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Animal Friends pet insurance

No. 1 The Crescent
Sun Rise Way

phone: 0344 557 0300

One of the most popular pet insurance providers in the UK. Offers seven different plans.

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Reviews of Animal Friends pet insurance

1/5   Ridiculous rules   14 February 2018

Reviewed By: Suzanne , Recommend:

I have just tried to increase my dogs cover to life time as it was a good price but I was told that all digestive tract problems would have to be excluded from the policy because he had 1 episode of gastroenteritis 4 years ago!!!! No actual treatment needed and no residual side effects! This is a ridiculous rule that applies no common sense, I will be cancelling my existing policy and finding new insurance!!!

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1/5   Not good   25 January 2018

Reviewed By: Mrs Thompson , Recommend: N

Any excuse not to pay out .

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1/5   Never insure with them   19 January 2018

Reviewed By: Adam savage, Recommend:

Do not use them. Been insured for 8 years never made a claim. Until now and they are not paying out. They haven’t even spoke to the vet dealing with dog. The company is a joke!!!!!!

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1/5   trying everything to avoid paying small vet fee   14 January 2018

Reviewed By: moodiemare, Recommend:

I'm trying to claim £400 vets fees less £99 excess, they have repeatedly asked same questions even though answers on claim form, have dealt with 4 different claims assistants who lack basic animal knowledge. They are trying to find/make up previous history although there isn't any and now inventing reasons for why they shouldn't pay (dog was in a fight which caused injury!!!!). Avoid like the plague never experienced such a terrible company. Complete con.

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 Yes, they wouldn’t pay out on my one & only claim, any excuse to get out of paying, wish I’d seen your review before.

comment by: Mrs Thompson , 25 January 2018
1/5   Any excuse not to pay out!   13 January 2018

Reviewed By: Natalie, Recommend:

Put a claim in for my cat, was told I couldn't claim as he had once vomited two years ago, so that meant it was a continuing condition. I explained it was a separate incident, we found out the incident two years ago was a hairball and this incident was stress related, but they dug their heels in. Not the first time this has happened, my parents got a number of different reasons they wouldn't help with the cost of our dog's medication, none of which were legitimate. They don't listen, I had to explain myself across three different people who kept ignoring my points and just stating 'it's policy'. Avoid!

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1/5   Robbing company and a waste of time   11 January 2018

Reviewed By: Leah, Recommend:

I have been paying in to animal friends for all of my dogs life and she turns nine in May this year, last week my dog needed a minor operation to remove a growth on her arm that had started as a tiny skin tag about a year and a half ago. The operation cost 300 pounds but when it came to claiming this animal friends said that because the skin tag appeared two years ago that was when I was on my old cover and because I updated my cover it had to be within 365 of my new cover??? Bare in mind they phoned me up when I was in work one day and encouraged me to update my cover, now I wish I hadn't. I explained that 2 years ago it was a small skin tag and was not a problem, now because it has grown into a larger growth it has become a problem, I questioned why they couldn't cover this when I have been paying in to them for years and they told me it doesn't matter how long I've paid in to it, it had to be within the 365 which I still don't understand. I've cancelled my policy and feel really let down and robbed, I am seeking a better more reliable company. This company should be shut down it is just taking people's money.

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1/5   Do not use. Any excuse not to pay.   12 December 2017

Reviewed By: Patricia Young, Recommend:

Our little JR is almost 5 years old, he is a Spanish rescue, we brought him back from Spain in 2016 when he was 3, he was insured in Spain through a Spanish company. He recently damaged his tail and was treated for this injury for 4 weeks, in total the cost was just over £150, I have a £99 excess, my vet filed the claim on my behalf but they have refused to pay as I cannot provide his history from the Spanish vets. I have now cancelled my policy.

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 Interesting, with so many dogs being adopted from abroad, as mine is, I think I will now phone Animal Friends and see if they have a policy on this subject.

comment by: Eve, 2 January 2018
1/5   Disgusted   8 December 2017

Reviewed By: D kane, Recommend:

Our 6 year old dog became very suddenly unwell and was referred to Fitzpatricks where a range of tests were undertaken and he spent a week there. He has an inflammatory condition of his brain and nervous system. his scans also picked up an abcess in his mouth it was recommended for him to have additional treatment. Which we knew would not be covered under the exclusions of the policy. However our £3500 claim has been refused as they are saying his illness a linked to the abscess, this is despite the registrar at Fitzpatricks arguing to the contrary that the two are not related. We have never made a claim before and have one of their more comprehensive policies.

