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E & L pet insurance

Thorpe Underwood Hall
YO26 9SS

phone: 08449 809 520

Offering several levels of coverage, plus insurance for birds.

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Reviews of E & L pet insurance


Reviewed By: Nats, Recommend:

Absolutely shocking company for both my dogs who both died and they would not pay out as one was 'congenital ' and the other no known cause of death even though the policy included death of pet - they asked for paperwork medical history as expected all given and then do not pay out for another reason they leave you hanging on customer service is shocking no empathy and general sharks STAY CLEAR

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2/5   Do they honestly care   18 May 2017

Reviewed By: Sharon innes, Recommend:

Following the death of my cat on 5/4/17 I notified E&L requesting a claim form, eventually I received the form and posted it back to them.I received a confirmation email on 21/04/17 saying they had received claim form. I was really impressed by the quick response, I have not heard anything since despite me emaiing twice and even given them an alternative email address.It was stressful enough losing a family member but feel like they are now playing god as to whether my claim is going to be accepted

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1/5   Terrible! Avoid at all costs!   25 April 2017

Reviewed By: Sarah Elphick, Recommend:

I placed a claim with E&L for one of my cats back in February, I still have not been paid, they told me that they have a backload of claims at present! Totally unacceptable, thank goodness the claim was not for a considerable amount. I would recommend that you do not go with them, the excess is ridiculous (my fault for not checking!) As mentioned above, avoid like the plague!!!

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 Threaten them with the financial ombudsman

comment by: Neil, 5 June 2017
 I totally agree. Put a claim in for vets fees in March and still not been paid- its June!!!! Their excuse is they pay by date order. Just found out how much they are paying and small print as meant I dont get as much as I thought. They only give 40 for hospitalization fee per night, my vets charge 54.60.I threatened them with Insurance Ombudsman and they rang saying payment will go through Monday but paid through bacs so will take 5 days. Asked why cant go through today then- excuse was all… (read more)

comment by: Nodz, 2 June 2017
 Totally agree - I've just posted feedback, exactly the same experience with this company. Each time I've had to claim I've had the same poor experience with delays.

comment by: Grant, 23 May 2017
1/5   STAY CLEAR   16 April 2017

Reviewed By: Wooster , Recommend:

I used this company for my 2 dogs it cost around 20 a month , my younger dog had an accident vet refused to deal with them directly most vets will tell you the same after months of constant contacting them they did settle the claim , the monthly payment rise to around 35 this was to be expected as the claim was. Around 2500 . Year later the same dog had a similar issue but this time he needed specialist surgery when the appointment was made they asked if the dog was insured they did not ask who with , we went to collect the dog when they found out it was E&L insurance they tried to get us to pay the 5000 bill upfront after a lot of arguing they agreed to wait for payment this claim was actually not as long as the last one to be settled the delay was actually the vets fault once again the premium increased to around 49 a month .. few years go by went to the bank no dog had been near a vets the elder dog had never been near the vets for anything in his life. But the premiums had risen to 165 per month the elder dog ( only 5) had risen from 8 to 42 per month . .

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1/5   avoid at all costs!!!!!   1 April 2017

Reviewed By: simon, Recommend:

still waiting for over 1200 to be repayed by this company.... they rarely respond and its is very difficult to try and speak to a manage. Almost every interaction had been based on them trying void their liability with terms and conditions.... this has crippled our family financially... this company shoul;d be shut down and fined for gross financial misconduct looking at all the other complaints as well.

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1/5   Do NOT recommend. Avoid at all costs.   20 March 2017

Reviewed By: Jill, Recommend:

We changed to E & L a couple of years ago as our cats were "getting on" and Petplan was getting expensive. Sadly both of our cats have died since then and we made a claim for our younger one back in November. We have only just had the pay out and it was about quarter of our claim - less excess which was fair enough but then less a percentage which we were not aware of. Probably our fault for not reading the VERY small print. But how can they justify taking so very long to pay out. Terrible. Weeks after we put the claim in our son lost his very expensive i-phone which was insured with another company. We had the full pay out in 3 days. Now that was service. I will be MUCH more careful about choosing any insurance polity in the future and cheapest is most probably not the best in the end. Even our Vet said they recommend clients not to use this company.

