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E & L pet insurance

Thorpe Underwood Hall
YO26 9SS

phone: 08449 809 520

Offering several levels of coverage, plus insurance for birds.

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Reviews of E & L pet insurance

4/5   Kim maddox   10 April 2018

Reviewed By: 4, Recommend:

I have read a lot of reviews for this insurance co but I have to say that although they are not the quickest to pay I have had no problems with them . When I have called them the staff have been very polite and helpful and I have received payments from them. So all in all I am satisfied

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1/5   Don't bother   9 April 2018

Reviewed By: -0, Recommend:

Don't bother they don't pay out, when your policy ends you cancel then they still take a years worth of insurance out for two pets. Then tell you it takes 3-5 working days after your policy ends to pay you back. I'm waiting on a 350 refund, I'm down 360 for the original policy & 470 for my dogs operation. No thank you e&l

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1/5   Waste of money   21 March 2018

Reviewed By: Tracey, Recommend:

On January 22nd 2018 my dog sadly passed away. Paying 21.00 month to this company E&L I thought after having test for my dog and to fing out how I'll she was the vet had given me no option to have my dog put to sleep I was so devastated. Straight away my vets asked are you insured as I was told 160 to be paid then when it came to say my good by to my dog I was hit with the bill of 600. I never new I had to fourfit the bill first.... On the 2nd March was told that they will pay 303 as my dog was over 6 years old she was 12..i was told payment is awaiting process but due to there back log wasn't sure when I receive my payment. It's now 21st March 2018 and received an email telling me that payment it waiting to be processed now 22nd March till waiting for payment... This company are quick enough to take money but be prepared to wait a long time to receive any payment owing to the customer. Legal advice it should only take 20 days to receive monies as the dogs passing was straight forward. Pet insurance is not worth the paper it's written on my advice open a separate account with your bank for your animal paying monthly....Avoid like the plauge...

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1/5   A complete waste of money   19 March 2018

Reviewed By: Not a Happy Bunny, Recommend:

I have only just received the confirmation of payout following the death of my beloved dog over 5 months ago. After paying in religiously every month for over 12 years we have been told that the sum due to us for our final vets bill of over 900 is about 270. After deductions made and fixed excesses and percentage excesses the final amount is PATHETIC! Apparantly there is a clause that says the maximum claimable is 500 but they deduct the excess from this. Now I'm not a rocket scientist but even I can work out I'd have been better off putting my money in a piggy bank and hoping for the best. This news came after months of waiting and phone calls asking them to pay up. I can't believe they're still trading!

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1/5   Pay a little extra and go elsewhere   18 March 2018

Reviewed By: Andrew, Recommend:

Been with this company for three years, my excess is 209 l have a life long policy but still have to pay the excess every year ? Surely this makes it a annual policy ? Yes read the small print. I have put in 3 claims and eventually one was paid. Wont renew policy looking elsewhere. (bulldog with a knee prob)

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 A Lifetime policy refers to the amount of time the condition is covered for. Nothing to do with the excess

comment by: Peter, 6 April 2018
1/5   Avoid this company   7 February 2018

Reviewed By: Gill, Recommend:

E&L take an age to pay out. My dog developed diabetes and a few month later he was totally blind. Cataract surgery was arranged at a private vet. I had to take the insurance policy to the consultation the consultant wasn't familiar with E&l but thankfully when he checked the policy he agreed to a direct to vet payment. I had to sign forms to agree I was responsible for Payment if insurance didn't pay out within 90 Days. Thankfully they, did any claim direct to the vet is paid out quite quickly. Any treatment from his regular vet I have to pay up front then wait an age for payment. I received an email on 12/12/17 from claims department the had received my claim form after phone calls to them I am still awaiting payment over 8 weeks later. If people are on a tight budget I could imagine how much stress this would cause.

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 I agree with you. My dog had to be put to sleep in November. It was a straight forward claim and took almost 4 months for settlement to be made

comment by: Debbie prendergast, 5 March 2018
1/5   E & L Telephone System 03 numbers   6 February 2018

Reviewed By: Valerie Ainsworth, Recommend:

I must have spent just as much money on their 0330 telephone system, waiting to be put through, as the Insurance premium, with still no success with a claim.