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1/5   DO NOT USE THEM   5 December 2017

Reviewed By: Anon, Recommend:

Can't say much as ongoing claim but I have £5000 bill refused for a bladder issue since dogs 1st season because she had a uti on 14th day of Policy. Get even disagrees they are thieving money or people left right and centre

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1/5   Advice Please??   24 November 2017

Reviewed By: Endurojay, Recommend:

Hi, I’ve unfortunatly just lost my pet in a tragic accident. I’m worried they won’t pay out on the insurance. If someone can give me advice how to complete the form that would be really helpful at this sad time? The details I’ve put are not correct, as I would t want to find out through this forum. Thank you!

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1/5   Will penalise you for your dog getting older   22 November 2017

Reviewed By: Lolly, Recommend:

They are a scam. I haven't claimed yet my premium goes up each year. Time to move on.

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1/5   1   17 November 2017

Reviewed By: Anna, Recommend:

Declined our claim after years of paying . They made up the story about our dog’s pre existed condition.... whaaaat???? After two vets opinion still.... I am reporting them to ombudsman!!!!!!!!!!!

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1/5   One claim covered, others likely to be rejected.   16 November 2017

Reviewed By: Bill Hunt, Recommend:

I thought I’d update on my experience with the insurance company ‘Animal Friends’. I’ve had Tilly insured with them since I got her six years ago, paying the premiums every month. And a couple of weeks ago had to make my very first claim for an operation on her head. Following the operation, I’ve received this letter this morning: “Whilst assessing your claim we note that Tilly has been diagnosed with melanoma in June 2016” (she wasn’t). “As you have taken out a non-lifetime policy we are required to place an exclusion on your policy. This will take effect from the renewal following the onset date. “Excludes all cover on all claims with respect to Growths, Tumours and Cancers and resulting conditions with effect from 29 October 2016. “As you have taken out a non-lifetime policy we are required to place exclusions on your policy. This will take effect from your renewal date. “Excludes cover on all claims with respect to anything to do with Cellulitis that occurred on 7th September 2017 and Resulting Conditions with effect from 29th October 2017. “Excludes all cover on claims with respect to Cysts and Warts from 29th October 2017”. (She didn’t have a “cyst or wart”- I was with the vet while he made a note of that on his computer!)

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1/5   Will do anything not to pay out   15 November 2017

Reviewed By: Milly, Recommend:

Policy wording vague enough so they can avoid paying out for most things. Beware dental exclusion - means the won't pay for anything in the mouth area. Wouldn't pay for biopsies on lumps as said were first noticed a year earlier, even though weren't significant at that time.

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1/5   Disgraceful avoid   6 November 2017

Reviewed By: Elwood, Recommend:

Avoid like the plague, been insured for over 6 years paying around £30 a month so had roughly £2000 Plus off me, put a claim in for ear infection for £230, but cos my dog went to vets on 18th sept then my policy renewed on 21st sept there charging 2 excess of £69 as it runs over 2 years insurance apparently, ( not the fact I’ve had continuous insurance with them for the past 6 years. Only paying out £100 absolutely disgusted and fuming.

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1/5   Diabetes   2 November 2017

Reviewed By: JACK, Recommend:

My dog contracted diabetes ok till policy renewal cost of monthly payment went from £40 to £130 knowing full well I cannot insure anywhere else as it would be a pre existing condition friends of animals they are not AVOID

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5/5   Very happy   18 October 2017

Reviewed By: Antonietta, Recommend:

I have been with Animal Friends for my former labrador and during the years all his ailments were paid for by the insurance. I have now a puppy which I immediately insured with them last May. About one month ago he had a problem with his rear leg. He had to have x rays and medication which all amounted to about 400 pounds. Submitted the claim and Animal Friends Insurance paid out within ten days the full amount minus the excess of £ 99.00 so I do not understand all these negative comments.

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 I guess you are one in a million. They have to make that one person lucky so she can write one positive comment. Lucky you

comment by: anonymous, 17 November 2017
1/5   poor   4 October 2017

Reviewed By: bentley, Recommend:

They invented a pre existing condition from 2 years ago and refused to pay out when he was euthenised. The 2 were about kidneys in that one was behavioral and the last one was failure. Very disappointed.

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1/5   Avoid Animal Friends   25 September 2017

Reviewed By: Anonomous, Recommend:

My cat was insured for 3 years with Animal Friends when decided not to renew after lots of hassle/pay 2 excesses of £99 has he was seen by emergencyvet (out of hours)own vet so said it was 2 claims. Was going to charge to cancel so let the policy run to end of term when tried to cancel/not renew over phone was spoke to very patronising/rudely. The man wouldn't give his name. Disgusting service/company. Have sent a complaint but not holding my breath on anything getting done.