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1/5   Go somewhere else!!!   7 March 2017

Reviewed By: E Craig, Recommend:

Absolute sham!!! Worst insurance company I have user used and I work in financial services. I would recommend you go for a company who will pre pay the vet and deal with the vet directly for your pets treatment. Do not use this company at all costs!!

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1/5   Be prepared to wait to be paid.   20 February 2017

Reviewed By: P.G., Recommend:

Claimed in November just got payment 4 months had to pay up front for op which was 940 then took this long to get back.

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 Agree with this - I also had to wait for months to pay out on xray costs for my pet. I had to pay out upfront and even then they did not pay out the whole cost

comment by: D Dunn, 13 June 2017
 Totally agree!

comment by: Kay Redgewell, 28 March 2017
1/5   Go anywhere else but not E&L   11 February 2017

Reviewed By: Garry couchman, Recommend:

Dreadful company took 4 months to pay out on a 400 operation on my dog then took another third off the payout as well as the excess because my dog was old !! We had always paid our premium for years then due to a glitch we missed one and they stopped our policy ! They don'thave write to you only email !! Just wanted to get an old dog off their books !! Don't deal them !!

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 I have been with this company since 2010 and never missed a payment. There customer service is awful, not expect your money back anytime soon. I am still waiting on a claim I sent over a month ago for a 1000 . Unfortunately I had to pay the vets otherwise I would let them chase this company. I'm my experience with other claims I d suggest a 2-3 months wait before payout. Also I paid for lifetime cover year year the Permium was changed.

comment by: Louise, 1 March 2017
1/5   DO NOT USE!!!!!   21 December 2016

Reviewed By: ECallaway, Recommend:

E&L are a joke. They are slow to pay and despite emailing them for updates they can't be bothered to respond. Didn't know that they needed further information from me until nearly 2 weeks later after phoning them! They then apologised for the service received and said I would get my money within 5 days, this was done 7 days later. When you phone they really don't care! All the family are leaving after 3 slow to pay claims and rubbish customer service.

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1/5   Pet claim   9 October 2016

Reviewed By: POPSY, Recommend:

My dog had an operation on 21st July and after nearly 3 months the claim of 324.64 has still not been settled. The initial response was that they were looking into previous claims. Note I have had 1 approved claim which was over 6 years ago. Then they said the claim had been approved and was awaiting signature of approval. Then they said that there had been a large amount of claims and i was on the list awaiting signing off, when that would be they could not say.

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 I am experiencing the exact same problem with this company. I have been waiting since November for a payment of about 300 and everytime I ring, I get a different answer. Truly awful company

comment by: Aine, 6 February 2017
 Agree totally useless at paying out take ages !

comment by: Sam, 29 December 2016
 E&L Biggest con artists ever i had 2 dogs insured with the con artists one of my dogs had a intestine condition and guess what they back pedalled as expected i had massive bust up they wont even pay up on minor issue how can these clowns be aloud to run they are scammers all the way i pray they go bust i spent good money with e&l and got nothing back i pray they go bust i wouldnt recommend them to my worse enermy.

comment by: charlie, 18 December 2016
 I am having problems with this company paying out,good mind to write to Watchdog.

comment by: Roy, 5 December 2016
 Horrendous company! I have had to wait nearly 10 weeks for my straightforward claim to be settled despite several phone calls! It was over 1000 which I realise I'd a large amount but my policy is for up to 5000 so it was well within the limit. I realise the premiums are cheap but the amount of time taken to settle claims is completely unacceptable.

comment by: Susie P, 27 October 2016
 I am the same our dog is 13 . never been ill before . been waiting now for 2 months .since 17 Aug . Discusting .They can take 22 pounds a month . but cant pay what they owe I am going to be contacting the Ombudsman .

comment by: L Lowe, 18 October 2016
 Appalling company, they are the only insurance company my vet will not accept a direct payment from. My dog has had an investigation, the forms sent to eandl were completed in full, they now ant more information, which there is none to give.personally I see this as delaying tactics and if possible would like to see them out of the business. I would never have used them if I had thought to read reviews first. Whilst they have a duty to weed out fraudulent claims, they also have responsibility to… (read more)

comment by: Marion Brown, 11 October 2016
5/5   Equine insurance - Happy Customer   3 October 2016

Reviewed By: Natalie , Recommend:

I had my horse insured with E&L. They paid for all vet treatment needed and for "loss of use" when we realised that the treatment hadn't worked. The process was slow and they are not the best at keeping you updated, however, they paid out when they needed to and that's good enough for me. Perhaps I just got lucky, who knows?