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1/5   AVOID AVOID AVOID   2 February 2018

Reviewed By: Paula Allchin, Recommend: N

This company are cheap for a reason, they are hopeless. They take months to pay out but only after being hassled constantly, deduct everything they can and make every excuse they can to not pay out. I would give them 0 if that were possible. Seven months to be paid out in 'total'. Our dog has had a very unlucky spell of illness, three conditions that we claimed for last summer (May, June and July), one we did not. We have incurred a total of 8,100 in vet bills, all we had to pay out to the vet as they don't do a direct service. So far after months of contacting them we had only received 2,900 back. On 15th January we finally received their 'final' payment totalling 5,095 They told us twice the bills couldn't be paid directly via the vet but are now denying that. We had to borrow money to pay the bills as we were told in 2016 and 2017 they don't pay direct to the vet. We didn't claim for our dogs cancer which was diagnosed in July 2017 but they were very quick to tell us via email several times we were not covered because the vet bill was under the excess. This is why we did not claim for it! I contacted them and told them it was very upsetting to receive emails mentioning the cancer (which is terminal) because we hadn't claimed for it. When our dog ruptured his cruciate ligament two years ago they instantly sent us an email saying we wouldn't be covered if the second leg went. That did happen in June last year. The vet told us they couldn't say they wouldn't cover the second leg so we challenged that to be told the email was sent in error. Staff shortages is their excuse. Poorly trained staff and understaffed is their problem but it became ours. Our dog is dying of terminal cancer and we are still battling with them. They offered us 2 free months insurance for a dog with probably only weeks to live, how insensitive is that? Then they offered 100 which we rejected. Now waiting for them to sign off our complaint so we can report them to the insurance ombudsman. All I see is terrible reviews about this company, how are they still operating??? AVOID AVOID AVOID!

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1/5   Nothing but thieves ...   1 February 2018

Reviewed By: Shelley, Recommend:

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY They are happy to take your money but do everything in their power not to pay out. Customer service bad and slow to even look at your claim.

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1/5   Shocking service   28 January 2018

Reviewed By: A Walsh , Recommend:

This company should been shut down. I had to take them to the ombudsman before they would settle my claim. Be warned, they will use any excuse not to pay out

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1/5   10 years with E and L   12 January 2018

Reviewed By: blueboy13, Recommend:

I see they have tried a new image and re birthed themselves as Emporium. I have had the same hassle with my four pets over 10 years, two lots of vets who don't want me as a client as a result- unless you can pay hefty expenses up front. I cc the CEO into my emails-but I don't think he really is concerned about the reputation of his company - nor its shareholders, prime mover for this company is profit. I think over 10 years my emails to them re claims non payment etc- our now into the 100's. And you always have to remind them of multi animal policy price reductions. I imagine the staff are badly trained-paid-and motivated too-hence the feel of the company to clients. E and L need new direction and leaders- who pride themselves on care and customer satisfaction.

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 Just called to get some help and advice about insuring my dog aged 11years. The person who answered the phone was so completely uninterested and unmotivated that they hardly inspired me. I asked about Senior Dog insurance and was told they don't offer it even though their website says they do. Had a ridiculous conversation about whether it was on their website or not! Then was told that was offered by companies trading under different names but part of E & L and would I like her to go… (read more)

comment by: Helen Davies, 18 January 2018
1/5   Frauds   11 January 2018

Reviewed By: Bill Stevely, Recommend:

In line with many others I have read, I have concluded that they need to be investigated by the Financial sector and Trading Standards. I realised today they had not taken payment for my dogs insurance at the start of this month. Phoned and eventually got through by ringing the "Sales" number.They stated they had failed to collect payment at the start of December 1st or 2nd normally. My bank had allegedly declined payment so they cancelled my policy on the 5th of December. Stated they had sent 3 emails (to the wrong email address) and could not reinstate the policy but I could take out a new one there and then over the phone. Never mind that they have my address and 2 phone numbers they could have contacted me on to address any payment issue. Not them, they informed me today that the policy was cancelled on 5th December 2017. In short my dog was uninsured from that date until today and I had no idea, scandalous. Is it coincidence that I read of their interpretations of illness of others pets as "not been declared etc" despite no connection between existing and new problems? I am lucky, my dog who will be 11 years old at the end of March has never been to the vets other than his annual jabs and check up. Not the point though as he could have been taken ill or worse from the day they cancelled his policy. Worse still I was unaware. My fault you may say as I should have checked my bank account. Fair comment apart from the fact the payment was by continuous card payment. Had it been annual or Direct Debit my bank would have alerted me, they offered neither of these options. Now taken out a new policy today which has a 14 day period before kicking in but at least offered annual or Direct Debit. I will be considering everything and will make a decision on whether to report them to appropriate authorities,I probably will. I urge everyone else with issues to do the same. My dog is more important than my car but what car insurer would cancel a policy 2 or 3 days after failing to get your payment? Particularly when they have numerous contact options and there was no fault on my part and funds in my bank?