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 presently have insurance cover with Animal Friends - had to repeatedly ask for paperwork confirmation of an amended policy and two out of three occasions when contacted by phone to chase this paperwork was either met with a hostile attitude or weak excuse in having to refer request to another department. Never did receive amended paperwork. GO ELSEWHERE !

comment by: anonymous, 31 December 2017
1/5   Feeling sad after lots of excludions   15 September 2017

Reviewed By: Mollie, Recommend:

I would not recommend this company at all. I originally had my dog insurance (basic cover)with animal friends(which I have had for several years). Back in 2015 I had to make a claim for a lump(this claim was successful approximately £200) to my horror my dog had another lump which is not connected and the underwriters have excluded all claims on lumps growths tumours and cancers (basically most things) shocked is an understatement. To say I feel disappointed is an understatement. MAKE SURE YOU CHECK YOUR POLICY On a positive Ellie the senior call handler was very understanding.

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1/5   Avoid   13 September 2017

Reviewed By: Adam F, Recommend:

Had our two cats insured on an AF policy. One of them got seriously sick in the first weeks of us taking out the policy (our bad we should have started the policy before we got them) so we had to pay for the treatment ourselves. Fair enough. Skip forward two years, and we take one of our cats in to the vet because he's having small seizures and we want to find out what's wrong with him. Vet highly recommends a neurological workup at a vet hospital which will cost 4k. Put the claim in with AF and they refuse to pay because they link it back to the original issue that he had when we first took the policy out stating that because one of the symptoms we brought him in for included seizures and ataxia (shaking) so therefore they don't have to pay. They also put a retrospective pre-existing condition on our policy to say any future illnesses/conditions which involve symptoms of seizures and ataxia will not be covered. Probably 50% of most illnesses that cats get involve these symptoms so he's basically un-insured for most conditions. Moved straight away to Bought By Many. Avoid them - they are just heartless money grabbers.

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1/5   Animal Friends are Cowboy Con Artists   7 September 2017

Reviewed By: SIBBLE, Recommend:

I contacted them for information about my puppy collie 18 weeks old. Told them he had diarrea on the 14th day of insurance but took to vets on 16th day of insurance, they told me I couldn't make a claim for the testing of gi tract infection which was clear. thank god. But now they have put and exclusion on my policy for the digestive system. I told them this is harsh because that stops me from making any claims on illness if I needed to in the future. basically I'm only paying for broken bones by the sounds of it. That's if god forbid it happens, But then there would be an excuse not to pay out I bet. wish I never started the policy now. I was told that I could submit a claim if its liver or anything but it would be at their discretion whether they paid out or not. Total B0ll0cks, Shame on them conning people of their money and loved ones!!!

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1/5   The very Worst Pet Insurance of all   26 August 2017

Reviewed By: N Zarach, Recommend:

I have never ever come across a company quite like this. They have one way or another wriggled out of paying up for vet fees. One claim was an emergency ear infection and they even rejected that. I am pulling out and can't believe I put my pets healthcare plan in their hands. Not a very straight forward company so watch out and I would recommend you avoid them completely and make sure you go to another company who won't behave in this shoddy manner.

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1/5   Do not use   18 August 2017

Reviewed By: Very upset pet owner, Recommend:

I am not going to go into any detail as my dispute with Animal Friends is on going but PLEASE PLEASE if you treasure your pet DO NOT use this company's insurance

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 I know what you feel. I wish I never moved from Pet Plan. Animal Friends are not FRIENDS. Wish never chose them.

comment by: Anna, 17 November 2017
1/5   Animal Friends dog insurance   14 August 2017

Reviewed By: John A, Recommend:

Thanks for all your feedback on animal friends,i will not be using them,everyone who as had probelms have saved me alot of money.

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1/5   Avoid Avoid Avoid   8 August 2017

Reviewed By: David, Recommend:

Just had the most frustrating conversation with them. They are stalling a payment of a claim, small amount, and to be fair isn't hurting me financially, but that's not the point. I've had a policy for over 2 years and never claimed. My cat has never been ill, and therefore doesn't have a medical history, other than being given the chop 10 years ago! They are stalling on payment because they can't confirm he doesn't have a medical the hell am i supposed to prove something didn't happen? The fact it isn't on the vet's system isn't enough for them, the suggestion is I have used a different vet, and I need to provide their details! Who? Policy cancelled, avoid these guys like the plague!