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 did you have to pay a percentage ?

comment by: megan , 14 December 2016
4/5   No complaints : been a reasonable insurer   22 September 2016

Reviewed By: Rob Murdoch, Recommend:

E&L get some pretty poor reviews, but I've had my dog with them for 9 years and have been dealt with both reasonably and reasonably quickly when I've had to make a claim. It's irritating to have 'exclusions' slapped on after a claim, but that what happens in this business. I don't have experience of any other pet insurer, but I very much doubt that many others are much better and indeed some will be worse.

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1/5   Would not recommed   16 September 2016

Reviewed By: Jim Smithson, Recommend:

On initial policy enquiry, you are convinced they will be a good insurance company for your pet. They exclude symptoms when first diagnosed, if you have to be referred to a specialist for another consultation, the maximum they will pay is 90.00. When asked if authorisation could be obtained from them before any procedure is done, they said NO. Not until the claim form is received and the underwriters confirm. Be very careful before taking insurance with this Company, be sure to read ALL the policy document first. Would not recommend.

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 Totally agree, just coming to the end of my first year and will not be renewing. Took out the insurance on false information given by their sales team and have received appalling service all year, would not recommend to anyone.

comment by: Julie Clark, 5 October 2016
2/5   Read your Policy   22 August 2016

Reviewed By: Roland Olliff, Recommend:

E&L are a cheap insurance company, who are fine but take an absolute age to pay, they do stipulate that in their small print but despite a claim being agreed took over 8 weeks to pay. That is fine if you can afford to wait but if it was a very large bill which had been agreed that is a long time and will incur interest if paid on a Credit Card. Read the small print and don't expect 5-star service after taking out the insurance. I wouldn't say avoid but be aware.

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 I will never insurance my pet with these again course they took a long time to pay this time Sometimes they are quick sometimes they are slow It not fair when you the money I play hell with them this time course it took over a month

comment by: Susan Kyle, 17 October 2016
4/5   Cant complain   16 August 2016

Reviewed By: Mj, Recommend:

Our dog, German Shepard, got maningitis and after difficult and very expensive treatment died, e&l covered most of the expenses which was over 5000, it took about 6 weeks to do so but they were polite and understanding. Just read your policy carefully before you pay.

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1/5   Waste of money   4 August 2016

Reviewed By: S Dorrell , Recommend:

Put in our first ever claim on 20/7/16 and have been advised it has been approved but won't be paid until 18/8/16 and that on renewal any problems with our dogs ears in the future won't be covered. I was late with one direct debit payment due to my mum passing away and they were on to me within a few days, shame the same can't be said when it comes to paying out. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANYONE and although I doubt they will read this I hope it helps some other poor dog owner having to wait for payment 😤😤

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 Thank you for leaving this feedback, looking for insurance for 2 dogs, so now thinking it is definitely worth paying more after reading the feedback of the cheaper quoting companies!!

comment by: Tammy, 20 September 2016
1/5   They just don't pay   4 July 2016

Reviewed By: Simon Farmer, Recommend:

We had all our pets insured by E and L. Our dog developed an eye problem which he needed to see specialist. After spending over 400 on care E and L wriggled out of paying a penny. Then our cat died, exactly the same thing. These guys WILL NOT PAY OUT, save your money and go somewhere decent for pet insurance, these guys are a total con trick, nothing good to say about them.

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1/5   Equine and livestock are a disgusting company   13 May 2016

Reviewed By: Mike Tomlin, Recommend:

This is an awful company. As soon as my dog hit a certain age they put his premium up to 244!! Plus I had to pay 20% on top of that. Also you can only claim for up to a year for the ongoing Then you pay the excess again. Ask any vet about this company and they will all tell you their polices are not worth the paper they are written on. This company profits out of suffering animals knowing that there polices are shit. Never ever use this company and name and shame them at every opportunity so stop people using them.