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1/5   Avoid!!   11 January 2018

Reviewed By: Michelle whiting, Recommend:

After using E&L for all my pets over the years having no problems this time having claimed I am shocked at the outcome to the claim, my gsd got a virus and was in the vets for 3 days on a drip and having tests and the vets have put down on the claim form gastroenteritis. E&L have after 7 months decided yes they will pay out but they sent me a letter saying that because of this after 365 days my gsd whole digestive system will no longer be covered,I did ring them up to ask why this was as in my opinion this was unfair decision considering it was just gastro and what if later on in his years something god forbid bad was to happen or he swallowed something not saying he would but you never no, he would not be covered and if I don't have the money to pay for it what is to happen he dies, the answer I was given was YES sorry. I could not believe what I was hearing so asked when does my policy end luckily it's in 3 months so told them to cancel it after then.

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1/5   Do not use this company - awful   9 January 2018

Reviewed By: Dave, Recommend:

Having been with them for some years in September 2017 we made a claim as our dog had been taken ill. Quick response saying they had received the claim then nothing!! Contacted mid November and they said claim had been passed for payment. Still nothing!! Phoned today and they said the claim will be paid in next 3-5 working days. Not expecting this to happen. Seems like they will do anything to get out of paying. If we get anything at all I am not expecting much as it looks like they use any excuse to exclude things from the claim. Worst pet insurance company we have ever used.

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1/5   E&L are fraudulent. Disgusted. Do not use.   1 December 2017

Reviewed By: Claire, Recommend:

I've been paying them for years for my 2 dogs. Needed to claim for my dog having a lump removed, they made me pay more than half on the excess then refused to pay the rest of it! This is because she had a grass seed stuck in her paw a year earlier which caused an irritation and I apparently 'didn't declare' this. They consider a fatty lump and a grass seed to be the same thing and have now excluded ALL skin conditions on my policy. My vet is contesting it. Absolutely disgusted and will be either looking for another company or putting that monthly premium into a savings account.

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1/5   Dreadful.   27 November 2017

Reviewed By: B S, Recommend:

We pay about 950.00 a year for our two now elderly dogs. The cost has risen as they have got older, now they are 11 and 13 we have no choice but to carry on with E&L as no-one else will insure them now. Every time we claim that medical problem is subsequently excluded. If we make new diagnosis claims we have to wait months for any payment at all even though we chase it up. We do not get itemised statements explaining what they have covered and what they have not even on request(several times) so we are completely in the dark as to what they pay for and what not. It is never anything like the original bills came to though. Absolutely dreadful.

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 Do you have a lifetime policy? If not they they will apply exclusions, that's the type of policy you have chosen!!!

comment by: Tracey, 6 April 2018
1/5   Run for the hills   15 November 2017

Reviewed By: Benji, Recommend:

I have been paying my policy for a few years and sadly 2 months back my beloved Benji (Bengal cat) got sick. They responded to my claim quickly but I have been left with a bill (mine was bigger than theirs when including the excess I already paid) that I am unable to pay at my vets as being a single working Mum I simply can't afford it. I paid 19 a month for nothing.. I'm absolutely besides myself with worry now as to how I'm going to pay my vet and this close to xmas 😢😢

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1/5   Sneaky insurance   2 November 2017

Reviewed By: 7, Recommend:

My dog had his operation on 22nd September. I have received notice of payment today which I should receive in 3 to 5 days. The treatment cost 190.00 and my excess should have been 80.00 so I was expecting 110.00 back I have only received 79.00 apparently as well as my 80.00 excess I have to pay a waiver fee. This is disgusting. I have also received a review of my dogs policy with clauses on now that we have claimed. Will be telling them where they can stick there policy if I have to pay the first 120.00 what's the use of paying them 17.00 each month for this insurance best putting the money in a saving account until it's needed. Beware of using them.

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1/5   Good luck everyone I   6 October 2017

Reviewed By: Rupert murdoch, Recommend:

I have been waiting 2months, staff are rude, arogant, i think they have a excuse i think they are no going to pay out,as said if your dog breaks a leg it wont be covered if its injections are no up to date, i wish i had just saved the premium it would be a 1000, i have. A. 40 a month, its no right taking my money knowing i cant claim, as my dogs injections are no up to date, wish i had read small print,

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 Plenty of sympathy for most complainants but if you cannot be bothered to have your dogs annual jabs and check up done why bother insuring him/her? Pretty standard clause in any pet policy,you have only yourself to blame on this,sorry.

comment by: Bill Stevely, 11 January 2018
1/5   APPALLING SERVICE   4 October 2017

Reviewed By: Julie Wright, Recommend:

I have submitted 3 claims for E&L all have been dealt with badly. No acknowledgement of claim and very lengthy waiting times. I had to argue one claim and escalate it until they finally paid. I have 2 current claims which I have had no update on dating back to July. I wish I had stuck with my previous insurer albeit more expensive. My advice - look elsewhere.