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 I just wondered what the outcome was with this in the end (if you even see this reply?) as we are having the same issue with our fully house kept cat not having a medical history since he was a kitten and had vaccines and was neutered 10 years ago. Thanks

comment by: Lou, 29 January 2018

Reviewed By: Mrs H, Recommend:

Our experience of trusting Animal Friends with our Dogs insurance turned out to be an expensive lesson. We had paid them for several years, never making a claim until this year. Our dog started with a sore, discharging eye, so we took him to vets & was told it could be Conjunctivitis & was prescribed with some Drops & Tablets. The condition worsened so we went back & the Vet put some coloured dye in his eye & said it confirmed an Eye Ulcer, (more Tablets & drops). Still the condition worsened until he couldn't open his eye & was in alot of pain. We were told to take him in and he would be given general anaesthetic & his eye would have to be scraped to get rid of Ulcer then eye-lid stitched down until it recovers. This was done & he was given more medication. The bill came to over £600, so be sent in the claim. We were warned by Vets that they had had problems in the past when claiming! Weeks went by and after chasing them up, I was told they would not be paying out as our dogs records shows that 18 months earlier he had has a small Ulcer in the other eye & so this condition was not covered. The other ulcer was easy to clear up and the bill was less than the £70 excess we would have paid so we never claimed for it. We had no idea that this Ulcer in the other eye would be looked upon as a re-occuring condition. We feel it is just an excuse no to pay out. Please be careful when dealing with this Company. I WOULD DEFINATELY PUT THEM TO THE BOTTOM OF THE LIST.

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1/5   Animal friends   25 July 2017

Reviewed By: Jane, Recommend:

Animal friends - warning ........ do not use ......... We had an insurance policy with this company for our pedigree birman cat Max who unfortunately had to be put to sleep last November aged 3 with FIP. I submitted everything from the vet and Animal friends took their time and after chasing them several times eventually paid for the tests and euthanasia less excess. Today I contacted them to take out insurance for our new kitten and in the course of my conversation about their different policies discovered from the operative that I could have claimed at the time of Max's death for compensation for the initial cost of Max. Max cost us £350. The operative said I was out of the 90 days claim period and asked me if I hadn't been advised at the time that I could claim. No one at Animal Friends advised us that we were entitled to this and I have been told today that after 90 days you are unable to claim. I asked to speak to a manager who also said I now couldn't claim and then initially told me that I wouldn't have been able to claim for Max as you can only claim for death of a pet after they reach the age of 10, when I kept questioning this he went away to check and said he was sorry that information about age was wrong. Again I asked why I wasn't advised at the time that I could claim and he said that I should have read all my policy paperwork and it is not down to Animal Friends to advise you of what you are entitled to. I informed this 'manager' that I was extremely upset and would write a review regarding my dealings with Animal Friends

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1/5   BEWARE   25 July 2017

Reviewed By: Dale Coleman, Recommend:

They tried to claim that my can had a serious bladder infection because of a behavioural issue and denied the £250 claim. DO NOT GET THIS INSURANCE. If you already have then then id advise to change ASAP.

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5/5   Animal Friends were Brilliant!   20 July 2017

Reviewed By: Jenny, Recommend:

I'm very surprised by all these negative reviews. Our rescue Springer had to have a cataract operation at the tender age of 2. He had already lost the sight in one eye and this operation has at least saved some of his sight although he has severe retinal damage as well. The cost of the treatment was slightly more than I was covered for but Animal Friends paid out with no quibbles and very quickly. I wonder how many people actually read their policies but we received exactly what was expected from the policy. I would recommend Animal Friends - value for money for me!

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 As you can see dreamer- read all the negative comments. You are one in a million.maybe they had a good day🤣🤣🤣

comment by: Anna, 17 November 2017
 I also think they are a brilliant company. Cannot understand all the negative comments.

comment by: Antonietta, 18 October 2017
1/5   Cowboys Incorporated!   17 July 2017

Reviewed By: Julie Jaques, Recommend:

It appears we all have the same problem with these cowboys!! I took my dog for an annual booster and the vet asked (as they always do) how Maddie was doing, I said that she was absolutely fine, slowing down a bit and finding stairs a bit harder but this was only as expected as she's now 13.5yrs old. 3 weeks later I noticed a change in Maddie on walks & she didn't seem herself so we went to the vet & subsequently she had liver function tests and an ultrasound, this showed changes in her liver function & she had lost some weight over the course of 12 months, I was told the weight loss could be because of a reduction in muscle mass (not unusual in older dogs) and she was prescribed tablets for both diagnosis. Animal Friends inform me that because I said she was slowing down to how she used to be this is a pre existing condition and they're refuse to honour the claim, they also refused the claim regarding the Liver function and said they were attaching a new exclusion that includes any illness connected with the liver as of todays date, backdated to October 2016, something that was never set out in the exclusions before. Remind meagain why I've been paying £30per month to these cowboys!!!

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