, I will be cancelling my existing policy and finding new insurance!!!

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1/5   Not good   25 January 2018

Reviewed By: Mrs Thompson , Recommend: N

Any excuse not to pay out .

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1/5   Never insure with them   19 January 2018

Reviewed By: Adam savage, Recommend:

Do not use them. Been insured for 8 years never made a claim. Until now and they are not paying out. They havenít even spoke to the vet dealing with dog. The company is a joke!!!!!!

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1/5   trying everything to avoid paying small vet fee   14 January 2018

Reviewed By: moodiemare, Recommend:

I'm trying to claim £400 vets fees less £99 excess, they have repeatedly asked same questions even though answers on claim form, have dealt with 4 different claims assistants who lack basic animal knowledge. They are trying to find/make up previous history although there isn't any and now inventing reasons for why they shouldn't pay (dog was in a fight which caused injury!!!!). Avoid like the plague never experienced such a terrible company. Complete con.

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 Yes, they wouldnít pay out on my one & only claim, any excuse to get out of paying, wish Iíd seen your review before.

comment by: Mrs Thompson , 25 January 2018
1/5   Any excuse not to pay out!   13 January 2018

Reviewed By: Natalie, Recommend:

Put a claim in for my cat, was told I couldn't claim as he had once vomited two years ago, so that meant it was a continuing condition. I explained it was a separate incident, we found out the incident two years ago was a hairball and this incident was stress related, but they dug their heels in. Not the first time this has happened, my parents got a number of different reasons they wouldn't help with the cost of our dog's medication, none of which were legitimate. They don't listen, I had to explain myself across three different people who kept ignoring my points and just stating 'it's policy'. Avoid!

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1/5   Robbing company and a waste of time   11 January 2018

Reviewed By: Leah, Recommend:

I have been paying in to animal friends for all of my dogs life and she turns nine in May this year, last week my dog needed a minor operation to remove a growth on her arm that had started as a tiny skin tag about a year and a half ago. The operation cost 300 pounds but when it came to claiming this animal friends said that because the skin tag appeared two years ago that was when I was on my old cover and because I updated my cover it had to be within 365 of my new cover??? Bare in mind they phoned me up when I was in work one day and encouraged me to update my cover, now I wish I hadn't. I explained that 2 years ago it was a small skin tag and was not a problem, now because it has grown into a larger growth it has become a problem, I questioned why they couldn't cover this when I have been paying in to them for years and they told me it doesn't matter how long I've paid in to it, it had to be within the 365 which I still don't understand. I've cancelled my policy and feel really let down and robbed, I am seeking a better more reliable company. This company should be shut down it is just taking people's money.

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1/5   Do not use. Any excuse not to pay.   12 December 2017

Reviewed By: Patricia Young, Recommend:

Our little JR is almost 5 years old, he is a Spanish rescue, we brought him back from Spain in 2016 when he was 3, he was insured in Spain through a Spanish company. He recently damaged his tail and was treated for this injury for 4 weeks, in total the cost was just over £150, I have a £99 excess, my vet filed the claim on my behalf but they have refused to pay as I cannot provide his history from the Spanish vets. I have now cancelled my policy.

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 Interesting, with so many dogs being adopted from abroad, as mine is, I think I will now phone Animal Friends and see if they have a policy on this subject.

comment by: Eve, 2 January 2018
1/5   Disgusted   8 December 2017

Reviewed By: D kane, Recommend:

Our 6 year old dog became very suddenly unwell and was referred to Fitzpatricks where a range of tests were undertaken and he spent a week there. He has an inflammatory condition of his brain and nervous system. his scans also picked up an abcess in his mouth it was recommended for him to have additional treatment. Which we knew would not be covered under the exclusions of the policy. However our £3500 claim has been refused as they are saying his illness a linked to the abscess, this is despite the registrar at Fitzpatricks arguing to the contrary that the two are not related. We have never made a claim before and have one of their more comprehensive policies.

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1/5   DO NOT USE THEM   5 December 2017

Reviewed By: Anon, Recommend:

Can't say much as ongoing claim but I have £5000 bill refused for a bladder issue since dogs 1st season because she had a uti on 14th day of Policy. Get even disagrees they are thieving money or people left right and centre

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1/5   Advice Please??   24 November 2017

Reviewed By: Endurojay, Recommend:

Hi, Iíve unfortunatly just lost my pet in a tragic accident. Iím worried they wonít pay out on the insurance. If someone can give me advice how to complete the form that would be really helpful at this sad time? The details Iíve put are not correct, as I would t want to find out through this forum. Thank you!

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1/5   Will penalise you for your dog getting older   22 November 2017

Reviewed By: Lolly, Recommend:

They are a scam. I haven't claimed yet my premium goes up each year. Time to move on.

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