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 Hi exactly the same has happened to me 150 excess plus over 580 towards operation thought i was covered really upset

comment by: Steve, 29 December 2016
 We have had pet insurance for years and this company are abysmal. This is the first and only year we will use this company As well as taking 35% from the claim and the one year ruling, they also refuse to accept liability for other items that other insurers pay out for. Do as the other reviewers say and avoid this company at all costs. Still waiting for a March claim to pay out on 19th May as well!!

comment by: Carol Sissons, 19 May 2016
1/5   Horrific   20 April 2016

Reviewed By: J Cockroft, Recommend:

We have a lifetime policy for our Westie, who was diagnosed with Westie Lung Disease last year. Not only do they deduct 20% off every claim - each month for tablets etc, but they also charge me 170.00 annually due to this diagnosis!. What is the point of having a lifetime policy when you are penalised for having a lifetime illness. They are shocking!. I have been waiting since the 3rd March for a payment and I'm still waiting on the 20th April Stay Away from these, they are daylight robbery

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 I agree with all comments in the review section I have made a claim dating from may I still waiting for payment E&l are a disgraceful insurance company I spend nearly 100 pounds a month I can assure you I will never use this company again if I get my caravan stolen will I get the service I signed up for I advise you to stay clear of this company

comment by: dan walsh, 20 September 2016
 Just 20%, you are lucky, they automatically take 35% off my gold cover, in fact they just paid out less than 55% on a 3k claim for our cat. It would have been better to pay into a savings account rather than pay this lots premiums. I'm not giving them a penny more ever. Avoid at all cost and go to petplan!

comment by: Rich T, 5 May 2016
1/5   Poor Service   7 April 2016

Reviewed By: Ron Lancaster, Recommend:

As pets get older (mine was a dog) the exclusions limit what can be claimed for to an unacceptable degree. They repeatedly lose documentation relating to claims so that the customer has to chase up and provide copies. The final straw, after a series of administrative cockups, was when they paid my vet, rather than me, for my final claim after my dog died. I will not use them again.

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1/5   Joke of a company   31 March 2016

Reviewed By: Alison Brownson , Recommend:

Had some treatment for my dog, months later I receive an email saying I would receive 8.15, an absolute joke. Didn't comman sense prevail and the insurance company to think it's not worth me claiming. Do not use this company. Not a happy customer

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1/5   E&L do not want to pay out   8 December 2015

Reviewed By: DC, Recommend:

I paid for some treatment for my dog and was told by E&L that it would take 3 days to receive my money from them. Some months later and many emails and letters, ending in a threat and I am still awaiting payment.

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 E and L are useless I put in a claim in mid September 2015 and I have just received an email from them stating that 167 will be paid into my account within the next 5 working days. (the actual vet bill was 415) it is now 5th January 2016. Unfortunately my dog was put to sleep. I have now just purchased 2 American Cocker Spaniels and needless to say I will NOT be getting inusrance through E and L.

comment by: Royston, 5 January 2016
1/5   E&L Dog Insurance. Avoid at all costs   9 November 2015

Reviewed By: Gary, Recommend:

We had a claim to make for an injury to our dog. The Vet would not deal direct with E&L and now I know why. The claim was started in February 2015. I paid the bill in full and then we awaited the claim forms. This were completed and returned straight away. Nothing was heard and on each occasion we telephoned they said something was missing from the form. Each time the same thing was returned we still never had a reply. They said they never received it so we sent the form recorded delivery. They eventually paid out in October 8 months after the claim was started. Very poor service from start to finish. Avoid at all costs.

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1/5   More sharp practise, disgusting attitude to loyal   26 October 2015

Reviewed By: E B, Recommend:

E&L increased my premiums by over 50%when they auto renewed the policy but failed to send any notification though they claimed to have sent an email which I never received. On calling the company I and explaining that I could get the same premium as the previous year by taking out the policy on line I was immediately offered last years premium but without the additional cover which would cost a further 4. I cancelled the policy immediately and took out a new policy at last years premium which included the extra 4 cover! Disgusting attitude to existing customers with E&L apparently looking to rip off loyal returning customers for as much as they think they can take us for. Advise NEVER auto renew with this company, ALWAYS cancel your policy after the end and renew on line.

