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E & L pet insurance

Thorpe Underwood Hall
YO26 9SS

phone: 08449 809 520

Offering several levels of coverage, plus insurance for birds.

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Reviews of E & L pet insurance

1/5   Run for the hills   15 November 2017

Reviewed By: Benji, Recommend:

I have been paying my policy for a few years and sadly 2 months back my beloved Benji (Bengal cat) got sick. They responded to my claim quickly but I have been left with a bill (mine was bigger than theirs when including the excess I already paid) that I am unable to pay at my vets as being a single working Mum I simply can't afford it. I paid 19 a month for nothing.. I'm absolutely besides myself with worry now as to how I'm going to pay my vet and this close to xmas 😢😢

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1/5   Sneaky insurance   2 November 2017

Reviewed By: 7, Recommend:

My dog had his operation on 22nd September. I have received notice of payment today which I should receive in 3 to 5 days. The treatment cost 190.00 and my excess should have been 80.00 so I was expecting 110.00 back I have only received 79.00 apparently as well as my 80.00 excess I have to pay a waiver fee. This is disgusting. I have also received a review of my dogs policy with clauses on now that we have claimed. Will be telling them where they can stick there policy if I have to pay the first 120.00 what's the use of paying them 17.00 each month for this insurance best putting the money in a saving account until it's needed. Beware of using them.

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1/5   Good luck everyone I   6 October 2017

Reviewed By: Rupert murdoch, Recommend:

I have been waiting 2months, staff are rude, arogant, i think they have a excuse i think they are no going to pay out,as said if your dog breaks a leg it wont be covered if its injections are no up to date, i wish i had just saved the premium it would be a 1000, i have. A. 40 a month, its no right taking my money knowing i cant claim, as my dogs injections are no up to date, wish i had read small print,

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1/5   APPALLING SERVICE   4 October 2017

Reviewed By: Julie Wright, Recommend:

I have submitted 3 claims for E&L all have been dealt with badly. No acknowledgement of claim and very lengthy waiting times. I had to argue one claim and escalate it until they finally paid. I have 2 current claims which I have had no update on dating back to July. I wish I had stuck with my previous insurer albeit more expensive. My advice - look elsewhere.

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 I submitted a claim in August, received email confirmation from E&L on 24th August to say they had received it. The claim was small, my cat had a nasty cut on his leg and needed vet treatment, total I paid out was about 170 so thought I would get around 90 after excess. On 22nd September I emailed the company as I had heard nothing further and was told claims are dealt with in date order and they would be in touch when an assessor had looked at it. On 13th October received email from… (read more)

comment by: Jill Mead, 16 October 2017

Reviewed By: Alix LIddle , Recommend:

They trick people into going with them by using lots of different names and you only find out its E and L when you get the policy. I avoid them like the plague but unfortunately my dog is insured with them. my claim has been ongoing for at least a month. when I phoned up they are short of staff. Get some more then E and L. still waiting. Doesn't surprise me as they did it with an equine policy. DON'T USE THIS COMPANY.

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4/5   Happy customer   24 August 2017

Reviewed By: Pat Blake, Recommend:

I would recommend this company. Some reviews aren't good but I have always been kept informed of my claim and received payment promptly. I know I have to pay upfront then get my claim paid as some vets wont deal with them but having said that I've had no problem getting myclaim back.

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1/5   waiting payment - customer service rude   22 August 2017

Reviewed By: Flow, Recommend:

VETS WILL NOT ACCEPT POLICY FOR E& L - YOU HAVE TO PAY UP FRONT? E&L do not acknowledge your claim form, customer service personnel are rude not interested and the party line is "your claim is in a pile on the desk and will processed when I get to it" Claimed with cat injury 08/07/17 - to days date 22/08/17 still nothing from E&L - all reviews say the same, delay in paying and when if do claims are reduced?

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1/5   Terrible contracts & reluctant to pay out.   1 August 2017

Reviewed By: Kmcd, Recommend: N

I inherited this insurance from my mum for her dog after she died earlier this year. The dog was subsequently diagnosed with severe arthritis in his spine. E&L's 'cover' only extended to 1000 per condition. The catch being that you can only put in claims up to 1000. It is entirely at their discretion to exclude aspects of the claim. They refused to tell me what they were not paying for but talked about administration fees a great deal. I recieved 594 back out of the 1000 worth of claims I submitted. They are refusing to pay out any more. Additionally they charged me 10 to change my address. Avoid like the plague.

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1/5   Appalling. Careless. Casual. No communication   30 July 2017

Reviewed By: Trevor Arnold, Recommend:

They just tried to get me to renew my insurance. The form had a previous animal name, not the correct one, d.o.b 1/1/0001, value 0, etc, etc. You would expect a horrified response and some reaction. Actual reaction - nil. No answer to any email, no response to phone. Avoid at all costs. [from responses below it looks like that's the response to claims, too. Ghastly]

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1/5   Very poor customer service   21 July 2017

Reviewed By: Gary Morrissey, Recommend:

Cant believe this company is still in business after how they treated me. 3 times they said they would ring back and never. This was not a little minion in their comapny but their solicitor. BEWARE!