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 I submitted a claim in August, received email confirmation from E&L on 24th August to say they had received it. The claim was small, my cat had a nasty cut on his leg and needed vet treatment, total I paid out was about 170 so thought I would get around 90 after excess. On 22nd September I emailed the company as I had heard nothing further and was told claims are dealt with in date order and they would be in touch when an assessor had looked at it. On 13th October received email from… (read more)

comment by: Jill Mead, 16 October 2017

Reviewed By: Alix LIddle , Recommend:

They trick people into going with them by using lots of different names and you only find out its E and L when you get the policy. I avoid them like the plague but unfortunately my dog is insured with them. my claim has been ongoing for at least a month. when I phoned up they are short of staff. Get some more then E and L. still waiting. Doesn't surprise me as they did it with an equine policy. DON'T USE THIS COMPANY.

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4/5   Happy customer   24 August 2017

Reviewed By: Pat Blake, Recommend:

I would recommend this company. Some reviews aren't good but I have always been kept informed of my claim and received payment promptly. I know I have to pay upfront then get my claim paid as some vets wont deal with them but having said that I've had no problem getting myclaim back.

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 Lucky you. You say 'some' bad reviews but if you look, you are the only good review on this site.

comment by: Paula Allchin, 11 February 2018
1/5   waiting payment - customer service rude   22 August 2017

Reviewed By: Flow, Recommend:

VETS WILL NOT ACCEPT POLICY FOR E& L - YOU HAVE TO PAY UP FRONT? E&L do not acknowledge your claim form, customer service personnel are rude not interested and the party line is "your claim is in a pile on the desk and will processed when I get to it" Claimed with cat injury 08/07/17 - to days date 22/08/17 still nothing from E&L - all reviews say the same, delay in paying and when if do claims are reduced?

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1/5   Terrible contracts & reluctant to pay out.   1 August 2017

Reviewed By: Kmcd, Recommend: N

I inherited this insurance from my mum for her dog after she died earlier this year. The dog was subsequently diagnosed with severe arthritis in his spine. E&L's 'cover' only extended to 1000 per condition. The catch being that you can only put in claims up to 1000. It is entirely at their discretion to exclude aspects of the claim. They refused to tell me what they were not paying for but talked about administration fees a great deal. I recieved 594 back out of the 1000 worth of claims I submitted. They are refusing to pay out any more. Additionally they charged me 10 to change my address. Avoid like the plague.

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1/5   Appalling. Careless. Casual. No communication   30 July 2017

Reviewed By: Trevor Arnold, Recommend:

They just tried to get me to renew my insurance. The form had a previous animal name, not the correct one, d.o.b 1/1/0001, value 0, etc, etc. You would expect a horrified response and some reaction. Actual reaction - nil. No answer to any email, no response to phone. Avoid at all costs. [from responses below it looks like that's the response to claims, too. Ghastly]

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1/5   Very poor customer service   21 July 2017

Reviewed By: Gary Morrissey, Recommend:

Cant believe this company is still in business after how they treated me. 3 times they said they would ring back and never. This was not a little minion in their comapny but their solicitor. BEWARE!

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1/5   Bad news   19 July 2017

Reviewed By: Patrick , Recommend:

Paid 270. of a 3000.00 bill Tried to make out the problem was an old injury Only paid after vet got involved it took 6 months I wouldn't have got anything without vets involvement Don't know how they came up with the figure of 270 STAY WELL CLEAR !!!

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1/5   Appalling admin and customer service   11 July 2017

Reviewed By: Cliff, Recommend:

I had to chase them twice to get copies of the policy documents emails to me. Call waiting time are dreadful and then when I cancelled the policy due to me no longer having my dog I got confirmation that three had cancell d and no monies owed but after cancelling my direct debit mandate they then say they ne d to coll ct payment or they will cancel the policy.

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1/5   Avoid like the plague!   10 July 2017

Reviewed By: Gill, Recommend:

I put in a claim for my dog in March and, despite phone calls and emails trying to chase my claim, I finally received a settlement in July. My claim was for 715 and after they deducted percentages etc. I only received 296. I will never use this company again and would tell anyone who is thinking of using them to definitely look elsewhere.

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1/5   Staff have a very poor attitude   9 July 2017

Reviewed By: Stef M, Recommend:

Took months to deal with claim they never ring you back when they say and you always have to chase them. Read other peoples reviews very worrying.

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1/5   Stay clear of these cowboys   7 July 2017

Reviewed By: Gary Morrissey, Recommend:

Staff very snooty and do not ring you back when promised. No empathy whatsoever.

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