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1/5   Avoid at all costs   8 September 2015

Reviewed By: Cheyenne, Recommend: N

Insured my two dogs and two cats with E&L insurance as their premiums and cover seemed very competitive and reasonable. Two months into the policy one of my dogs had a couple of seizures, a trip to the vet got us a diagnosis of epilepsy meaning he'd be on medication for life. I contacted E&L to make a claim for the treatment and tests he had undergone to get this diagnosis only to be told my policy had been cancelled as no payment had been received from me since taking the policy out. I argued with them about this as a. I'd never received any communication saying my policy had cancelled (and not one of the several advisers I spoke to seemed to be able to tell me a date the policy had been cancelled either) and b. I had bank statements proving my monthly direct debit payments had gone out, in full, one time every month since starting the policy with them. A day after being told my policy had been cancelled due to non-payment E&L insurance shows up on my bank statement taking another months premium out of my account. I ended up having to go to the OMBUDSMAN who did manage to get my payments refunded for me as I had successfully proven E&L had indeed received payments. They are, however, still refusing to insure my pets and are refusing to accept my claim for my dog's epilepsy. I am having to find new insurers for my animals but now, of course, I am left with no cover for my dog's epilepsy and no insurer will cover pre-existing conditions. I could avoid this company at all costs, I'd hate to think what would happen in the treatment my dog now needed was out of my price range and I would hate someone else to go through that. Please pay more and insure your pets elsewhere.

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1/5   Sharp Practice, no interest in pets wellbeing   3 September 2015

Reviewed By: Melanie Mehmet, Recommend:

Have had insurance since dog 8 wks old, never claimed until he was 8. Had been to vets with minor ailments, of which one was a tiny growth on eyelid in March 2013. Vet advised no treatment necessary 7 to monitor it. When he developed another condition in October 2014, the medicine prescribed seemed to encourage the growth to grow. Surgery became essential in June this year but E & L have declined to pay as the condition is more than 1 year old. This implies that they would have been happy to pay for an operation, when it was first recorded, even after our vet stated that surgery at this time was not in the dog's best interests. This action confirms that this particular insurer would pay out for an operation, that at the time the condition arose, was not necessary so putting an animal through an unnecessary procedure just to meet their insurance criteria. With this condition, it can also reoccur. They really should not be in the animal care arena. Our other dog is insured with Churchill, we have never had any problems with them. I will certainly be referring this case to the Ombudsmen as you would always take the advise of your vet over an insurance company. They are also stating that we did not notify them of this condition but seeing as our vet was not concerned, why would we be. Also these companies auto renew, paperwork is not user friendly so this also needs to be looked at.

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 Well i did refer this to the ombudsman, E & L reversed their original decision and decided to pay.

comment by: melanie mehmet, 2 November 2015
1/5   E and L pet insurance   18 August 2015

Reviewed By: Helen Dodd, Recommend:

Appalled by E and L, I insured both my cats with them. My cat Fox had a facial swelling for which he received treatment. I filled in the claim form and so did the vet. E and L then requested the information an extra two times. The vet finally faxed and emailed them in front of us. I had no response from E and L until I rang them and managed to convince them they had received the information they requested. The same day they refused the claim as the vet couldn't categorically state it wasn't caused by gum disease. He is now dead so can't be re examined, shame they didn't ask for this information when he was alive. Do not insure with them they take your money but won't give any back.

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1/5   Beware of the excess   16 July 2015

Reviewed By: Ben, Recommend:

With an 85 + 35% of the remaining bill excess on their policy's it meant that my claim for 818 only reimbursed me 432. ( They disallowed an x-ray interpretation free) my 10/04/2015 claim has on only just been paid on 15/07 !!! I have tried on several occasions to telephone the claims dept, only to get an automated message to email them! I am looking now to change to a different company.

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5/5   BEST INSURERS EVER   17 June 2015

Reviewed By: AMY JONES, Recommend:


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Reviewed By: Alan, Recommend:

We changed to E&L from Tesco Insurance and our dog became ill at 3am when the cover had come into force at 12 Midnight. She needed an operation and bill came to almost 900 and E&L refused to pay out, claiming there had been clinical symptoms 2 days before. This was based on a statement from our vet as the dog had been sick 2 days before. This was not at all related to the illness, she is sick all the time as eats vast amounts of grass and it sticks in her throat. I complained and they still refused to pay out, however I kept escalating the issue, knowing the ombudsman wouldn't touch it until I'd exhausted E&L's complaints procedure. This became the big sticking point as it got so far then an e-mail debate started with the same person who refused to escalate it further. I finally told them I wanted a final refusal so I could escalate to the ombudsman and 2 days later got a very apologetic phone call agreeing to settle in full. We kept our insurance for 2 dogs and a cat with E&L for a further 3 years but made no further claims so this was my one and only experience with them. Don't think I'd use them again - I fully expected the refusal given the timing of the illness and was prepared to fight it all the way and can only advise those in a similar position to do the same.

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