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1/5   Bad news   19 July 2017

Reviewed By: Patrick , Recommend:

Paid 270. of a 3000.00 bill Tried to make out the problem was an old injury Only paid after vet got involved it took 6 months I wouldn't have got anything without vets involvement Don't know how they came up with the figure of 270 STAY WELL CLEAR !!!

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1/5   Appalling admin and customer service   11 July 2017

Reviewed By: Cliff, Recommend:

I had to chase them twice to get copies of the policy documents emails to me. Call waiting time are dreadful and then when I cancelled the policy due to me no longer having my dog I got confirmation that three had cancell d and no monies owed but after cancelling my direct debit mandate they then say they ne d to coll ct payment or they will cancel the policy.

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1/5   Avoid like the plague!   10 July 2017

Reviewed By: Gill, Recommend:

I put in a claim for my dog in March and, despite phone calls and emails trying to chase my claim, I finally received a settlement in July. My claim was for 715 and after they deducted percentages etc. I only received 296. I will never use this company again and would tell anyone who is thinking of using them to definitely look elsewhere.

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1/5   Staff have a very poor attitude   9 July 2017

Reviewed By: Stef M, Recommend:

Took months to deal with claim they never ring you back when they say and you always have to chase them. Read other peoples reviews very worrying.

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1/5   Stay clear of these cowboys   7 July 2017

Reviewed By: Gary Morrissey, Recommend:

Staff very snooty and do not ring you back when promised. No empathy whatsoever.

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1/5   Compete ripp off   7 July 2017

Reviewed By: Merlin, Recommend:

I have been with the company for years. Livetime insurance so the premium goes up every year and the excess this year went through the roof 195 + 20% of the rest. My dog is over 8yo. The most enjoying fact is that their renewal paperwork (14 pages)is completely unclear on what the actual monthly DD payment is!! you need a crystal ball to see how much you are paying!! and on top of that - they charge 0.25 for the direct debit payment every month!! when all other companies give you discount for choosing this form of payment. Disgrace... I think the only way is to cancel and save up for the emergency. just making official complaint!

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1/5   Poor company avoid at all costs   29 June 2017

Reviewed By: Adam smith, Recommend:

Had a dog which unfortunately passed due to lymphoma. E &all have been a terrible company to deal with. They have such a bad reputation that my initial vets refused to deal with them due to their slow paying. I unfortunately footed the cost on my credit card which I I have only received payment in stages 4 months later and not in full. I did see a specialist who dealt with the company direct, literally just received a call saying the company have not paid in full leaving me a further 140 to pay. The cost to my credit card was over 3k in all which has incurred substantial interest. I would not recommend at all. I have since moved my other dogs to pet plan as they have a good reputation.

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Reviewed By: Nats, Recommend:

Absolutely shocking company for both my dogs who both died and they would not pay out as one was 'congenital ' and the other no known cause of death even though the policy included death of pet - they asked for paperwork medical history as expected all given and then do not pay out for another reason they leave you hanging on customer service is shocking no empathy and general sharks STAY CLEAR

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2/5   Would not recommend   2 June 2017

Reviewed By: G Kelsey, Recommend:

Two months since a simple claim form submitted, admitted liability after a month and said they would be paying "soon". One month down the line and three phone calls later, stated payment would be made next week direct to the vets. Claimed to have had a high number of claims and that was delaying processing, also claimed that emails were answered in date order, six days after emailing should be more than enough time to answer an email. The initial premiums are low but that is because they want to hold on to their money. About time E&L bosses read these reviews and re-acted.

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1/5   Beware of this company   1 June 2017

Reviewed By: Amanda Garside, Recommend:

We made a claim (the first in 7 years) for our dog to have 2 lumps removed, the vet sent them away for analysis and they were different types of growths, both removed and treated at the same time however. E&L said it was two separate conditions and so we had to pay the 95 excess twice!! On top of that the claim is now almost 2 months old and still the vet hasn't been paid. I would avoid this insurance company.

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2/5   Do they honestly care   18 May 2017

Reviewed By: Sharon innes, Recommend:

Following the death of my cat on 5/4/17 I notified E&L requesting a claim form, eventually I received the form and posted it back to them.I received a confirmation email on 21/04/17 saying they had received claim form. I was really impressed by the quick response, I have not heard anything since despite me emaiing twice and even given them an alternative email address.It was stressful enough losing a family member but feel like they are now playing god as to whether my claim is going to be accepted

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1/5   AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!   3 May 2017

Reviewed By: gaynor, Recommend:

I work in a veterinary practice & submit most of the claim forms, we will not do direct claims with E & l as they are so bad! we only have one ongoing direct claim with them at the moment & I have to chase them up for payment every time & this usually takes several phone calls & at least 2-3 months before we get any payment. they are of the worst, avoid at all costs!!

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1/5   Terrible! Avoid at all costs!   25 April 2017

Reviewed By: Sarah Elphick, Recommend:

I placed a claim with E&L for one of my cats back in February, I still have not been paid, they told me that they have a backload of claims at present! Totally unacceptable, thank goodness the claim was not for a considerable amount. I would recommend that you do not go with them, the excess is ridiculous (my fault for not checking!) As mentioned above, avoid like the plague!!!

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 The Ombudsman is brilliant at dealing with all claims for refunding money. All the best.

comment by: lesley Goodall, 29 June 2017
 Threaten them with the financial ombudsman

comment by: Neil, 5 June 2017
 I totally agree. Put a claim in for vets fees in March and still not been paid- its June!!!! Their excuse is they pay by date order. Just found out how much they are paying and small print as meant I dont get as much as I thought. They only give 40 for hospitalization fee per night, my vets charge 54.60.I threatened them with Insurance Ombudsman and they rang saying payment will go through Monday but paid through bacs so will take 5 days. Asked why cant go through today then- excuse was all… (read more)

comment by: Nodz, 2 June 2017
 Totally agree - I've just posted feedback, exactly the same experience with this company. Each time I've had to claim I've had the same poor experience with delays.

comment by: Grant, 23 May 2017
1/5   Avoid!!   19 April 2017

Reviewed By: Emily, Recommend:

If you actually want to receive your money for a claim then go with someone else if you want to pay your vets bills then wait forever for the money then definitely go with these!!!

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1/5   STAY CLEAR   16 April 2017

Reviewed By: Wooster , Recommend:

I used this company for my 2 dogs it cost around 20 a month , my younger dog had an accident vet refused to deal with them directly most vets will tell you the same after months of constant contacting them they did settle the claim , the monthly payment rise to around 35 this was to be expected as the claim was. Around 2500 . Year later the same dog had a similar issue but this time he needed specialist surgery when the appointment was made they asked if the dog was insured they did not ask who with , we went to collect the dog when they found out it was E&L insurance they tried to get us to pay the 5000 bill upfront after a lot of arguing they agreed to wait for payment this claim was actually not as long as the last one to be settled the delay was actually the vets fault once again the premium increased to around 49 a month .. few years go by went to the bank no dog had been near a vets the elder dog had never been near the vets for anything in his life. But the premiums had risen to 165 per month the elder dog ( only 5) had risen from 8 to 42 per month . .

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1/5   avoid at all costs!!!!!   1 April 2017

Reviewed By: simon, Recommend:

still waiting for over 1200 to be repayed by this company.... they rarely respond and its is very difficult to try and speak to a manage. Almost every interaction had been based on them trying void their liability with terms and conditions.... this has crippled our family financially... this company shoul;d be shut down and fined for gross financial misconduct looking at all the other complaints as well.

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1/5   Worst ins company for pets   31 March 2017

Reviewed By: Ellis, Recommend:

I paid a full years ins for my cat 🐱 in September in October she had died I didn't get any money back from my premium but had I paid monthly after October I wouldn't have pay anymore Never ever use them again do not pay out quickly

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1/5   A VERY LONG WAIT TO BE PAID!!!   28 March 2017

Reviewed By: Kay Redgewell, Recommend:

I have now been waiting 10 weeks for payment & when I rang yesterday I was told it would be another 12-15 working days until settlement made. By the sounds of it there have been a lot of deductions made from the claim amount! The staff in the claims department are cold & unfriendly & you are made to feel a nuisance for daring to chase payment. The company is very quick to email me with the new restrictions to the policy after I've claimed!!! Can't wait for my renewal date. Only use if you're prepared to wait months to be paid out!

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1/5   Avoid these charlatans   21 March 2017

Reviewed By: Dave , Recommend:

My dog had an emergency operation in October, still haven't been paid out. Every time I call them I am told it's due to be paid in the next 5-10 days, that was 3 months ago.DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!

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1/5   Do NOT recommend. Avoid at all costs.   20 March 2017

Reviewed By: Jill, Recommend:

We changed to E & L a couple of years ago as our cats were "getting on" and Petplan was getting expensive. Sadly both of our cats have died since then and we made a claim for our younger one back in November. We have only just had the pay out and it was about quarter of our claim - less excess which was fair enough but then less a percentage which we were not aware of. Probably our fault for not reading the VERY small print. But how can they justify taking so very long to pay out. Terrible. Weeks after we put the claim in our son lost his very expensive i-phone which was insured with another company. We had the full pay out in 3 days. Now that was service. I will be MUCH more careful about choosing any insurance polity in the future and cheapest is most probably not the best in the end. Even our Vet said they recommend clients not to use this company.

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 it seems a copany like this should be on watchdog or rip of Britain.

comment by: john green, 23 July 2017
1/5   Go somewhere else!!!   7 March 2017

Reviewed By: E Craig, Recommend:

Absolute sham!!! Worst insurance company I have user used and I work in financial services. I would recommend you go for a company who will pre pay the vet and deal with the vet directly for your pets treatment. Do not use this company at all costs!!

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